ASICS Super Six: Matthew (Sub-5:00)


Introducing the sixth and final member of our ASICS Super Six 2011 … Matthew (aka Mustkeeptrying)

Matthew will be using our sub-5:00 Garmin-ready schedule as a basis for his training and will be mentored by Bud Baldaro directly on this thread (starting December 20).

He’ll be posting her training progress and be receiving advice directly from the ASICS PRO Team experts live on this thread so make sure you check back regularly to find out how he gets on.

Good luck Matt!



  • Hi and welcome to everyoneimage a thread for all of us who are aiming for sub 5hr! image   We may be regarded as more of the tortoises of the running world but we get there in the end and have a bloody great time along the way! and hey by the end of this process we might....just becoming more hare like!

    Many, many , many thanks-I'm truely pleased to have been voted for and i'm soooo grateful. I'm going to share this whole wonderful adventure with you. Its awesome to be mentored by Bud and for us all to gain the wisdom from what i consider a running deity.

    Please join in with the training and let me know how you find it going along the way. For me this is about going for a target, yeah with a sense of purpous, but with large helpings of humour and a topping of crazyness along the way image.

    Official training starts on monday and click on the Garmin schedule to see what it's like and what i will be doing. April will soon be here and its now that I need a serious focus on the training ahead, although, at the moment, the valleys of Wales looks more like the arctic- I wonder if i can borrow whatever it is that Eskimos jog in?!

    so please join in and i'm really looking forward to chatting with you...... 

    "he leaves the computer and puts padlock on the cupboard containing the bourbon biscuits and the mince pies"

  • Good luck fella, will follow your progress with interest.  Do you have a Garmin? Or for that matter snow shoes?

  • Hey simon- really sorry that you did not make it through. I do not have a garmin as of yet (hopes that loving relatives read this) and not sure i would know where to begin with one but hoping to try as i love new technology- got mi wife an i-pod touch for xmas and been putting what she calls varied music (which is effectively take that through the ages) on to it for her and loving what it can do!.

    I'm thinking that i am gonna invest in snow shoes but googled what eskimos wear and its seal skin like stuff- which theres not a big call for in the valleys  so not sure where i could get any.....

    "rubs chin evilly and plans trip to the zoo" (only joking! before i get poo shoved through letterbox by the animal liberation front).

  • good luck!!

    i'm trying to do sub 5 at brighton this year so will be following with interest!!

    I made lots of friends on the sub 4.30 thread last year (although that was a lofty ambition image) so hopefully will do the same this year!!!

    lots and lots ofluck

    v xxx

  • hi vik and good luck to you tooimage. Brighton sounds pretty ace and it'll be good to hear how your trainings going too. Mines a lofty ambition too trying to come down to 5 hr but last time there was only my half baked attempt at cobbling together a training programme- so it is now the time to release the athlete trapped inside a fat mans body! image

    I've spent the day on intensive hill training with my son. Well..... i ran up the hill anyway and then we had an awesome time using the sledge on the way back down image!!  Was gonna post a pic of the very artistic snow angels we made but computer has said 'no'.

  • And so it begins!!!!! image

    Monday morning and first session in the bagimage.

    Cause of the arctic snow i headed to the gym and was the only one there! Went on the running machine- set it 8 km to begin with. After 5 mins increased to 9km and after 15 mins every 400 meters increased the speed to 9.5 then back down again. I just felt this helped me focus on what I was doing. Finished session 22mins 13 seconds. This is going to be easy image. Nah, but am feeling good as i often do after morning run after i've got mi bum out of bed.

    Best music videos on in gym-moulin rouge (can't think why,lol)image

  • mention Valleys.thats not the south wales valleys is it...................if so I might be able to give you some company on long runs if you want some timeimage

    Don't believe a word they might say about me........image

  • Hi, serenimage- love the offer of company on long runs-i'm at the top of the valleys near ebbw vale (brynmawr!). Where you to? Could'nt get back from cardiff yesterday afternoon cause of snowfall and so had to go to travelodge at merthyrimage. Me and wife were the only ones at local cinema which was ace (she made the mess with the popcorn if the vue manager  is reding this, lol) 

    back down to cardiff again with snow forecast for later so looks like a different film to watch tonight.! The tourist was good-well anything with anjelina jolie in is gonna pass the timeimage.

  • I'm near caerphilly.....but My mother lives in New tredegar so i'm up the top end of the valleys a lotimage

    the last time I met up with a strange man off the forum to go for a run..............he made the decsion the following week to emigrate to Australiaimage

    good luck with the travel lodge...............

    how many times have you ran around the carpark..............

    I love the all you can eat chinese buffet by that cinema image

  • Hi MKT - good luck on the schedule.  One day down eh?  So where are the coaches?   No not the ones with wheels, the other sort. 

    My schedule started yesterday as well.  It said 4 miles but 3 miles on the tready was all I could face.  Wish this snow would flippin go, its not fun anymore.  Not done a long run for about 4 weeks now for one reason or another. 

    Anyway, back to the topic of food...........I right fancy a Chinese takeaway tonight. Thanks Seren. image 

  • Hows it going MKT?  Have you escaped from the Travelodge yet?  We plodded round the track in Birmingham almost together and it looks like we'll be carrying on the journey in the virtual world with  (almost but mine a bit slower) parallel threads.  Your aim is a little faster than my sub 5.30 but I'll pop in to see how you are doing. 

    See you at the finish line in April (just a few miles and a bit of water apart).  May the nearest to target win. image <throws down friendly fluffy gauntlet> 

  • What a past 24 hours! got back at lunchtime- took daughter down to pantomine- get back home, son has convulsions so whip him down to A&E they give him all clear and back home to.....well give it a few hours and bet the dog will of eaten my car keys image.

    Seren- that chinese buffet place is awesome and a part of me is glad that i live far enough away as i'd possibly be there on a daily basis image. My kryptonite is crispy duck pancakes yummmmmm!

    Maybe we could meet up when the weathers better and go round bryn bach park? I need someone to inspire me to move to Australia and you might just be the person image

    Soup dragon- <picks up friendly fluffy gauntlet, dusts it down and wears it despite it being pink and covered in jewels> lol- yeah be good to continue together and see where this crazy path leads us.

    "2nd session postponed till the morning and matt crosses fingers hoping that mentor will not give tooo abusive a verbal bashing"

  • 2nd the bag!! image. 3 glorious miles done in 34 mins 47secs according to trusty treadmill. Slowed it down from 9.5km at times as front shins were getting a little tight but then powered back up to speed.

    Will check in again later as i will not be in a travelodge tonight for a change, lol.

  • Great start MKT, you are beating par on 4:30 schedule too!  Keep the good work up.

     I am watching you as I am aiming for 4:30-5:00 for VLM, and whatever you do, I will do a week later(!)That's my goal!

  • Well done MKT, I'll be following your progress with interest.

    Brighton for me. Any time around 5.00 and I'll be happy.
  • MKT.......Bryn Bach parc sound great.....image

  • Hi silburbs and hope to finish shopping! thanks for your comments and glad to have your company over the next few months image. Please let me know how your training goes...

    I'm already thinking bout the boxing day 6 miler (check out how seriously am taking this!) and so for a change i'm not going to be semi-sloshed by lunchtime Xmas day!

    <wife is heard cheering in next room>

    Anyway, Merry Xmas to one and all image. I'll let you know how the session goes boxing day plus any details of family bust ups!

  • Mustkeep trying..........

    there is usually a 5 mile race in Cwmbran on boxing day.....( you could always do a half mile warm up and cool down) was still on last year in the ice .........not sure yet if its still on.....if so we will be there.............great way to kick start the body after christmas day..............only a few quid to enter and you get a free pint and a raffle and soup and rollimage

    lots of people do it in fancy dress..............I always struggle to run in shorts and vest without extra clothing........

  • Mkt - be careful not to overdo it with the pace of your runs

  • Morning MKT, I fell like I have just done a 6-miler in the local shopping centre!!! Like USB said try and not overdo it too quickly, your enthusiasm is top notch, but don't do like I did last year going off to fast and too much, I have problem and deferred my VLM entry.

    Have a great Xmas
  • 6 miler done! Seren I couldn't get over to Cwmbran as we had relatives so went out as sun was coming up but sounds like a good laugh. Did it on track @ 1.15 but just pleased 2 log milage havin overdosed on turkey. Silburbas hope I've had a good Xmas too- have u got an injury? Tryin 2 write this on wifes Xmas present i-touch and has taken ages- damn fat thumbs lol
  • Heading up to Leeds to see my family and stayin for new year so gonna be an evening session for the 4 miles- will c how legs are after few hours on motorways
  • Hi MKT,

    Hope you had a great Xmas. I was a madhouse here. Yeah I had to cool off as I was having problems with my knees as I was going too much too soon.

    I had not run over the last three weeks to give me body a rest before starting the 16 weeks Marathon training, and also because of the weather.

    Had to delay yesterday's 2 miler to today due to family commitments, so see how that goes.

    Have fun in Leeds.
  • Silburbas- probably best thing to rest your legs for a bit. I did the same my first marathon...was really enthusiastic and was doing 14 miles by Xmas but then started getting sore knees. I have used a knee band in the past that helped (it pushes in the bit that rubs). This time i'm hoping to do the training properly and fingers crossed not get any injuries.

    4 miles was done last night but did not get chance to update. first mile was great and was chuntering along at 9min 30 sort of pace, thinking, oh, maybe i can aim for 4hour 30 for the marathon and then...........attack of the stitchimage i hate stitches AAAAARRGHHHHH and not had one for ages and so bad that i had to stop completly twice and barely registerd a walking pace for 10 minutes.

    Calling out to running land for a cure please.......

    but really enjoyed the 4 miles after the long drive. Was completed, despite stitch in 50 minutes and i could have kept going.

    PS- just realising it was the first time i used my heart rate monitor strap so maybe it was just toooo tight...doh image 

  • well done thus far MKT - until Bud arrives, if you need any feedback on training let me know.

    re stitches - doubt if it was the heart rate strap I find mine are usually caused by breathing too deeply or by digestion problems - eating or drinking too close to running or too long from eating.

    Some find it goes by breathing differently or by accelerating the pace or by touching the toes and some find they disappear as they get fitter but there seems no steadfast rule

  • Hi steve and thanks for the advice re dreaded stitches image. I think it was because i ran at completely a different time to usual (late evening compared to day) and a long time after eating so body was having tooo many shocks.

    Also going to try singing less while running and concentrating on the breathing.

    I'm looking forward to the interval type of training tomorrow and i know that i going to have to concentrate to do it properly-

    1M jog, then 2 x 1.5M (or 15 mins) fast, with 800m (5:30-min) jog recoveries, then 1M jog = 6 miles of leeds scenary!

  • Hi MKT - How are you feeling after your first week?

    I was almost over excited this year and was about to book my place in the glos 10M, until my other voice said NO.

    First session in the bag for me, however due to very busy festive period I am behind schedule by one day!

    Did the 2 miler last night in 21:23 out in the cold rain, but at least the icy surface has gone.

    Note to myself :- dont have a curry before a run! Last year week one didnt start til after the new year made things a lot easier.

    3 miles to do tmr morning.....
  • Nice one silburbas! image Bet it feels good to get going again. I've had a curry experience too, 2 hours in to cardiff half marathon and scrruying round the streets for a toilet, lol.

    Morning 6 miler timed sessions done image and heres the headlines.....

    6 miles- 1hour 6 min 30 seconds...avg speed 5.410 mph... avg pace 11 min 5 secs

    calories 1662 (he gets out his mr kipling calculator to see how many mince pies he can consume)

    A breakdown of the session:

    1 mile jog in 10:17

    1 & 1/2 mile 15:15

    800 metres slow 6:09 (good drink of water)

    1 &1/2 mile 15:37

    800 metres 6:31

    1 mile slow jog 12:38

    and i felt really strong still at the end. I went out heading for kirkstall in leeds and got the bus back and i think this helps as you feel like your physically getting somewhere and achieving something and so when i next drive in to town i'll be like yeah i did that....awesome!

    I'm still amazed sometimes for pyscological running can be. It seems like at times i convince myself that i need to slow down to a walk when i don't really need to. Its like theres a dominant lazy gene in there that tries to overpower my system. Today i showed myself what i can do and i feel well chuffedimage. Now just to be able to keep it going for 5 hours.....

  • Oh and no stitch today-yeeeaaahhhh. I could feel it brewing but really shallowed my breath and it crept away from under the ribs. That and i put the heart rate strap much higher up on my chest as well.

    Todays run was fuelled by banana- 10 mins before setting off.

  • Excellent runs MKT, isn't it good to be outdoors rather than the dreadmill?

    One note of warning, when you do the 1M jog warm up and cool down make them like in your case a slower jog like in the regoin of 12:00 pace, as 10:17 is pretty fast to start with.

    This was another bad habit I had, which I am trying to get away from doing this time. Did my 3 miler this morning in 33:54.

    2M tmr morning (hopefully as attending a party tonite - but probably more the wiser that I offered to drive - so no drinking!) Theme is 'G' - so probably go as a Geek with those 3D glasses from the cinema - popping out the lenses, greasy side parting, carrying one of my computing books.
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