ASICS Super Six: Matthew (Sub-5:00)



  • Oh hi Ruth blogging at the same time...out of yoghurt sadly but not feeling hungry so going to pass on something as worried that once i start it is hard to stop. I will have fruit in the morning before circuit training and a glass of OJ.

    thanks for all you help...your like an angel on my shoulder armed with yoghurt and fruity goodnessimage

  • Great run

    Great swim

    great stuff.

    Well done Matt

    and how are  the press ups?

  • Matt........are you doing san domenico 20 in March..............if so If I feel up to it I might come and join you for long as you don't get too speedyimage
  • Hi bud good couple of sessions for me and went circuit training this morning. Press ups still poor...tried this morning but tired from the swim but did lots of elbows to hands.

    Food wise- banana and yogurt for breakfast ( found one in the fridge), yogurt for lunch with slice of malt loaf. Afternoon snack of couple of oranges. No snaffling since being home.....
    ...its sweet my daughter is in charge when I get home and follows me in Rio thw kitchen, finger pointed saying no snafling.
    Getting ready for the rugby tonight and sad to report I have lost the battle for hearts and minds in our house the wife having converted the kids to her welsh ways..come on england!
  • Hi seren I'm booked for the san domino 20 and be awesome to have your company again around the highs and lows of deep dark merthyr!

    Gonna go get Chinese tonight but gonna be sensible..must be 1 of my 5 a day...the pineapple that come in the sweet and sour! First takeaway since training began and looking forward to the treat!
  • enjoy the have earned itimage
  • Wooooooooohoooooooooooo image England win! Well done lads and a pretty good performance. Can't wait till next weekend as got tickets to England v Italy and the kids looked after by lovely in laws. So maybe jogging around twickers next weekend- cool!
  • Matt- that isn't a lot of lunch!
  • Hi Matt - just checking in. Seems you are doing really well with the running and the speed is picking up too. Much repect for the swiming, the most I can do is 2 lengths and then I'm knackered
  • Thanks knight rider image not having Chinese again though as woke up feeling rubbish. I think really dehydrated from all the salt in lips have dried up like I've been sucking on lemons! And I've not had an beer for over 2 weeks. Had some toast for breakfast and glass of oj, lunch left over stew amd had a snack of yogurt this afternoon. Trying to start to get ready for the 1/2 marathon tomorrow....last time I did that distance was in Octoberin 2 hours 35 let's see what tomorrow brings....
  • Good luck for the half marathon tomorrow.
  • good luck MKT off to work but will be thinking of you from my desk
  • Thanks for the good luck messages! Cold, windy and raining outside - plough on! 13 miles seems a long way but not 1 mile 13 times....crack on Matt...
  • Well I've a tale to tell hope your sitting comfortably....went to bed at 7 last night as been brewing a cold and felt rubbish. Got up this morning feeling a bit better so headed off in to the elements. It was harsh...hat blew off twice in first 5 mins and soaked through. Legs felt heavy and I had no energy and the mile times were poor art 11.30 per mile. After 3 miles I stopped. I was at a a junction where I could turn left and head home....I thought what's the point I can't do it today...I was feeling a but sick....and so I.........
    Kept going! image I remembered buds words of thinking positively, serens words of making the next section faster and ians words (who I share a lift with who represents Wales at karate saying that it is during training that the effort is needed to then perform on the day. So I got angry with myself and clawed the average time back down to 10.30 per mile and got to 10 & 1/2 miles in 1 hour 53 mins which is quicker than last week. Choose a poor route that was undulating out and then slight gradient uphill for past 6 miles- thought at the time that this would put in in a good place for flat Paris but....
    THEN BIG PROBLEM- left side of left knee has major issue. All of a sudden I could not go 5 strides without it going Super tight and forcing me to walk. So calling out to running land for HELP? Is this serious? What can I do about it please? I was able to walk out the rest of the distance and knee was ok going up and down the stairs but I tried just jogging and same thing happened.
    Positives- persevered through the elements and against myself....negatives knee bit knackered....
  • HI MKT

    I have been lurking as I did my first marathon last year and went for sub 5.

    Your knee if it is side pain sounds a bit like I.T.B band but I am no expert. Hope it's ok after some rest google it and see.

    Take care.

  • Hey MKT

    I really get where you're coming from today!  Friday I was meant to do my LSR of 18 but had to bail out at mile 10 as i was in a lot of pain in my right glute/hamstring sort of area, I turned to head home and got really upset and angry at myself that i was going home as the one thing I want to do this year was be constistent so i ploughed on and it hurt more!  I stomped off back along the tow path to cath the bus home swearing at myself under my breath and how rubbish I was!  By the time I got i home i'd resolved myself to not get down about and it was better to pull back and stop the injury getting worse- but YOU FINISHED THE DISTANCE so image image 

    RICE it see how it is after some rest and maybe go and see a physio if its no better! And chin up- I know how crap and frustrating it is right now1!

    I went yesterday for sports massage that was already booked and turns out my right leg was extremely tight especially my hips and after 3/4hr of pain it seems like i'm on the mend!

  • Oh dear! I am no injury expert, but so good to keep going in the elements. Sometimes getting out the door after a quick look out the window is half the battle! At the weekends I get up and put on running kit to aid the actually leaving the house... sometimes it's still hours before I do leave - always as excuse not to, and sometimes would ever rather clean the flat!

    Hope the RW forumites can help with the knee, but I say good effort on completing the run.

    Hope all's well. 


  • Hi flo po and big welcome to you. Knee seems bit better and jogged little it and ok but bending down it catches and hurts. Will see how it is after a nights rest and I'm gonna spend the evening googling itb band....and getting a replacement knee on the black market...wonder how much linford christies would be image
  • Vik sorry to read about your ordeal and glad the physio has worked their magic although at the time I bet it didn't feel harry potter like. I try and keep things in perspective and a sense of humour is very much required with this malarky. That was the problem this morning...took it to seriously and was harsh on myself during those initial 3 miles and made it a lot worse than it was. When injuries strike its a different matter though and we have to take care with the long term goal on mind so I'm glad I walked the last couple of miles and that you were best to get the bus. I had a gorgeous Bacon sarnie when I got back (sorry nutritionalist) did you have your pizza ordered?
  • Hi kryptonite- hope your run went ok today? Did you do the watford half marathon with Usb?
  • Hi!

    Just want to say that I'm doing the Paris Marathon this year too!! Panicking a bit really, with only 9 ish weeks to go. A gang of 4 of us are doing it together. I did Edinburgh last year in 5 13, so would be great to do Paris in 5. Don't know how that is physically possible! Training is very slow, longest run is 11 miles so far! Really not motivated.

    Doing Llanelli 1/2 marathon in March for practice.

     Different parts of knees/legs hurting at the moment each time! imageHope you get your knee sorted.

  • Hi just keep swimming and I love your name as if I'm right its what dory says in finding nemo and I often quote it when the going gets tough image try not to panic, what will be will be and you have made progress building up to 11 miles which is a long way. Keep it going and try and get some positives out of every session. This will then push you on more for the next one if you have felt good about it. I hope you legs hold out on you and it is awesome that you are doing Paris so if you see me come and say hello and I'll be first in the bar after the finish line!
  • Going to test the knee with a short cycle to the gym to do some weights- fingers crossed it was just because of the hills yesterday....
  • Hey Matt - as you know I have been campaigning against ITB for the past three weeks and have been trying nearly every trick in the book - stretches / strengthening exercises / causes / cures / new knees / running through / recipes - so don't hesitate to pop over to my thread for in depth discussion, tales of woe, and various chants against ITB.

     Hope it's improving - if it is ITB, there are various bits and pieces you can do to alleviate pain / improve things somewhat.

    In the meantime, well done for ploughing on yesterday - you're a trooper.

  • Hi Alex and cheers for the advice. I was not sure what it was to begin with but if it is the same as you then ouch! Feels ok today and done a tiny bit of jogging on it and ok. I feel a bit tentative about cycling today but going to try it out anyway. If it comes back though i'll be straight over to your page and reading up on all the expert details. I had a read of your site last night as i wanted to see if things were getting better for you and i'm so glad that they are.

  • Back to the diet updates.....

    check out my sunday roast lunch whipped up yesterday! Even drizzled the parsnips with a tiny bit of honey....where's my michelin star! lol . I started the day with a banana and yoghurt did the run then bacon sandwich, then the roast, had a snack of yoghurt in the afternoon and then cheese sandwich for tea.

    Today; this morning, fruit juice and yoghurt and snacked on two oranges, as well as 3 slices of weight watchers sliced fruit malt loaf...which is quite tasty and reminds me of childhood

  • Yes,  Dory's mantra keeps me going!!
    Cool - We'll see you at the bar then! We'll be the ones with Welsh Flags! image

    Have heard that they hand out  cheese and wine on the last few KMs - is this true?! Also, anyone heard that they have a time limit in paris of 5 hrs 40? Read it on a website yesterday, that has made me panic!

  • Hi MKT and others - hope you're all well today.  Struggled with my 13 miles yesterday but it was more pyschological than physical.  Am not enjoying the training this time round and am glad that it'll all be over in 10 weeksimage

    For what it's worth I've found that tight calf muscles have caused me all sorts of problems in the past.  Am learning to take care of them and my problems (which have included ankle and knee pain) seem, fingers crossed, to be under control at the moment.

  • Just keep swimming- yep wine and cheese at the 20 mile markish! thats the french style for you....i had it last time and it did not sit well in the belly but was worth a try anyway. There is a time limit for the marathon but i was over the time in 2009 (5hours 55 mins) and all it means is that they start to take down the decorations and pull the stickies off the floor at the finish line. You'll be fine image
  • Trigger 2- try and stay positive image training is where the joy of crossing the finishing line marathon day comes from....i'm trying to convince myself here to as i'm cycling this afternoon and not really up for it....I think we are bound to have tough times and bad weeks but it is feb, weathers dark and miserable (please stop strong wind for the cycling this afternoon) and so we must try and perservere and be strong willed. Speaking of strong will- Anyone got a biscuit or maybe just a little slice of cheesecake? lol

    <re-adopts zen position on the floor, chanting "we can do it, we can do it">

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