ASICS Super Six: Matthew (Sub-5:00)



  • Oh Matt I made rocky road last night!
  • <drools on the keyboard and stares eyes fixed in to space dreaming of delicious rocky road>

  • afternoon all!!  any of that rocky road left?

    just back from the gym did 5 miles with 6 x 2minute hill sprints with 2 minutes recovery it was hard work but good fun!

    Hows the knee holding up today MKT?

    got my number for Brighton Half Marathon in two weeks time today so that'll be my first real test of this years training as not raced since the marathon last year!

  • (Gobbles 2nd from last rocky road and hands the last to vik) good jobs with the speed session vik you'll be in ace shape for Brighton! Did the 24 mile cycle and thanks for no rain but the WIND come on....I'm cursed. Really pleased as left knee held up and no issues so gonna put it down to the hilly route I chose. Just my right hamstring that's unhappy now as cannot sit down for long lol but I reckon these are all just muscles expanding for me as I'm a big un and they probably think what the chuff is he attempting to do now image
  • Been pretty good day food wise. Started with yoghurt then two orange mid morning, lunch yoghurt and 3 slices of the maltloaf, afternoon snack 3 slices of malt loaf (66 calories each apparently!), a few jelly babies during cycling, home for 1/2 pint oj and chicken Kiev with mash portion the same size as Kiev...and not going to touch any food this evening!
  • I feel hungry just reading your daily menu's then in comes the chat about Rocky Road!
    The Soreen is very good for carbs as well as having 66 calories. Have you tried Fig Rolls MKT. I swear by them and have a pack in my drawer at work.
  • Malt loaf is a regular fixture on our shopping list but fig rolls are another thing.  We were taken (dragged) on YHA holidays as kids and fig rolls were snack food en route.  Can't stand them now.  Dates were good after Christmas though.

    Matt - I've copied you into an email

  • Matt I was out on the bike this afternoon..the wind was better than this morning..butyou are higher up there...........

    I was thinking of cycling up your way wednesday on my long run..............I will be trying to avoid the big hills around thereimage

    I love fig rolls and malt loafimage

  • Morning Matt - happy to hear the knee's feeling better.

    I've never had malt loaf, but did pop some malt in the cookies I brought to training day and love the flavour it adds. Why are fig rolls and malt loaf so good (are they filling, good energy, low fat)? Would you recommend them before- / post- exercise / any time?

    Just found this recipe on Runners World this morning and intend to prepare these for breakfast next week: With that sweet tooth, I reckon they'll be just the ticket.

  • Internet went down last night....curses in the direction of tiscali imagelol

    Didn't have a thing to eat after tea! WOOOOHOOOOO!  image and had a yoghurt this morning before swimming.....only time for 20 lengths this morning......but pool busy so good to experience choppy waters.

    Going to the supermarket in a bit so will look for these mysterious fig rolls and let you know what i make of em. Shopping list- yoghurt, yoghurt, yoghurt, fig rolls, yoghurt, malt loaf, yoghurt, yoghurt image

     Seren- Not in the valleys for this one, i cycled from Hereford to Abergavenny and the wind wasn't too bad just a constant in the face....exciting though as i was trying out my new bar end shifters on the tri bars.....going to start on the hills next to me this week image 

  • Liking the sainsburys shoping experience....found their salad bar and could not resist.....probably the healthiest and yet tastiest thing ever eaten by mankind....3 types of beans, sprinkle of variety of nuts, peas in pods with a mint flavour, cous cous and carrots.....bit of pasta...yummm .

    Got the malt loaf,  fig rolls and got a packet of dried figs- funny looking things....

    ....but taste great. Also picked up some powerade to get used to what they use in Paris. 

    Alex- sorry didn't see your post earlier....the malt loaf is quite filling and good for carbs, low in fat  (nicking info from kinght rider) and the fig rolls have per 100g 67.5g carbs but quite low fat per roll. For me i'm thinking of using this magic stuff as some replacement for the yoghurt and as mid morning, mid afternoon snacks. Thanks for the recipe to i might have a go at that for next week too image

    Portion control....this was the meal last night......

    .....that sald today was lush though.

  • One more pic while i'm at it......

    Still smiling from the win image

  • Hi Matt,

    sounds like your IT band, (Iliotibial band) tightened up. You can try and get the foam roller on the muscle at the top of the hip, just down from your hip bone as if this is overworked then it pulls the ITb tight.

    This normally happens if the lower back tightens up and the gluts get tired.

    Get the bridging going and you may need to get some work on your lower back.

    Let me know how it goes


  • Matt

    This is what your day should be looking like.

    Breakfast (you can run/swim before if wish): porridge or cereal (40g) with milk or some fruit & yoghurt or even a couple of poached eggs on 2 slices of wholegrain toast.

    Mid morning: Piece of fruit & slice of malt loaf or yoghurt or a couple of large rice cakes with banana.

    Lunch something balanced: your salad as above or sandwich with lean filling/small baked potato. Plus large banana or handful of dried fruit (don’t eat too much dried food).

    Then follow advice for eating something before training & keeping meals smaller in evening. Your chicken kiev is not the healthiest, a chicken breast would be better but think for now just work on portion control as think you are doing REALLY WELL with reducing food at night- so a big well done, really mean that.

    Okay now I am going to be the spoil sport you are starting on the biscuits again but under a different name….. fig rolls are still biscuits, they may be low in fat like jaffa cakes BUT they are still biscuits/cakes so not providing you with a lot of good stuff like vitamins/minerals fiber etc So unless using as a treat  when trying to loss weight they will just displace more nutritious food. A  low fat yogurt/pot of custard and a piece of fruit would provide a  lot more fiber, calcium, vitamins & also protein compared to biscuits that provide you with calories from sugar, a little  fat and salt and not much else. Hope you are still talking to me!!!

  • Matt.............I'm planning on cycling up to abergavenny via pontypool...............and then on the heads of the valleys to brynmawr and then on to the side roads to get across to tredegar.............I'm trying to remember how many big hills are on the routeimage

    great work on the portion controlsimage

  • Matt (and Ruth!) - have you tried graze box for snacks?  I get an energy box every week and I love it.  But Ruth might have different ideas! Would love to have your thoughts Ruth.

    Hope the knee is okay.  I'm holding you to that gauntlet you picked up so no injuries please.   Oh, and a warning, I'm doing mile reps at 10min/mile pace now so don't look behind you too often cos I'll be close by. imageimageimage

  • I found myself eyeing up the dried fruit while cruising the supermarket behind the MiL at the weekend
  • Hi Sarah, I have been feeling tightening in my lower back so will do as you suggest. Knee was aching yesterday so decided to cancel the speed session to give it chance to rest before Fridays 9 miles. Going to rest it up today as well but finding it great that my body is wanting to be exercise on a Wednesday morning.
  • Hi Ruth and course I'm still talking to you image (hides packets of fig rolls behind his back) thanks for writing the daily routine as that's straightforward for me to follow and to try and stick to. I am pleased with the evening snacking and trying to break a habit is hard by I believe that after two weeks of doing something that this becomes a new habit and I have found the healthy section of the supermarket so no stopping me now!
  • Hi seren image sounds like a good route how far will it be? From yours going by ysytad and blackwood you have undulating to the otter pub on the roundabout at crownbridge? then steep uphill toward pontypool but a nice steady descent the other side. Undulating from ponty to abergavenny....then there are a few routes up to brynmawr....there is the sustrans cycle network route which is on the old railway line (now a smooth path) and is a gradual gradient all the way ( except in 2 places where it rejoina the road and is bloody steep- I did it before Xmas and it s lovely route).........of course the heads of the valleys road (steeper than the railway but bit dangerous cause of traffic)......and then you could take the heads of the valleys to the bottom of the steep hill section and take a right. This will put you on the old road to brynmawr and has the steepist sections but levels out occasionally to give you breaks. Let me know if you'd like some maps, better directions and I'll email it to you image either way the black rock beckons and a total of 8 miles uphill from abergavenny to brynmawr so enjoy! image I know you will image
  • Hi soup the graze boxes look healthy and as tasty as my sainsburys salad yesterday. Glad the running going well for you and down to 10min miles nice one! My right leg can do 10 min miles! But the left is refusing at the moment so big test tomorrow...
  • thanks for that info matt......i didn't realise there was a cycle route aroung to look at itimage.....8 miles uphill doesn't sound much like much funimage
  • ....the first 5 miles not so bad , its the final 3ish up the rock!
  • Thanks so much for telling me about the cycle path...............going on the heads of the valley wouldn't have been much fun and the path was beautiful.............good job I wasn't on my road bike...............I have driven the road from Rhymney to Abergavenny so many times over the years and looked across the clydach gorge and thought that i would have to walk up there one day......

    I loved cycling through so much history and beautyimage

  • I love graze bixes- i use them when i'm doubles at work to stop me eating crap from the choccy machine!!

    having a day off running today as feeling a bit gritty so going to have a relaxing day at home and an early night and try and do 10miles tomorrow before work!  was meant to do my lSR today but will reachedule to aftre my early shift on saturday/sunday not ideal but just don't have anything in me to even try 18miles.....

    hows the knee?

  • Hi all, again - sorry for being quiet for a while as I had not been well over the weekend, as has bad case of Tinitus which I get get quite often due to my deafness making me have bad headaches and unbalanced.

    So could not run - until today which I did the speed session 12 x 200m(65 secs) and did them all under the allocated times, so pleased to get back to running.

    At least this is a easy week to get back to running 4M in 44mins tmr, and the HM run on Sunday - I pleased my wife to cancel her shift on Sunday so I could run(!)

     Well done to everyone who is doing lots of efforts, and all that talk about food is making me hungry, cant eat til I get home at 6pm.  Dont want to venture the vending machine here which is full of junk!  

    Keep it going, and hope the knee is bearing up.   

  • p.s. Entered San Dom 20M......image
  • Seren- glad you enjoyed the route, I agree it is spectacular the views....I'm lucky to live next to it. Well done on a, quite monumental ride, as always your a sporting inspiration image
  • Hi vik and looks like we've both been suffering and I'm glad I've taken the day off. I'm starting to get pshyched for my 9 miles before work so going to be out the door at 5.30am....going to spend some quality time with the left knee this evening to pursuade it to work properly tomorrow so going to chat to it....hey supposed to work with plants so why not lol....
  • Silburbas- sorry to read bout your tinnitus but glad ur on the mend and well done on the speed session. Be cool to see you at the san Dominica 20 miner too image and how supportive is your wife! Cancelling a shift that's commitment to your efforts!

    Stay away from the food machine....
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