ASICS Super Six: Matthew (Sub-5:00)



  • OMG he's thinking about triathlon already! image
  • Yep mr organised me...not. My swimmings even weaker than my running so need to work on it otherwise i'll be drinking most of the dock water come July. Nice to have a change from running to.

    Could you find the photos & videos and get them to work USB, soup and seren? They worked on my wifes I-pod but they dont exist when i use the laptop.

  • re the hills, I have just posted something on Alison's thread re a suggestion - I would suggest a 200m hill and the effort should be more akin to a 5k race pace type effort rather than sprinting.
  • Brilliant re the triathlons..............I have just the recovery session for you for after Paris...............there is a series of aquathons at Bryn Bach park once a month starting at the end of April........only a 750m swim followed by a 5k run................the first one at the end of april is usually only 400m swim as its colder..........

    I can guarantee you if you mangae to complete an april open water swim at bryn bach parc then every other open water swim afterwards will be easy and warmimage

    I've seen the video now................can't believe how snowy it was there..............supprised that anyone could run fast in thatimage

    good luck with the hills you say  not difficult to find a hill

  • Hills tomorrow?  Where does it say hills?  Has it changed? image 

    I cut and pasted the sub 5 schedule and printed it off - but it doesn't say hills! image (don't have fancy stuff like a garmin to download to).

    I'd better go scurrying back to IronMin to see what she thinks. Especially as I sneaked in a naughty  4 miles today instead of resting.

  • they seem to be changing the schedules at the moment
  • I've just looked Seren.  Its all changed, the reps and even the long run miles.  It said 8 miles for Sunday but now says 9. Aarrrgggghhhhh!!!!   I'm going back home to where I belong. image
  • seems strange that they didn't think to change them before everyone started training for Paris or London................not sure whats happening at RW HQ at the moment...............image

    I will stick to my mentors instructions.......image

  • thanks Steve I will do that in the morning as there is the perfect route for that nearby. Will let you know how it goes.
  • Seren- thanks for the info on the brynbach aqua series image I think I'll be going in for that image u going in for it? your not wrong about the lake either. I went for a few weeks to Tredegar triathlon club before and we did an swim borrowing wetsuits from the centre. It was amazing and scary but stunning as it was raining at the time to. One of the best things I've done.
    Brain kept imagining all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures that could live in the murky gloom of the depths.
    In comparison London will have koi Karp swimming around with sea horses guiding the way lol
  • I've seen the video now................can't believe how snowy it was there..............supprised that anyone could run fast in thatimage

    The challenge of the snow was nothing compared to years of investment to get to the 16 1/2 stone i was wobbling around with that day. They say the video camera adds 10 pounds to....damnnnn.

  • Time for a glass of wine (medicinal purposes only steve and bud) image and a bit of quality time with Mr Fry as i've recorded QI for my evening entertainment-check out my rock 'n' roll lifestyle image


    Yeah check that out! Well if you squint at it funnily you can just about lol Did half mile warm up then...

    Best run ever image 3 miles in 31 min 23 secs. No doubts, no stitches just enjoyed it. Maybe it was having the glass of vino last night (Ok it was two) or that i had my batman socks on this morning. Just put my tunes on and did 3 laps of where there was a steep hill of about 300 metres and then another shallower hill for about 1/2 mile- but then got to go down hill the other side too!

    1st mile 10;42 2nd mile 10;05 3rd mile 10;35 and the third tme up the steep hill felt much harder. I still felt strong at the end and could have kept going but i have an eye on the long run tomorrow.

    Feeling so positive though as i do when i can get the morning run done. On with the day....

  • well done. great run.
  • Thanks Steve.

    9 miler done! image

    Total time 1 hour 41mins 28 seconds
    1st mile 11:29
    2nd 11:10 (1/2mile downhill)
    4th 11:56 (1/4 mile hill took on water and snickers celebration)
    5th 9:44
    6th 12:20
    7th 10:03
    8th 13:38 (1/2 mile up very steep hill ebbw-beaufort)
    9th 9:36! Just went for it at the end and to get home as was chuffing freezing.

    So pretty pleased as under target time of 1 hour 48 and especially pleased to drop under 10 min a mile for the 1st time ever and twice. First time eating on the run as part of this training and the mini snickers celebrations were gorgeous.
    Now off to peel some veggies for a Sunday roast...
  • great for getting out there early .............great running.......just don't get carried away on the euphoria of the fast runningimage

    I will definitely do the first aquathon in the aprilimage

  • Thanks Seren and No chance of getting addicted to euphoria as my bodies not designed for speed image
  • Report on completion of week 3- pretty good week. Legs are no longer giving any problems and so were probably just protesting at getting in to a routine. Realise that I struggle loads more with evening jogging so will try and figure ways to get sessions done on the morning. Stitches have faded away image through a combination of drinking water before heading off and less singing (guess breathings shallower) Runs towards the end of the week went really well and I hope to keep up the pace as the weeks go by. Going to keep up the swimming to as this seems to keep the legs looser.

    Bring on week 4...
    Tuesday- speed session-mile jog, 4 miles 42mins, mile jog
    Thursday-6 miles easy
    Saturday-3 miles
    Sunday-10 miles (5miles 60ins 2nd 5miles 55 mins)
  • Another great run MKT - your improvement is encouraging.
  • Thanks Steve- its great to look back at the previous session times and to see how things are improving- it's a real motivator. I'm really happy with how the weekend went with the running and my sunday roast was tasty gorgeous tooimage.

    I went swimming this morning to keep the legs loose and my front crawl is coming along as well. Just got 16 lengths in before having to leave to set off to work.

  • your 11 miles yesterday was just great Matt.  Tell yoourself how well you are  moving on.

    The issue re  fast and slow miles is secondary at thsi stage to learning to cope with the physical and psychological demands of spending time on your feet.

      And you are  doing  just that. well done. Ensure next 2 -4 days are  recovery days.

  • Thanks bud and I think your right about getting used to time on the feet and the psychological aspects of pushing for mile after mile. Feeling pretty tired tonight but looking forward to tomorrows shorter session which i'm going to so on the streets of Hereford after work (I've already packed my trainers this time image )
  • Great stuff Matt.

    Make sure you run  very easy for fopening  few  minutes to "ease" into run  and obviously  listen to body carefully and respond accordingly.

    Don't forget to get the food and fluids right.

     Have a good run.

  • MKT - great milage...going well for you! Have a good run today!
  • Thanks mad welsh woman. How's your running going?
  • Tuesday session done! image
    Target was 1 mile jog then 4 miles in 44mins then 1 mile jog.
    Took 1 mile jog slowly then did the 4 miles:
    1st mile- 9 min 23
    2nd mile- 10 min 33
    3rd mile- 10 min 44
    4th mile- 11 min 06
    Total 41 min 46 secs but I think I can go faster still as I gave myself 30 secondish walk breaks at the end of each mile (although this probably saves my legs from going in to meltdown image )
    Then slow return jog back to work but left leg felt a little stiff so not quite a mile at the end. But went to meet the guy I share a lift with and joined the final 10 mins of the karate class he was teaching which was good stretching!
    Thanks for the reminder about food and fluids bud. I was poor in that regard today as I did not have a drink before heading out and had a minor stitch during the 1st mile jog. I also had not eaten anything for 3 hours previously and could tell by mile 4 the difference in energy levels. I will try and remember to take an afternoon snack to work like a banana.
  • Hi

    Just popped in again regarding March..............I don't know if your schedule takes you up to 20 miles or not........but on the 20th March there is a 20 mile race from Merthyr Tydfil...............mainly on the taff trail.............lots of people use it for marathon training and its a really well organised event..........and usually a technical t-shirt in the goodie bag......i can really recommend it............

  • Hi Seren and thanks again image your like my personal organiser for local events and it is a such a great help. I do go up to 20 miles as part of the training and i think it fits in well as on week 13 i need  to do a 20 miler.  I did this event back in 2009 but forgot all about it (I came way last but completed) and it was a well run race. I've checked out the website, and it still looks good and the goodie bag sounds great.

    Best check it out with the bosses though...

    Bud or Steve- The 20 mile race is on the 20th March is the timing of this event OK with the Marathon on the 11th April?

  • I went swimming this morning to keep the legs loose and my front crawl is still improving. I can really tell the aerobic difference that the running is bringing on as i'm not gasping for breath at the end of each length. Just time for 16 lengths this morning done in 11 mins 45 secs (44 seconds a length).

  • Hi MKT, just checked in to see how you're doing. It looks like it is going well.
    We met at the Asics selection day in the differently fast group.

    I'm doing the Llanelli Great Welsh Marathon on 10th April, so I'm keeping an eye on your schedule in my foolish but all-out attempt to run 4.30.

    I'll be at the Merthr 20M on 20th March too.
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