ASICS Super Six: Matthew (Sub-5:00)



  • Thanks for the comments and advice Bud. I will endeavour to do the speed session as prescribed as i think they are key to helping with overall plan. Jut need to move my legs quickly enough to do it.image

     I am really enjoying the challenge and it is great to be supported by you and all the others on the site.

  • Hi tigger- duvet day sounds lush! Yeah pretty grey and miserable over in Wales this morning and has spread to Hereford by mid morning.

    I went for a swim this morning as i find it helps the legs. I've been teaching myself the front crawl while attempting not to drown but it is coming on. Had time for 30 lengths this morning and did it in 23 mins 5 secs (wow i'm becomingt timing obsessed- i'll be timing how long it takes me to eat my sandwiches next lol). But i'm trying to use the rest days to do other sports and i can tell the difference the exercise is making to my cardio and endurance.

  • Hello MKT,

     Finally looked into you, as been so busy with Uni work, and I must say I really envy you, you have done so well.   I wish I could have the support you have!  Yesterday 10 miler I did in 2 h, but Bud said 10 is 10....image

     Keep up the great fantastic excellent work, and you should be proud of it.


  • You  are getting fitter every day so remind yourself of that on regular basis

  • Silburbas wrote (see)

    Hello MKT,

     Finally looked into you, as been so busy with Uni work, and I must say I really envy you, you have done so well.   I wish I could have the support you have!  Yesterday 10 miler I did in 2 h, but Bud said 10 is 10....image

     Keep up the great fantastic excellent work, and you should be proud of it.

    Hey Silbubas- and big welcome back to you image. Thanks for your comments and well done on your 10 miler. 10 miles is a heck of a way and if you drive the route you can feel chuffed in your achievements. I want this forum to not just be about what i'm up to but for all of us that are doing something as crazy as trying to run marathons. We are all a bit cuckoo imageand it'd be great if we help each other along. Keep posting regulary with how things are going and i'll be there to support you silburbas.

    <puts arm round shoulder and takes silburbas out for a pint...that turns in to 10 and a sloppy kebab afterwards undoing month of training> lol

     What uni work you been up to? you a student? I went to Keele university with a year in Canada and had a great great a time as came out with a desmond tutu, doh.

  • End of week 4 so just popping in to see how Matt is getting on.  Pretty good by the looks. image  Matt - I've missed a session too, it happens sometimes.  I did my Sunday tempo run today and missing tomorrow's easy 4 miler.  We are on different schedules now because I stuck with the old sub-5 one. 

    Here's to the next 4 weeks and the plank!  (which I've not done for a couple of weeks - oops). 

  • oh forgot to say....been a it naughtyimage....had chance to go for a cycle so jumped on and set off....stopped 19 miles later, 1hour 43 mins (avg speed 10.86mph)image. Really enjoyed it although posterior is feeling hard done by image.  So with the 10 miles yesterday, swimming this morning and cycling this afternoon i'm feeling like a right triathlete....probably till tomorrow when i'm unable to walk . Legs still feel good though and looking foward to tomorrows speed session.

    Oh and for those wondering from earlier- sanwich munched in 4mins 33secs with average chew of 30 per min,lol.

  • Hi soupy- hows your training going? Yeah i stuck with the new one as it fitted in well with some local races. Am glad knight rider said about the plank and i think it is starting to help. Here's to the rest of your training and that it goes really wellimage.

  • Matt - My training is going pretty well too.  I think having to report back to the forum is really motivating and having someone to advise and bounce ideas off is great.  You can always pop over you know. Soupy does sub 5.30 with IronMin 
  • Cheers for the...hic...erm water <takes another>....rite where was I oh I'm in a full time job and perhaps foolishly on the last year if electronics foundation degree and being a father of three and wife of one....oh and training for a marathon too!!

    Legs are tired from yesterday, it was hard despite not running fir a few day and sleeping 3-4 hours doing something I left too long over Xmas!

    You may have motivated me to sign up for a gym membership well that the excuse I told my least it was cheap of I have a hearing loss so £17.95 fir gym swim and fitness classes.

    Looking on the timetable circuits I could join. Spinning is the maniac cycling to music don't know if that works for me? Pilate will I be the only man there.....I guess there is only one way to find out.

    Run in the morning and swim at lunchtime planned for tmr.
  • No, no, no well ok buts onleese on ze rocks <the nights completed with whisky and it also seems an attempt at how to write in a drunk, french fashion> 

    Your a busy lad Silburbas! Job and degree crikey <pulls hair out imagining the stress> I'm a history teacher, father of two and wife of one image' /> the she's lovely..especially if she reads this image' />. (he tries to gather brownie points before the six nations kicks off).

    Bargin for the gym membership! give pilates a go and it does'nt matter if your the only geezer. I used to go to this small trampoline thing called urban rebound and was the only lad (only stopped to focus on swimming). Spinning is supposed to be cardio workout but i think i'd prefer to be out on the road. I go to circuit training on a friday and thats good for social life and for exercise.

    I'm going for swim in morning and then run/hobble after work as left leg little sore tonight. Let us know how it all goes...

  • 30 ish lengths in the bag (lost count half way through). I was really lucky to get some technique advice off friendly swimming coach that was there with these super sprinting lads zooming up and down the pool. Apparantly i'm a right arm dominant and i need to try breathing to the left.  This will then encourage me to raise my left arm which i'm presently dragging too much in the water. The arms need to stay close to the body and elbow needs to be more pointed in stead of rounded.  (realises this is not a strictly swimming forum but thought i'd share anyway image' />)

    OK-now i've reminded myself of all that...just need to put it in to practice next swim session...

    Had gorgeous chicken and stuffing sandwich on way to work-greedy guts me.

  • Morning MKT, dont know what happened to the message I sent from my iphone this morning as it did not appear.

    Must be the blasted hangover <quickly takes paracetamol>  that I've got, I blame you for this and missing the run in the morning as got up too late for a run before my wife is off to work at 6.45am.

    To be honest, I have found the last couple of days getting up after the lack of shut eyes last week. 

    So the swim with have to be superceded by the run, 1M wu, then 4M (42 mins), then 1M cd.

    Cant do anything tonite as my wife still at work - she's doing a 24-h shitf - it not as bad as you think it - she's a carer for deaf blind people, so she taking them out for the day then sleeping in.

     Keep up with the triathlon training, oops I mean marathon....

  • Press  ups/Swimming/10 miles

     no end to  your great achievements.

    Keep it goping Matt  but watch th ose  chicken sandwiches.


     Grump Baldaro

  • lol silburbas. Did you get chance for your run?
  • Thanks for the comments Bud- even the sandwich one and i will try and cease my addiction to the tastyness that is chicken and stuffing sandwichesimage' />.

    Todays session went...well! So was planned as 1 mile warm up, then 400 metres (2:15) then jog (which i did for 1:25 miles) X 8, then mile jog.

    Did mile jog and then here are the times for the 400 metres speed sessions;

    1-2:15, 2-1:59, 3-1:57, 4-1:59, 5-2:18, 6-2:09, 7-2:05, 8-2:10

    then finished with 1/2 mile jog as i'd reached my car and needed to head home.

    I think i've figured something out with this session. My body, legs and I really found this straigtforward and enjoyed it far more than just the usual plod. I think I need to take each mile on its own terms. By this I mean that previously i have just been plodding along at a steady rate. If i mix it up a bit and focus on 400 metres at a time and push for a bit, then revert back to the steady jog/plod then this of course lowers the avg mile time. Although maybe hard to maintain, i think i need that focus and concentration...

    <realises been to far more serious than normal througout post and decides to leave with a joke...During the Sydney Olympics Kenyan long-distance runner Kip Lagat was asked why his country produced so many great runners. "It's the road signs," he replied. "'Beware of lions'!"> and...goodnight,image' />

  • Yeah did the 4M without the warm up and cool down jogs <raps my knuckles!) Splits were 10.16, 10.04, 9.57, 11.13, legs were feeling painful in the last mile but pushed to finish. Perhaps not doing the warm up wasn't too clever!

    Now my knee feeling sore, but plan to did a 6M easy run tmr nite, if commitments allows me.

    I am also pondering how to get round my 10M LR this weekend, with the trip to Newcastle. Xmas/birthday pressie (yes he shares his birthday with Jesus!) flying over to Newcastle catching the plane at 7am Saturday morning, gratis stadium tour, then watch the match vs Spurs. However we cannot fly back until Sunday late evening, so staying at a hotel.

    Cant leave the little man so I can round around Newcastle which would have been lovely! Anyone got any suggestions anyone how can I move my week 4 LR (I'm doing VLM hence following everything MKT do I do a week later)

    I was thinking of doing a 3M jog to my usual thursday running night, club run @ 4M at 11:00 pace and then stagger home making the 10M?

    Great session MKT by the way, we will let you off for 2:18 one!

    I agree with you there, I am trying to focus one part of the session at a time, rather than thinking I got a whole 4,5,6M or so to do.
  • That is a good Session  Matt

    Very well done and your comments about  concentrating on each one as self ontained unit is so valid-- an approach you ill be able to carry over into Paris.

     You can take each mile as a self contained unit  and tick them off  positively.

    Also of course by   doing this type of session  you are going out of your comfort zone and placing new stresses on your body.

    As your body learns to cope with and adap/t to this stress  you will  get fitter and fitter.

     So  well done.

     now enjoy that sandwich before the lions eat the chickens.

  • Silburbas- ace times on the run image' /> your putting me to shame. I'd be careful about going out again though if your knee is sore as there's no harm in doing it tomorrow.

    The trip to geordie land sounds good and with your birthday on the same day as Jesus am sure your team will win thorugh image' />!

    I think your plan sounds good to try and fit in the long run. I try and leave a big a gap as possible to try and reduce impact on my knees.

    The 2:18 was up a very steep hill.....well slight incline! Excuse made...and legs it!  

  • Hi Bud- yeah going to take that attitude in to tomorrows 7 miler and see what happens. Couldn't beat the lions to the chickens though as forgot to bring lunch today but put beef & guiness stew in slow cooker before setting off for work this morning. Going to get fresh bread on the way home...

    <he drools on the keyboard>

    Went briefly swimming this morning to work on the technique prescribed before and it was awesome. Took 10-15 seconds off per lap. The coach was there again and was kind enough to give more pointers about placing hand poisition at a point and then directly under the body. But i do feel like i've been pushing it and feel tired today image' />.

  • Afternoon,

    Knee not too bad, think I will go to the gym and start on the dreadmill, and any complication, I can always switch to other machines.

     Oops - I realised I missed out a bit in the previous entries, hope some of you were not confused, it was meant to say trip to Newcastle for my son's xmas/birthday.  My birthday is not til June!  So he will be the one I cannot leave behind to have a run in Newcastle.

     I support Liverpool not Newcastle.....

    Boss coming ......

  • Silburbas hope you did not get in trouble with the boss image' />. A Liverpool fan an I thought you were nice lol been a tough year for your boys bit now dalgliesh is back and sort of making a difference... (goes and puts £1 on them being relegated)
  • Hi bud would you recommend doing the Watford half marathon? It seems to fit in with the training schedule well and I've never seem the deluged of the 8th wonder ofthe world that is the mysterious gap people talk of!
  • i'm afraid you still won't see the gap MKT!  That is several junctions further north on the M1 near the village of Watford image' />

    Stacey is sorting out my entry for Watford at the moment

  • Gutted about not seeing the gap <imagines the grand canyon on a smaller scale>- but glad to hear your doing it USB image' /> and i hope your injury is still getting better. I'm going to see if Bud thinks its good for me as well but sure it will be so will see you there and at Birmingham beforehand.
  • Yeah image' />- after he made his promise....and that the wife is out at her knitting group (and no, I am not married to a 70 year old, its cool to knitimage' />) i-pod is dangerously free image' />...he creates.....,0,40,0" width="425" height="350">" />" width="425" height="350">
  • Damn...watched back and realised kitchen needs cleaning. Oh, and i put my own lock laces in to the trainers as i'm basically a child who can't tie laces and when i did the last marathon could not bend over to do them up again after 18 milesimage' />.

    PS>I think my legs also overpronate as their fat and they rub against each other lol

  • well done Matt - impressive stuff and keep up the good work training.
  • Matt - my hamstring is improving and the physio was really pleased with the progress and the fact I managed 6 miles at 11 min pace last night. Still not entirely right so will continue on slow running only for now
  • USB- glad for you that the 6 miles went well but I guess you must find it frustrating being slower than you are. Reminds me of that tomato ketchup advert with the old style bottle when you had to wait ages for it to come out- I am sure that with the physios help it'll be all good in the end. Otherwise the offers still there for joining me in a three legged effort or pantomime horse at the slow/party end of marathonersimage' />
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