ASICS Super Six: Matthew (Sub-5:00)



  • I think being unable to do the speedwork is going to begin to frustrate me but I'm actually quite pleased with the pace yesterday compared to last Thursday when I felt I was really working and could get below 12 min miles.  Last night I was still running within the hamstring discomfort zone but was relatively quick without getting puffed or sweaty.  That says to me that I am actually getting fitter despite the problem. 
  • MKT - well done on your trainign so far...loved the video clip!

    ISB - pleased that your hmasring is improving...take it easy!

  • pantomime horse??

    you are going to fly round 

    more like pegasus me thinks

  • love the comment bud! image

    USB- glad things are improving and your taking the positives out of it image...your an example for us all.

    mad welsh-thanks for your comments and glad you liked the video clip. More to come....

  • 7 Miler done and new land speed personal records set! image

    Took the theory of focusing on bite size chunks of each mile (1/4 comfy jog, 1/4 faster, 1/4 comfy, 1/4 faster) and this is what happened...

    Mile 1- 2:30, 2:18, 2:39, 2:09 Total 9:36

    Mile 2- 2:32, 2:11, 2:45, 2:22 Total 9:50

    Mile 3- 2:40, 2:19, 2:40, 2:25 Total 10:04

    So thats 29:50 for 3 miles-first time ever under 30 mins! image AVG pace 9:57 image

    Mile 4-3:24, 2:23, 2:40, 2:30 Total 10:57 (1st section walked for a bit having a drink)

    MIle 5- 2:41, 2:27, 2:54, 2:37 Total 10:39

    so through 5 miles in 51:26 image AVG Pace 10:17 image

    and then right leg muscles at the back on the top (need to google muscles) started to feel really tight. Probably shock from the speeds so leisurely jogged out remaining two miles. Tiring session but think i'm going to continue with the strategy. It makes you think that every second and every step really does count...

  • Oh my gosh,,,,,,,,You did those first 5 in 51.11, and the plan was to do a 7M in 84 mins, so you had enough to make the last two mile go at 16:24 pace!!

    This very really fantastic, BUT I am concerned that you may be go out too fast and could do serious damage, as this is exactly what I was like last year.  The key to success I heard from people is to look after your body.  If you feel great, then ignore those evil jealous snipes from me!

    I beleive the schedule is made out to do one sppedwork on the tuesday, and the thursday and LR at the weekend are not build for speed. I leave it to the experts to take over if they think is neccesarily.

    Did 5k run on the treadmill, followed by 30 mins on the bike last night.  Now of the do the club run tonight with the additional 2.5-3 miles to get to the club house and back, then I will have to hang my running shoes unitl Monday.

  • Silburbas- your concern is appreciated and your spot on to highlight about pushing too hard too soon. I got it in my head to try this today and once that happens I'm like a bull in a china shop! And your right, my calves were really tight earlier... So went to PE department and they showed me some stretches which worked... So i went for a game of squash! But all feels good now. Hope your log run goes well tonight image
  • There's something wierd in the air today MKT cos I broke my land speed record as well!  Well done, but I echo Silburbas about being wary of too much speed.  Would be interested to hear Bud's view though as what do I know LOL!   My schedule said 1 mile slow warm-up, 3 miles fast then 1 mile slow cool down because today was my "speed" day.    I think this training lark must be working.   But did I understand that right - you played squash after a hard run???   On the same day??? image

  • Hi soupy and well done on your run! Yep went for a 40 minute game of squash image I was a bit wary but stretches helped and now this evening the calves are fab!
  • Went circuit training this morning and calves super tight.....going to spend the day stretching them and maybe have a rest day tomorrow before the long run on sunday. Really happy with my new trainers (see video on previous pages) soooooo comfy just wish i could wear them for work!
  • take it easy with the calvesimage

    I can't do photos.but if you look on this runnersworld page..scroll down past the pretty pirates and you get to me at the bottomimage


  • Hi seren yeah claves fine now but going to take it easy tomorrow to make sure and looking forward to our run on sunday image that ironman Switzerland looked amazing. I am in awe!
  • I've just been reminiscing over the paris marathon i did back in 2009. A good friend made a video of it and i've just watched it back for the first time in ages. It made me feel so good i thought i'd share...

    One of the best experiences of my life and one that i look back on and just smile.

  • oh guess i made a mistake or its not liking the video...will try again tomorrow image night all
  • Yeah! bit of insomnia and he gets it to work! This was before i became ill and so returning to paris this year will be like going full circle after a bit of a bad time. Bring it on....
  • Mustkeeptrying wrote (see)

    7 Miler done and new land speed personal records set! image

    Took the theory of focusing on bite size chunks of each mile (1/4 comfy jog, 1/4 faster, 1/4 comfy, 1/4 faster) and this is what happened...Mile 1- 2:30, 2:18, 2:39, 2:09 Total 9:36Mile 2- 2:32, 2:11, 2:45, 2:22 Total 9:50Mile 3- 2:40, 2:19, 2:40, 2:25 Total 10:04So thats 29:50 for 3 miles-first time ever under 30 mins! image AVG pace 9:57 imageMile 4-3:24, 2:23, 2:40, 2:30 Total 10:57 (1st section walked for a bit having a drink) MIle 5- 2:41, 2:27, 2:54, 2:37 Total 10:39so through 5 miles in 51:26 image AVG Pace 10:17 image
    Lots of smiley faces there MKT and rightly so. It shows your pace is picking up. I agree with the other comments though about not going out too fast. I like the idea about breaking up the mile into chunks. Getting under 30 minutes for 3 miles is great barrier to break and proves your pace is improving. A key thing is building up the endurance so that you can keep it going for the whole race. Just watched your 2009 paris video - lots of effort from you there. Still reckon you'll get your sub 5.30 goal with the progress you're making. Keep your sensible head on and build up the mileage nicely image
  • Morning.

    Hope your having your porridge for our early run this to check the schedule if i can find it to see what pace it saysimage

    see you soonimageimageimage.

    I hope you haven't listened to a word they have said about me...image

  • Morning

    MKT - watched the Paris video...fantastic. good to see you training is going well..take care with those calves!

  • hi

    busy day here..........

    just to say it was great meeting one had warned him that i don't stop talkingimage

    we had a lovely run in the dark.......................and if he carries on as he is I'm sure he will have no problems following the schedule....................when I left him at about 9 miles he looked fresh and ready to carry on longer no problemsimage

  • Sorry everyone really busy day today stated at sisterinlaws weekend image had a great time this morning with seren! We chatted away and I did not notice the mileage passing by. Didn't worry about times as gps did not like caerphilly but was more than comfortable fire the distance and easily kept going. Was planning to do video diary today but will find the time tomorrow. This week has been great cept the calves and I feel I learned loads (esp from female running yoda seren-mainly about not pushing too hard all the time like you are right to warn knight rider image ..he tiptoes off to get the bike ready for tomorrow
  • Well done MKT and Seren sounds like you had a great run.

    Another week's training in the bag - 3, 5, 3 and 7 miles in total so really pleased with that although not so sure about next week's 12 miler image

  • Well done on yor training trigger image- are you going from 7 miles, for the long run this week to 12 miles  for the long run next week? I'm only concerned as the training schedule i'm on only increases by a mile each week.
  • and so we enter...WEEK SIX: approx 28M Mon Rest (i'm going for a bike ride this afternoon) Tue 1M jog, then 2 x 2000m at 10K pace (or 12:30) with 400m (or 3 mins) jog recovery, then 1M jog. (prob in the morning then 1 hour swim at night). Wed Rest Thu 8M easy (approx 96 mins) (prob in the morning) Fri Rest (circuit training in the morning for me) Sat 3M easy (approx 36 mins) easy  Sun 12M steady run/walk (approx 2:18)(off to Birmingham for the super six training day). and so now feels organised for the week...nothing can go wrong image
  • Hi MKT - am following the Hal Higdon novice plan (yes, I know I've done 3 already but it fits my lifestyle).  Week before last I ran 10 miles so normally it goes up a week or so and then every while drops back - this week was "only" 7 miles!  1/4 of a marathon - yeah!

    Good luck with your week - look forward to reading your posts.image

  • Loving the sound of your training plan...maybe for next time for me...and loving the positive thinking- over 1/4 marathon distance done image... tired tonight...fell asleep putting kids to bed...doh...but...cycles 23.98 miles in 1 hour 40 mins 32 arcs avg speed 14.31mph using racing bike so mountain bike used last week has taken a rightful pasting!
    Tomorrow morning speed session...stretches...yawns...and falls asleep dreaming of arc de triumph image
  • sorry Matt been  tied up -- no not literally and now on  big catch up.

    you are doing superbly well.

    how are  calf  muscles now?

    Plans for this week?



  • Ok tuesday speed session in the bag image....

     Was supposed to be following this 1m jog, then 2 x 2000m at 12:30 with 400m jog recovery, then 1m jog.

    and here are the facts...

    really comfortable warm up jog 11:42 not even close to being out of breath...

    1 mile 9:06 + 2:20 for 1/4 mile = 11:26 for 2000 metres

    1/4 mile recovery

    1 mile 10:15 + 2:10 for 1/4 miles = 12: 25 for 2000 metres

    then jogged it out for the last mile and 1/4 comfortably....and feeling really good and beginning to really grasp what speeds i am doing and how it feels to be doing a 9 min mile compared to a 10 and an 11. I feel like i've really turned a corner in regards to attitude towards the distances and are no longer eagerly wishing the end of each mile. I am especially pleased as this is on th eback of the cycling yesterday and i think the cross training is really bringing on my aerobic ability. I am going to go swimming tonight, for an hour, once the kids are asleep, to work on my technique.

  • good session Matt...........

    next time try and get the last interval faster than the first.........image

    I have had a head cold since sunday night so am taking a few days off.........image

    have a good week

  • hey all!!

    wow-good running MKT!!!!

    well on the plus side i did all 3 prescribed runs last week even though i wason holiday but have eaten and drunk waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much but now back to the schedule and focus!!!

    hope your all well!!

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