ASICS Super Six: Matthew (Sub-5:00)



  • Hi Matthew.

    My name is Ruth and I am the ASICS PRO Team Dietitian. I love running but due to having 3 kids in three years I have been doing less running (and sleeping!) but I am now out running again although very slowly! I have been working in sports nutrition for 9 years and my main work currently is with Sportscotland Institute of Sport as a Performance Nutritionist. So if you have any queries regarding the nutritional aspect of your training/racing please get in touch. I may only manage to be on the forum a couple of times per week so please don’t think I am ignoring you! Enjoy your running & I look forward to hearing from you. Ruth

    P.s Glad to hear you are back to schedule and focus!

  • Hi seren image thanks for advice I will try that on my next speed session! during 2nd 2000 metres bumped into a colleague on a bike and chatted away so not as focused as 1st but am used to that after 2 hours with you lol. Hope your cold gets better soon and that you did not get it from a cold caerphilly morning. Have a nice week too image
  • Hi vik and welcome back! Glad you feasted on your hols, lifes to short! Bet those runs were lush being abroad and not with your wooly hat on like me this morning. We are in week 6 so hop back onboard the train to speedsville, next stop sub 5 hour yyyyyeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh (Matt realises he must stop eating sugar late at night lol)
  • Hi Ruth, its lovely for you to be on the forum image (the previous message about the sugar...erm...stares guiltily at feet, lol). Wow 3 kids 3 years this is how us parents earn the bags under our eyes as I can imagine having 2 myself but mine are now 5 & 3 and are so much fun image. Thanks for the offer of advice...just a quick one....jelly it true the green ones are tastiest? Only messing...I've tried the fancy gel packet things but also bourbon biscuits, to snickers when fueling on a long run and seem to be the same with is it really just anything sweet to munching on and get the sugary loveliness in to the bloodstream? I am willing to subject my body to scientific study by making my through the whole range of biscuits to see which is better, rich tea v hobnob image lol. Also I go off at 6am for the long run on a Sunday should I make time for breaky before or continue heading out having munched a banana 10 mins before? Thanks for any help image
  • Oh forgot to say had a poor swim session tonight...schoolboy error as went during public swim to a new bigger pool...and just too busy. Lesson learnt but workedv on technique a bit doing 33 metre lengths in 50 seconds ish but almost drinking loads of the pool on regular basis. I need to work on upper body strength and so off to gym in the morning..
  • Bad swim  by your standards but your general fitness progress  is just superb  Matt

    really well done.  Fabulous that you are  grasping  the speeds required.

    more you can  improve 10km/10miles etc more you can   cope  easier ( ??) with  marathon distance given  that you also master time on feet concept ( which you will do)

    how are  the press  ups coming  on ?

     up to 20 yet?



  • Hi bud image sadly not up to 20 press ups yet...hang on...yes... just did 20! image and collapsed! Pleased with that and realise i need to work on upper body a lot more as this will probably help in to the end of the marathon. I will work on the 8 miler tomorrow at getting regular times and see what i can maintain at a reasonable comfortable level. Really looking forward to seeing you on Sunday image.
  • Great stuff Matt

    25  by end of next week  then you deserve some spinach !

  • Thanks bud and I do love spinach image had a gorgeous jacket potato for tea with coleslaw and buy of cheese and then I go and scoff 2 custard doughnuts why? Work with me brain!
  • In our house it is usually because they were reduced!
  • Hi Matt

    Thanks for your welcome, very much appreciated.

     Lets start with the Sunday run then move onto the biscuits! I would do a mix of the following:

    • If you are doing any steady runs which are 10miles or less at this time in the morning just get up and go as this may help promote muscle adapations (although research is not conclusive it has been shown that having insufficent fuel before you run may distress your body and actually  promote muscle adaptations!!) but have at least some water & if you wish some black tea or coffee before you go.
    • Would not recommend this "running on empty" method more than once a week and not when you are doing  very long runs as you have two kids to come home to and  long runs with no fuel will  wipe you out. You can drink water on your run but for ten miles or less you should really be fine without  fluid as long as you are not very dehydrated before you start. Come home and have a good breakfast: cereal & milk is a great option as it has sufficent carbs (and often high GI) and the milk is a great source of protein and often the cereal is fortified with vitamins and minerals. Add a glass of fruit juice for example purple or red grape juice for a blast of antioxidants!
    •  On 10mile plus runs you could just get up and have half a bagel  or one piece of toast with some honey/jam/banana & some fresh or concentrated orange juice (about 150ml) and dilute this with 150ml of water. If stuggle to eat anything but you can drink you could try some regular cordial (i.e not the no added suagr stuff) or some fruit juice or you may even want to try a liquid meal replacement  (this would be something like a slimfast). If stuggle eating anything don't worry have a glass of water and just fuel as you go. Runs which last for 90minutes plus suggest you start practising your race eating/drinking plans and that leads me onto the biscuits....

    If you were doing an ultra distance running event (that is anything above a marathron) I think there is a place for snickers and biscuits if that works for the indivdual BUT all biscuits are mainly  fat & sugar and fat is the part you don't need during your training (some fats are very good for you ...fatty fish, olive oil etc and should be in your diet but not during your training- sorry! ). I suggest if you do like the gels or jelly babies/ jelly beans and these sit in your stomach then these are fine to use and you may find that one gel every 25minutes works for you or you may find that you would rather drip feed the jelly sweets say 6-10 per hour and this works better for you. What are you planning to drink ? Water? sports drink? a mix of both? other? 

    Anyway I hope this help and if anything is not clear please let me know.  

  • Great  advice from Ruth

    We will make a Popeye out of you yet  Matt

     no donuts on Sunday

  • morning all!!

    just back from 8miler at marathon pace- which ended up being 10.50 m/m so very happy although have a slight twinge in right leg so will need to keep an eye on it!!!

  • Hi Ruth and thanks for the awesome advice image! I will take all of that and use it from now on. I especailly like the idea of bagels....i have not had them for years and they are gorgeous so i will get some. <raises his right hand> i swear to give up on the biscuits for the running (good time to sell any shares in bourbons you might have,lol) and to drip feed on the babies during the run.

    Drinks wise i've not really thought about it...and probably should now distances are getting longer....i have just been using water so far although i planned to drink oj this morning but had to postpone run till this afternoon as had too much work on. Is there any particular sports drink you would recommend?

    I am hoping to shift some bulk to aid with the running and also trim the spare there any particular foods i should be avoiding? I am in love with bread for example but people tell me this is bad for you carbs wise.....sorry for being so ignorant about food.....have been for years hence my years investing in my body ballooning to 16 stone.

     Thanks for all your help image

  • Vik image Loving your work!!!! nice times image hope leg turns out to be ok. I kept feeling twinges but i think it was the legs adapting to the increased intensity....i hope its the same for you.
  • MKT- can you find out what sports drink they'll be giving away at paris (if any) as you'll need to pratice with that brand to make sure it does cause any troubles- image if you get my drift!!

    and after about mile 18 last year at london i never wanted to see lucozade again but at brighton its powerade so went to asda last night and socked up as they have it on offer image

    oh and MKT i LOVE bread as well but I always think a little of what you fancy does you good!!  i'mm going to knock all the crap food at work on the head when i'm back next week as its to easy doing shifts just to get lazy and from Sunday I'm giving uo the booze until marathon day- and my other half is doing it too in support of me- bless him!!

  • Ruth s point about  biscuits etc is vital.

    If we asked you to  run  12 miles on Sunday carrying  bag  of sugar in  each hand it could be quite daunting.

    As  I know to my cost and sweet tooth the weight soon assembles.

    Do what you can to follow Ruths great wisdom

    See you sunday with the bagels

  • I can't remember what the drink was at Paris ...................... except that there were samples of wine and cider in the last few miles! image
  • Good point vik about the drink at Paris I'll look in to that. Loving the supportive husband too. Just watch he does not sneak off to do lots of work in the shed, yet comes back in strangely sluring his words, lol
    usb- I remember the pate and wine neat the finish and it was lush!

    One of those days today. Did not have enough time to go for run before work and then had problems with my car which I had to then go get bits for after work (ringing scrappers for things called near side hubs is an experience-had to bribe the bloke to do it today by offering him a four pack of lager!) Took ages getting kids to bed and then felt knackered but got some work to do so going out in the morning instead. Feel bad bout missing the session but going to do 5 miles and then circuit training...
  • Oh and been reading about the ginger smoothie thing on the homepage and think I'm gonna give it a go as it sounds ace image
  • Got my magazine through, we are all in glorious technicolour!
  • Exciting! I will go and buy a copy tomorrow...went circuit training and basically ran for the hour so left it at that for the cardio for the day. Stopped by Asda and got a smoothie that was tasty so can't wait to try the ginger one tomorrow once I've gone to the shops some more. Realised I need to blog more about all the things I'm up to from stretches to situps and then if you like you can try it to.
  • The smootie recipe looks nice but I don't think the 5 min to make it includes getting the blender washed afterwards.  One for the weekend perhaps image
  • Too right Bridget especially once you factor in not putting the lid on the blender and having to clean the walls lol
    Wow cold out there this morning. Out cycling and the water stopped coming from the backpack so I thought the mouth piece was bust but got back and tube is frozen solid...I had three pairs of trousers on...want to keep my waterworks flowing image...poor joke me image... E grade material...but hilly 12 miles and I mean hilly were I live in the valleys...crikey!
  • Just done 21 push ups, 1 min plank position and had 250ml of delicious strawberry and banana smoothie (finishing it off from yesterday). Nice start to the day but goes down hill as shopping this afternoon image but then seeing friends this evening image
  • 21 -- splendid.

    On the shopping run between the aisles for some extra mileage !!!!

  • Thanks bud and did the running between the supermarket sweep it was lol just got back in after a lovely evening and gonna hit mi bed...yawn....night all
  • Happy Sunday All!!

    managed a hilly 5 when went to visit the inlaws as they live in sheffield, i took adavtange of having some proper hils (as aroun here its distinctly flat) and pushed myself- and loved it!!!  swear to god though if i lived up there my race time would probably half!!!

    and tday just back from a steady 16 over all pace was 11.09 with a few faster ones thrown in for good measure!!

  • MattI have contacted the race officials to clarify the drink (I am pretty sure it is PowerAde) and at what miles it will be provided but not heard back yet, will chase this up.. There will be water at every 5km (and some fruit).If you are going to use a sports drink then you should use what is going to be provided (you can also drink water). If you are going to use some OJ for training runs, you must dilute it 50% with water to make this suitable for running as without diluting this it would be a 10% carb drink when really 5% is more suited.

    Would you mind if you give me an idea of what your current diet looks like? Once I have a typical BUT honest picture I may need to ask for some portion sizes but for the moment just an idea of a typical breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks and what time you usually eat these meals/snacks.

    Hope the kids have gone to bed better tonight!!


    Spent a lovely day at the ASICS training day....thanks everyone for a great experience image. Forgot to say that i did 12 miles today (2 hour 15mins) and could have kept on going image. Weird today as first 5 miles i was struggling but then got stronger as went along....oh hang on stared munching jelly babies at 5 miles....yum image.

    Karen- your a star for finding that out about powerade imageand thanks again or all your help and advice which i am adhearing to. Kids went to bed great tonight tired out from a day at the outlaws! I promise to do the current diet tomorrow as my eyes are closing typing this

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