ASICS Super Six: Matthew (Sub-5:00)




    Michelle the awesome athlete....a truely inspirational woman! She shared with us her training....100miles a week! and that she has recovered from some bad runs (new york sounded a shocker) to achieve great things! Thanks Michelle

  • Where did you find those extra 2 miles from?  Don't tell me you did an extra 8 laps of the track!

  • You were superb Matt.

    Much much more to come yet.  Keep it going.

    Well done

  • Well done MKT.  My 12 took 2:35 but I was running with my buddy who is slower than me and at the moment running with a broken arm so could probably have shaved a bit off that time.

    Also noticed a niggle around the ankle tendon area which I've hopefully put down to new shoes.  Will be using the wobble boad and doing the ankle circling exercise under the desk today - thank goodness for modesty boards!

    13 this weekend cripes!

  • Hi, <comes out of the cyber-wilderness>

    MKT, you are doing well and keep it going and you have no problem with the time on the day.

    The funny thing I was looking at the older posts including that video of you running in Paris, your running style and body is similar to mine!   Can I ask why did you have tape on your knee, where you having knee problems?

    Being a week behing as doing VLM, 11 miles yesterday was great, 2:08 with consistance pace being for every mile between 11:38 and 12:02 !

    But me being stupid, I also play for 6-side football every Sunday evening, and trying to do a long range shot, which went wide (far enough for throw in!) I feltmy muscle pulling, so came off and played no more.  This morning not feeling too bad, just a little stiff.

    Having to consider pulling out of football for the next couple weeks...hmmmm

    Anyway today will certainly be a rest day, then the 2x2000m (12:30) on Tuesday, 8M on Thursday and the 12 on Sunday (and probably football!).

     Well done everyone for their efforts so far, everyone seems to be great work and hope the rewards will be given.

  • USB- I did those 8 laps after the second circuit...bit monotonous going around but i was determined to get the 12 miler under the belt. So lovely to meet you and all the best for next weeks half marathon image
  • Trigger 2 good job image , the getting the milage in the legs is the most important thing i think an dknowing that you have and can cover that distance is ace and i hope that the niggle is just a niggle but best to keep an eye on it and stop before it becomes something bigger than a niggle (i wonder what that word is lol- oh yeah problem lol) .

  •  For those that are squeamish look away......

    you have been warned.......

    first injury with the running........

    what i suffer through......


    Forgot to wear my chubby legs rubbing together= serious chaffage. So sore image but lesson learnt! Need drastic plan to loose poundage off the legs!
  • OMG MKT ouch!  Had a similar problem running Southend 10K one year but actually managed to draw bloodimage
  • Silburbas- welcome back and loving your work with the running image. Back in 2009 i had sore knees due to my poorly planned training effort and so wore these bands that pushed in a bit of the knee and really helped.

    The footballl sounds good and if you enjoy go for it but i'd watch those tackles as could so easily go wrong for you mate.

    Loving the posivity on the forum <sits zen like on the floor chanting> and like the great film philosophical film high school musical said

    " we are all in this together"

  • And the chaffing cannot stop him!...24 mile cycle easy I'm hour 45 but so could of kept going but lost feeling in my ears due to the cold.

    Ruth as promised my current eating levels...hope your sat down..honesty is the best policy...let's take today for example. Up at 6 bowl of cheerios with milk, off to work, break couple of satsumas, lunch at 12 ish was pasta with tuna and Tomato aste that stuff you use for pizza bases, banana in three afternoon, cycling, 2 mini pork pies as soon as I was in the door, curry an hour later with rice (plate full) followed by stilton sandwich as still hungry...and that's it for now..but I have been having another stilto sandwich late at night about 10 ish. Whenever I eat I feel really hungry and do just wolf it down. But all this, which does seem shocking after writing it is still better than before and I do hope to improve. That being starving by the time I get home has become a pattern and i great the fridge like a long lost friend. Maybe its time me and the fridge went on a break!
  • I had to read ur diet again as I thought 6 bowls of cheerios!!

    I'm like you trying not to eat too much but it does get to the point where we burning so much calories that the fridge our best buddies. Cheese is my weakness!

    Hope Ruth will come down hard and give alternatives. One I tried are quorn food which is supposedly high in protien and low in fat so hope that was the right move!

    I am 17 stones, I am not obese I do have a little(!) tyre and I guess the weight tends to be an issue on my knees.

    Oh by the way hope chaffing reduces that looks sore!!! Bet it nothing compared to the nipples last year when I ran forgetting to grease them beforehand.....and then getting shot right on when paintballing the next day! I was in pain for days.

    Off to take youngest to bed....
  • That chaffing looks a bit nasty mate, i said you should have got the tights on! Really nice to meet you yesterday and dont worry im a fan of the light!
  • oh silbubas i'm thinking of your bleeding bits image lol i'm grimacing typing this! 

    Quorn sounds like a future food to try...had peppermint tea this morning and really tasty and refeshing!

  • Oh and went swimming this session ever with technique being smooth (by this i mean only stopping once from choking on water lol). First 16 lengths in 11:38 and then the second 16 lengths in 11:21 so yes, that is split interval sessions with the second one faster than the first!

    Going for the speedwork session after school and am looking forward to it. Been thinking about sundays long run and did not do what i had been doing with taking each quarter mile at a time. Was to distracted with everthing going on but need to get back to doing that as that was where the speed lay.

  • Morning,

     I found it distracting with aiming for short goal, as I prefer not to look at my GPS whilst running to see how badly or good I was doing.

    So what I did on Sunday was I used my first running watch before the time of GPS.  What it has was a countdown timer, so I set it to vibrate (it has to vibrate cos i am deaf so sound is no good!) for every 9 minutes with an extra 1 minute interval.  The vibration comes on every second of the last 10 seconds.  

     Using that what I did was run, after 2M I switched the countdown on, thenafter the first 9 minutes, during the 1 minutes interval speedup a little, then normal pase for next 9 minutes then slowed down for a minute, and normal pace next 9, speed up for minute and so on.

     It was useful cos I was speeding up when I was getting tired, and also used the slow minute to recover a little and have a fuel intake.  Also it was good on the mind measureing 9 minutes at a time, rather than the whole slog, when feeling down I can look at the watch and see I got 4 minutes to the next interval so it spurrs me to continue running to the next milestone.

     This was far better than looking at the GPS watch and peeking the mileage or pace, saying "oh god 9 miles to go!"

    I cant remember the model, but the watch is one of those CASIO G-Shock ones with vibrating alarms.

  • Silburbas- that sounds like a great idea, might see if i can setthe garmin up to do something like that

    Was meant to go to the gym with the othe half this morning but he's had rubbish at work since he's been back so left him to sleep in and headed to the park to do my speed work!

    Overall did 7miles with 6 x 800m as had wandered a bit further from home than i thought lol

    Felt good and strong but boy they were tough!!

    How's the chaffing MKT?

  • Phew another session to tick off - this is getting tiring - I am already yawning as typing this!

     1m jog, then 2 x 2000m at 12:30 with 400m jog recovery, then 1m jog.

    jog 1M @12:19, 1.25M (2000M) in 11:46 (9:25 pace!), 0.25M jog/walk, 1.25M in 11:52 (9:30 pace) and 1M back to work @ 12:16

    My leg was burning in the last 0.5M of the second 1.25M, but knew had to keep going as the end to the hard bit of training was almost over. 

    Cycle and/or Swim tomorrow then 8M on Thursday.

    MKT - did you try to post something at 12:37 today as got email notification but nothing here! How was your 12 x 20?

    Are you planing a HM for your 13M schedule? Or what other races will you be doing? (I think you said San Dom 20M. which I might do)

  • Sorry guys internet down last night so no posting image....but now he is back!

     Speed session went ok last night. Struggled to get going but then ended up with the session done (equivalent 3 miles in just over 31mins).

    GPS was not working but used this app on my phone called run keeper that had this voice that kept speaking and updating how things were going which was pretty cool. Good ideas about the what to do to keep the pace and the timings and i guess its whatever works best for you. I went without music for a change and was more focused on what i was actually trying to do.

    Silburbas your a machine! nice timings for the speed session and i hope your legs OK. Hope the cycle or swim goes well....careful you might end up like me and getting addicted to the exercise malarky!

    I have not planned an official 1/2 marathon as i am away next weekend and so wanted to spend time with family. Also going to switch the long runs to the saturday as to leave enough gap for the endurance cycle on the monday.

    Be ace if you were at the 20 miler as well in deep dark merthyr tydfil image

    VIk- good job with the running and i bet that feeling was great when you'd done further than planned! Chaffige is still there and a bit of a pain for the speed session but had my man tights on and they really helped.

    Went for another swim this morning and timed 16 lengths in record time of 10 mins 43 secs! Technique and breathing really coming together. I might.....just might.....even try and work out how to do those tumble turns at the end of each length! no....that means i will drown!

  • Nice toes!!!  You eat very light snacks during the day then appear so hungry by late afternoon/early evening.  Suggest you try increasing intake mid morning and mid-afternoon then work really hard in the evening to limit food. I want to practise the hour rule… once you have your main meal in the evening wait an hour before you eat again- it will become easier if you do this for a couple of weeks. Before training/mid to late-afternoon(eat 2 hours before ) suggest one of the following as should help make you less hungry and hence eat less later: 1-2x toast with small glass of milk or pot of yoghurt, bowl of cereal, bowl of rice pudding with some fresh, dried or tinned fruit, 2-3 pre cut slices of malt type loaf with some diluting juice or water or give me other options you like and I will tell you if I think these are appropriate!! Try and have your evening meal ready for after training (or at least within the hour after training). If need something after training just eat 1-2 pieces of fruit and get to main meal with that hour and reduce portion of main meal including carbs.. rice/pasta/potatoes. . Supper choices: advise no stilton sandwiches, have as a treat or cut out between now and the race & only eat once after dinner (supper snack) although you can add extra fruit should you wish. Supper can include mid-afternoon. 

    Add a pot of yoghurt to fruit mid-morning and even add a very small handful of muesli to yoghurt or you could swap you very high GI breakfast for something like porridge but you have to enjoy your food so if you really like cheerio’s for now increase mid-morning snack if you can.

    If anything is not clear or feel this idea would not work for you let me know but keep portions sensible especially at evening meals.
  • Forgot to say PowerAde  will be given on arrival and at 33km only.
  • how you doing Matt?

    how have last few days gone?

    what are plans for rest of week?



  • Ruth- thanks again for all the advice and this is it- a fresh new start. Mixed the orange juice with water this morning before the run and went well imageI am going to keep a diary and write on here everything consumed so that i can focus on what i am eating.  So look out for the end of day food blogs. Thanks too for finding out about the powerade and i will try and get hold of some for the running.
  • Bud- session this morning done image the timed section target 4 miles 44 mins done in 40 mins image and felt comfortable. Just really focused this morning, felt fresh and enjoyed it. Kept telling myself that every stride counted and that there was only this opportunity to do this training and it all came togther.

    Going for endurance swim tonight now....

  • <mumble mumble> jeez just back from dentist my whole face numb and was advised not to do exercise due could chew lips etc so messed up plan as can't run tmr as going out. Bummer.

    Good stuff MKT soon you will be MarathonKingTeacher!!
  • Sibubas what's going on? Trips to dentist are never fun-feel for you mate hope it gets better soon image' />
  • Bin home 10 mins and only had peppermint tea! image' />
  • Stew for tea tonight and delicious with 3 slices of bread, but just one bowl so thinking of portion control. Now the plan is swimming for 8.30 if the kids ever go to sleep and then no food till morning. Strong will needed...might put scary picture on the fridge to keep me out of it any ideas?
  • If want to come in  from swim and chop 2 pieces of fruit in bowl and top with low fat yoghurt this would be fine post swim as need you to keep this up!

    May not be able to get on until Tuesday next week but keep with the logs & I will help with some pointers.

    Be strong as it will get easier

  • Swim done image' />

    43mins 13 secs for 1400 metres in a 33.3 metre pool (i know its strange the size of pool in ebbw vale but i did check). This is somewhat slower than pace in a 25 metre pool but i figure that i am swimming more due to less kick off the end walls and so therefore is probably better for me. Technique was ok but probably best i get some more coaching organised.

    Still no snacking since being back home and gonna be strong!

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