I wanted some new running shoes and rushed into buying some mail order. They are due to arrive soon. Has anybody ever owned this shoe (ASICS KAYANO). What can I expect? Is it light/heavy? I have had osgood schlatters in the past and thought this cushioned shoe was a wise choice - plus the advert raved about it as the most advanced shoe asics make???


  • They are great shoes if you require support and moderate cushioning. I'm onto my second pair now. They take a for the upper to soften up a bit, but after that I love em... The only thing is that not everyone likes the same pair of shoes!
  • Cheers John. What does support actually mean in terms of a running shoe? I assume all footwear offers a degree of support. Do shoes that offer increased support restrict movement or flexibility?

    I'm confused - hope the shoes are okay - I hate returning things via mail order!
  • If your foot rolls inwards then you need support on the inside of the shoe to stop pains and niggles. It basically makes your foot land the way it should do!
    There are different catagories of shoe:
    motion control

    There are certain hybrids available ie. Lightweights with a degree of support
  • Hi Jon,

    Just been having a discussion with Macca re these on another thread.
    I bought a pair a couple of week ago and tried them out on Sunday for the first time. Nice to hear your positive comments, as my immediate thoughts/worry were how heavy they were. They weigh well inside a lb each and only about 50g heavier than my old shoes and so I quickly realised it was my legs which were heavy and that I should cop onto meself!

  • We all feel heavy in the legs from time to time! I find the fit means that they feel lighter than they actually are!

    Just recently I have got some DS trainers. These are great for faster sessions and races. Very impressed with them!
  • HFTB

    Are you saying they are heavy then?
  • Might wear them for the Nike 10K on sunday. I have been training in Adidas Estes for the last year. I think this is a trail shoe and I don't think it has been an ideal for road running
  • Macca,

    It was my first run for over 2 years. They felt heavy at the beginning but not so much at the end. I think most shoe brands with these features would have felt heavy on me. Give it a month when I've worn them in a little and then....

    Btw they weigh 383g it's not exactly heavy!!
    On paper it may appear that way compared to some other brands /shoe types i.e. racing shoes at 150-200g

    It depends on what you want out of the shoe. I now need a stability shoe, previously prone to injury I'm happy for the extra cushioning(gel in forefoot and heel) not forgetting the revolutionary SPeva???

    These will get me started and I'll see what's out there when it comes to renewal time.

    Get yourself assessed and base your purchase on your particular circumstances (i.e. gait, weight, road surface...)


  • I wouldn't run in them untried. Break them in a little and if you can manage in your current trainers, stick with them.
  • Yeah - thats a good idea 'ere for the beer - cheers. Are you doing the race?
  • Hi i've got Asics Kayano V111 and they give me a really bad blister in the arches. I 've done enough miles to wear them in, but try anything over 5 miles in one go and they rub like crazy. I've always liked Asics and otherwise I love them but I think these are going to be consigned to trips to the pub!
  • Do you have flat feet?
  • Bandit - what is your Gait etc - Are they tight fitting or a little loose?
  • when I do the wet foot test, I have normal feet. Not flat and not high arches. I believe I am a neutral runner. I have tried 1000 mile socks and different lace combinations..tighter..looser etc., I do have quite wide feet and I think the problem lies with the logo on the side where it meets the sole. The top now holds the lace and I think this is pulling into my foot at the bottom.
  • I came into this forum to post a query about Kayano's when I saw this one. I've had four different versions of them now and have never had an injury and have found them perfect for me - except for the current version V111 that is. Everyone tells me the only difference from previous models is the colour way but for me they don't fit as well. They seem tighter in the forefoot even though they are the new wider fit and much tighter over the instep. I have to lace them differently and there is so much of the tongue poking through, they obviously aren't the right fit for me now.

    I need a new pair but the next version isn't ready till December. I would love another pair of V11 but can't seem to get them anywhere now. As I've had injury free running with them do I risk changing to another shoe?
  • There were some Kayano V1 advertised in RW last month at 50 quid and they were a nice orange colour too. When I phoned the chap said that there were none left in the country as asics had sold off all of there old stock on the cheap and were concentrating on new models only.
  • After trying most of the ads. in RW I then called Asics who said the same. When a new version comes in they dump all previous versions on the retailers to sell at sale prices.
  • oldbones,

    If you mean the Kayano VII (2001 model) then on the run ( still have some. I have yet to try the new ones and found the VII's better then the previous years model.

  • Keith
    yes, that's the one - the best version so far for me. I'll try ontherun, thanks
  • GuyGuy ✭✭✭

    I'm interested in what you say about the new Kayano's. I have been through about 8 pairs of the various models over the past couple of years, and been completely injury free. However, a few weeks ago I bought the latest version. They didn't feel any different, and like you I thought the only change was the colour. But over the past couple of weeks I have started to get slight pains in the arch of both feet (but particularly the right one) after running.

    I was thinking that it couldn't be the new Kayano's, because they are exactly the same as the old. But since they are the only thing I have changed about my running, maybe they are the cause. Like you, perhaps I need (reluctantly) to think about changing to a different shoe.
  • oh...

    and I hoped I'd got myself the ideal trainer!!

    Needless to say I'll carry on with them and report back in a few months with my experiences.


    I'm not taking part in the 10K or any races for the foreseeable future. I'm a new kid on the block and have decided to set down some foundations before considering races.

  • As I say, we have different needs/feet so you could actually end up loving them in the same way I do! I have never had a problem with fit. I used the 2060's last year, but found that the 2070 was nowhere near as good so tried the Kayano. They work for me anyway!
  • Keith - ordered a pair of V11 online with ontherun last night. Will find out today if they have my size in stock - cheers.

    Guy - I've not picked up any injuries with the V111's its just that they don't feel right for me. I remember on the old forum when the V111's first came out someone else felt they weren't the same as well.
  • My Kayano VIII's arrived this morning. I was horrified to see that they were not the purist white (with black stripes) that I saw in the advert. They had a dark blue body with white stripes with yellow bits. Also they were like tug boats - hoooge! There was far too much space in there for my size nines.

    Thst'll teach me to buy mail order! What is the policy of returns with mail order stuff - are they usually pretty good?

  • Steveo,

    They're the latest colour scheme, although I went for the white. I was told by the lady in the shop that the Kayano's weren't previously available in the two width fittings, although this has changed for the VIII. Was there a choice when you bought, as you may have received the wide and would be okay with the standard.

  • Mornin' HFTB

    I wasn't offered a choice on the phone of colour or width. Do you mean your whites are also Kayano VIII's but in white?

  • Did you get them from If they are selling the old colour on sale and don't have your size they seem to send you the lastest (Which is why I have tiger stripes on my DS Trainers!)
  • I did order them from On the run but ordered what the RW ad said was the new style in white??!
  • No... New style blue
    I prefer the old colours personally!
  • Steveo,

    Yes my VIII'S are in white, black stripes over white background(the VII'S are inverse). I tried these in a wide fitting and the blues in a standard. I can't say there was a huge difference, both felt good although the whites had the edge, as I have a habit of lifting my big toe up on impact.
    Fyi mine are made in China, model no. TN201 (2E)

    Hope this helps.


    P.S. Anyone else have the big toe habit?
    Can it be overcome?

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