• Cheers HFTB

    I have the big toe habit too so I couldn't wear the shoes they have sent to me as they are a little loose fitting for my liking!
  • drawn a blank on the V11's from ontherun. Do not have my size. Re: colours of V111, mine were mostly white but they've introduced a new colourway half way through the year which I gather is more like the blue/white of the V11's.

    If anyone knows where I can get V11's in size 8 1/2 or 9 I would appreciate it.
  • Have you tried Start Fitness? they're selling them I think
  • Hi Oldbones,

    October edition of RW, page 100. Start Fitness are advertising VII's at 59.99 (Mail order 0191 222 0984). They mention that they're ladies, does this mean that they're a narrower fit? If you can get them in your size and the fit is okay who's to say!!

  • Steveo,

    So you have the big toe problem too. Does it bother you and do you find that your shoes have a dent and eventually split where your big toe is?

  • It hasn't really been a problem, its just something I have noticed. No damage to my adidas testes!
  • Start Fitness only have the ladies version of V11's. Now that's an interesting one - if they did my size, would it be the same shoe?
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