Saturdaz, 18 December 2010

By a Jumbo Jet

Morning all. Sorry for being AWOL this week but it was hell at work and I was too tired to fire up the laptop at home at night.

So .... we have about 6 or 7 inches of snow. I was mightily pi**ed at first but have now decided if you can't beat them, join them. Snow is my friend now and I do like winter image. It is beautiful out there - like a world spun out of icing sugar. And I managed to get most of my scheduled runs in this week. Today's 12 miler will be split into 6 running miles (just waiting for daylight at the moment) and 6 on the old XC skis. They haven't seen any action for a loooong time. Really looking forward to it.

Will catch up later. Have a great day all.


  • Oh bugger - I"ll never get to terms with the German keyboard!!!  Sorry for the typo but I can't edit it image
  • morning all.

    No  problem with the typo chicka - it's kind of nice!

    I have woken up lurgified this morning.  It was bound to happen as I said to a colleague this week that I  don't remember the last time I had a cold. 

    So Bournemouth marathon isn't going to happen.  If it was just the lurgy, or just the snow, I'd probably go down.  But both together plus travelling on my  

    I  may do  Bromley, I may not.  I will run however, even if only a little one.  I can use my new Yaktrax.  There's probably just about enough snow to use them.  Guess the snow that was forecast is yet to hit us as we've had no more overnight.   

  • Morning all (I'm just off to bed!)

    Chickadeee, glad you're embracing the winter (it really can be beautiful), enjoy the XC skiing!

    Mava, really glad you're not driving in it, running's one thing, driving quite another!

    Well, I won't manage any running the next few days as kids are home and Mr CB is not, so I'm planning a trip to the pool so at least I can get a swim.

    Have a great Saturday!
  • Morning!

    Good news RFJ!

    Finished work yesterday, and now a full-time athlete. Well, until I get the next bits of jobs: interview Monday for some part-time occasional stuff for university. Looking into several other jobs on a similar basis as well.

    What: something later
    Why: how much depends on how easy it is to run on the four or so inches of snow we had last night.
    LAst hard: can't remember
    Last rest: Dec 21

    Lyrics: nope

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Does it feel good Alehouse?

    Enjoy the skiing Chickadeee.

    Hope it doesn't come to much mava.

    What:                   nothing.
    Why:                     easing back - I want to be ok for a LSR tomorrow.
    Last hard:           not diving straight back into full training.
    Last rest:             far too much this week.

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Mava - sorry about the cold - I thought women didnt let colds stop them!!!.

    RFJ - It wasnt the last supper then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Chick - dont get injured!

    No snow here although its cooooooold.

    Will run later, have little miss paddy's birthday business to deal with first!!. 

  • hello  again

    Paddy - it won't stop me running! 

    Edit:  happy birthday little miss Paddy

    What: 4.18 miles slowly but hard
    Why: keeping a streak going
    Last hard: that was
    Last rest: 6 April

    So, that run clearly demonstrated that a marathon would have been out of the question today, even if I'd started, I reckon it would have been a DNF   It also told me that racing a 5k would have been impossible.  The effort needed just for an 'easy' 4 miler was way over what it should have been. 

    So the right decision was made.   

    But that means I don't win the club's Most Improved prize for the second year in a row image   I am beaten by my OH, who (I think) is a mere half a point ahead of me imageimageimage  Well, at least the trophy stays in our house! 

    A lazy day ahead now followed this evening by our club's Christmas dinner.   I wonder if we'll be walking there through Knole Park again like last year.   it snowed this weekend last year too.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    lol Paddyimage

    Didnt make parkrun and wont attempt the Fetch mile either, so will opt for the safety of indoors and the running trampoline....

  • Morning peeps.

    Feeling a bit better, thanks for the best wishes, much appreciated !

    Still nothing, hopefully back Monday.

    Have  agood one.

  • LMH: a fair degree of relief!!
    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • chick - took me ages to find the typo as I kept reading your post!

    No parkrun for me either (I was on the scanner) due to the road conditions

    What:  6 - 9 miles around Stowe later
    Why:  because it is snowy and I want to see the frozen lakes
    Last hard:  14.12
    Last rest:  Yesterday

    Lyrics:  once again no

  • Morning all,

    take care Mava! I don't trust colds at all.

    Birkmyre, hope you're soon right again too.

    Alehouse - keep it together and take good care of yourself. A fully operational body is important to all of us. To you, it is essential. All the best with it.

    Chickadee - yes, - I too love the winter, even if it makes the running complicated.

    thinking of complications, I am trying to design a crash helmet for running in. Apparently the thing you really Don't want post concussion is another concussion. What do you reckon, bubble wrap or foam rubber folded into the cuff of my beanie? It's going to be one of the other - I'm a coward.

    Me? Still no running. A couple of really rough days to the point that my Ma persuaded me to pay for a car to come and fetch me from the airport. Would have been ok, but would have been a different story yesterday.

    But - the good news - I have a new training partner. She's a smashing blonde, with deep brown eyes and engaging grin. She's with me until mid Feb, and I am really looking forward to running with her. It's the little conversations that make running so enjoyable. Ok, we were only walking out together this morning. She'd dash ahead, check back to see I was still following, and gallop off again, running wide and joyous circles.

    I feel fifteen years younger.

  • Thinking about DD wonder if he made it home yesterday - wow is he in for a shock if he did.

    I have an ear infection of some sort this am. So half my face is very painful. image went for a short run in the snow this morn but cut it short as I wasn't feeling on top form.

    Stickles, your new running partner sounds wonderful, whats her name?

  • Sesame. She's a two year old golden retriever. She's asleep now in front of the fire with her head on my foot, surrounded by the remains of a carrot - a hostage taken in exchange for a usable sock. Glory be, the house seems almost normal again. I had missed carrot on the floor.

    But not holes in my socks.
  • What: Eastleigh parkrun, we were running it so it had to happen.
    ?? PM
    Why: weather will not defeat me
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: ????????????

    Yesterdays lyrics: Mark Ronson feat Lily Allen Oh My God
  • afternoon!

    A lot of lurgified peeps on here. Get well soon.

    mava: certainly the right decision to ditch Bournemouth. Too bad about the club award but congrats to Mr. mava.

    awww stickless, she sounds gorgeous. I love dogs, especially retrievers.

    Ready to post the what:

    1hr 10 run offroad in fresh snow then brekkie and 2 1/2 hrs of XC skiing in the sunshine. Loved it so much, didn't want to stop but everything hurts now, especially my hands and arms. Supposedly doing a 16 mile LSR tomorrow but right now I'm not so sure...
  • 15 miles d&d. Also small visit to gym - Time against me!!!.

    No snow here yet - heres hoping!!

  • Evening all.

    RFJ - great news.

    What: 5 very slow miles on snowy/icy pavements.
    Why: running day.
    Last hard: Monday.
    Last rest: yesterday.
    Lyrics: yep.

    Had loads to do yesterday, so even though on a day's hols I didn't have time for anything. Jr #1's b'day party this am, and the snow started 90mins before we were to leave. First bit of snow here this season, so everybody panicked. Loads of cancellations, but had fun with those that made it.

    Knee is great, even after spending all of yesterday kneeling on it - absolutely no reaction, and that was probably a better test than any of my runs to date.

    Laters y'all.

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