Tis' the season

This week I downloaded the latest Garmin firmware for my 310xt which added functionally such as the ability to no longer upload data (nice one garmin) as such my garmin has to go for repair image

Rather than be without my garmin for a few weeks I brought another one, you can see the matching pair on the image below. image



Now I know that I am in a fortunate position to do such things on a whim especially at this time of year, I am also aware that some people may not.
I am also aware that when Garmin fix my first 310xt I will not have a need for two of them
Obviously because of the snow and the fact that being a man I'm still shopping for pressies, I have not stuck the Garmin in the post yet to be repaired but will do as soon as I can.

Rather than giving me shit of telling me that I'm  a lucky bugger or stupid, please tell me if you would like a top of the range Garmin 310xt with Heart Rate Monitor and Foot Pod  which retails around £300 and why you deserve it.

If anyone gives me a good enough reason, once it is repaired I will send it to them, free of charge.
If anyone knows anyone who deserves it, please speak up also. image

DISCLAMER : Bugger all chance of delivery before xmas and if nobody deserves it, (I will ask a random forum member to decide what should be done with the 310xt) -- you may just have the option to buy it of fleabay with the money going to MacMillan

Merry Christmas yal


  • are you less fortunate squeakz?
  • not really but I have trouble posting and drinking Christmas cheer at the same time. image what can I say its a rest day.
  • lol - you bin on it too eh-LOL

    technology frightens meimageimage

  • Lol im ok with tech, self confessed Geek. Forums and beer do not mix to well though.
    Patience is a virtue which I lack though, and Garmin gave me the impressions that they would not be looking at it untill the new year, which I why I brought another one. It must be said though that they equally seem to be aware that firmwear update has issues as when I spoke to them they told me the exact symptoms I have. Then proceeded to deny knowledge of any problem.. lol

    Thought it would be nice to give the repaired watch to someone deserving (and they get also get a heart rate monitor and strap with lots of my sweat for an added bonus) which makes it so much more special imho

  • lolimage

    I won't apply for it because I will be likely to die before I could set it up (being a Social Scientist).

    lovely generous act thoughimage

  • Would love one, am saving for one, currently £89.57 in my Garmin fund. Need lots more I know.  Great generous thought though to donate it to someone.  
  • Very generous Squeakz.  Although I'm skint, I already have HRM and GPS all of which works perfectly.  I'm sure there are many deserving folks here or failing that, Macmillan will be very grateful of the money I'm sure.  Nice one squire.

    Goodwill to all mankind image

  • I'm very deserving of this Garmin, I won't go into the reasons why because Macmillan are a charity close to my heart and therefore they are far far more deserving of the cash it would raise on that online auction site image

    Merry Xmas Squeakz.

  • I was thinking of numerous reasons why I was deserving but have come to similar conclusions that a charity would benefit far more from the cash than I would another gadget  image
  • M-JM-J ✭✭✭

    I don't need it (or probably deserve it image) however what a lovely and generous act of kindness.

  • Hey guys, If a Garmin does you a good turn, why not state your reasons, you may just get lucky
    If you would like it and are in a different position to myself, I would hate for you to miss the opportunity due to feeling that Macmillan is a more worthy cause.
    If your reason is chosen and I send you the watch I would rather you do something nice for another person than my gesture become nothing more than a bagain for another ebay hunter with no real desire to do anything for anyone.

    If you wished you could donate what you could afford to Macmillan, nothing to stop you from doing now is there or you could simply spend some time and check on a old neighbour to see if they need some shopping done in this cold weather.
    Now that imho would be really awesome, your time is the most precious thing you can give someone.

    Also think of me, having to deal with all the fleabay jokers looking to pay nothing for everything.

    DESCRIPTION: worn Garmin 310xt, slight scratch in top left corner due to tripping over when running trail, a sweaty hear rate monitor strap (might want to replace that, they cost about £10)

    Let me know, people.. common you can't all be humbugs, its Christmas. image

  • Squeakz ... I dont think I am the most deserving but knowing that some people may be a tad embarassed to pledge then I will bite the bullet and start the ball rolling in the hope that someone more deserving comes along ....

    I have been saving for a 310XT ....  then my car broke quickly followed by my oven and a dodgy tennant leaving owing me a large amount of money and last week my fridge died,  I believe in karma and I think that it must be my turn for something good to happen and sometime soon would be even better   image

    I am a constant IM in training and this year was supposed to have been the pb year to beat all years, that wasnt to be due to some dodgy German air so my long suffering mentor has had his contract extended for another year instead.

    A good deed indeed Squeakz
  • One of the nicest things i have seen all year....Top man Squeakz. image
  • Thanks for starting the ball rolling, M..eldy and like yourself I believe in Karma and really appreciate your humorous hint, its very much in line with my humour image

    Saving for a 310xt, have you heard that their may be issues with the firmwear image

    Anyway as stated im not man enough to decide on my own, im shit at doing such things as such will ask someone else for their opinion.
    For some reason I feel December the 26th is a good day to annouce what is happening to the 310 xt image

  • damn my spelling and grammer is bad enough normally, let alone when im on the christmas spirit, heh image Ohh well never mind.

    Goodwill to all.

  • I can't afford a Garmin and I could really use one but I've had personal experience of Macmillan and would rather any cash raised go to them.  They helped my auntie through her last days and eased the burden on my uncle and their kids, so they could spend more quality time with her.  My family can't speak highly enough of Macmillan and the good work they do.

    EDIT: typo

  • 26th I shall be at work ... 3rd day of 6

    The delights of working over Christmas  image

    I shall donate some pennies to Macmillan whatever the outcome, have earmarked 2 charities recently and was on the lookout for a third so this can be the one I reckon

    You dont have a spare fridge hanging around by any chance?   image
  • Can't you just stick the milk in the garden Meldy? It will still be frozen into the new year.
  • feckin blue tits would nick it  image
  • Meldy I bought I fab one at IKEA of all places, after extensive research at all the usual places which stock loads.  I was looking for a 70/30 fridge/freezer combo and couldn't find one anywhere.  IKEA were only stocking 2 models at the time and that was one of them (made by Whirlpool).

    Alternatively, it's so cold at the moment, you could probably build an efficient one in your garden or backyard if you have one with some bricks or snow. image

  • Nail cat to milk...do i have to think of everythingimage
  • I dont have any heating (another story!!) so currently have no need for one

  • I'm concerned a firmware update can do this, I own a 310xt what other functionality does the update add.
  • none Richy123 as far as I can tell. What happened is I was uploading data to the Garmin connet website and it informed me that I had an update available and would I like it.
    I accepted the update as usual as I have updated the device previously without issue. However this time when it finished updating it switched off which it had not done before.
    Upon restarting everything looks fine and it works as normal (no added fuctionality is apparent)
    however I am now no longer able to upload the run data to any website at all with it so contacted Garmin who have instructed me to return it for repair which will be done shortly.

    The new Garmin which has earlier firmwear uploads data without issue (although I keep getting an update offered to me, which I decline at this time for some reason image)

  • Thanks for the info Squeakz I will remember to reject any updates. I would be bloody annoyed if I couldn't use it. Although like you I am decadent and do have a 405cx back up.
  • After some thoughts and a few messages to certain forum members
    I have decided what I am doing with the 310xt once I get it back from Garmin repaired in the new year
    My intention was to make a difference to someone and inspire others to do something nice.

    One person presented a great argument for e-baying the device and giving the money to charity. It seemed a truly genuine and unselfish request as I know this person is not in a position to purchase a 310xt for themselves as such this action is being taken out of courtesy for them.

    I would also like to extend an offer to buy this person a Garmin as I still think good things should happen to good people. I believe in Karma you get back what you give out.

    If this person wishes to identify themselves, its up to them.

    Happy new year

  • Nice work Squeakz

    I hope that you had a very deserving Christmas  image

    Be sure to let me have the eby link when you put it up, I suspect it will go above my budget but if I can help boost some money for Macmillan then I will do x
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