Chevin Chase 7 2010

So who else is going to this one?

My first race back after a prolonged injury, so I shall be taking things as easy as possible.

Its my first time, I assume those rock-hard Yorkshire types won't cancel due to something as silly as snow and ice?


  • Hey Artie, my first Chevin chase as well. I've had a man flu all week so not been able to run so I'm not expecting anything but to take it easy.
    I hope they wont cancel. It'll be beautiful out there if the snow stays image
  • I'll be doing this as well, they're not likely to cancel because of snow unless it's really bad (it was snowy at last years race). I'll be in a Horsforth vest so keep an eye out for me folks

  • I'm planning on doing it, if my foot holds out (been having some pain in it).

     It's the first time I'm doing it too and I'm really.looking forward to it. I was hoping to get out and train for it, maybe do the route a few times, but with this injury I haven't been able to. I've done Hellrunner though so it can't be worse than that surely! Everyone I've spoken to seems to think it's difficult.

     I hope it doesn't get cancelled. I get a kick out of running in adverse weather conditions!

     Yorkshire Rob - I'm assuming you run with Horsforth Harriers? I've been looking to join a club and was thinking about Horsforth, I'm only down the road in Rawdon.

  • Starsnspikes - I do run for Horsforth, you're welcome to come along any Tuesday to the clubhouse (which is the cricket club in Horsforth Park) and have a run out with us all. Look forward to meeting you image

    re chevin chase, I know the route pretty well and it shouldn't be too bad provided you've run a few hills. The last mile or so is downhill as well.

  • Rob

    Is that Newlay bridge behind you? (& what a glorious piece of iron-work it is!!)

  • Richard - that's the bridge over the dam at Ripley Castle (Guy Fawkes 10m course) on Hollybank Lane.
  • Rob

    So it isimage, I ought to know it, with our own visits to Ripley (mainly for the ice-cream shop)

    Having looked closer, I can see the dam wall on the middle-right of frame

    I still stand by comment about Newlay Bridge;

  • I've done the race before. It's enormous fun. Various fancy-dress competitors add a low-level target to aim for; last year I was determined that at least I'd beat the 'Christmas Tree'. It set off at a fast pace but there was no way it could keep it up with all those baubles dangling from its branches. As someone else has said, there was snow on the ground at last year 's race so it is unlikely to be cancelled for that reason. Some people will no doubt have hangovers so you are unlikely to be last unless you are one of them.
  • It was a good race today, really enjoyed it. Tough but worth it. I came in about 48:20 in about 52nd place I think.
  • Good race.
    Very slippy at places. I fell over. Just banged my knee, nothing serious.
    Too much standing about when queuing to go over the farmers fence.
    Other than that, really enjoyable.

    I didnt get my size Tshirt though image
  • When I hit those fences Elli there was only a few runners round me and I took them nearly at a jump, no slowing down for me image

    T shirts were a bit sparse weren't they? I take it you're a Medium, I took a small instead. I think they had problems with the supplier

    *edit - just checked the results, I was in 58th in 48:24, well inside the top 10% so happy with that image

  • Another great local race. I am horrendously out of shape at the moment so was delighted just to finish, though, the competitive beast in me did strike in the last mile where I simply refused to be beaten by Dorothy & Toto.

    Obviously impossible, but I thought we ran a lot more downhill than uphill??
  • I was going for size S tshirt but they literally ran out of them just a person before me! So I had to take the only size left, large. Its HUGE. Like a baggy dress. LOL. Well I'll sleep in it.

    Artie, are you serious? I thought it was more uphill! Or maybe it was just that those few hills were so steep and went on forever!

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