2011 VLM Group Training

Although now is probably not a good time due to the snow making travel around the UK a nightmare for some, I had a idea and wanted to see what other people thought of it.

Question :- In the new year would you be interested in meeting up with other people undertaking the 2011 London Marathon at Hyde Park for a group marathon training session followed by an evening meal at the spagettihouse in knightsbridge. 
If enough people are interested their should be enough people with different paces to suit everyone.


If your interested add your name to the list and we can sort out a date in the new year once the snow has melted. image



  • M-JM-J ✭✭✭

    What a great idea! I'm only an hour by train from London so I may be interested. It would be really good to run somewhere else and with others.

    I'll keep a look out on here for dates

  • hey good idea squeakz, count me in.  will be nice to meet some others training for the london marathon and to have some company running for a change.
  • I'm in!  It will be good to have some running buddies - I work with a couple of other guys who are also doing the VLM and will see if they are interested too!
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