Runnin the Heat

I have a holiday planned to the sports resort of club la santa in lanzarote and I intend to run the half marathon. I need advice on how to cope with the heat whilst out there and it will also be my first half marathon so any advice for training and completing my first half marathon would be much appreciated!


  • I think thats run early in the morning - so it won't be too hot. Prob explains why I've never run it ! Might be good idea to get used to running early mornings though ?

    You'll have a great time. Oh and do the Running assessment and bleep test - v interesting, and Lisa who did mine was a babe.
  • Hi Gooders,
    Are you planning on running "THE" Lanzarote half marathon that takes place in Puerto Del Carmen on the first weekend in December each year? If so, the race takes place on the Saturday afternoon with start times of 3.30(?) and 4.30(?) on the past two occasions.There is also a 10k and full marathon starting at the same time.The course is almost flat..just a couple of gentle inclines...and is roughly a 5k out and back traffic free course along the seafront.Usually a well organised race (by club la santa) great atmosphere,purpose built grandstand at start/finish, disco, firework display etc.Usually very warm, but 5k headwind last year made the going really tough.Best advice,train as much as you can when its hot,forget your watch and enjoy it, and then spend the rest of the evening in one of the many bars adjacent to the finish and watch the marathon runners completing a further two laps. Dont forget, its dark in lanzarote by 6 o.clock in December.
  • I've no special experience of hot weather running, Gooders, apart from the UK version of heat, but for training, always try to run early in the morning if possible. Wear shades and a hat with a brim and use sun block on all exposed skin. And as Pete says, just try to enjoy the run and the sun without gunning for a PB.

  • Or you could try the Hal Higdon method. I met him last year, and he told me that when he ran a marathon in Greece once in very hot weather, he stopped twice along the route at tavernas for a bottle of beer...

    I suspect they weren't particularly important races.
  • Thanks for the advice everyone. Its the marathon arranged by club la santa so not important as such but like I said will be my first half marathon and in harsh conditions compared to the good old UK. Thanks for your time
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