• @k8greene - Amazon only picks up the 3G tab if you're on a Vodafone network.
  • Intermanaut  - According to their website:

    "Built-in Free 3G connectivity uses the same wireless signals that cell phones use, but there are no monthly fees or commitments—Amazon pays for Kindle’s 3G wireless connectivity"

    Doesn't mention anything about needing to be with Vodafone, just says ready to go from taking it out the box.

  • k8greene wrote (see)

    whereas I'll normally borrow from the library for free

    Many local authorities' libraries have e-books that you can lend
  • I have a Kindle and I love it. I have hacked mine so that I have different screensaver images to the ones supplied and have changed the font. 
  • Ooh how'd you do that?
  • UK - I used this guide for the walk-through and this is a good website for the images.

    Obviously, any hacking you do will void the warranty, but I am more than happy to guide you through if you are unsure.

  • Another vote for a kindle from me - best pressie I ever received, Not sure I read anymore than I did but the beauty of it for me is that I still get lost in what I'm reading and forget that I'm looking at a screen.

    It feels weird now going back to a normal book, which isn't good when youe day job is a librarian image

    And the hacking is pretty straight forward.

  • @k8greene - I don't have a Kindle, but this is from a friend of mine who bought one in October:

    "3G coverage is hot potato at the moment on the support forum. Apparently Amazon are tricking people into thinking the 3G coverage is worldwide, it’s not. It is apparently only where there is a 3G signal on the Vodafone network. Obviously most of the UK is covered and plenty of places abroad, just not everywhere."

    Looking at this you can see that there's a significant chunk of the USA, and most of Canada, that you can't use it in:

  • Intermanaut - Thanks for clearing that up, does now make me re-think the 3G version.

    Kev - that's great about e-books from the library. I don't know why I didn't think to check that they did them.

    Work gave me a generous Amazon voucher for Xmas so I think I'll spend it on that. Shame I won't have it in time for Xmas though image

  • I didn't bother with the 3G - I didn't see the point as there is wifi just about anywhere these days and I don't see me having a no wifi need a book emergency!  Saved me £50...image
  • yeah i didn't bother with 3g for the same reasons.
  • Having pre-ordered your book IH is it going to be available on the Kindle?
  • FF - I've asked the publisher and they've said they're undecided at this point. I'd like it to be, because it means it would be available to more people BUT it's out of my hands. I've given my permission for it to be.

    And thank you for ordering it, hope you enjoy it.

  • Looking forward to it, thanks
  • Does the Kindle have a back light, or is it really like a normal book & you need a proper light source?

  • K8 - no back light hence the longer battery life, you can get all m anner of cases for it that have lights on them for that issue.
  • I have  case without a light - you can get clip on lights as well but I've not bothered. My bedside lamp provides enough light to read it by.
  • I've seen the cases with the lights - £50 from Amazon image

    Sometimes very early in the morning I can't sleep. The bf doesn't like it when I put on the bedside lamp at 4am so something a little less bright is good.

    The ebooks from my local library aren't compatible with the Kindle image Still think I'll get one though.

  • Try Fleabay...loads cheaper than Amazon for covers it seems.
  • k8greene wrote (see)

    The ebooks from my local library aren't compatible with the Kindle image Still think I'll get one though.

    Take a look at Calibre its converts most now ebook types to Kindle format image ... and its free !!
  • I got a £15 leather case from fleabay, does the job and you can now pick up a light for under a fiver or a case and a light for under £14


  • Thanks for the advice Bruce!

    Never thought to try ebay, I was hoping for a purple one & they seem to have a half decent selection at a fraction of the price.

  • another vote for calibre - great piece of software and very easy to use.
  • +1 for calibre and I also have a friend of a friend of a friend that has software to remove DRM as sometimes Calibre won't convert DRM'd material
  • My mum - 76 yo, known as TechnoNanny - loves her Kindle! She's an avid reader, loves books for all the old romantic reasons. But she finds the Kindle light, easy to read and use, and has a very attractive pink leather cover for it. image

    She also goes on holiday a lot, and is delighted that it saves her lugging huge piles of books from country to country. And the charge does last for ages - last I heard it had been going for over a month.
  • Well if you two ladies recommend it...sold
  • With the post being how it is at the mo, I'll order mine in the new year. Thanks for everyones advice!
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