Macclesfield Half (Sep 29th)

Anyone coming to Macc for the Half on September 29th?


  • Hi,

    Yes, I'll be there. Probably hilly so slower than Lake Vyrnwy. Look out for me - race number 986 (Biddulph Running Club pale blue vest).
    Good luck,

  • I'll be the one in the Macc Harriers vest!

    It is a hilly course with one particularly long drag out of Prestbury village. I'll definitely not be doing it in anything like my LV time and may go round with a couple of first timers I know, holding drinks, shouting abuse on the hills etc
  • Professor higgins, is this not the first running of this race ? Therefore do you know it is hilly because you have driven round the course or is it just 'local knowledge' ? Another hilly 1/2M !!!! Any flat ones out there ???
  • I've run around and driven parts of the course. There's a long hill (steep in parts) coming out of Prestbury. Also, when you come onto the main Chelford Road (around about the start of the 11th mile), you've got 1.35 miles of uphill (not too steep), followed by a short respite, followed by more uphill. The 11th & 12th miles are gonna hurt!

    Look out for me - I'll also be wearing a Macc Harriers vest!!!
  • DT - it's local knowledge, Macc Harriers run around this part of Macclesfield a fair bit. I know the two hills well!

    Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to it, I'm just not expecting a PB.
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