Lie Ins

I dunno 'bout you lot but as I have got older I  cannot seem to get a decent lie in these days. At very best I get up before 8am. This contrasts to a 16 year old who could just be a lump in a bed until mid-day.

Am I alone in losing the capacity to lie in?


  • I couldn't if I tried, have never been able to. Even as a kid I used to get up early.
    Sometimes I try if the kids are at me moms or something but I never manage to.
    My wife loves a lie in, she could stay there all day!
  • I can remember my teens and staying in bed until mid-day.      I can't do it anymore though, my body just won't let me.     Problem now is i'm always tired around 3pm and could do with a mid afternoon kip, which I can only get away with at weekends.
  • Why lie in? You are wasting the best part if the day (ie daylight). I would rather go to bed early with a good book! Always been the same, even as a yoof! image
  • Lie in? No chance

    I lost the ability when I had a kid I think.  I can't stay in bed past 9 now

  • First baby due early march...end of my lie in's i'm sure!!image
  • I can lie in - it's easy but then I don't go to bed til the early hours most nights. I can get up if I have to. I can easily get up early in the summer but I need sunshine and daylight. I find it much harder to get up since sleeping in a N facing room. When my room faces E or S getting up is much easier.
  • Dodgy thyroid = all the lie ins I desire. I coulsd sleep for Britain even when I'm on the right medication. On the couple of occasions when I've been off the drugs, I was sleeping for up to 18 hours a day.

  • I sometimes sleep in at weekends, but I'm usually awake by 9 o'clock.  Usually earlier.

    But that's still a good lie in compared to my usual weekday time of 6 o'clock image

  • Stayed in bed till half nine.

    About as rare an occurance as the Queen popping down to Aldi in her slippers for a stollen.image

  • Ian Chapman 11 wrote (see)

    Lie in? No chance

    I lost the ability when I had a kid I think.  I can't stay in bed past 9 now

    i dream about a lie in till 9am.  image

    2 kids have put an end to that.


  • I still manage them. At least one morning over the weekend, I'll sleep until 9-9:30. When I was younger (most of my 20s), I would sleep until much later, it wasn't unusual for me to not raise from my pit before noon. I was more of a night bird then, rarely getting to bed before midnight. Now I'm usually in bed at 10 during the week, and on Fridays / weekends, I get very sleepy, rarely up after 11.  The teenage me would be very disappointed in these developments.
  • Never been good at doing a lie in, even in my teens. I find it too much of a waste to spend most of the morning in bed. And once I'm awake I can't get back to sleep.

    With running in the mornings, my body clock changed & 10pm was considered a late night.

    Now into the second week of having a new puppy who ensures that we're up at 6am everyday.

  • I've got better things to do than lie in !
  • I get up at 5 during the week which makes 7 feel like a lie in.
  • I hope to have one soon when I move!  I've been staying with a friend for a few months and it's a bliddy noisy household.  Her kids are up at 7 every morning chasing around the house, although the boiler by my room kicks into action at 6 and wakes me up anyway.  Her cats scratch and yowl outside my door in the middle of the night.  If she's away, I have to get up at 7.30am to let the hens out, so I don't even get a lie-in then.  My room's by the kitchen which is the hub, so I can't sleep until the last person's gone to bed as the kitchen door makes the stud wall of my room judder loudly and wakes me up if I've fallen asleep.  On top of this, I am tri training, so I am knackered!

    I'm not a lie-in sort of person but would love the opportunity to have a 9 o'clocker every now and then.

  • I had a lie-in last Saturday - until 10.45. Usually I don't bother as it's a waste of a weekend - why stay in bed, dozing, when you can be on the sofa watching Saturday Kitchen or the Coronation Street omnibus?

    Jesus. My life is dull.
  • I rise at 5:30a.m.and have done for many years  No I am not a farmer!

    Used to lie in until I had something serious to get up for studies, girlfriends, work....Does not matter any more at 5:30 my eyes open even on holidays. If I do not rise I have a headache for the rest of the day.

  • i consider it a lie in if im still  there at 8am. i too can remember being able to sleep until midday at weekends as a teenager. unfortunately  a 7 year old prising open my eyelids has put pay to that!!

    bonus is though that i like early morning runs and i feel thst ive wasted my freetime if i stay in bed so getting up early has its benefitsimage

  • lie-ins only tend to happen if i have been to bed late e.g. a night out
  • ackshully lied in until 9am this morningimageimage very rare for me
  • The day of the lay in are long gone..  young children, a dog and chickens to let out each morning mean the end of the lay in...

    I don't think I ever really enjoyed a lay in anyway...  I'd much rather just go to bed a bit earlier....

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