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  • O4S - you need some rest!!!

    AA - sounds like the HIM wiped you you need some rest too!!

    2old - great long run

    kfc - blimey girl that is one very fast mile! I don't think I could get close to 6 minutes let alone under image

    Just a trendy 5 for me today.

    Good luck to the GNR'ers on Sunday image

    It's our 10th wedding anniversary today....just wondering if it is too early for a celebratory glass of red? image

  • Freemers / Barry etc: what is this thing called rest? Or is it what BA does for a living and has turned into an art form? image

    Free: it is 5.30 somewhere! 

    Just booking accommodation for VLM - don't know whether it is one or two of us, but thought it best to get in before the ballot results are out.

    weather forecast for Sunday seems to be getting worse image


  • old4speed - Congrats at entering our local HM. I usually help at one of the water stations but this year I'm planning to run the 5 miler - not with Barry as i'm sure he will be ahead of me! image

    Free - Congratulations & enjoy your anniversary image

    AA - I'm not surprised your knackered after all that! Plenty of rest for you. As for Barry he's being sensible thank god with Berlin so close. YKW will be a deterrent for him not to run tomorrow as we are taking the dog! image

    Minni - good luck with GNR - hope your calf is a little better

    Quick run for me this morning - i'm guessing 3 miles as my Garmin wouldn't set the location so ran without it! Swimming training for me this evening.

    Good luck to anyone else running this weekend!

  • Pinklady: I have done Swindon for the last few years, tough course but very well organised. The hills suit me and I managed some bling (Swindon blue glass?) the last 2 years. Nearer the time I'll get your numbers and keep an eye out - although I managed to miss Barry and the dog at the one mile point last yearimage

  • Scuba - nice one image Talk about a return to fitness....

    Good luck for Tuesday Simon, at least they can get you in quickly.  And you'll be all recovered in time for the dark nights image  Make it up to your OH when you're recovered, take her out then.  Nothing like extended birthday celebrations!

    Sounds like the start is a bit more organised Barry. I'm guessing you'll do 3:09 image  You don't need another long run, it's too close.  Get that calf recovered.

    kfc - wow, speedy mile! Was that on the track? Sounds painful.

    You make Grizzly sound like fun O4S! Hope you feel better by Sunday.  You've got plenty planned anyway if you decide to not race.

    Knackered, shit, dizzy and headache AA but no mention of the PF.... how is it?

    Hope you're on the wine now Free, congratulations on the anniversary!

    Enjoy parkrun tomorrow Pinklady. Nice to run without the garmin sometimes image

    I have loads of volunteers for my parkrun tomorrow (funnily enough, being GNR on Sunday) so I'm going to have my first official run around the course.  Like Ant and 2old have seen, the weather looks atrocious for Sunday - wet and windy - so it's pointless saving my legs. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Sorry, sorry, sorry.  Had a very busy week and not much time to catch up.


    Good news is I've tested the calf tonight and all is well so look forward to lining up with Carrot (well not quite because she's down in cattle class and I'm up front with Mo)* on Sunday.

    Barry - How's the niggle?

    AA - a virus or do you think down to the HIM?  How's the foot?

    O4S - glad to have you back!

    Freemers - happy anniversary.  Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.

    * I think I can say this because I have a feeling she'll be finishing before me on Sunday.  image



  • hi guys,

    just a quick check in to say good luck to this weekend's racers! hoping to watch the gnr on tv, go smash those pbs!!  image

  • Old4speed - My daughter's school usually run the water station nr Bradbury & that is where I have been for the past couple of years! Hat's off to you as I'm not as brave as you to tackle the HM as don't feel ready yet so the 5 miler will do me fine. Will look for a nice flat HM to run in the new year as I will be more than ready by then!

    Yes will pass on our numbers to you beforehand & try to arrange a meet up before the start.

    Good news Minni on your Calf & all the best to you & Carrot for Sunday - will look out for you on the TV! image

  • Best of luck tomorrow at GNR!

    Me - I'll be running a 10.7 mile leg of the Round Norfolk Relay at 5am.

  • best of luck for Sunday minni and carrot image

    AA: Rest up, you deserve a break


  • Not feeling great so day off.

    Go Carrot & Minni.

  • Just checking in after YKW. Pleased to report I achieved a PB & a respectable Garmin time of 28.42 - ran my first 8mm! Really happy with that! image Barry supported with the dog.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Achilles image!!!! Rest for me too 

  • Best of luck for tomorrow Minni and Carrot. Sounds like it's going to be a lovely day for it!

    Enjoy the early start and the relay Spoons!

    Just catching up... congratulations AA - you did it and an awesome effort, especially given the injury problems. image Great stuff DD too as ever and Scuba, wow, what a comeback so soon after your stroke and a very speedy marathon to finish with.

    Simon, that is rubbish news about the shoulder image

    Well done on the Parkrun PB Pinklady image

    YKW for me too this morning. There's a few within a half-hour from me now, so plumped for Ilford. It obviously doesn't attract the same calibre of runner as the Norwich one as I finished 5th - Garmin time was 19:30 which was ok, although hoped to be a bit quicker and would like to be low-19s by the time my 10k comes around, so going to try to squeeze in a couple more YKWs before then to sharpen up.

    Still haven't moved house yet btw. Hoping something might happen next week, but I'm so fed up with hopes being raised and then being let down that I can't be bothered to think about it any more!

  • Hi all,

    busy week so have not had time to read back will do tomorrow. Just to wish good luck to all racers tomorrow and great north runners. Hopefully the predicted wind will be at your backs for some fast times.image

  • Minni and Carrot- don't be shit!image Will look out for you on the telly.

  • Quick check in to wish all racers and GNR'ers good luck for tomorrow. Look forward to watching it on t'box... Don't be shit! image

    Knee however is still shit so don't want to talk about it! image

    Go Team Minni

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Am I correct in thinking there are 5 class runners in the GNR tomorrow ? Mo,Haile, Bekele, Minni and Carrot? image have a great one !!!

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Ant - do you all swim separately, then the same with the bike and run?  I've done one like that before and its a great race format - you can really hammer each leg cos you get loads of rest in between.  Nice to race in a team too.

    Good to see your mojo back DD

    AA - no wonder - you've a lot to recover from!

    Freemers - yeah you could, its amazing how much faster you can push compared to a 1600 rep.  

    Carrot - its a measured flat loop in the park - easier to manage with 70 racers than on a track I guess.  Hurt like my old sport rowing used to, tasting blood by the end.  Its so long since I've raced that intensity - I've forgotten how much i enjoy it  image

    Great improvement pink lady!

    Still not bad Daren, getting back in the YKW habit should find you a few more seconds.


    Easy 6 planned for later, and a hilly trail half race for me on the south downs tomorrow, so Carrot and Minni will have to make sure they make it into the GNR highlights show.  Spoons - enjoy the early start!

  • good luck to minni and carrot. The plaits v the ponytail?! Will be watching on telly. 

    Pink and Daren well done in the ykws!

    DD, 2old - another day if rest for me too.

    Still got headache and dizzy. PF isn't good but I'm resting it now for a good few weeks. 


  • great ykw pinklady and daren image

    good luck tomorrow kfc.

    carrot and Minni - enjoy running with the slebs image

    Oh dear oomps image






  • Tried a 3 mile trot today to see how I felt image  Not ready to do a HM tomorrow that's for sure, but reckon it is worth plodding round in about 2 hours to collect the rather nice technical shirt.........image

    Decided not only to bin the garmin but also my watch and just get round, trying to beat the rain.........

    Good luck everyone else!  Bear in mind I plan on being shit on  behalf of the whole forum so no need for anyone else to do the same.

  • Minni - Calf feels OK, but it felt OK before I ran on it Thursday so going to give a couple of more days no running, think it will be a matter of  just ticking over  before Berlin to get there niggle free. Good luck for tomorrow - have a good one.

    Carrot - 3:09 would be wonderful, but I'm aware of how many times I have blown up in the last 3 after setting off too quick, probably aim for 1:35 at halfway. Good luck for tomorrow - hope the weather is on your side.

    Daren - Good YKW time(same as mine from last week) know what you mean about getting a quicker 5K to get a sub 40 10K, but I went sub 40 for 10K a few years ago off a 19:35 5K time so it is doable

    kfc - Good luck for your hilly one

    O4S - Enjoy being shit tomorrow.

    Supported Pinklady at the Parkrun this morning, well done, felt a bit jealous watching all the runners but bigger picture and all that.


  • Well done on the new PB Pinklady! Your coach must know his stuff image

    Nice running from you too Daren.  House moves are the worst.

    2old it's ridiculous, all this fuss and publicity over Mo, Haile and Bekele.  They seem to have all but forgot about Minni and me!

    Enjoy the rest AA, hope you're not coming down with something.

    Hope the half goes well tomorrow kfc. I'm still not tempted to do a mile time trial!

    O4S you are anything but shit.  Have fun tomorrow running garmin free!

    The ponytail is going to end up very wet tomorrow....

  • The suspense is killing me... How did they do???image

  • well, Bekeke won in 1:00:09image

  • Sorry to let the side down - I was only moderately shit after allimage

    Report to follow but without either Garmin or watch to give actual time I reckon 1.47.xx and actually 2 minutes faster than last year ( admittedly on that occasion I was running with three sets of stitches just 3 days after the operations). BA managed 1.54.xx and was pleased to get under 2 hours so soon after the cycle trip

    Will check back in later with full details

  • O4S - Fantastic result for you and BA after all that cycling.????

    Chick - I was screaming at Mo to catch him but in the end he was a bit shit!image

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Unsurprisingly not shit O4S - nice race!

    Hope the GNR-ers had a good race, cant wait to hear about it.


    Good race for me at Firle half marathon - 1:37:09 on a hilly trail course.  

    A couple of miles in I could see I was 3rd lady - the 1st was off and nowhere to be seen, 2nd about 20s ahead and gradually pulling away.  First 6 miles undulating along farm tracks, then a steep climb to the top of the downs in mile 7 and 8.  Lots of people walking, including the 2nd lady and I made up a 40s gap on her.  She spotted me and was off again, opening up a 20s gap over the next few miles.  Undulating along the ridgeline for the next 2 miles with a stiff cross/head wind before leaving my brain at the top and screaming downhill for mile 11.  Stormed past the 2nd lady and lots of guys, and knowing she'd been moving faster than me on the flats I pushed hard on the last couple of miles to maintain my gap.  With half a mile to go a marshall told me the 1st lady was just in sight - I kept pushing but couldn't make up the gap and finished 30s down on her.

    6.58; 7.20; 7.19; 7.45; 7.08; 7.09; 9.33 (up!); 8.52 (up!); 8.13; 7.32; 5.58 (down - eek!); 6.40; 6.44

    Happy with that - my second fastest half ever, only a minute off my pb and another tacky trophy (but no booze - boo).  Apart from the last 2 miles when I was pushing hard it felt comfortable too.  

    On my way back I saw a poster for an 'Oompah night' - anything we should know oompa?

  • KFC - Congrats on being 2nd lady and only just down on your pb on a hilly track. image

    As for the Oompa night, I thought that as I can't walk, big band was the way forward?!image

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