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  • Chick: ((( )))  hope it is just a passing sore back. Have you done anything unusual over the weekend?

    Simon/2Old: I'll volunteer to be your 'Dominatrix' image  I'm still in the purple patch of being 6lbs below my normal weight image

    Simon: fingers crossed for tomorrow 

    Pinklady: realise I lost the post saying congrats on the YKW so belatedly here they are. Same for you Daren! 

  • 6lbs below normal weightimage

    never ever happened to me. enjoy stuffing your face image

    i Know where my back injury came from- was avoiding a hiking related blister on my left foot, over-compensating with the right hip resulting in a lop sided pelvis which then brought on this spinal blockade on the left. they've released it but the bulging disc needs to settle back ... once it does the pain should disappear..



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S-now youve got me worriedimage...

    Simon/Chick/O4S-just weighed myself and am only 2lbs over the weight I was 10 days before VLM so not as bad as I thought.Just need to get back in the mood for swimming and spinning whilst I try to fix injury no2 for this year

    Chick-can you explain why my right achilles kicked off almost the day the other recovered? Is it in all in my mind though my foot is a long way from my head?

    Yes-Pink great result at YKW and Daren yet another fast one


  • Well done to all our HM runners this weekend...brilliant PB runs Minni and sub-90 Carrot. Awesome! You must be so pleased to have broken 1:30 Carrot and Minni, it won't be long till you do too.

    O4S - that's another fantastic effort from you too. I don't know how you do it.

    And a good, solid run from you too Red.

    Chick, hope the back isn't too serious.

  • it's sod's law 2 old...  we need some of O4S' bionic-ness ... 

  • Chick -  Hope it's a speedy recovery.

    Simon - Good luck for the op, I remember watching Millenium first time around on the TV, really enjoyed it  but won't say too much in case you have n't finished watching it.

    Carrot - Great pacing on your sub 90 HM , very well done.

    Red - Good result on your HM.

    2old - Rubbish news about your Achilles, I have run through Achilles problems before but that was just soreness and thickening.

    Ant - A good weekend of all round training then.image 

  • Hi all,

    cracking weekend for the thread well done Minni, O4s, Red, Kfc and Carrot.

    Simon - hope the op goes well tomorrow.

    Carrot - you and your OH are getting faster all the time. Your club training seems to be helping as there are some quality performances coming out of there weekly. One of our old members Paul Best got a top 100 finish for you as well. And not to let the side down Lordsmythe got a tv interview image.

    Really thought Mo was going to win it when he started coming like a train but it was not to be but what a finish.

    Chick - hope the injury sorts itself out.

  • Chick: its still 6 months to Boston, rest awhile you will be OK

    2Old: as above, keep the faith. Sounds back luck though to get one right after the other. Mind you i once tore both calf muscles in 5 minutes! 

    Cycled for 90 mins, nearly froze to death.

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Chick - I've no idea about backs, but I could tell you a bit about DOMS right now.  Urgh.  Hope your mobility improves rapidly.

  • Excellent weekend racing folks, and GNR was also really good for us spectators - I was screaming myself hoarse for Mo at the end. I will not understand why people say athletics is boring. Carrot you're looking in ridiculously good shape for Amsterdam. And you now have a championship entry for London if you want to miss that rabble on the Green start!

  • Seconded on the DOMS front - have decided not to go out with the club tonight image

  • Simon - Millennium what a brilliant series. Like BB I won't give then ending away but it was a shame it finished! I think you need to invest in a new box set - Sharpe is good & of course Game of Thrones! I hope the op goes well tomorrow

    2old - sorry to hear about your Achilles

    Went out for a 5 miler this evening. I've had to adjust my running times as it is still dark at 6am & if I leave it later than 6.30 to go out I am against the clock to get to work via the school run. I had the wind blowing in my face most of the way but it was very refreshing!

    Beginning to learn running speak as had to ask OH what DOMS was! It was the same for naked running - didn't know what that was about.


  • Hope tomorrow goes well Simon, check in when you can and let us know how you're doing.

    Chick I've had a back injury but that was muscular rather than anything else... it would actually hurt more if I did nothing!  Spend about 3 months at work with a hot water bottle stuffed down the back of my skirt / trousers! Have you had similar before? Of all the injuries I think hurting your back is the worst, you don't realise how much you use your back until it's hurting. 

    Sounds like a good weekend Ant! image The target for Amsterdam is sub-3:15. There, I've said it!

    2old you must be well and truly fed up.  The swimming and spinning really helped keep your fitness up, try to stay motivated!

    Have fun claiming those 6lbs back O4S!!

    Shildon I really wish I'd joined the club sooner, I've been stuck in a rut for a few years and it really has brought me on again.  Lordsmythe always manages to get a bit of publicity image

    Well done getting out in the wind tonight Pinklady, I must admit when I came out of work tonight I was pleased it's a rest day for me!

    Weeble I'll not be doing London next year but I can use yesterdays result for 2015 championship start.  It's like the end of an era, I like the Green start!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD/Barry- I've run through the swelling etc of my left achilles after the intense pain in the lower heel went and it seems I'm going through the same cycle again for the right . I tried a run earlier but it was too painful to continue so I did an hour of spinning and some weights instead. 

    Carrot- you're right -fed up ! I like running but  my fitness was kept up to a reasonable level by swims and spinning so its going to be more of the same. I had my eye on Amsterdam but that's gone now

    O4S- DOMs well earnt!



  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    (((2old))) you're not having a good year with injury. 

    Carrot - sub 3:15 coming up? 

    Simon - hope all goes well. 

    My results show 60th lady and 10th in age category at the weekend. image

    Will have a good read back and catch up tonight. 

  • Good work Minni

    So Saturday night was the Round Norfolk Relay. It's a 197 mile relay race around the perimiter of Norfolk split into 17 laps. It starts on Saturday morning and finished on Sunday morning. We got up at 2:30am and drove down for GFs start at 4:45am. She had a 7.2 mile leg. She did brilliantly and got a 10km PB as well as a 7 mile PB! The night legs must be run with a vehicle so you run in their headlights. The day legs must be run with bike support. I then drove to the next checkpoint where she passed the batton to me (and I passed the car keys to her). I started in the dark and ran through sunrise which was nice. Because of this I got a bike and a van with me. I planned to start at 8 min miling and gradually pick up the pace. I felt good the whole way and by the end (11.7 miles) I was running at 6:45 pace. A great fun event which is very stressful and tiring and difficult to organise but definitely worthwhile. 

  • Wow - what a great weekend. Carrot - fantastic time. Im delighted for you. Minni - a fab new pb and you've broke that 1:32 barrier. I'm sure you'll be under 90 in a couple of weeks.image
    Watched the sprint finish and was yelling at Mo too image

    ((2old)) - I am right there with you too. Make some room on our bench. My heel is as bad today as it was last Monday after the HIM. Don't think I will be running anytime soon at all.image After 4 days my headache has gone, and now I've come down with a god-awful chesty cough too. My body is in shut-down image

    Simon - good luck with your op.

    O4S - well done on your half. Unbelievable. Put some weight on!!

    Spoons - that sounded like a good night. Lovely photos.

  • Right, here's a quick review of the Cheltenham Half...

    I love Cheltenham. I’d go so far as to say it’s my favourite place in the UK. I’ve got so many great memories, about 30 years of them I think, that when they announced they’d be staging a half, and that the course took in so many of my favourite places, I entered straight away and couldn’t wait.  

    However, since entering, Cheltenham has become a dark place for me. The nice memories have been overshadowed, and Cheltenham has been a place I’ve dreaded to go to. The place where I’ve watched my Dad suffer greatly in hospital. So I wanted to do this for the both of us, despite being plainly unfit, troubled by my hip, sleep deprived and with an interview I should have been preparing for!

    For those who haven’t been, Cheltenham is a regal place. The route started in the park by the Pump Rooms, and set out past the Prince of Wales stadium, with memories of cross-country there (despite it being a life-time ago, I distinctly remember coming 21st as the top 20 proceeded to the West of England trials, so on the one hand I was disappointed, but on the other quite pleased as I’d have come square last if I’d have made it!). My hip was hurting already, but I tried to put it out of my mind as we went through the town, and up through regal Montpellier, to do a lap towards the station.

    I’d set off way too quick for my fitness, but I had a kind of serenity about me as I was all consumed by reaching the 6 mile mark. I got there, at 1.40 pace, and there it was. On the left-hand side, the beautiful Cheltenham College cricket ground, the place where I’ve spent countless days watching the Festival with my Dad, and where I’d made him so proud by representing the county in my youth.  And on the right, the cancer unit, the place I both hate and am thankful for in equal measure. Immense pleasure and pain, both at the same time. Not quite the same, but a bit like a successful run really.

    I made it through there, and to be honest I can’t remember a thing about the next four miles. All I knew was that I was going to suffer at the racecourse as I was fading badly and my hip was beginning to grind. I’ve had so many good days out at the races that I was trying to think positive thoughts, but the problem was I knew exactly what was coming! It’s undulating, wide open to the elements, and it was raining and blowing a gale. The renowned ‘hill’ sorted me out – if I’d have done the training I probably wouldn’t have even registered it as it isn’t technically a hill, just a long incline for sprinting race-horses, but by that point I was suffering with every step.

    Anyway, I shuffled my way back past the Pump Rooms, and over the finish line, getting overtaken by loads of people. I finished in 1.43.xx but that run wasn’t about the time. It was about trying to rekindle my love of the place (which it did), and cleansing the soul a bit. 

  • Simon - really good luck with your op

    2Old - you are due some luck soon

    AA - that HIM is taking it's toll! Bet you're still glowing with satisfaction though?

    Chick - how's your back today? Any better?

    O4S – agree, it’s total madness to put 3 HMs on the same day! Can only imagine they got given one date by the Council and a ‘take it or leave it’ ultimatum. I think I saw one Stroud runner and two Dursley ones, and not a single person any further south which quite frankly is ridiculous – they’d add loads more by avoiding Bristol. I’d definitely recommend it though, as you can tell from the report I do love the place. It would be a quick course on a nice day, and with a bit of luck they’ll amend it next year so the racecourse is at the start rather than at the end.

    The final thing to mention – has anyone ever run a race with water pouches? I couldn’t for the life of me work them out. Barely managed a drop until the 11 mile point, by which stage I decided to hell with it and walked for 100yds to try and squeeze more than a drop of liquid out. I didn't mind because I wasn't going for a time, but I'd have been really annoyed if I had been!    

  • Well done Minni - That's brilliant image

    AA - Sounds like ou need plenty of rest - but you deserve it after all your hard work

  • Redders:  well done and hope it has laid some ghosts to rest.  I need to do the Belfast Marathon for similar reasons, but it always clashes with my 100 mile event - one for the future though.  Did you run on the grass at the racecourse?  If so it is as well it was a morning event!!  Chippenham attracted quite a few of the club runners who weren't prepared to pay for Bristol - luckily they give local Bristol clubs a whopping discount these days having found that all the local running clubs were boycotting the event due to the price!  [They also have massive discounts for wrinklies so BA and I have a cheap entry by either route image

    WTF is a water pouch..............................

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni- these injuries suck! Great result for you at GNR. I enjoyed watching it and was glued looking for you and probably did see you without realising it. The commentary was interesting- just before the steep hill a mile or so from the finish Paula Radcliffe was explaining how she'd talked about it with Mo and that he needed to avoid battering his quads going down it to leave him feeling good for the fast finish.It was there that Berkele pulled ahead and Mo never caught up as he couldnt get the same momentum the hill gave Berkele. I think Mo lost the race there. How did you feel on that hill and after?Did the wind help or hinder or did you even notice it?

    Red-great way to conquer the demons. I stayed in a hotel overlooking the course in the Summer and hadnt realised how beautiful it is there

    Carrot-You are on course to smash 3.15 looking at your last two HMs

    AA-its no suprise you are suffering but at least youve earnt the right to. Im resigned to getting sorted for next year. Take care not to take risks on your return

    Spoons-what a cracking relay-lovely way to spend a day

    Barry-how's the taper going?

    Saw my physio and hes banned me from running which is no suprise as its too painful anyway. Hes referred me for a scan to see if damage I did to my right calf in a skiing injury 10years is affecting the biomechanics making me more injury prone.Interesting but not a quick fix Im afraid. Oh well back to the pool.

  • Red: glad you made peace with Cheltenham, 

    O4S: Most folks from around here went to Chippenham, slightly closer than  Bristol and Cheaper. 

    AA: if your injured you may as well be sick at the same time. Enjoy the rest.

    2Old: hope you get to the bottom of it all.

    Spoons: sounds like a great event, is it one leg each or multiple legs?

    GNR had a good finish but no better then the ITU tri world champs.

    AM swam a 2K set, club run tonight.



  • Spoons – sorry, whilst compiling my report I completely missed yours. Sounds like a fun event, and something very much out of the ordinary. Decent wheels to be going at 6.45 pace at that time of the morning too!  

    You should definitely do Belfast O4S, it is very cathartic. Fortunately we didn’t run on the grass as that would have involved hurdles and fences image. We ran the the other side of the racing rail which is tarmac and used by ambulances to track each race. Was good to see the cross-country course up close though as it’s pretty spectacular.  

    Good question about water pouches. They’re translucent plastic bags (think hospital drip) that replace cups at water stations. Apparently they’re re-sealable so you can carry them with you and drink when necessary.  I did spot one minor flaw though – they don’t open very easily, if at all.

    I squeezed the first one, ripped the re-sealable tab off the second and tried to sink my teeth into the third all to no avail, before eventually giving up and walking whilst trying a combination of all of the above on the fourth. Felt like an episode of the Krypton Factor to be honest, not the best invention I’ve ever seen…

    I shan’t get started on the price of races. Cheltenham was pretty steep too (probably because the water pouches are bio-degradable so cost a packet!) 

  • Well done Red

    DD - we do 1 leg each (between 6 and 20 miles). I'm not sure if you can do multiple legs. They have very complicated rules!

  • revel in your DOMS guys - you all did brilliantly image

    relay sounds fab spoons. well done to the GF. nice set of PBs image

    more injections and stronger painkillers here. i feel like i've just smoked some serious dope...  sick note till Friday. bah humbug....

    carrot: you are so going to smash 3:15. a good place to be in feeling strong image

    never had anything like this before but millions of people get it and get over it and so will I ...

    wonder how Simon's op went? It was today, right?





  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD-me too-some solid and steady training going on with you

    O4S-looks like your future plans are as unambitious as everimage Feeling better now?

    Red-pouches sound a lot of trouble to me

    Chick-if the treament works its worth it-hope it doeas

    Simon-how was Ormskirk Hospital? Southport Hospital was busy!

    1.8k swim this lunchtime-first swim for ages and didnt I know it? Its like starting at the beginning again.

  • Redders - what a lovely report. Reminds all how just getting out there is a triumph in itself. You've had a tough year with your dad but its nice to look back on the great times too and like you say you easily forget the miles. Well done. 

    Chick - I'm with You. Hopefully it won't be too long. Enjoy the rest. (So much easier said than done - I should have shares in Boots!)

  • Red -  Great report, a tough and emotional day for you.  Those pouches sound a nightmare I have a hard enough time opening gels. Was based near Cheltenham for a few years(me and Pinklady met during that time) but did n't spend much time in Cheltenham apart from the golf course.

    Spoons -  Great running from you and your GF.

    I've done Chippenham HM twice and don't like it, whether I was not fully fit/injured(there's a surprise), but found the last 3 miles hard,  nothing steep but seem to be a steady incline.

    2old -  Taper is getting frustrating, managed 3 miles this afternoon as a test run and got around OK but left calf is not 100%.  My quiet confidence from a couple of weeks ago is fading fast.  image


  • crossing my fingers for you barry

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