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  • KFC - Plenty of room on the sick bench... Here's a joke to cheer you up. Grilled a chicken earlier. Complete waste of time. Still wouldn't tell me why he crossed the road.image.

  • yeah kfc, come and join the immobile ones image

    glad the op went well, si. wow, they leave the metal in ?!

    no news here... doc sent me for emergency MRI this morning as there is no improvement and my symptoms are not those of a herniated disc or a rupture. she's suspecting a torn sacral ligament or maybe even a sacral stress fracture image

    results will come this afternoon. i have a sinking feeling i may be out for quite some time image




  • Chick: fingers crossed

    Simon: sneaky turbo purchase on the cards

    2K swim this morning, club intervals tonight

  • Chick - ouch, hope that is not the case!

    2old - the open water venue stays open until the end of October I think! It will be all floodlit by then. Got my new wetsuit just in time for it to all shut down. Might get one of those neoprene swimhats with ear guards, socks and gloves for the cold water. Felt like an icecream headache on Tuesday when you started.

    Simon - jeez, those scrotes really made a mess of you. Are they any closer to finding out who the culprits are?

    kfc - surely you will smash 1:35 in the HM, your times are looking great

  • Chick - I hope there's some good news for you Re your back. I'll cross everything for you, except my dodgy shoulder. You've got me thinking now that they may take my metal work out, but that would mean another opimage.

    Ant - Sounds like you're determined to use your wetsuit before next yearimage. No news on the scallys. Due to the serious nature of my injuries, the police have filed it as a GBH case, so now need to try and claim off Network Rail who were responsible for the roadworks.

  • got the results - it is 'just' a prolapsed disc but I'm signed off work for another week  and god knows when I will run again

    no autumn half that's for sure


  • wow Simon, that's serious stuff. hope they make them cough up compensation

  • Chick - What's the prognosis, rest and more rest, but at least you know what the problem isimage. Welcome to daytime tv clubimage.

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the joke simon.  I've spotted your case on a cycling news site - the police are using it to appeal for info.  Are you a member of british cycling or similar? If so you have liability insurance cover and access to free legal advice for cycling incidents.

    Chick - thats rotten, especially when you had your run mojo too.  

  • KFC - No not a member of any cycling organisation, but I always thought it might be a good idea, just in case doh! But I get free legal advise through our house insurance anyway. What is the cycling news website btw? 

    Here's another joke for all the people on the sick bench....Paddy rings his mate Seamus and says:what are you doing at the moment? Seamus replies: I think I've just failed my driving test!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD/Chick- what do you think ? DD might not have room next to his I. Tattoos   Internet crp again 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon- carry on recovering. Was the chicken on a bike

    Chick ((()))


  • 2old - You would of thought she would of waxed first, before getting the tattoo!

  • Chick sorry to hear that it's good that you know what the problem is.

    Simon Hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel for your claim against Network Rail after the seriousness of your injuries.

    KFC - hope you feel better soon too.

    I'm afraid that I don't need a place on the sick bench at the moment - no need to move up for me.

    No running yesterday as spent the day working in Basingstoke which was great fun but very tiring. Swimming training this evening followed by YKW tomorrow.

    Simon - I think there is an American documentary on about a Tattoo place - it's on Sky somewhere.


  • The sick bench is a bit busy...Simon, sounds very painful, but it's done now and just needs to take its time to recover fully.

    Chick - such bad luck for you...but sounds like the other potential diagnoses could have been a lot worse... so hopefully a few more weeks will start to show improvement.

    kfc - get well soon! Good idea to bin the 20.

    Barry - keeping my fingers crossed for you.  At least you will be very fresh come Berlin!

    Not a lot of running here this week - been on a training course but managed a couple of trendy 5's in the hotel gym.  Will get out later.

    We're off on holiday tomorrow - visiting Minni's neck of the woods...looking forward to meeting up for a run and drink...not necessarily in that order image

  • First run after the HM yesterday and it started off a bit heavy legged but soon improved. Then at the furthest point from home a wasp flew straight at me, hit my face at speed and stung me on the lip as a parting shot image

    BA started to panic as I have had bad reactions to stings in the past and sure enough the lip got progressively bigger and sorer as we headed home. Ice cubes on the spot brought the swelling down and numbed the area, but needless to say BA has decided it would be 'unwise' to go out tonight for our anniversary in case there is a flare up image

    I am guessing he paid the wasp....................

    sick benchers:  best wishes for speedy recoveries all roun

  • O4S - Hope you recover from your wasp sting. Ba's plan with the wasp sounds simpler than my elaborate cycling accident and op organised for the day before my OH's b'dayimage.

  • O4S: BA is clearly a genius, top work

    Chick: all I can say is that it could have been worse.

    2Old: i have the one and only tattoo i will ever have.

    kfc: hope your feeling better today

    last nights club session was a lot of Fartlek & sprints, i was glad to be finished! Today was 2 hours on the bike incorporating two of the three big climbs around here, i must like pain.

    off to Gran Canaria tomorrow for work, back Tuesday. Warmth!!!!!

  • classy tattoo image

    will grow some hair on my chest and get one myself.

    next step for me is a Neuro surgeon to perform injections under a CAT Scanner. they should kill the pain and convince the disc to go back to where it belongs.

    i asked my doc today about running ... he said several months. no fcking way - few weeks is all i'm prepared to lay off. i have Boston to run image

    enjoy the sunshine DD





  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    (((Chick))) you poor thing. That sounds horrendous. When do you see the Neuro surgeon? 

  • Chick - I hope you get your disc sorted. When's Boston ?

    DD - How are you enjoying the wind and rain and hills, compared to being sandblasted in Dubai ?image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- Sh!t your getting worse on each post... Sort it out please. 

    DD - some big hills to hit there

    Simon- wax-he he 

    enjoying a bit of sun myself- well if you can't run , why not 

  • Chick : you're tough, you have a plan, be positive.

    Simon : I love cycling here, there are just so many places to go. Generally people drive quite well and are considerate. Down side is pot holes, cold, rain and I get distracted looking at the scenery
  • Chick - ouch! did you find out whether it was a climbing related injury?

    O4S - wasps! there has been a spate of stings this year. Pesky stripey buggers

    Freemers - minni will have you doing 15 miles in the Cheviots!

    What a faff this tri lark is - just spent nearly 2 hours converting my commuting bike into a lean mean racing machine! Wish me luck for my first venture to the dark side

  • gosh, sorry to read so many are on the injury bank!

    Chick - have you had your injections, hope they ease the pain!


    Red - nice report about Cheltenham image

    Spoons great running from you + gf on your relau, sounds like a fun event!

    SImon - hope your shoulder mends, 5 weeks of no activity, you need to get some good box sets to keep you entertaind.

    2old - this hasn't been your year for injuries image

    O4S- ouch being stung on the lip by a wasp!

    i am on the sick bench, got a nasty cold from all the dirty germs floating round at school, always happens after the summer hols, so zero running here this week.

    Ant - good luck for your tri.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Kiwi- this IS my year of injury!Not u on the bench too? There's not enough room 

    O 4S - that was some brave wasp! Get the antihistamine in action you've got ultras to do

    Ant - how did you do that to a mountain bike ?



  • 2old - i have a road bike and 2 mountain bikes image 

  • Chick - Sounds serious, make sure you recovery fully.

    2old- If I don't nail Berlin I think I will have to find another hobby/obsession/addiction, well maybe until next spring.image

    Not sure if last night's sports massage made any difference to my calf, very tender compared to right during massage but glad I had it done.  But I am officially descending into taper madness:

    Checked training log and have n't run over 10 miles since  2 Sep, and total miles for Sep is 20.image

    I am developing a cold which I am battling with First Defence and Vit C.image

    I keep checking weather for Berlin for next weekend and currently 24 degrees.image

    But means my legs with be fresh and I have competed 8 x 20milers(or more) during training and have already had one PB this monthimage

    Better to have the cold now than next weekend.image

    Can't do a lot about the weather.image

    Plan is to  run 5 on Sunday,  if that goes OK 10 on Tues. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Come on Barry. All you need is the calf to improve and you'll be tickertyboo. It's all in the bank. image

  • Barry - Nothing like giving yourself a little bit of pressure for next w/endimage.

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