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  • Minni - Barry will be ok he just has to stay positive! I'm sure next weekend will be better than he thinks.

    Barry - stop being negative & think of the positive - I will be able to find you at the finish! image 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Ant- a bit of a collection there .., don't ask DD to list his .. Nor O4S for that matter. I I discovered that the English bike team get customised bikes made in ormskirk somewhere so having had my one and only stolen, I plan to go there if I can find them

    Barry- a cold? Real taper hell. I like to do 12 the Sunday before a marathon just to convince me I can still run long. You must be like an unexplored bomb now. Don't try and run the 26.2 in the first 3 miles next week

    Pink- get B to have a couple of beers - it won't do any harm and your life will be easier . When's your 10 k?

    Minni- isn't it Sunday you go sub 90?;-)

    Chick/DD- have you checked the Boston entrants list ? I'm on it - are you?

    Beginning to wonder if I will run again image
  • Yes i have a collection bikes, the ideal number of bikes shall remain n+1.

    yep im on the list of Boston entries.

    Barry; as 2 old says drink beer 

    off to the airport

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    2old - no next weekend.  Which is just as well.  My calves have been a bit battered (perhaps from wearing racing shoes last weekend?  Anyone got experience of this?) and I felt a bit ill yesterday.  Off out now and hoping everything is back in order.

  • 2old - I think they ride Dolan bikes, whicis are made up here in the North West.  Try this link Build your very own Road, Track, Cyclo-Cross or TT/Triathlon bike today. ... Dolan Bikes, Unit 8, Old Boundary Way, Ormskirk, L39 2YW, United Kingdom. ‎Road - ‎Track Bikes - ‎Bikes - ‎Components

    DD - I agree, you can never have too many bikesimage

  • 2old The beers are in the fridge along with the wine image It's the Cricklade 10K that I've entered at the beginning of October - there's a HM on too but I don't feel ready yet. Looking for a HM for maybe Jan or Feb time.

    After a great swimming training session last night, I ran the YKW this morning naked - not literally as that would have cleared the park! I forgot my Garmin image so will have to wait for the official results. My daughter's friend finished not too far in front of me & know her time so I have a rough idea of what mine maybe.

  • Pink - Any news on your YKW time? How did you feel?

  • oh hell, the sick bench is getting fuller by the minute image  poor kiwi image

    Barry: healing vibes to the calf ...

    The two surgeons practices were closed already when I phoned them. Friday ...  new attempt on Monday. I hope I can get a quick appointment. Luckily the disc isn't protruding very much and I have good posture, a decent enough core and a fcking determined mind. I just have to stop myself from doing too much at the moment or else it may pop out further image

    Boston is on 21 April - so there is a lot of time.

    Very unlikely to be climbing related -- it is more a degenerative thing that old people get image  the problem was my lop-sided running coz I ran with a blister from hiking. So my whole lower back was out of synch and then I stretched like an idiot against the excruciating pain hoping I could stretch it out image

    It is getting slightly better though. At least I can turn over in bed without wanting to scream, I can get up easier and I walk almost normally again. Doc said slight movement is good, so I should keep on walking. Walked 45 mins this morning and an hour this afternoon. Ran a few metres too image but it hurt.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Simon- Ta for the info- not being much of a cyclist am I better going there or buying one off the shelf say from Buy A Bike in Standish as I did last time

    DD- Bon Voyage

    Pink - plenty of time to sharpen your speed for your 10k . Make sure B takes his beer medicine . Hope u nailed that YKw

    Chick- sounds like an improvement of a sort and you ran more than I have for 10 days. Might try a jog on the beach later though

    Minni- nice 10 with a tight calf
  • damn cold, didn't wake up today till 12:30, could have something to do with the wine + night nurse combo i had last night, slept like a log but still feel like shit today!

    Barry is Berlin next Sunday? pretty sure i managed to watch it on Eurosports last year, will have to tune in. hopefully the tender calf is just taper madness, at least you will be well rested going into the race + you've got lots of great 20milers under your belt.

    2old - i was pleased to be back up to 3 runs a week and back under 10mm, then the holidays ended + i've not run in the last 10 days, stupid work + stupid cold getting in the way! 

    Pinklady - nice to read how your running is progressing, it is exciting to be entering races as a new runner, have you found out your park run time?

    Minni - hope your calves settle, are you still doing your blueberry trial?

    Chick how frustrating that you didn't get a doctor's appointment Friday, hopefully you get it sorted Monda

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Kiwi- don't worry the cold will soon pass and you'll be soon knocking out 8mm 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    So had a go on the beach and managed a painful 5 miles at a very slow pace, particularly the first half and  the achilles was very sore and tight . Also it was into a stiff breeze. The return was a bit easier. Not sure i learnt anything positive from the experience. 

  • Tri done, great fun. Think were were 3rd club team in the end, so pretty pleased - ran 19:24 in the run, but it only measured 3 miles on my garmin. Off to drink cocktails at a birthday party now. hopefully 10 miler tomorrow morning chin chin

    2old - isn't actually worse for the achilles to run on soft surfaces? 

    Get better soon all you sick benchers

  • Ant - Great team tri result image

  • Ant - Well done on the tri, still a  pacy 3 miles after the swim and bike.

    Kiwi - Yeah next sunday. it was definitely on Eurosport last year, I will post my number before I go in case there's tracking available. Plenty of lurgy going round but I think I've just about nipped mine in the bud before it took hold, but felt the remnants on the run this morning.

     5 miles for me this morning and felt calf for first mile but then OK, so a bit more positive.


  • Well done on the Tri Ant

    Kiwi Hope the cold passes. Bit worried about the 10k but I have to try it!

    2old - The wine was good & I think it helped Barry image

    The results of the YKW finally came in & I ran it in 28.56 which wasnot as good as last week image However, it was the first one I actually enjoyed & felt that I ran it really well.

    Out for a 6 miler this morning - not with Barry as he needed to be out on his own & I am really pleased that he is feeling a lot more positive. I'm not so positive as getting worried about not finding him at the end next Sunday! For an ex military lady my map reading skills are rubbish.

  • Nice one Ant on the tri, you'll be pleased with that!

    2Old - sounds like you need to rest that achilles.

    Pinklady - you've plenty of time before your 10km and very promising that you really enjoyed your 5km yesterday, the fitness is there now to build on.

    Great about Eurosports Barry, can't beat watching a big city marathon on t.v, especially seeing as I'm not currently running any myself!! Good the calf loosened up for your 5 miler today, are you going to have another massage before race day?

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Ant/Kiwi- probably right about sand/rest

    Ant- congrats on your tri result

    Barry- sounds a lot more positive for Berlin

    Pink- don't stress about the YKW time it's another good run banked for the 10k. The meeting points are easy to find and near the river opposite the main station which is a good spot for a post race beer and snack especially if the sun is shining

    9 holes of golf this am so not total rest

    Good running today all. Anyone racing?
  • yay Barry - great News image

    nice tri, Ant

    still a good ykw pinklady

    only walking here image




  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Cant get a pb everytime pink lady - but great to feel good on the run

    DD - n+1 in action this weekend, took a couple of battered old frames to get the bashes hammered out and powdercoated in sweet new colours so they can be built up into new bikes and loved once again...

    Thats BA going to some lengths O4S.  Hope the sting goes down soon.

    Sending good vibes to that back chick

    Nice tri ant - fun eh!


    So...  today I was shit!  Trail half in Royston, wasnt too sure if I was recovered from the cold I've had this week, but as I was there seeing friends anyway decided to give it a go.  Ran the first 2 miles at 7.30, but HR was high and rising, and I was feeling rubbish.  Decided to DNF and walked back to the finish to eat cake and see my friends finish.  OH came in at about 2:20 and reckons he can claim this as a victory...

    Going to lay low this week, want to make sure this cold is shifted before a half IM next Sunday.

  • Barry: keeping everything crossed for you!!

    Pink: take a leaf out of BA's manual on how to be a supportive spouse - assume you will fail to find Barry, have several back- up plans and when it all goes tits up blame the one who was running. BA swears by this technique and uses it regularly image

    KFC: shit but sensible and you got first choice on the cakes image

    Chick: I have nothing left to cross, so do you mind sharing with Barry?

    Kiwi: term starts tomorrow so am expecting to follow you with the cold in a week or so

    Ant: sounds like a fun event!

    Hill walking here this weekend 20 miles in Wales yesterday with 3,000 ft of ascent and a ( different) 20 miles today with another 3,000 ft of upping. The only difference was that we ran about half of the route today as the underfoot conditions were less treacherous. 

  • Chick that all sounds horrendous!

    All the best people get stung on the lip by a wasp O4S, happened to me a few months ago image Hope yours has gone down, I did the ice cube trick too which worked a treat.  Still looked like I'd had some kind of lip filler the day after but no lasting effects.

    Enjoy the warmth in Gran Canaria DD! Time to dig the shorts out?

    Calf sounds positive Barry! Hope it feels OK now and in the morning.  I'm usually sore after a sports massage. You have done enough training, it's just about getting there now.  We all know you can do it, you've just got to have a bit of belief in yourself.

    Pinklady it might be worth going over to the reunion area before the race starts together, so you both know where you're meeting up? Well done on another YKW, don't despair about the time - nobody PBs every week.

    Sensible decision kfc, you'll feel better next weekend for letting yourself get over the lurgy.

    Minni keeping my fingers crossed for a good weather day over in Redcar next Sunday.  My calves are usually OK after wearing the lighter weight running shoes, I wore them for my 20 today and all OK.  Although the dodgy calf from a few weeks ago appeared after I'd wore them for the first couple of runs, maybe just need to get used to them?  How many runs have you done in them?

    Feel better soon Kiwi!

    Sounds very painful 2old. Maybe try grass rather than sand, my legs always take a battering running on sand?

    I've got a bit of a sore throat now, so many people at work have the lurgy and my sister has it.  There's no escape!! I've felt OK until my long run this morning - 20 with 10 @ MP - the MP bit felt so, so tough.  However as the afternoon has progressed I've sneezed a lot and I've felt progressively worse.  Which makes me feel better about the crummy run, now where's that first defence...

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    ant - well done on the tri! 

    Calves are much better and managed a 10m progressive on Saturday and intervals yesterday. That seems to have dobe the trick.  Praying for a calm day next weekend, with light rain! 

  • image O4S: much more important to cross everything for BarryB at the moment. That man has a marathon to run next Sunday whereas I have nothing lined up right now. 
    I need to stop eating so much though .... I bet I've put on a kilo last week image

    kfc: rest up. Smart move to DNF. Not good for the heart to run with a full blown cold. 

    carrot: dose up on First Defence! At least you know why your pace sucked. When is Amsterdam? Hope you have enough time to shake this thing beforehand. 

    Appointment with the miracle witch doctor on Thursday. Earliest I could get. This will just be the first consultation. I hope he can start with treatment soon after. 

  • Sat on beach in Las Palmas having lunch, it's a hard life but someone has to do it. Ran 7 miles yesterday and 8 today. Pace went back to a easy 8 min/mile in the warmth. Man its nice to be back in the sun.

    Back to UK tonight, why do the good jobs never extend?

    Healing vibes to the sick, injured and taper mad
  • 2old Thanks for the info - maybe I can sit & have a couple of glasses of vino (or more) for the 3 plus hours it will take Barry to complete the marathon image

    KFC It's the competitiveness in me that thought I had ran a better time at the YKW - but i'm really pleased with the run. That's what I get for being to used to winning at Netball.

    Carrot Cheers for the info. I think we are going to have a walk round to find the meeting points Fri or Sat & decide which letter of the alphabet to meet at - we went for D at VLM.

    Simon How's the daytime viewing going?

    Chick Cheers for crossing everything for Barry - I am as well but not my eyes!

    Old4speed Great plan although I did that last time by accident  - Prada & Ferrari have amazing shops in Florence & I lost Barry completely!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S- easier to run than walk....only you. 

    Carrot-hope you feel better fast. There was no grass to run on in the bit of Spain where I was Just sand or concrete / marble tiles etc

    Minni- looking positive for your next HM pb attempt

    KFc- better to quite sometimes than do more harm even though it goes against the grain 

    DD- think I prefer runs in the cold. 

    My no for Chester marathon arrived today sob sob....second time I've DNSd it due to injury . Did manage another 5 on the beach yesteday. Less painful than the day before. 

  • Pink - Daytime tv still ok for now, but still early daysimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon- still on strong painkillers? Hope you are improving 

    pink - save Bs legs on Saturday and sight see Berlin by open top bus 

  • Went out to do some dreary chores yesterday with BA and came back with a new (to us) car image.  They offered to take our existing car in part exchange, although when they saw it we only managed to get the new car tax as its value!  Still after 11 years it didn't owe us anything.  The part about this that you will like is that when we said we were interested but needed to check something the salesman started into his spiel about low mileage, extra seats etc and we had to stop him and say that what we wanted to do was go home and come back with our bikes to check they would fit in the back.  The poor guy then had to take all the rear passenger seats out completely and we tested the bikes in the space created image

    Pleased to say they fit perfectly with room for other stuff - just so long as we don't want to take any passengers.  Let me know if anyone wants three rear seats to fit a 3 year old Citreon Berlingo, otherwise they will get used as armchairs at home.

    6 mile tempo run at the club last night.  I moved up a group so found it quite hard, but managed not to be at the back - winter training has now officially started.  Just entered a series of 9x 5 mile races, one a month until May with the first this Thursday.  I don't think I have ever raced 5 miles before so perhaps I can claim a PB...........................

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