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  • Quick pop in. 

    Kfc - hope you feel better soon. Good decision to stop though. 

    Barry - how are you feeling now?

    minni - looking good. 

    2old - feel for you big time. 

    I still feel a bit rough. 2 weeks now. But I managed a bike session in the gym today and it made me fe a bit better. Got doctors appt on thursday and hopefully get a referral for foot - which is still really shit!! 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-likewise for youimageTell us what the doc says

    04S-hope the car has go faster stripes on it. Like your Winter training/racing plan which starts in early Autumn and ends early Summerimage

    Barry/Pink-when do you fly?

    Now to arrange my ultrasound

  • Quick pop in from me - sorry I've not been on the forums much. Don't seem to have the time.

    I'm doing Robin Hood Marathon on Sunday. I haven't really done much training or tapering or anything so we'll see how it goes!

  • kfc - Wise decision to stop, bet the other ladies gave a collective sigh of relief the amount of podium positions you've had recently.image Good luck for Sunday.

    kiwi - No more massages planned this week, but if still feeling tight Friday might try and get a slot at the expo.

    Minni - Good news, target for Sunday?

    Carrot - That's a  tough run even without the start of the lurgy, what pace was your MP?,  are you racing with Minni this sunday?

    2old - Great minds think alike, my thoughts exactly for Saturday, we fly out Thursday morning, I'm on lates this week so might get 3 hours kip. And back late Monday night, Getting pretty excited about the trip.

    AA - Rest well and get that foot fully recovered. I'm feeling a bit more positive, see below.

    Spoons - Good luck for Sunday. I've done  the opposite, lots of training and too much tapering.image


    10 miles for me this morning to see what kind of shape I am in. Went out fully loaded with belts and gels to check OK.   Was n't expecting it to go well, as calf still niggly and cold is being stubborn.  But went OK, felt the calf for about 5 miles then either it was OK or became the norm.  Ended up with 7:17 avg and last 4 all in low 7's which I was happy with.  Another 16 at a little slower pace - maybe -  specially if I can lose the cold and calf behaves. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-looks like all systems are go for Sunday....have you decided what your target pace is going to be...there's no doubt you are ready to set off at a fast pace. Remember it is a very flat course with little variation so the same leg muscles will do the work for most of the race

    Spoons-another marathon on Sunday-very low profile about it-have a good one

    Just swam 2k even including some 100m and 50m intervals to break up the boredom. Im feeling a slight improvement in the achilles so now I have to hold myself back its bad when its bad ,and bad when its goodimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Hmm interesting-the earliest I will get an ultrasound is the end of October and even that is not definate as I have to wait for a call with an appointment some unknown date in the future.

  • Spoons & KFC Good luck Sunday

    2old Myself & Barry are flying out Thursday morning. I know I'm not running but really looking forward to the trip & to support Barry of course! That's a bit of a wait for the ultrasound - can't it be hurried up?

    AA Sounds like you need a good rest to let that foot recover - good luck at the docs. Barry is a bit more positive now as per his post above, which is good news.

    Running plans for after work went out the window this evening so hoping to go out tomorrow - work is really manic as well at the mo so looking forward to a few days off.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Great news Barry. Phew! 

    2old - I want you fixed! 

    Barry - the target for Sunday will be a pb. image

  • I hope you're keeping your fingers crossed for my OH on Sunday Minni image

    Good luck with your race as well.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Of course pinklady!  image

  • Miracle witch doctor Chick? Hope he/she can get you straightened out. Amsterdam is 20th October.  First Defence seems to be doing the trick - I'm not 100% but better than Sunday.  Probably had 10 hours sleep last night which might have helped!

    2old those marble tiles are lethal if they're wet!

    Barry / Pinklady as per 2old's recommendation, can't go wrong with an open top bus tour the day before Berlin!  We did that on the Saturday, saw the rollerbladers racing around the marathon course.  Barry that's great news about your run today.  No more runs over 4M now!! And get onto the First Defence, if you're not already on it!  I really do hope you have a good marathon, you've worked hard for it and deserve a great result.  I'm not doing Redcar on Sunday, it'll be another 20M for me this Sunday, this time a progressive run.  MP on Sunday was 7:35.

    Sounds like a productive day yesterday O4S! Do you think the salesman will mention that you can fit two bikes in the back the next time he's trying to sell a Berlingo? Good luck with the 5M race, I've only ever done one about 6 years ago and just squeaked under 40 minutes.

    Hope you're staying positive AA.  An appointment just to get a referral for your foot, hope there's not a waiting list.

    Spoons you'll be fine, you've done stacks of marathons! Have you done Robin Hood before? It's a good course for a negative split, a few ups and downs in the first half but nice and flat for the last 13 miles. 

    Minni yes it will be a PB!

    Track session tonight was 5 x 1000m with 200m recovery.  Lurgy has not quite gone - although it's never really fully developed - but I managed to keep up with who I usually run with so I'm happy with that.  Almost into the three week taper, although looking at the plan for the final 3 weeks it's by no means getting easier.  Just the mileage drops a bit



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Pink- It seems not so I will have to go back to BUPA. Chill and enjoy the whole Berlin vibe's brilliant.

    minni- I desperately want to be back ,possibly too much as I seem to get more injured.   I want you to go sub 90 

    carrot-the taper doesn't come soon enough and when it does its a bit of an anti climax

    having thought my achilles was improving I thought I'd give a short run a go. Not a good idea . Managed 3.5 then had to walk the 1.5 miles home - just can't explain how painful it became. Oh well back to the drawing board 

  • Spoons - bl00dy hell. That cheeky little marathon has come upon you quickly. Best of luck.

    Barry - hopefully the taper madness is subsiding and the calf is repairing. 

    AA - still foot problems?! what a nightmare - hope it sorts itself out.

    Minni - winding up nicely for your next HM attempt I see

    2old - oh no, one step forward and two steps back image

    I've started HM preparation for St Neots in November. Really want to aim for sub 90 so am trying to get the 6:50 locked in as a PMP. Did 10x800 last night @ 6:50 w/ 1 min recoveries. Went pretty well. Will work on riffs of this throughout the training block. Still have one more triathlon to do this year, in 12 days, but the HM is my main autumn target, so will be ramping up the running in prep.

  • ((AA)) sorry to hear. hope they can fix you.

    shit 2old - that's a long wait ... we need you in one piece for Boston!

    barryb: very encouraging Run there. i am beginning to relax on your behalf

    spoons: crayzee -- good luck!

    carrot: now is the perfect time to get the cold out of the way. did you make up your own training plan?

    back seems to be getting a little better every day. still can't bend over properly and running is out of the question but I am able to put socks on without help. that's a massive improvement
  • 2old -  Plan is to try and not get carried away and  keep brakes on for first few, so anything between 7:10 and 7:30 will be good, halfway in 1:34/35 and then what will be will be.  Rubbish news about your Achilles.  In know I've mentioned it before, several times,  but when was the last time you had your gait checked? Changing my shoes sorted out my main injury woes from this year.

    Carrot - No more runs for me until Sunday, I usually don't do much in the last few days but even more so this time.

    Minni - Good luck with the PB effort.

    Calf sore this morning which I expected.  All packed and ready to go, can't wait. Race no is 5992 and  it starts at 08:45. On Eurosport between 08:40 and 11:30, did n't want to hang around and televise me finishing thenimage.  Weather is looking OK so one less excuse.  Will try and post but if not we are back late Monday night.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-looks like a good plan for Berlin.Wearing compression socks for the flight to limit swelling?It was about 22c when I did it so if its the same look for and run in the shade . Had my gait looked at 3 weeks ago and ran in the shoes from that last night.In reality my gait  was no different than two years ago.Lots of icing today

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Good idea about the compression socks 2old.  

    Barry - looking forward to tracking/watching you on Sunday. Good news about the weather.  Keep icing and take care until Sunday.

    Carrot - at least the lurgy will be past for you by the time the marathon arrives.

    ant - You're running really well at the moment and I'm sure you'll make that target nae bother.

    chick - glad the back is improving but still sounds way too painful.


  • 2old - Can't you get an earlier appointment at Renacres or Fairfield privately?

    Barry - All the best for Berlin.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni-compression socks for flying are needed for oldies like me-maybe thats why the achilles hurts more a day or so after a flight?...and I didnt use them on Monday..Are you tapering for Sundays HM?Is it a flat one?

    Chick-Im determined to be at Boston. Make sure you are well recovered before rushing back to your diet of regular long runs

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon-I see my consultant early November about my left achilles-nearly fixed ,so will get another referral to him with BUPA for then for my right achilles and see if he'll do the extracorporeal shock wave therapy for this new injury then as it seemed to work so well with the left. The scan is only for the benefit of the physio who is more interested  in the biomechanics from an academic perspective I think.

  • Hi all, not been on for a while due to my aunt who I was very close to passing away. Although she was suffering with dementia and we new it was coming it does not make it any easier. First run today as well for 5 days due to being down with a stomach bug and haven't been able to go far at all without needing to go use the toilet. It seems better now but my first of 3 hm's at Redcar on Sunday and it has not been the best preparation so Carlisle may be my A race now I think.

    Had a read back and some good performances Kfc, Red and O4s and any one else I have missed well done.

    Ant - well done on the tri.

    Carrot - well done at GNR smashed it to bits there.

    Minni - nice pb at GNR are you going to go lower at Redcar?

    Barry - seems your preparation has not been ideal but you have put a lot of quality training in over the last few months and I hope it pays off for you.


  • 2old - great idea about the compression socks for the flight - Barry can put them on himself as I have an aversion to feet image 

    Shame you can't be seen quicker.

    Carrot Were planning to sit on the open top bus, rest his legs & get a great view of the city. First defence is good to use. Amsterdam not that far away for you now.

    Getting really excited for Berlin tomorrow.

    Regardless of what happens on Sunday myself & our two daughters are really proud of Barry & I am hoping he will get the time that he wants after putting in so much hard work & effort. We will be finding a pub afterwards as he definitely deserves a drink. image

    Thank you for your advise & support - you are all a lovely bunch & have been really great.

    Good luck to all those running on Sunday - Minni I hope you get a PB

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Have a great time and good luck Barry. Hope all goes well on Sunday. Don't be shit. image

  • Barry - good luck on Sunday. HTFU and all thatimage

  • Good luck Barry!

    I'll be back on soon, am struggling to shuffle the demands of life at the moment! 

  • Have a safe trip, Barry. Berlin is a big thing on German telly, I will watch every second of it and think about you running in there somewhere - without any calf pain whatsoever image

    Hi Shildon and sorry to hear about your auntie image

    Back from the miracle doc. Whatta guy image  he said I can run and I should drink red wine - now that's my kind of doc!! 

    In all seriousness, he said if it's not too painful I should deffo run. No 20 milers for a while but running as such is ok. The protruding bit will not come out any further by running, only by me doing the wrong stretches image. I must also avoid any stooping or bending and I need to train my back. My muscles are ok but could be much stronger. He prescribed a bunch of physio sessions for that. The worst bit of pain is caused by a cramped bit of muscle - the more I relax, the better it gets, so he asked if I liked red wine. I mean, hello???

    He's pretty sure that the pain will go away pretty soon. If physio doesn't help we can go down the route of steroid injections but he doesn't think they will be necessary.

    I'm well happy image


    Good Luck Barry (and Pink trying to find him)

    Brilliant news Chick imageimage Now try to be sensible!!!!

    Good news chez O4S - BA has got a ballot place for VLM imageimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- that's great news. Back probs do tend to improve without having to go under the Knife. As O4S says be sensible 

    O4S- will he be in the same starting area as you? Someone has to keep an eye on you


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    My VLM confirmation arrived today no29421 - which start area will that be? Just need to get un- injured now 

  • Hello everyone.

    I've been a bit rubbish with keeping up lately but just a quick pop in to say Good Luck to Barry! Everything crossed for you on Sunday.

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