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  • 2old:  you will be in green with the real elite. image  I am 29,786  also on green, while BA is on blue (2,406).   So I will be unchaperoned and dangerous - be afraid, be very afraid!

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    Oh yes before I forget- Barry-good luck-bring back that sub 3.15! Dont forget the race doesnt finish under the Brandenburg Gate there's a bit more to go from there!

  • London rejection arrived. Looks like I will have to go via club entry. Out of 5 London entries 3 have been club entries and 2 run as other people. Never got it through ballot yetimage

  • Yea, rejection ballot letter for me to. So back to plan B, my deferred Manchester mara place from this year. It seems strange talking of mara places, when I can't even run atallimage.

    O4S - Watch out for BA coming storming passed you, from the back of the gridimage.


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  • Just popping in quickly as very busy - finally moving house tomorrow! Yay! - to wish Barry all the best for Sunday. I'm sure you'll smash it!

    Good luck Minni too - let's see another PB please! 

    And enjoy your marathon too Spoons.

    Good luck to any other racers this weekend who I've forgotten.

  • just started my red wine therapy image
  • In the car park waiting for the start of the first 5 mile race of the series - can't imagine why I entered??
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    O4S- did you drive that 5m race?

    another rest day 

  • Best of luck for Sunday Barry, we'll all be rooting for you!

    Chick that's great news, so the miracle witch doctor lived up to his name! Enjoy the wine.  I've got a training plan set for me by one of the coaches at the club. 

    Shildon sorry for your loss image

    Pinklady enjoy Berlin, and Oktoberfest, I'm jealous!

    Great news about BA O4S! With that kind of luck, I'd get the Euromillions put on tomorrow night if I was you...  Hope the 5M race went well.

    Good luck with the move Daren.

    Hope you're having an easier week ahead of Sunday Minni?

    No VLM magazine for me, to be expected really as I've not entered! Tomorrow's session will have to be done before 7am as I'm busy after work.  Which is fine, but it's 10M with 7 @ HMP.  Kick up the backside needed!

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    Carrot- that's a tough wake up session, I will be snoring then But would rather be able to be doing one like that too.

  • hello lovely thread people , sorry busy with work getting in way. Reorg, reapplying for job, more to come.

    will read back, missed how people got on at GNR, think I saw 2old go past sub 1:30 whilst I was watching at english half marathon?

    main thing, was to come on and say good luck to Barry. Flying, you will have a great race.

  • Weston Prom Series Race 1 - 5 miles

    My first outing at this monthly torture and the weather was better than it will be later on. Warm, humid and thick low cloud ( it had rained most of the day but stopped half an hour before the race). Very simple event, line up at the north end of Weston Prom, run 1.25 miles to the end, turn and run back, repeat. It is almost entirely local club runners and the pace is fast and furious, at least at the front end. Set off just behind a runner from the same club pace group as myself, but went off a bit fast and was soon ahead. She passed me at the end of the first outward leg and I tracked her for the next two legs. I have walked that prom on numerous occasions and run it in daylight often, but last night I was convinced they had extended it.

    Clock at half way said 19mins dead, a little faster than planned, but I gritted my teeth to try and keep the same pace on lap 2. Obviously a lot of runners had gone off too fast and I started to pick off targets ahead of me, including my club mate just after the last turn. Weston pier never seemed to get any closer but I concentrated on not being passed (apart from a couple of blokes in the last 100m) and finished in 38.08, nearly even splits

  • My target was 40 mins so well pleased, but think it will be hard to improve much. Race 2 is 4 days after my 50 mile event, so won't expect much from that. First in v55 so bottle of wine, then down to the pub with the rest of the club runners for a meal. Good warm- up for the 10 mile race on Sunday image

  • Quickly popping in from holiday....just to wish Barry good luck for Sunday...keeping everything crossed for you image

    Spoons - yikes, I'd forgotten you were doing Robin Hood! Good luck image

    Chick - sounds like my kinda doctor - prescribing running and wineimage

    I'm seeing minni for dinner tonight...we'll try not to talk too much about everyoneimage
  • O4S - nice going! 

    FRC - well hello - wondered where you had gone. How the running going?

    Barry - have you provided your number for stalking purposes in Berlin? Best of luck - don't go out too quick

    Daren - new house, nice - you're now a fully fledged Essex Man. A regular down the Sugar Hut perhaps?image

    Nothing much to report from here, just a really tough week of training. 9 mile tempo last night with the club @ 7:23 pace image. Still keeping up the swimming and cycling in advance of the last tri in October. Really hope the weather holds for that.

  • nice one, O4S image

    Hi FRC image

    Daren: glad the house move finally went ahead. These things can seriously drag you down.

    carrot: it seems like a great training plan seeing you bang out one PB after the next.

    Mild hangover image  the wine didn't mix too well with all the painkillers that were consumed over the past 2 weeks ... still, I will try a leeeetle run tonight image

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    Hi FRC-yes it was me-did I have my eyes open?just missed sub 1.30 by 7secs but happy with that in view of ongoing achilles injury sagaimage-where were you with the cakes?what you up to?

    O4S-nice race and its always good reeling in the fools who went off too quickly -not so good when Im reeled in for being one of those fools though! My old bedroom window in Cardiff looked across the Bristol Channel  and that prom was clearly visible when lit up-so if I could see it from there it must have been long .

    Free-our ears will be burning-giving words of advice to Minni for her Hm?

    Ant-nice 9m pace-do they do duathlons round your way in the Winter? You can do off road ones with your mountain bike too

    Chick-Im sleeping very well mixing painkillers and wineimage...Im tempted to run today like you but have decided that I will be patient and leave it until Monday-call it a test before I see the physio on Tuesday

    Daren-glad to see the move saga is nearly over-the fun bit starts soon-DIYimage

    Achilles felt bit better today maybe it is pulling itself together so I can try to get back in shape ready for VLM/Boston training

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    Yes, looking forward to catching up with Freemers tonight. image  Although I must try and not have too much booze.

    Glad the move went ok Daren.

    Good to see you winning again O4S.

    Yes 2OLD - get in shape for London 2014 so you can make it to the green start.

  • Minni/Free - Have a nice gas about all of us over a couple of bottles of wineimage.

    O4S - Great result, 1st v55image

    Daren - Now it's time for DIY and buying cushions. Women never seem to have enough cushionsimage.

    Ant - What length tri will it be in Oct? 

    FRC - Nice to hear your still around, any ultras lined up?


  • Barry - best of luck for Sunday - Don't be shit!

    Darren - hope the move goes OK

  • Barry, hope the weather in Berlin is like ours today. 8 degrees, sun, no wind.

    did 30mins run/walk today -- run 5, walk 1. pain was bearable and I was glad to be out there... small steps and all that
  • Chick - Take it easy, but at least your out there.

    Barry - Enjoy your tour of Berlin, are you going to the expo? 

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Quick check in to wish Barry and Spoons some good marathoning tomorrow.  Go for it Barry.  Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

    7.15 start for the tri tomorrow, and its an hour away so ridiculearly start.  Pre race beer and bed time for me!  Hoping my cold is gone - at least I'm well tapered - only done 3M today and a 2M last Sunday before my half DNF in the last 2 weeks!

  • Quick check in. Goodluck again Barry I'm sure you will smash it.

    redcar half tomorrow. First of 3 halfs in the next month. Plan is first 3 steady then pick up the pace after that and finish strong. Hope to see you tomorrow Minni and good luck.

    Kfc good luck with the tri and anybody else running good luck.

  • quick check in gang,

    Good luck Barry and Spoons with your marathons tomorrow!!

    good luck too to Minni and Shildon with youe half. hope the tri goes well kfc image

    looking forward to the race reports image


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    big day tomorrow ..cant wait and I'm not running..we'll of luck Barry ,Spoons ,Minni and Shild..and KFC and anyone I've missed 

    congrats #1 O4S 


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Everything's looking good for all the racers tomorrow.  The weather looks ideal and no last minute injuries cropping up.  Have fun folks!

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