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  • Yea Don't be Shit folksimage

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    ooh yeah - smash the half minni and shildon!

  • go racers !! the Kenyans in Berlin are nearly finished...
  • another half hour of running for me... 15 mins run, 2 min walk, 15 mins run. the first 15 were almost pain free image
  • new world record for Wilson Kipsang !! amazing ... go Barry !!
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Can't wait for the results to arrive--- it will be like Saturday afternoon Grandstand waiting for the teleprinter to start printing out the football sscores 

    Chick-looks like you're nearly there. Don't rush it tthough 

    ran along the Embankment to Tower Bridge this am. that pain most of the time but need to do something to loosen up the ankle/ tendon. Fleetwood Mac tonight 

  • sensible head is firmly glued on, 2old

    off to do my back excersises now Oimage
  • doh, forgot Germany is an hour ahead and have completely missed the Eurosport coverage!

    feeling excited for all the runners!!

    chick - excellent news about your back image

    2old - grr that your achilles is still giving you grief! enjoy Fleetwood mac image

  • cmoooon Barry!! only 7k to go .....
  • we have a Berlin finisher image
  • whoop Barry, just been stalking your results, nice one image

  • Greetings from the new Avon County 10 mile road race champion (F60) imageimage

    report to follow but delighted with post 60 PB and negative split. 

    Hope our other racers are also celebrating!

  • whoa O4S - you absolute legend image
  • O4S you are such an inspiration! Well done image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Bloody hell O4S you are simply amazing.  Very, very well done and well deserved.  image

    Any word from Barry or Pinkie?

    No sub 90 or PB today.  The headwind from mile 5 - 10 was just too strong.  1:32:29

    Started well (the course is probably the flattest I've ever run and to be honest I'm not convinced I'm suited to such a flat course) but the first few miles went:
    6:58 (in this mile I had a minor choke on one of those squeezy water pouches that squirted all over my face and into the back of my throat when I wasn't ready (steady now) and I had to have a brief stop to cough it away)
    6:59 heading back along the seafront now and the headwind starting to kick in
    7:18 ok its windy
    7:30 pb now gone and I know I've got another couple of miles into the wind
    7:52 shit its getting worse but about to turn and head back
    5:59 for the last bit.

    So, kind of disappointed but at the same time pleased with the way I ran.  Talking to everyone else who did it everyone had the same kind of splits and same feelings.  I'm pleased I could pick the pace back up in the last few miles and actually overtook a lot of people. 

    Overall position 141.  Gender 9/377.  V40 1/78  So a prize to boot. 






  • O4S - Champion image

    Minni - Well done on your vet 1st placeimage. Are you shaking hands with thr male winnerimage Lol.

    2old - Enjoy Fleetwood Mac

  • nice category win, minni and a fab time in windy conditions. great stuff. image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    O4S- A champion amongst us , brilliantly well done.. Inspiring

    Minni- a first place- great performance in less than easy conditions

  • Great placing Minni, sounds like really tough conditions, well done!

    first run in 2 weeks here, just about over cold, 3  miles progressive with no coughing fits or creaking knees image

  • Minni - brilliant run in less than ideal conditions. Nice to get the bling too image

    O4S - yay champion image

    Looking forward to the rest of today's results.
  • Race Report = Oldbury Power Station 10 [incorporating Avon County Championship]

    Flat, fast but always windy along the Bristol channel - this year was better than some and the headwind was in the first half, rather than when you are failing at the end.  After beating my 40min target in the 5 mile race on Thursday night I wasn't sure how my legs would react to a 10 mile race today, so set myself an 'A' target of 80 mins and a 'B target of 85 mins if the wind was too bad. This is very much a club runners event and the standard is pretty high, I think only one person came in over 90 mins and she was a F70 from the organising club - the only F70 so guaranteed to win!

    Set off conservatively at 7m 50secs per mile, although to be honest I wasn't wearing my garmin and am estimating this from the time at 5 miles, given the first half felt even paced and I heard a runner beside me say to her companion that they were doing 7.50 pace.  It felt very comfortable, even into the wind and I was steadily picking off people for the first 5 miles, having started well back.  Feeling good at 5 miles I decided to see if I could pick it up, but didn't look at the time again until the end - the average for the second half of the race was 7m40s per mile and again it felt reasonably steady, although I suspect miles /6/7/8 were faster than 9/10.  The race was now more strung out and there was not a lady in view so I set myself the target of picking off the next bloke and woring my way up the field - more to give me something to think about than for any other reason.

    After 7 miles I had just about caught up with a bloke from a rival club, but every time I pulled up to his shoulder he put in a burst to throw me off.  His breathing sounded awful so [to put him out of his misery image I waited for a straight section and accelerated past him, putting enough distance between us that he wouldn't be tempted to follow.  This was probably a mistake as the last two miles felt harder than the 8 previous.  Only one possible target ahead after the 9 mile marker, so gradually hauled him in and passed, whereupon he put in a push and settled on my shoulder, racing past me in the last 20 yards image

    Anyway overall time of 1hr17min30s - average pace 7.45, which after 7.38 for the 5 on Thursday was more than I expected [and felt a lot easier than the 5 mile race] £20 Sweatshop voucher for being first LV60 in the overall race and bling for winning the County Champs  image

    BA didn't have too bad a day at the office although was a bit miffed at finishing exactly 10 mins behind me - however his target was 90 mins so he was still pleased.  I love 10 mile races - I tell myself they are half marathons and then feel great when I realise there is only one mile to go at 9 miles.

    Minni:  congrats on the bling - and a pace that makes me feel sick image

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Runs of champs O4S and minni!  Sounds like it wasnt a pb day minni, but the overall placing shows it was a good run.

    Hope the start of term cold is finally gone kiwi!


    Chichester middle distance tri today.  3 lap 2250m swim, 4 lap 83k bike, 4 lap 20k run.  Swim wasnt great but as good as expected given I've only swum in races this year - 49mins.  Nice course for the bike - first half of the lap a long climb, second half had a fun screaming downhill section.  3hr6mins.  Now the run, usually my favourite and strongest bit.  But wait?  Who's stolen my legs?  Where are they?  I shuffled.  and shuffled some more.  Lots of people passed me.  HR cant have gone above 130, but the legs wouldnt budge.  Awful.  1.45, so course must have been short as I was going way slower than that.  

    5hr 45 overall.  4th lady (out of 6...  urg), shoulda placed, but didn't.  Sorry team!  

    Must admit, the last few weeks have knocked my confidence for Leicester in 2 weeks time.  Think I'll be going for 3.25 rather than the stretch target of 3.20, but 3.25 feels like a stretch now.  Anyway, too much thinking - taper time now!

  • Hi all

    O4S very well done

    Minni - nice time and prize it was windy out there today.

    So a DNF today after the last weeks stomach problems I ran Friday and after a steady run thought  that they were behind me only to get up this morning feeling not too good. 2 Imodium later we set off to Redcar and lined up. First mile felt ok at 7.00 but then It was downhill after that feeling sick. Kept the 7 pace till 8 miles where I made a stop to be sick and decided to call it a day and walked the mile back to the finish. A bit disappointed but going to take a few days off before seeing if I'm fit enough for coniston on Sunday.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Shildon -  Sorry you had to pull out.  I nearly pulled out at the same stage!!! Hope you feel better soon.  What's next?

    O4S - brilliant!  Us ladies are all the same - the further we go the better we get!!

    KfC - You've had some cracking races recently and that still sounds bloody good to me!  See how the taper goes before making any firm decisions. Are you going to do some MP work in the taper?


  • Go O4S! You're fantastic, brilliant result today.  Well done on the 5M race on Thursday too  image

    Redcar HM is horrible Minni. You've finished strong there, and wouldn't that have been a PB a few weeks ago? The people I know who ran today all said the wind was horrendous. Prizes are good!

    Sorry to hear about the DNF Shildon. I DNFed at Redcar a few years ago, threw the towel in at 11 miles.  I wasn't being sick though!! Feel better soon, an easy week sounds like a good plan.  Coniston is a lovely race. 

    Hope you enjoyed Fleetwood Mac tonight 2old.  It's almost as if you're just getting used to being in pain all of the time when you're running image

    Come on Barry, spill the beans!!

    kfc I'm no expert but you can't really judge a marathon target off a triathlon, they're two different sports.  See how the next two weeks go, a bit of MP work on fresh legs can do the world of good for confidence.

    Last 'long' run of this marathon campaign this morning.  Went much better than last week's long run now I'm sans-lurgy.  6M easy, 7M steady, 7M marathon pace, 1M warm down.  Paces were 8:35, 7:55, 7:22, 8:00.  Felt like crap during the easy 6M, OK during the steady 7M, and good during the MP section image Legs are a bit mashed now.  Have had a decent training week.  Bring on the (still hard, but less miles) taper.

  • O4S - brilliant well done

    Minni - still a brilliant time

    KFC - you'll be back

    I shuffled the last 8 miles today and finished in 3:59. I guess 120 miles a month isn't enough. Doh!

    GF smashed her PB though and finished in 3:44. image image

  • Spoons - Well done to your GF for a Pbimage, and letting her beat youimage

    KFC - Think of the tri as just another lsr in your mara trainingimage

    Carot - Nice progressive lsr, what's your target time?

    Shil - At least you gave it a shot, even when you knew things weren't 100%. Which can be more than be said for the GB cycle team, who all pulled out of the World cycling champs today, according to Chris Froome, cus of the crap weather. Fair weather Prima Donnas image

    Collarbone giving me another sleepless night, so listening to some internet radio, so I've got an excuse for being up at this timeimage




  • Morning all.

    Some amazing places and prizes here.

    O4S - you are a machine. Congrats champion image

    Minni - sounds like a tough time in the wind but your position just goes to show how hard it was. Still a fantastic time and the effort you have put yourself through will show through.

    KFC - I take my hat off to you. Great times there too.

    Shild - sounds like the right decision to make. Hope you fell better soon.

    Spoons - Sub4 is good in my book! Massive congrats to the GF.

    Carrot - I'm so excited for your marathon in a few weeks. Your training has been amazing. Now go wrap yourself up in cotton wool!

    Hope barry and pink met up ok. Looking forward to hearing from him.

    Really bad news for me. I don't think I have PF, I think I have a stress fracture. Foot is no better at all. Some days I'm hobbling all day. I have a appt with the consultant in a few weeks. I am managing on cross train on the bike in the gym a few times a week but think I have to come to terms with the fact that this isn't going to improve any time soon image

  • AA: I know it sounds like bad news, but at least a stress fracture will heal and there is no reason for it to return - a bad bout of PF can just go on and on. Either way hope the consultant can pin it down and get you started on the road to recovery.

  • Poor you, Simon image  must be hell to be completely immobilised. How many more weeks?

    Spoons: be careful - that GF of yours will go sub 3:30 before you know itimage

    Great run, carrot - glad you are de-lurgified now image

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