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  • am with you both, Simon and 2 old .... perfect running weather. I would have run a HM today ... gutted. at least I can do a teeny bit of sloow running so I guess I should stop being sorry for myself...

    have a good one, Daren

    nice to see you, Mr. z. hope the parkrun goes well

    reorg sounds scary, FRC. been through quite a few of them when I worked in London and they were always traumatic.

    is this a special trampoline, 2old?
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Daren - hope you smashed it. 

    chick -  how is the back now?

    AA - how is the foot? 

    FRC - was it Round Ripon? 

    barry - homeland starts again tonight. image I've got the wine on chill. 


  • Quick check in. Just didn't happen for me at all today - a very disappointing 41:13. Wasn't perfect running weather after all - felt very warm out there even before we started running. Went off a bit too quick, died in the 2nd half and to be honest gave up a little bit when I realised I wasn't going to get close to sub-40. Gutted as training has been going well. Oh well, I'm either going to do Leigh or Great Yarmouth 10k in 2 weeks so hope to make up for it there.

  • Daren - Unlucky this time, but I'm sure its just a case of when, not if,  you go sub40.

    2old - No never got caught in a big race peleton, but I have jumped on the back of a sunday ride group of about 7-8 several times. Good to practice draftingimage

    Chick - Glad to hear you can do a bit of shuffling.

  • Daren - unlucky race, good you have a back up race in 2 weeks time to have another crack at it! certainly was warm out there, i made the mistake of heading out in long tights and am now completely stuck to myself, bleurgh!

    chick - glad you can do some shuffling, hoping your back is improving!

    hope the tapering is going well + niggle free kfc and carrot!

    how was your 15 today Minni? cracking 10 miles from you the other day, so nice to read about others training going well image

    still bunged up with cold, doctor's appointment finally rolling around tmrw evening, really hope he gives me antibiotics to finally shift this cold, been 3 weeks now image anyway, was so beautiful this morning I thought stuff the cold and coughed my way through my favourite 5 mile route, just toodled along enjoying the warmth of the sunshine + absolutely loved it!

  • Cricklade 10k - Garmin finish time 59.07. Race felt really good until 3.5k when my left calf started tightening image - never had calf probs in my life. Very happy with finishing in under the hour as that was my goal.

    Daren sorry your disappointed but it's still a good time even if it's not what you wanted - well done.

    2old - planning to have flu jab when we return from our holiday as caught a really nasty cold & chest infection beginning of this year - don't want it again. I work in an all singing & dancing eco building with no air con but it means colds continually circulate.

    Simon no need to apologise, it's probably me misinterpreting posts again!! image imageimage

    Minni I had read somewhere that last Sunday was the start of Homeland & was disappointed that we would miss it. Looking forward to the new series & fingers crossed it will be as good as the previous two.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- good to see you can get a few miles in. It's just a regular mini trampoline ....wondering how long it will last if I make a habit of it!

    simon- any objections to you gate crashing the peletons ? Did they try and burn you off ?

    Pink-well done finishing the race with the injury. What is it about you and Bs calves?

    daren- put it down to experience....still I would be pleased to run that time.

    kiwi - if the flu is on the chest might be better not to run

    nice walk along the canal this morning and 10m spinning antrampolining the trampoline to clear my head after a bit too much Tempranillo last night 


  • Kiwi - Yes perfect warm autumnal weather for running/cycling/hiking, but I can do jack sh*timage. I bet The Lakes will be beautiful now with the leaves turning.

    Pink - Well done on your sub hour 10k. Re calf, do you ever use compression socks?

    2old - No probs with gate crashing peletons, in fact they couldn't be more helpful. On one of my long training rides I was going down the Rainford bypass on the cyclepath, into a head wind. When 4guys came past me and the front guy signalled to me to jump on the back. So at the first opportunity I cut onto the bypass and tagged on the back, and they were quite happy for me to sit there drafting. The guy on the front was a monster, we were doing 20mph into this headwind, and he stayed at the front all the time until I pealed off to Crank.  Another time I got lost up in The Trough of Bowland, and this group of riders came past. Not only did they go out of there way to show me were I needed to go, but slowed down at the top of the climbs to wait for me to catch up with themimage


  • ah, so not one of them fancy Bellicon thingies... I nearly keeled over when I saw the price which is something like 400 quid

    (would put in a on oh-my-god smiley here but they have disappeared again together with the quote and edit buttons)

    nice 10k pinklady

    sorry yours didn't go to plan, daren

    I managed a 4.5 mile run today with only mild sciatica. getting there, I hope. pace still a complete joke of course :-/
  • Just back from 70 glorious bike miles in the Cotswolds - autumn sun glinting off the honey coloured Cotswold stone buildings, fiery red creeper covering picture perfect thatched cottages and conditions just right for cycling, not much wind and a crisp feel to the air. Pretty hilly route and BA felt he needed to point out that we were no longer training for the Pyrenees image  I simply told him that the Swindon HM next week is hilly so he might as well get used to it..........

    daren: you win some, you lose some - but you live to fight a other day. Personally I can only dream of times like yours - my memory can't recall that long ago image

    Pink: congrats on your first 10k, are you still planning to do the 5 mile run next week?

  • Daren -  Thought it was a bit warm when I was watching Pink(congrats of the 10k debut, sorry if you caught the calf from meimage) this morning, 10K's are pretty hard to pace, if you go off too quick it's a long way to try and hold the pace for. Go smash that sub 40 in  2 weeks time.

    Minni - Looking forward to Homeland, looks good on the trailers but I don't think Brody shows until episode 3.  Walking Dead is back on soon, another of my favourites. Nice pacy 10 miles from you.

    Flights and hotel sorted for Barcelona, BA worked out cheaper than  Easyjet with a combined deal. Wokingham HM entered. Just got to get my calf sorted and start making training plans.

  • Daren sorry to hear your 10K didn't go as planned, Simon is right it's just a case of WHEN you get back to sub-40.  The good thing about 10Ks is there's always another one in a few weeks, and they don't take too much recovery before you can race another one.  It was pretty windy in the north east today, not sure if it was like that where you are? 

    Well done on the 10K debut and hitting your target Pinklady, that's brilliant.  Hope you calf is OK now?  Get on that foam roller!

    Sounds like a lovely 5M this morning Kiwi, you OK to run with that cold?

    Chick ignore the pace, that doesn't matter.  How is your back after the run?

    15M with 10 @ MP this morning, went well image  Now the real tapering starts. 

  • 2old first time ever had problem with calf - I was a netball player for years & had very little injuries.

    Simon - I may look into the compression socks if this happens again

    Chick well done on the 4.5 miles & at least you're getting out & trying

    old4speed I'm still planning to run the 5 miler on Sunday

    Carrot - see you in Barcelona but not in the 9 floor department store as I'm not a shopper! I have visited the city a few times so won't get lost image

    Will be ready for a HM in the new year so decided to celebrate my birthday month by running Wokingham HM as it's flat.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Well done on breaking the hour PL!

    Daren - I'm sure you'll take a lot away from that today.  It is all experience and fast miles in the bank.  You know you're onto a winner so just be patient. image  And still a fantastic time.  Was it humid?

    Compression socks - not that I spend a lot of time in hospital but I have had two generals in the past couple of years and have bagged 4 pairs of surgical stockings out of them!  They idea to wear under trousers and I even slept in a pair last night.  I'm so rock and roll! image  Simon - I hope you've kept yours?

    Great to see you planning Barry.  How is the calf feeling now?

    Nice to see you out running kiwi.

    I see it was the Royal Parks today.  Was Weeble not doing it?

    Looking good Carrot, looking good!

    15 for me today.  5 @ 8:30, 5 @ 7:50, 5 @ 7:27.  It was warm! Vest and shorts in the middle of October!


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    O4S - lovely cycling there. I just feel the love BA has for you oozing through your posts! image  I'll have to give him a phone call again soon.....

  • Well done on achieving your sub-60 target Pink Lady.

    Thanks for all the commiserations guys. No, wasn't windy down here at all Carrot so haven't got that excuse. Still not really sure what happened today although I do always struggle when it's warm and sunny, and I remember feeling desperate for a water station by about 3k. Plus I did the first k in 3:45 which probably didn't help! I'm just going to put it down to one of those days. I've run 10k faster than that in training recently as part of an interval session so know I'm in better shape than that. I do think I need to do some more tempo running though as my training's been lacking in that this year and guys who I can match or beat at club intervals were well ahead of me today so I'm obviously lacking speed endurance. 

  • Minni: quite so. I'm wondering how we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of our first date next February. No real precedent for celebrating the outbreak of WW 3  image


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    lol!  That's some achievement O4S. 

    Daren - the term 'speed endurance' makes me feel image.  Its good that you can identify something to work on though.  I think I need to do more tempo running too.  My legs are generally fine but its my lungs that seem to object to working too hard.  However, by backing off the pace a little for a short distance seems to have them recovered enough to put the effort in again.  This is great during interval work, and in fact my shorter distance intervals are getting quicker all the time, but during a race its proving a problem.  image 

  • Minni - Yes I've got my NHS compression socks. I'll be wearing them in bed for recovery once I get back into training.

    O4S - For 40th anniversary, you must go for his and her fleeces, like those 'wolfs under the moonlight' you see couples wear. Apologies for anyone who has already got these fleeces image.

  • Simon: ???????????????

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Good stuff today Minni, O4S and Carrot

    would wearing those socks at night  help or hinder my achilles?

  • 2old - Not so sure if they would help your Achilles, but no harm trying.

  • Still waiting for official results & will write my race report later image

    Carrot - the calf is sore & i'm hobbling up & down the stairs - I have a big conference tomorrow so hoping it's a bit better as I will be on my feet most of the day.

    Minni - Barry said Homeland was really good but I missed most of as I fell asleep! Will have to try & watch it on catch up.

    Old4speed - I'll PM my mobile number to you for Sunday.

    Compression socks - They didn't give me a pair when I had my op. Is it better to wear them or calf guards?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    PL they are the same thing but socks have feet and calf guards stop at the ankle.  Definitely good for recovery. If you're sore dare I recommend sitting in a freezing cold bath for 10 mins? It really does help relieve soreness. 

  • Minni - Calf still sore while walking, but getting better.  Did nothing last week to let the body recover. Started some gentle stretching/rollering today, was planning to do the 5 miler at Swindon on sunday but that will  be a canned if calf not right. Nice progressive run from you.

    Pink - So you're doing the navigation around Barcelona, should be interestingimage.

    Carrot - You look in good form for Amsterdam, have you set a target time?



  • Morning all...back to work today after my holiday image

    Pinklady - great job getting under the are really making good progress - should make for a really good HM debut in the spring image

    Daren - bad luck on your 10k. Still a really quick time, but not what you wanted! Next time you'll nail it.

    Minni - that is a really good 15 there only a week after Redcar. Speaking of which I was thumbing through the Northumberland Gazette last week (as you do!) and saw a write up about Wooler runners at the Loch Ness...then right at the end there was a mention of your result from media star image

    I hope those with niggles / colds / food poisoning image see some improvement soon.

    16 miles for me yesterday - after a lot of hilly running oop north it was nice to run on the flat again!

    I have the Great Eastern HM in Peterborough on Sunday. No real expectations as I haven't really trained with much focus over the summer.  Hopefully something under 1.40, but unlikely to be a lot quicker unless I have a really good day!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    haha Freemers - if you'd read the Alnwick Harriers piece you will have seen I get a mention in there too!   Hope you enjoyed the rest of your holiday.  Lovely to see you again.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon/Minni-trying compression socks as an experiment-initial thought fwiw is that they will provide support through the achilles but may restrict healing bloodflow.

    Free- you could be pleasantly suprised on Sunday-what pace do you have in mind

    Barry-impressed by your proactive organisation for Barcelona. So what are your plans to try to sort out the calf trouble once and for all?

    Minni-your turning into a regular celebrity-you'll be hiring an agent nextimage

    Probably swim today

  • 2old - my plan is to use the first mile to settle into whatever I think feels comfortable and sustainable over 13 miles....I'm not going to look at my watch until the end of the first mile, but I'm expecting it to be around 7.30.  If it's closer to 7 and feels OK I will be surprised!

  • Alright all

    Daren - sorry to hear the race didn't go as planned. Next time!

    Minni - slow news week up north?image

    Pink - well done on cracking the hour. I did 58 minutes in my first 10K only a few years ago. It is amazing how quickly you can improve

    Freemers - a 9a HM - get in!

    I missed out on both my races this weekend, so feel a little flat at the moment. I fact I'd go so far as to say I am struggling for motivation and would prefer just to kick back with a nice bottle of Chianti. I have a continuing PF niggle that I am sort of keeping on top of, but despite all that I got a 10 miler in on Sunday for 36 miles total in the week.

    My HM is only 6 weeks away, and one of those weeks I am spending on hols in HK - so I am starting to doubt being able to get into proper shape in time. Again some of you seem to be knocking out some fairly serious training numbers. I think having scheduled only 1 HM in 2013 was a mistake. 

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