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  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    2old - compression socks increase the blood flow so should aid recovery, once all the swelling has gone down.

    Ant - JFDI

    My races time tend to be in both local papers every time I run.  My running club put it in one and my second claim in the other, regardless of which club I'm running for, and often I'm mentioned in both!!

    Somebody told me the fastest people in postcode areas were issued in the big North East paper recently and I am the fastest runner (at HM) in my postcode!

    Still wanna be a little bit faster though.... image

  • 2old - I'm hoping the recent left calf issue is nothing too serious and long term, and rest rehab this week will sort it out.  Definitely mid foot striking more now which I think puts more stress on the calf, so hopefully the more I run in my new shoes, without doing too much too soon, the stronger this area will get. 


  • Morning all

    Sorry for disappearing into a wallow of self-pitying blub but the x-ray didn't "show anything obvious" - full results tomorrow. This weather is just lovely for running too. I went out on the bike and did a hilly 34 miler on Saturday and did 18 miles in an hour in the gym this morning. I have also just ordered a boot that I can wear during the day which is like for fractures and sprained ankles etc.

    Looks like there are some cracking running going on for some though.

    Barry - good to see the recovery coming along and Barcelona sorted. (Do I enter Wokingham again or not image)

    Pink - well done on getting in under the hour.

    Minni - great recovery from last week.

    Spoons - do it!

    Daren - don't beat yourself up.

    Carrot - less than 2 weeks to go now. Come on... put it out time??

    2old - where are you up to now on this long road that we are travelling?

    Chick - glad you are able to get out there and run now.

  • Apologies for not popping in for ages – have been nose to the grindstone. Haven’t had a chance to read all of the way back, but skimmed the last page.

    Daren – was very warm yesterday at the 10k I did, so that might have had a bearing? Anyway, onwards and upwards, you’ll nail the next one I’m sure.

    Chick – good to see you shuffling, the last post I read you were incapacitated and worried for Boston!

    Pink – well done on your 10k. The ones with injuries and where things don’t go right are the ones that make us stronger.

    AA – hope the results come back positive

    Ant – was keeping an eye out for you at Standalone, didn’t realise you weren’t running. I trailed in a Trent Parker in 44.09. I was really happy with that as hadn’t run a single mile in the 10 days prior through a combination of being ludicrously busy and ill.

    Had my sights set on scraping 46 if I was lucky, but it’s amazing what a bit of competition can do for you. Set off with my mate (we’re 1-1 in duels) and then pulled away from him at half-way - he told me he thought he’d gone off too quick so I sensed my chance and held on, after all what are friends for!? Was a really nice course, definite PB material if you get the pacing right as finishes with a sweeping downhill. My garmin hasn’t seen 6.xx for 3 months, so was amazed to hold down 7.05 pace. Had one of those lovely days where the sun is shining and everything seems right in the running world – which is odd as haven’t had a day like that for about 3 months!

  • (((AA))) typical for stress fractures though ... they are just hairline fissures and the xray's resolution is simply not fine enough. Scans are the way to go if you want to know what the problem really is. Of course they are expensive so often you don't get a referral image

    Minni: we all want to be faster, don't we? And we are never happy ...

  • Official time 58.59 - very happy with that image

    AA Yes enter Wokingham I have entered as well & it will be my first HM

  • Minni - have you checked our your postcode rankings on the runbritain rankings site?  I think it's a new feature. I'm 4th in my postcode, although 1st woman (natch!).  I'd love to know who are the 3 guys ahead of me image

    AA - so frustrating....hopefully they will be able to tell something tomorrow, otherwise beg for a scan!

    Pink - yay - nice to dip under!

    Red - great result image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni-so using the socks should be a positive move. Dont you live in a post code where there are only sheep and you?image By the way you are getting faster look at the pace you are knocking out those training runs week after week-this will translate into your races-keep the faith


    Barry-thats good news about the calf-how do you plan building for Barcelona? P&D 55-75pw?

    Red-excellent 10k-always good to win a private race especailly after a lay off

    AA-at least you can still cycle -if only to get some endorphins to cheer you up.Stick with getting to the bottom of it as that is whats needed to emabark on a proper recovery plan.My position is that the left achilles which put me out of VLM is 90% recovered and by September I was back to putting some LRs together and did a HM, then without warning, my right achilles gave up the ghost and Im now going through much the same process as for the left-its the early chronic stage where I cant run without pain so its swimming and spinning only and lots of stretching .I see the physio evey three weeks who is telling me to exercise as long as theres no pain. Im arranging to see the consultant who did the ecswt which seemed to work well with the other one but thats not likely to be until early Nov. Im praying I will be ok to train for VLM but time is starting to run out. I've decided to up the swimming and spinning in the meantime. Sorry to go on-bet you wish you never askedimage Oh yes-whilst I cant use a cross trainer I can jog on a mini trampoline as I discovered with the left .Have you tried that?

    lunchtime swim of 2.5k including 10x100m

  • xpost with Redders, earlier - nice result image! I'm far from proper running though. 30-45 mins at 9:30/10mm is all my body will allow me. Some days it's almost pain-free, other days it hurts. Today is a bad day with sciatica creeping all the way down to my left foot image guess it'll end up being a rest day image  anyway, managed a grand total of 22 miles last week image

    Physio starts on Friday - I hope I see some improvement with regular sessions there.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-the problem of me seeing another injured person venture off the bench is that it makes me want to give it a go..22 miles is great to maintain your base fitness....Im sure the physio- a bit of traction maybe??- will do the job

  • Arggghhh - wasp sting on my tongue on my lunchtime run. Tongue swelled up so badly I couldn't swallow or talk for nearly two hours. Was contemplating a hospital visit, but seems to have gone down with anti-histamines. This is the worst year I have ever experienced for wasp stings.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Freemers - can't find that postcode thingy.  Can you post a link?

    Ant - seriously be careful with that.  It was probably made worse because it was on your tongue but once you've had a reaction like that the next one tends to be worse.  If I were you I'd always carry antihistamine with you and guzzle it if you get stung. 


  • Minni - it was horrendous. The 2nd sting I have had this summer. I'm going to the drs this week to see if there is anything I can do. Luckily I ran in daytime in London, so a pharmacy was just around the corner. It would have been a different matter out on the Cheviots!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    My daughter has allergies and carries an epipen so I know how quickly these things can turn.  Seriously, be careful.  Also look out because once you've had a reaction like that to one think you're more susceptible to reactions to other things too.

  • 10k tempo run with the club tonight. I hate to admit it, but I think BA might have had a point about the hills yesterday image

  • Ant - Wow could of been really scary.

    O4S - here's a way of celebrating your 40th.......   Bare with the Pet shop boys music.

  • Gosh Ant, a wasp sting on your tongue, ouch!

    Pink - nice one, great official result.

    AA - hope your foot gets sorted soon!

    So finally made it to the doctors tonight, not surprising that 3 weeks on the cough has morphed into a chest infection and I've now got a week's worth of antibiotics to take, so taking a firm seat of the sick bench for another week of no running image

  • Minni - cheers for the info will try the cold bath & Carrot's suggestion of the foam roller

    AA Good luck with the result's & well done for getting out cycling. I hear Wokingham is flat which will be ideal for my first HM. Not bothered if it chucks it down. I suppose you have a little while yet to decide if to enter.

    Freemers nice 16 miles

    Red well done

    Darren sting sounds really painful

    Barry I know where the sightseeing bus stops are in Barcelona image

    Cricklade 10k report

    I was really nervous as in my head I wanted to finish in under the hour. I also wanted to run at a pace that would be good for me but would also see me to the end.

    The 10k started after the HM & I started off really well but at 3k I could feel a little tightening of my calf. It gradually got worse but I was determined to carry on as I had come so far. Started to run up a steep incline where a land rover decided to reverse in front of me but once it moved I could see the downhill. Ran down & as I went around the corner I saw Barry who told me I had 3 minutes to finish in under the hour. A bit confusing towards the end as there was no one to guide which way into the sports field to finish. However, once I was there I was really pleased to see it.

    My splits were 8.47 (too quick but weirdly comfortable), 9.08, 9.21, 9.18, 9.53 (steep incline), 10.12 (tired), 2.24 - hooray the finish! image Really happy with my time.

    Would definitely run it again as it was a lovely course.

    Swindon HM this weekend & I am determined to run the 5 mile multi terrain. Fingers crossed the calf settles down by then.

  • Kiwi sorry to hear that but the antibiotics should sort it out.

  • Pink - nice report. Wokingham always has crap weather and miles 9-11 are pretty testing over the bridges and into the wind. But I always like running it. 

    2old - it's so hard hey. I know what you mean about running out of time for London. Not sure when the results will come back but will call doctor today. Hopefully my boot will arrive so at least it will help my foot while I'm working. 

    Ant - that sounds really nasty. 

    Minni - when's your next half?

  • Minni - you can either log in or look yourself (or anyone else) up here:

    The postcode rankings are on the right hand side, below the normal rankings ladder info.

    Ant - ouch!!! How on earth did it manage to get you on your tongue???

    I've just spent 2,5 hours going precisely nowhere...or rather, getting on a train that then stopped because of signal failure, being told it was being terminated and there are no more trains to London for hours....then getting another train back home again....oh well, at least I can get a run in later!

    Speaking of which I went to the gym yesterday in London, and they have changed all the treadmills - very swanky new ones that you can plug your ipod into, plus they have individual air outlets that blow lovely cool air into your face as you run.  Sweet!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Got it Freemers.  I'm 1st F, 1st v40 but 3rd overall image.  Fast sheep those but how do I find out who they are...?


  • Freemers - i have no idea how it got to my tongue must have inhaled at the instant it flew at me. Spat it out instantly, but obv doesn't need long to sting. Taking a rest day today!

    Minni - I am not even sure what portion of the postcode they measure you against. 

  • Ant - that sounds awful and as Minni says, potentially very dangerous image

    I went for a swim this morning - first one in ages image

  • 2old - Great minds think alikeimage, I was reading through P&D yesterday looking at the plans, and worked out the 18 week plan would start mid Nov.

    Ant - Sounds very painful but a bit ironic, you post you are struggling for motivation and then get stung on your next run.

    Red - Well done on the race.

  • Oh hell, Mid November is soon, too soon image   we are an illustre sick/benched/injured bunch ...

    Ant: image  wasp stings in the mouth are the worst. Yuck. Glad the swelling has gone down but deffo get yourself allergy tested.

    Bad night's sleep for me. The sciatica nearly killed me and I couldn't find any comfortable sleeping position. Pain killers didn't do anything image oh well, it has to get worse before it gets better -- isn't that what they say?

    Found another way to maintain fitness: the stairs at work. Did 2 lots of 250 steps this morning and will do the same in the afternoon. Not sure the pain will allow me to run tonight. Will try but I may end up power walking image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-yes we are on the same wavelength and P&D assumes a level of mileage to start with so I may have to think about another plan if this thing carries on-RW beginners plan? Starting then does give you a few weeks to switch off from marathons

    Ant-those wasps really hate youimage Im allergic to their stings so its a bit of  a worry though maybe this injury has been for the good if its meant no stings for me .The antihistamine should sort it out

    Spoons-hope the swim doesnt trigger off the same allergic reaction Im going through after resuming pool swimming -sneezing running nose swolllen eyes etc.

    Chick-Ive watched the Autumn marathopn deadline go by -just dont want to see another missed but Im like you starting to panic. At least youve got an improvised gym.

    Minni-only 3rd overall? Some people dont try hard enoughimage

    Free-I remember treadmills which had arm supports either side and no front barrier-now look what theyve created.Might get one for the office so I can work on it and run at the same time

    40k spinning this lunchtime-thought Id give a short run a go but too painful and gave up after 250metresimage Seeing my consultant again on Friday so maybe a bit of light on the horizon.

  • there are only 3 people in Minni's postcode - the rest is sheep image

  • Chick - You don't think trying to still run, and climbs stairs is the reason your back plays up at night. Wouldn't it be more sensible and admit defeat, and heaven forbid, actually restimage.

    Free - My gym got upgraded treadmills this year, with iPod docks and paddles on the side arms to adjust speed/incline, for those too fat to reach the control panel on the frontimage.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    chick- I'm with Simon on the rest idea. A swim can help as it stretches the body rather than compresses it like running ,stair climbing etc

    Simon- never thought you used a gym especially  a treadmill. Next thing you'll tell us you use exercise bikes image

    decided to listen to my to the pub. ...

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