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  • Well I pretty much did how I thought I would - 1.37.25. Went off a bit quick, got a massive stich at 10 miles but overall I'm OK with that as it was about the time I expected really. Horrible weather!

    Hope eveyone else did well.
  • holy shit,CD, blackout sounds scary. better be careful... my physio told me he lost 3, yes three, mates - all dying from undiagnosed heart conditions... hope they find the root if your problem.

    FRC: +1 on the Saucony Kinvaras. I love them. right now I bought some Mirages as my back needs slightly more cushioning but they are still light and responsive.

    hope our racers go well. sorry to hear its such shite weather... perfect sunny and cool autumn day here. if my back injury hadn't happened and I had been able to stick to my training plan i would have run a 20 miler today :-/

    BUT all is not lost - I think physio and exercises are already showing some effect. A pain free trendy 5 and my stride length seems to get back to normal. a lot less shuffling today image
  • xpost freemers: excellent time in tough conditions. Well done image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Good race Free

    Chick- nice trendy one.  Plenty of time to do the 20s

    Simon- not much rain here yet though its on its way 

    ran5.5k easy yesterday - discomfort but no pain and no limping after so that's an improvement. Will try again later when my hangover has gone 


  • Chick - Good news on the 5 miler.

    Freemers - Well raced, yeah shocking weather,  after a cloudy start in Swindon this morning it has been peeing down since 10 o'clock.

    2old - Good  news on your run, take it easy.

  • Freemers: good effort.

    Gold Hill 10K was as horrendous as expected, somewhere close to 400M of climbing along the way but it is all on road, if mud and puddle strewn roads actually count as on road. Kept running up all the hills including the cobbled one! It pished down the whole race and i came home in 52 - 23 which included 4-15 min/k's going doen hill and 6 min/k going uphill. No idea on placing but no where near the podium. 

    I was diagnosed with gastritis last week which rather explains the feeling shite for two months and the consequent shite running. On all sorts of meds and starting to get sorted with slow improvement in my running. Cycling is strong though, love charging up snd down the Dorset hils.

  • good stuff, DD. hope you get rid of that gastritis soon.

    2old: run sounds promising. fingers crossed
  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭
    So I went off at 7.45's, and stayed there. I clocked 3.23.37 which is a 6min pb. Also got 3rd lady so some good bling - tacky trophy, bottle of prosecco and apparently there's a cheque in the post... !!!

    Happy with that - a big step towards a 3.15 attempt at london image

    The colder wetter weather definitely suits me - was nice not to be worrying about overheating in the last few miles.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    That's brilliant KFC - VERY WELL DONE!  Look forward to the report. I agree with the wet.

    Freemers - great run from you too.  A couple of weeks ago you said you'd be happy to finish under 1:40 and that's well under.  Well Done!

    DD - sounds imageimageimage and a bit more image.  Well done.  Hope you are well again soon.

  • Kfc - that's fantastic!!! So pleased for you and well deserved after the work you've put in image. There'll be quite a few of us going for the 3.15 in London!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    So yesterday I did 10 miles, avg 7:41, which included 5 x 200m, 4m @ HMP, 5 x 200m.  I almost enjoyed it.  And today was 14m @ 8:13.  I definitely feel fitter and faster at the moment but still need to wait for that to be proved in a race.  image

  • kfc: brilliant strategy! massive well doneimage. over the moon for you. that's a stonkin' great time.

    when is your next race, minni?
  • Free - Well done in tough conditionsimage.

    KFC - Excellent result, with new Pb image.

    DD - Hope you get it sorted, will it be meds that sort it?

    Minni - Nice running, why aren't you racing/marshalling/supporting today, just an easy 14miler image?

    2old - Yes the weathers not too bad up here now.


  • Kfc: top work image

    Simon: dont know, see Dr again soon. Trouble is that as a Coeliac all sorts of strange things happen in my guts.


  • KFC - awesome time well done image

    Freemers - good work in Peterborough

    I did a 20m LSR today. Struggled towards the end. I guess I still have Nottingham in the legs....

  • Swindon HM: 

    I won't bore you with the weather details - see Freemers and DD! Missed out on meeting Pink and Barry as we were all sheltering from the downpour until the last minute. It was only on the start line that I realised I hadn't warmed up image. The race start with 400m uphill, which always comes as a bit if a shock, but hen it is basically down and flat alternately until about 3.5 miles. Sadly this is also the last 3.5 miles, so it only takes a pretty flabby grasp of the laws of Physics to know what is going to happen at the end image

    i felt truly dreadful for the first 4 to 5 miles and was actually considering a DNF, except I was so wet I reckoned I might die of hypothermia before I was reunited with my clothes. From about 4 miles it gets hilly, interspersed with flat sections. The rain was heavy and then torrential, with a headwind around 6-8 miles when we were on the top of the Downs. Strangely enough this was when I really started firing on (nearly) all cylinders and started overtaking people. A stretch of downhill soon put a halt to my gallop as my quads started a 'day of inaction' as a protest about the way I treat them.


  • 8-10 miles had one steep hill ( up!) and undulations until we got back on the outward route. I expected to die a slow and horrible death on this  section, as I have done on the two previous occasions I have done the race, but to my great surprise I felt strong ( if wet and cold) and both the 11 and 12 mile markers appeared before I was expecting them. Final drag up followed by 400m down to the finish, squelching in a slightly unpleasant way with every step. Final time 1.46.34 - a course PB by over a minute (not a fast course by any means). Slightly miffed to discover they don't give any category results (and certainly no prizes), just male and female. Still I was pleased to get 26th out of 350 and suspect I was first LV60, as I was first by a long margin last year with a slower time.  

    Trudged back to our new car, a bike transporter image, which without the bikes and the back seats makes a magnificent undercover changing room for those with a reasonable amount of flexibility and a lack of modesty (both of which I am fine with, but watching BA try to change was hilarious). Not entirely sure he saw the funny sideimage

    Congratulations KFC - fantastic time! Like you I seem to do better in cold and wet.

    Freemers: better than you thought, you should be pleased.

    Going out now to round up a couple of unicorns.............

  • Top stuff o4s - you are such an inspiration!! great to run an unexpected course PB image
  • Go kfc, nice work! image See no excuses needed after all. A good haul of goodies too image

    Sounds like it was hard work with the weather Free, well done on a decent HM.

    Good to hear you've had a pain free run today Chick! The physio must have really helped.

    You too 2old, hope the only pain you had today was the hangover.

    Hope the meds help get you back fit again DD. The 10K sounds like it was very tough.

    That's a hard 10M Minni, is that a Moz special? When is your next race, it's another HM isn't it?

    Great result O4S, top 10% of the field! You need somewhere, anywhere to change on a day like today to avoid turning blue.

    20M Spoons? Another marathon on the horizon or just because you can?

    6M with 3 @ MP from me today.  A few short runs and rest days planned for next week.  Bring on those carbs!

  • Oompa good progress for the knee

    Well done, good time Freemers especially as the weather was foul

    Chickadee good news running the pain free 5 mile

    Brilliant time KFC

    Do you have another race planned Minni?

    That's a really good time O4S as the weather was horrible. Well done

    I ran the Swindon 5 mile multi terrain race which sets off 15 minutes after the HM. I stayed in the car until the HM was due to start as it was chucking it down. Got going & felt ok as I like running in the rain. Part of the race goes in around the back of a country park which was nice & muddy. Pleased to be joined by some of my former running club mates which helped as that particular part of the race seemed to go on forever. Saw Barry & our dog looking soaked just before I finished with a PB of 48.44, really happy that I got under 50min & smashed my previous time of 54mins.




  • Hi guys, just checking in to see how today's racers did.

    K.F.C - absolutely brilliant, a 6 minute p.b, wow and a placing, fantastic stuff!

    Freemers - a good run in tough conditions.

    D.D - likewise, especially when you've not been well, hopefully you will feel better soon!

    O4S - great course p.b and 


  • placing, boo about the lack of category prizes!

    Minni - super speedy, I can't wait for your next race, it will be a fast one image

    Chick, great you had a painfree run image

    Pinklady, whoop, whoop, nice p.b image

    sorry if I've missed anyone out, still in hospital but Mr Kiwi brought in my phone charger, so all charged up, just hard to read back thru pages. So I felt a small victory this morning - they unhooked my drip for me to have a shower, i snuck off to the canteen straight aftrt for a bacon sarnie + coffee, then at 11am (49 hours later) the doctor finally came to see me and said 'you can eat now', i just smiled image

  • O4S - Well Done, great result as usual, you'd never DNF, its not in your DNA image.

    DD - It must be tough being a coeliac, trying to find gluten free food, during and after racesimage

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    O4S you are just brilliant!  What a fantastic time.  When I grow up I want to be just like you.  Well done.

    Pink great time there.  Better running than watching eh?

    Kiwi I love that you snuck off for a bacon sarnie!!! btw, did you ever get your passports sorted?

    Carrot yes that was a Moz special.  You see when you have a coach and you are given a session that is just 10 x 200m you should think before you complain that you think that might be a bit too light.... image

    Chick My next 'race' is 2 weeks time but I have been advised not to race it and get another few weeks training under my belt before going for another full out HM.  cough, cough.... and a always listen to the words of a wiser one.....cough, cough.

  • Kiwi - Good news on the recovery, rest up and get yourself better.

    O4S -  I'm sure I saw you disappearing into the distance, white top blue stripe, 3rd time lucky next year maybe.  Well raced today in crap conditions.

    kfc - Brilliant, well done and congrats on the PB.

    Minni -  very nice weekend of running.

    A fun morning spent getting very wet, Swindon HM does not seem as big as it used to be. Watched the HM and 5 miler set off then took cover in the car, heating and heated seat on full blast, for half hour.  Good fun watching the races finish.  The 2  mile "fun" run finished about the same time as the 5 miler, lots of cold/wet kids and parents trying to encourage them to hurry up and finish, maybe many a future athlete had their enthusiasm dulled by today's weather.  Thought Pink had blown the sub 50 but my watch must have been out, so well done.

  • Carrot - I've got Suffolk Coastal Ultra 2 weeks today

  • Sub-50 well and truly smashed Pinklady, great stuff image 

    Did the doctor really think you would have waited 2 days for him to say you could eat Kiwi?! When can you escape the place? 

    Sounds good Spoons! 

    Never question the training plan Minni! And if you end up racing a HM that was supposed to be a training run just turn on the charm image

  • Great racing from everyone todayimage I hope you are pleased with your performances.

    kiwi-I hope you are at home relaxing now.

    Brol-how did the x county go?

    Barry- Hope the calf gets better soon.

    Chick- hope your next run is as smooth as today.

    Kfc- sounds like a sub 3:15 train will be needed for Londonimage

    Minni- your putting in some great runs at great paces, can you pass some on to me please.





  • Minni: BA said to point out that if you want to be like me (which he finds extraordinary) you don't want to consider growing up image

    Pink: great run, especially in those conditions

    Kiwi: hope you have managed to tunnel under the perimeter fence and make your escape

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Sounds like you've got some nice new places to run where you are Gazelle.  I do a lot of my long runs on the south downs - hilly, but great for when I dont care about pace

    How did the xc go Bro?

    Blackout sounds scary CD, hope the tests are helpful

    Cant imagine you struggling to get under 50 carrot!  You are up next - race week starts here!

    Barry - theres always other races, but you cant change your calves!  Well done for being a spectator today - it didnt look like a fun day to be standing about

    Pinklady - some more great racing from you - thats another great improvement 

    Freemers - nice time for where you are now - onwards and upwards!

    Good news on your continued improvement Chick

    DD - sounds like a fun race!  Hope knowing what it is makes it easier to manage and get back on top running form

    O4S - nice racing!  Unicorns?

    Kiwi - glad you are eating again - do you need an escape crew to help break you out?

    Any word from Cooks?

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