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  • Taken out on my bike this morning cycling in to work - by a woman pushing a buggy. image

    Not as bad as Simon, but she stepped off the pavement pushing the buggy right in front of me, in the dark and rain when i was coming downhill.  I swerved to try and avoid the buggy, but in the wet and at speed the inevitable happened - wrecked a pair of trousers and didn't do my knee much good.  She claimed she didn't see me, but a motorist, coming the other way who stopped to help, pointed out that I was lit up like the Blackpool illuminations.  I had already had a close encounter with a car turning left across my front wheel and some other moron going through a No Entry sign at speed - so I am Mrs Grumpy this morning and my students had better beware......................image

  • I've been on the bench so long now I've got pillows and a duvet with me!

  • O4S - nightmare. Hope you're ok. How's the bike? 

  • Bike seems OK fortunately - I fell on the pannier and my knee image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Studid woman O4S.  Woman with buggy - not you.  Hope you're ok.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S-stupid buggy person! Her fault!!! You were there to be seen and she didnt look properly or at all.Hope the knee is ok though I know it wont stop you. Is it better to hit the pannier or the road with your knee?

    AA-the bench is not a happy place for me either

    Another swim today


  • Ouch O4S. Hope the knee isn't serious.

    2old - mudguards are essential for winter commuting and riding. Get close fitting ones and they will give you barely any streamlining issues.

    Barry - I too suffered with a calf issue last year that sounds like that - I think I id-ed it in the end as the plantaris muscle - it recovered fully after a few weeks.

    Minni - parkrun-tastic - you'll nail it.

    Track session was fairly brutal last night. I'm moving up groups in the running club so it is all quite fast. 4x800s at 3:05 with 200m recs, followed by 4x400 at 1:26. Was fairly bushed by the last one and was yawning all through my evening pumping iron. Had to ditch the swim.

  • O4S: as long as the bike is ok.

    swam and ran yesterday, waiting for the rain to stop to run or cycle today. 

    i fitted mudguards to my bike last week.

    been to see the doc again, all blood tests good. So keep taking the pills, slowly getting better and begining to understand why i have had so many issues running and cycling the past few months. Coped with a 11K club run at 7-30 min/ miles happily enough last night so on the way back. Bring on Boston

  • O4S - yikes - hope you're OK

    Ant - 4x800s at 3:05 with 200m recs, followed by 4x400 at 1:26? That's quick!!

  • O4S - Bloody women with buggies, take up the whole pavement, and then take you out on the roadimage. Glad you saved your bike with your kneeimage.

    Minni - That Oatmeal comic strip from your Fb page was really funny, you should post the link on here.

  • O4S - ouch, stupid buggy woman should have looked where she was going, hope your knee is ok!

    Cobwebs are gathering in my corner of the sick bench!

    Ant - super fast, nice one.

    D.D - good to see you are slowlt getting better image

  • Spoons - it was quick! Maybe they were trying to drop meimage Another tempo run with the same group on Thursday - hopefully it will sharpen up my speed considerably

    DD - good to hear recovery is on the way - what is your next big target race?

    Kiwi - I hope you are eating a lot of pie now!

  • O4S - Good to see you're not hurt. Next time, TAKE THE SPROG OUT!!!image

    2old - Doesn't everyone run like that on their treadies???image

    Ant - Just reading about your session makes me run (hobble) for cover!

    DD - Good to hear that someone's on the mend.

    I've been on the bench the longest as it now has taken the shape of my derriere!image

  • Kfc- Great race report I bet you are still buzzing.

    Pinklady- Looks like you have caught the racing bug, which reminds me I must enter a race soon.

    How is your Redwood-ankle? Spoons- Left foot? FRC- Calf?

    Cooks- Congrats on your PW.

    AA-How did it go with the consultant?

    Kiwi- I hope your recovering well.

    Daren/Ant- Some great running paces there.

    o4s- (((hugs))) nowhere is safe these days.

    I told myself I would start doing a long off road run one week and a long progressive road run the following week and repeat. So today I was due to go on the road until a friend(faster than me) suggested an off road route, she pushed me up the hills in the rain and wind, we managed just over 10miles. I don't think I would of been able to push myself on the road by myself.




  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Ant-yes very fast-trying to drop you-they failed

    DD-looks positive about your recovery and even though your not 100% youre doing some good stuff...bodes well for Boston

    Ant/DD-mudguards-when I bought my bike the guy selling suggested I buy a different bike for the winter all kitted up ready-how to turn one sale into two!

    Simon-I miss out on that FB stuff not being party to it. It must be rehab time for you soon?

    Kiwi-if you look under the cobwebs you will find Oomp and I .

    2.5k swim-used fins for the first time so nice to go a bit faster.They seemed to massage my achilles nicely too


  • Jeepers, O4S! Scary stuff. Colleague at work just got taken out by a car as she was going down a hill at speed. Broken arm and severely injured knee image  Glad the bike is ok image

    Speedy stuff there Daren, Ant and DD image

    DD: I will be eating your dust at Boston

    My goodness, but that bench is now well and truly full. Hope your calf behaves, FRC...

    No running this morning - was very tired. I may nip out for 3 miles or so after work. Just something short. Still being careful and taking things one step at the time.

  • Minni/Ant - Cheers for the info regarding the calf.

    O4S -  Hope knee is n't too bad, really have to cycle defensively, drivers/pedestrians just don't look/see you.

    Gazelle - Always good to run to run with someone, similar or quicker than you, nice 10 miler off road, good for leg strength.

    Still not happy with my Berlin time, but as my calf still is n't right I guess that was a contributing factor to the time.  Insanity for me this afternoon, pure cardio, calf not too bad,  Shaun T and Tania especially kept me going.

  • 2old - Yes hopefully just 1 more week, and then the ok to do some exercise. Probably running, cus for cycling and driving, I need to be able to lift my arm up and forward, which will take longer. Here's the link for you none Fb'ers, really funny.....

  • Gazza - nice long run there. 

    Ok - been to see the consultant. Nice long appointment. And an understanding consultant. But - Chronic heel spur. I've lost a cm off my right calf already through muscle wastage. No running at all before next year. Booked in for an MRI scan on Monday as he's never seen anyone limp so badly with planar fasciitis and wants a proper diagnosis and to make sure that the heel bone isn't full of fluid. may know more next week before he buggers off on holiday for 2 weeks!! How dare he!!! 

    2old - please can you tell me how you got on with extracorporeal shockwave therapy? I'm sure you said you had that On your Achilles. 

  • O4S those buggies can be lethal - hope you are ok?

    Gazelle yes I have the race bug, next one in November

    AA That's not good news but you can give your foot the recovery it needs. Consultants have a habit of having hols when you don't need them too image

    2Old Do you use paddles as well? I haven't tried the fins in swim training yet but mainly it's because i'm not sure which type to buy.

    I'm nearly off the sick bench as went back to work today. No running so far but the running group is on at work tomorrow & I should be joining them. At some point I will also be running my timed mile which I should have done yesterday.

    May take part in the YKW on Saturday depending if the cold has fully gone.

    I still have my chip from Sunday's race as there was no-one or nowhere to pass it to! image

  • Pink - Glad you're off the bench, and ok for tomorrow 

    AA - Good luck with MRI scan

    Barry - Have fun with Shaun Timage

  • Pink: they were described as disposable chips, I have run with mine still on the last couple of days

    AA: not good news! At least the swimming and cycling will give ou a good aerobic base for when you get back into running

    Oomps: you are on the same wavelength as BA - he was amazed to learn that the sprog was still alive image

    35 minutes for me tonight, the knee was sore, but not disastrously so.


  • Hope you're OK O4S. Some people have no clue, in a world of their own image

    Not the best news AA but at least you're getting somewhere I guess.

    The coffeeshop trip will be saved for after the marathon 2old...

    Sounds like my kind of track session Ant!

    Nice to hear you're feeling better DD.

    Good running Gazelle, a faster friend does help!

    Last day at work tomorrow for a week and a day image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the link Simon

    AA- don't be too disheartened things may resolve quicker than you think. I am very happy with the ncswt as it quickly got me back running when the left one was done- 10k and HM in the two months after and it seems to have done the same with my right one. I'm by no means 100%- still stiffens up overnight with scar tissue - but I can run without the pain which was so intense that I had to stop and was left limping after. Those symptoms have stopped. I'm reintroducing running slowly though probably quicker than my physio recommends. I have another ncswt session on Friday with another at  the end of the month. The consultant said he treated an international female runner with PF the same way successfully. He didn't bother with a scan. The way I see it is that somehow  allows me to flex the tendon so that it doesn't pull or tear where it attaches to the heel Where all the pain is. No idea if this is right though. 



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Couldn't type anymore above

    Pink-don't rush it until you are nearer 100%. There are enough long term bench Warners here already. I have paddles but not used them but will be soon as Ive done enough distance stuff and I really need to work on technique. Trouble is I have developed a bad allergy from the pool and cant stop sneezing for 24 hrs after. Roll on open water swimming in April image

    Barry- wonder if the impact from insanity is affecting calf recovery?

    O4S- isn't there a song about getting up after falling down?imageGood to see that you notched up 35 mins after today's fun

    Carrot-.nearly time . Stay calm ,enjoy the bbreak 

    managed another 7k on the TM easy tonight. 

    Its a nightmare typing ...what's going on?

  • Morning!

    17th - 2.20 plank, 48 press ups, 28 squats, 11 lunges   AA - 10km swimming (still has marathon in the title)image
  • 2old What are the paddles supposed to do? Yes your right as i'm not feeling 100% - we have a nice relaxing holiday coming up so that will help but I will still pack my running kit.

    O4S Myself & colleagues were keeping our chips in case we were billed. Didn't realise they were disposable.

    Spoons Impressive

    Carrot Enjoy your last day in work image- I think you are going to have a great run in Amsterdam


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Spoon- 48press ups - aiming for 100? 10k of swimming would be a slow boat to insanity for me. Anyway need to get  to 5k first. 

    Pink- maybe start a collection of race chips? Doesn't everyone pack their running stuff first? I have to hide mine from my OH. 

    No run today, more spinning I guess 

  • I've been on the sick bench for a couple of days with a stomach bug - came down with something Tuesday evening and couldn't eat anything yesterday image So no running since a slow one on Monday. Back at work today but still not running - hopefully will be OK to get out there tomorrow...and at least I'm off the bench again so there is a little more room for everyone else.

    AA - sounds like a good consultant, and hope the MRI shows results to work with.

    O4S - Stupid buggy lady!!!

    Carrot - bet you can't wait for Sunday to come around....we'll all be waiting for your result to come in, and I'm sure it's going to be a good one image
  • AA: sounds as if you're consultant will get to the bottom of it.

    Carrot: awaiting you're result with confidence.

    Pink; paddles strengthen your arm muscles by increasing resistance, dont over do it with paddles they can cause injuries.

    Chick: i have a feeling i will be eating your dust at Boston, I haven't really been a runner for 8 months now. 

    Spoons: I've been thinking about a 10k swim for sometime now, but dont think it will happen now i have to train in the UK!

    out on the bike in a moment and then club run tonight, which will no doubt involve more hills, the club coach is a sadist

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