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  • Hill reps done, 5 x 5 mins off 2 min recoveries. its a pretty steep hill out the back of our   House so quite vomit inducing, idea is to come down fast and keep going around for the full five mins, a variation on Minni's 5 x 5 min intervals. I got a bit further around on   each rep so progress!

  • Daren that's brilliant news! Should we get a team relay sorted with a target of sub-3 and pace you?!

    First interval session for nearly 2 years is always going to hurt Simon, well done getting them done.

    6:53 is good enough Barry, I always struggle to hit HM pace in training runs.

    Yes Minni you need to start enjoying 10Ks!  They're loads more enjoyable than a 5k!

    Have you got a day off planned soon Chick? Don't always push through the tiredness just because the plan says run X amount of miles. 

    Reps sound good DD, so some of the recoveries will have been on the uphill and some on the downhill?

    8M easy tonight in the wind and rain.  Rest tomorrow, HM on Sunday.  Weather forecast looks perfect for a PB image

  • Happy New Year one and all! Apologies for tardiness, have been out in deepest, darkest west country for 10 days and deliberately didn't buy the wi-fi to get away from work for a while!

    Sounds like everyone is flying (yesterday's speed sessions excluded - I tried 6 @ MP and had to slow down after 2 so there was something definitely in the air). And a huge well done to you O4S on your trio of cracking races and bling.

    Not a huge amount to report here - I am still undecided about spring marathon. Think it will be a yes, but with a large caveat that mileage will be much lower than ideal and the training plan will be completely made up. Have quite a lot of personal stuff going on at the moment, so am going to try and run to enjoy it rather than put pressure on myself.

    So, with that spirit in mind, rather than kicking off my marathon training with a long run on Sunday, I thought I'd do 11M off road tomorrow morning. My 2 new pairs of free trainers arrived today, so I'm going to test the trail ones for the first time by doing 4M over hills and fields to my local YKW, then try that over a waterlogged common. Anything under 24 min will be a bonus I reckon, and then I'll do the 4M home again. All of which ought to drain the legs more than an LSR and hopefully be a bit more enjoyable.

    Was also thinking of doing the Dursley Dozen in Feb instead of a HM too. Wondered if anyone has done it before? O4S/DD/Barry? Looking at last years results, it looks an horrific course. Dan Robinson (ex-GB mara runner) won it in 1:26! 

  • another 4 miles banked tonight ....again just under 36minutes so will rest tomorrow and try a 6 miler sunday, legs are aching a bit so plenty of foam rolling . Goal for Jan is to get to 100miles during the month but keeping a close eye on my body so may adjust this as I don't want to get injured , no times just slow/steady

  • Nice hills DD image

    Barry - I reckon you'd have a few seconds per mile off that HM pace if it were an actual race, so that's good going for a training run.

    I did 4 x 1 mile yesterday, pace going from 6.57 for the first one down to 6.27 for the last one. Today is for R&R - a hot stone massage and a facial at the Clarins skin spa....bliss image. Should set me up nicely for my 20 tomorrow.

    The next couple of weeks won't be quite as productive running-wise. I have a week of meetings, hotels and travelling to start with - hopefully the hotels will have decent TMs at least so I can get a couple of sessions done. Then Friday we're down to the Cotswolds for a week's holiday - I will run every day I expect but nothing longer than 6-8 miles. But I've banked some good sessions recently and this cut-back was alwayys in my plan anyway.
  • Barry - you will fly round Wokingham...again!

    freemers - nice session. was it on the treadmill?

    glynn - coming back well. 

    Redwood - good to see you back running. Go on - do a marathon! 

    6x800s @14.8kph for me today. Was planning to do 7 but almost chucked after 6 soni thought that's enough!! 15 miles planned for me tomorrow but everywhere is flooded so not quite sure what to do... 

  • Daren -  No pressure, after Mo at London, yours must be the most eagerly anticipated marathon of  2014.image

    Freemers -  Nice mile reps.

    Carrot - which HM are you doing? Target?

    Red - Never done the Dursley Dozen, I've done the Terminator(pewsey) which is a stupidly hilly 11 miles x country in Feb. Hope you enjoyed your run this morning it is very wet out there

    18 very wet miles for me this morning, lots of standing water and a couple of drivers thought it was funny to drive through the puddles, no worries, I'm soaked through already.  Avg pace 7:59 with second 9 quicker than the first.




  • Barry, what do you mean, Mo's mara is more eagerly anticipated than mine?! image Seriously though, I'm going to try not to put any pressure on myself over this as I know I respond terribly to pressure! - my main aim is to finish feeling like I've enjoyed the experience and not have to endure the 10 most painful miles of my life like last time! A decent time would be nice, of course, but Carrot, I wouldn't worry about that sub-3 relay team! Remember, my PB is 4:06!

    Nice sessions Freemers, AA and DD and a good long run Barry - I've got to do mine this afternoon and I'm not looking forward to it as it looks pretty grim out there. Good to see you're on the road back Glyn.

  • Well done for getting out there Barry - was horrific this morning, so kudos for 18M in that! I've read about the Pewsey Terminator and think Dursley is similar, so might give it a bash for a bit of variety.

    Can you manage 15M on the TM tomorrow AA? If not, you might want your wellies...

    My plan is the same as yours Daren, just enjoy it if possible through the heckling!

    So, not a great start to today as the YKW fell by the wayside. Started watching cricket last night (I'm a sadist, I can't help it) and then had an horrific night with the 4 month old. So instead of braving it on 3 hours sleep, I took 2 more hours and then headed off for 8M of trails instead. Absolutely horrific conditions, knee deep at some points, but really enjoyed it. Not sure Mrs R did though, given the state of our bathroom once I'd changed. 

  • Red: dursley dozen is a great race - just don't worry about the time and make sure you wear shoes with good grip!  

  • wow, DD those 5 min hill reps sound pretty hardcore!! Was that the Hovis hill again?

    Fast 800s, AA Sorry to hear about yet more flooding :-/

    Freemers: great mile reps. I've never managed more than 3 ... spa pampering sounds like pure bliss. Enjoy!!

    Barry: those 18 must count double given the conditions you ran inimage

    A slow trendy 5 for me. Legs heavy at the start but felt great at the end. Ran a very slow recovery pace which helped. Looks like my 20 tomorrow will be in the rain again ...

    Enjoy your off-road run, redders. Have you got a VLM place? You could always train for it and defer if life gets in the way.

    Carrot: my official 14 week tweaked P&D schedule starts on Monday with a rest day image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Happy New Year everyone. Just back from a week skiing in St Anton. Looks like marathon training is in full flow and I have some  catching up to do not only running but with what's been going on here. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Great to have you back Redders.

    Good luck tomorrow Carrot.  Will you be going all out?

    Glyn - just a thought but your 4 mile runs are at M, if you're looking for around 3:30, which is not slow and maybe why your legs are a bit achy.  I'd suggest going out about a minute slower, 9 m/m, and go a bit further.

    Nice run today Barry.  Mine was similar: 20 with the first 10 @ 8:28 and the second 10 @ 7:45.  image



  • Daren - If you really want to enjoy your next mara, you need to set yourself a target well within your limit. As we all know, pushing yourself for that Pb isn't normally  enjoyable 'til the last 50meters, when you know you've made it.

    Barry/Minni - Nice lsr's, with negative splitsimage.

  • Nice long run Minni.

    How was St Anton 2Old? We've just booked to go to Tignes in Feb. Can't wait!

    So, today was my first long training run for the Yorkshire Marathon and I learnt a few things...

    1. My pace judgement is absolutely terrible.

    2. That can make training runs a little harder than needed. image

    3. But it can also mean I surprise myself sometimes image

    Set off on my regular 20-mile route this afternoon. Decided, like last time, to run by feel and not check the Garmin till 10 miles. Felt a bit tougher than usual, but I put it down to the headwind. About the 10 miles in, I checked the watch, thinking I was probably running about 7:40-50mm. What's that 6 doing at the start of my current pace display?! Must be cos this is a bit of a downhill stretch. Let's check the average pace...7:05mm image 10 miles in 1:10:xx. No wonder it felt a bit tougher than usual. Ok, so I've ballsed this up, I'm never going to complete it, but I might as well go with it and cut the run short when it gets too tough.

    HM reached in 1:32:xx image but the pace wasn't slowing and I was still going strong. In the end, I only cut it short by a mile and, although I did slow over the last few miles to 7:20-30mm, managed 19 miles @ 7:09mm. Could I have done another 7.2? I think another .2 would have been a struggle! lol

    Don't worry, I know I'll burn out before the start line at Yorkshire if I keep this up, so I fully intend to STFD in the future and check the Garmin a bit earlier! Still, very encouraging. Incidentally, the fastest mile (mile 3) was a 6:41!

    Still have no idea where that came from. If I hadn't run that route before, I'd have sworn my GPS was playing up!

  • Nice long run there Minni in horrible conditions

    AA I'm sure Barry will do very well at Wokingham again this year. You didn't do too badly yourself last year either - are you running it this year? As for me - not sure what to expect at the moment as slightly worried with it being my first HM. image

    Welcome back 2old hope you had a good trip?

    Carrot good luck tomorrow

    Nice one Darren

    Rest day for me today after a tough swimming session last night. Drills with tennis balls. Lost 2lbs over Christmas so with swimming & running I've started 2014 over a stone lighter & feel fitter image


  • Good luck tomorrow Carrot! I'd missed that you were doing a HM somehow. Will it be a PB attempt?

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Daren-bit short of snow to be honest. Little off piste but the pistes were rock hard and icy so super fast. There was a regular flow of injured to the clinic. Tignes should be a lot better. I'm hoping for more snow as I go back in a couple of weeks. Congrats on your marathon entry and a super fast LR. Easily sub3 in Yorkshire 

    Barry / Minni- excellent fast LRs too. 

    Simon- are you back at work? Fully recovered ?

    AA- good to see you getting the TM blasting away towards 15kmph. Are you. 100 %noW ?

    just done my first run since 27th Dec- 8.1 miles at 7.19mm av. 


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    See Daren sub 4 will be yours!


  • Good run Daren, You sure your not going sub 3 with that 19 miler.?..image

  • lots to read back on! You can tell marathon training has started!

    good luck for tmrw Carrot!

    nice long runs Minni + Barry, especially in this crazy weather!

    Barry is Abingdon as flat as they say it is? am liking the idea of a smaller race, just checking there are no surprise gills!!


  • *hills* even, stupid phone!

    happy new year + welcome back Redders + 2old.

    Daren your speed is sickening, i'm not jealious at allimage do you do your long runs on the country lanes?

    yay for loosing weight Pink image

    First gym session of the year here, 50 mins rolling hills on the dreadmill + weights.

  • Well done on the weight loss Pink Lady.

    2Old, yeah, I'd heard the snow cover is much less than usual this year. Hopefully, we'll have a few big dumps in the next few weeks image Nice first run back btw

    Kiwi, no, I'm a bit too safety conscious and don't like running without pavements! My usual LSR route is a loop from Billericay to Brentwood, through Hutton then down Hanging Hill Lane, round Brentwood, then back via Shenfield. That's about 15 miles, so then I make up the rest round Billericay.

  • Darren; nice running mate

    Carrot: your right the recoveries could be up or down but because of the size of the loop an because i always start at the bottom all my recoveries are mostly uphill!

    Chick: nope not the hovis hill, that one is too steep for this session not to mention the cobbles.

    2Old; im holding fire on skiing awaiting snow dump before booking.

    Did 6 in the pouring rain, lanes around here were knee deep in water in the lower parts, no hope of any sort of quality in that so just plodded on. 

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭
    Happy 2014 everyone. Nice running. After Daren's well overdue news that he's finally entered a marathon, my best news of this year so far is that I have internet again! No excuse for not keeping up with you guys and getting some marathon motivation.

    And after the 2 runs I've done so far this year I need it - I've been shit! 5M on thursday, heavy heavy legs, went nowhere. YKW today in 21.21 - started going backwards after the first mile - over a minute slower than the last time I ran that course. image

    2013 was a good running year after 2012 being a write off for me. Highlights:

    - 2 marathon pbs - and 8 mins total improvement

    - Did lots of well chosen small races to get placings - a 1st, a 2nd and two 3rds for running, a 1st and two 3rds for tri, and a 1st for static roller bike racing... Total bling of 3 bottles of wine, 5 tacky trophies, 2 pairs of socks, 1 t-shirt, various bike accessories, and 20 english pounds. Not O4S levels of bling, but I'll take that!

    - Finally joined a running club

    - Paced my best pal to sub 4.30 and sub 2

    - Beat all my mates and their expensive racing bikes up Alpe d"Huez on my '98 mtb image

    This year, I want to keep improving, and get closer to 3.15, 1.30, and sub 20. Bring it on!
  • thanks for the advice minni I am running at 9mm pace currently but going to maybe drop that a bit for a 6-7 miler tomorrow which is my starting point for the LSR which I will add 1 mile each week until i'm up to 13milers by end of Feb.


    Not sure I am going to target a 3:30 mara this year ( apologies I know this is a sub 3:30 thread ! ) ...I am going to focus on building mileage safely up until March and focus on a HM PB I think and maybe some 10k's which I've never done.


    I will see where I am with my fitness around june july if there is any realistic chances of getting another marathon attempt in. I am not going to target a marathon until I know I have a good foundation built.

  • 2old - Did you have any trips up to a glacier ie Stubai for better snow? Still off work, hopefully phased return to work mid-end of Jan.

    Daren/2old - Austrian ski resorts are lower, but mainly on pasture land, so don't need as much snow to ski on. French resorts are higher, but on rocky ground, so need more snow before they become skiable. Early season, is always a bit of a lottery re good snow coverage in Europe. Jan, before half term, is normally good for snow and cheaper prices, so I'm sure you'll both have a great time.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Sorry Glynn I read it as 32 mins!  Skim reading on phone image  Sounds like you've got it just right and there's lots of good autumn marathons around. 

    Nice to have you back KFC. Like your targets! 

    DD - we've had less rain here today, thankfully. 


  • Daren - I would love that feeling if running 6:xx thinking it was 7:xx!!! 

    Pink - yes I've entered Wokingham now just to see how far off the mark I am. A sub1:40 would be nice. Well done on the weightloss. Great feeling I bet. 

    Kfc - welcome back. Nice targets for 2014. 

    Minni - that's another great 20 bagged. 

    Day 4 on the wagon done! I've stopped shaking now image

  • Brilliant run Daren. Next time take your Garmin and run it backwards. i.e start slower and finish at 6:41 pace.

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