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  • Wow, Daren - amazing pace.but if you want a great marathon experience you need to slow down a lot .... keep those 6:xx miles for your tempo runsimage

    Feeling a bit homesick reading about Shenfield and Brentwood ....

    impressive bling , kfc and great targets.

    Oh god, it's raining and windy, must be the day for my long runimage. Planning a hilly 20.
  • lol A.A, glad you've stopped shaking nowimage

    K.F.C - an impressive round up of 2013 + great goals for 2014.

    Daren - we lived in Billericay for a year, i used to run to Brentwood/Shenfield during marathon training, like the hills around Green Farm way.

    hope the weather isn't too bad for everyone's long runs today!

  • Daren - That's an impressive run, you are obviously in good form at the moment have you not considered a spring marathon to set a marker and then go for it at York?

    kfc - a very good year for you. Great racing and a good bling haul.

    Minni - Very good long one from you.

    Kiwi -  No gills, even though the route goes past the river,  or hills at Abo, a couple of inclines but the worst is an underpass at about 23 miles. My Garmin showed an elevation difference of 43m over the course.

    Not sure Wokingham will be as quick as last year, 5 weeks today so we'll see. 5 slow miles this morning and legs were n't happy after yesterday's long one, but another 50 mile week so all good.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon- no I just bombed around St Anton and Lech . Interesting distinction between france and Austrian resorts. 

    DD-wise to wait .that 6 must have been a trial 

    Kiwi- impressive last year and I'm sure it willve even better this year

    Kiwi- can't beat the TM

    ignored my alarm at 6.30 but dragged myself out of bed to get out by 7.30 for 18 miles   averaging a slow 8.22mm .Felt the skiing and my MP run from yesterday in my legs but at least I'm back on track. Beautiful dry chilly morning 


  • KFC Happy new year to you

    AA I thought you would be running Wokingham as its local to you. Myself & Barry will see you there. It will be nice to meet you. As for the weight loss, can't lose much more as I will look ill image

    Went out for 5 mile LSR this morning but ran one of the quickest 1st miles ever as Barry ran part of it with me image  As mentioned 5 weeks today is Wokingham HM & I'm already feeling nervous  & apprehensive about it. Cinema trip this afternoon as myself & Barry are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary tomorrow. image 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    KFC- sorry for confusing your year for Kiwi image

    Pink- If anyone will get you running super fast it will be Barry . Has your race got that close already?  Congrats on losing weight over Xmas and on your anniversary. What film? My first race this year will be in Feb- the Southport Mad Dog 10k. I'm not expecting much of a performance this year. 


  • 12 miles in the rain and I was extremely slow and extremely shit image Can't even use BA as an excuse as I struggled to stay with him. Nothing in the legs, which felt like concrete, and no motivation. I suppose things can only improve..........

  • Another with leaden legs, ran 10 with club then added five more on the end for a total of 15 at 9 min / miles. Below freezing at the start, wet and windy by the end, oh joys. Still last week was a 50 mile week so getting there. Just got to lose 8kg before Boston!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD-my week totalled 26 so that's half yours. What is your weight now? I'm aiming to get to about 11.5 stone. 

    O4S- your slow is fast for everyone else 

    not looking forward to the 5 hour drive later today. 

  • Another one out early on icy lanes. Had to do laps on higher ground as we are still struggling with flooded lanes. 15 miles done and finished strong ave pace 8:05 and a nice confidence builder. Legs feeling a bit mashed now and that's my longest run since London last year image 43 for the week. 

  • Didn't get up as early as 2old, so got the 'beautiful chilly morning' for the 1st 2hrs, then chucked it down. 17.01m @9.14ave in 2:37:42 . Today and last weeks lsr's I've run with no pre run food, just a strong coffee. Felt ok up 12m, then pace slowed, as the tank was empty. Took a gel at 14, but only slight improvement. Next week will have pre run porridge, and hopefully see some difference. Another 30plus week with only 3 runs. 

    I always find the phase were we up the lsr's from about 13, upto 20 the toughest, so hopefully I can do that just before I return to work. 

    Anyone racing today Minni?

    2old - Lech is very popular with royalty, did you see any future kings and queens?

  • happy anniversary pink and Barry. image

    Well done to those running on leaden legs.

    Wow Simon you are really banging out some serious miles.

    AA: speedy 15 image

    Glad I survived my 20, av. pace only 8:45 but I picked a hilly route and managed about 1000ft of incline. Ouch. It felt ridiculously hard towards the end, especially coming up a very nasty steep hill at about 16 miles which then changes into a mile long stretch with just enough incline to make you want to swear out loud. To add insult to injury it had to be windy image I nearly lost the will to live and sooooo wanted to walk :-/ Really glad to see the end of this run!! Rest day tomorrow - first one since Dec. 16 and highly anticipated image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA- looks like you're putting the injury behind you. Very good run today in the ice. I was slipping everywhere 

    Simon- Chick is right ,you're banking some miles now. All that rest must have done you wonders. Didn't see anyone wearing a crown on their helmet in Lech ..and I was looking 

    Chick - don't think you celebrated Christmas with all those miles since 16th and today was the icing on the cake. The hills of Boston wont trouble you 


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Love everyone getting the long runs in. 

    AA - that's a great achievement considering a couple of months ago you thought you'd never run again!image  You will have remained strong with your cross training. Are you going further next weekend? 

    Simon - fab lsr. I agree and have breakfast if your flagging. Unfuelling is fine if it doesn't affect your run but if you feel it is then you need to put it right. 

    Thats a good character building run Chick.  What doesn't kill you...

    The northern veggies were racing today. 

  • Thanks for the advice for Dursley O4S. My new trail shoes have grips, although discovered they're a bit tight and narrow but hey-ho, they'll do.

    Daren - one word... wow!

    KFC - bet writing your 2013 summary was very satisfying, well done on a cracking year!

    2old - I'd swap you your 'slow' 18M @ 8.22 if you don't want it...

    Pink & Barry - congrats on the anniversary, hope you enjoy it

    AA - you'll smash your sub 1-40 goal at Wokingham if you can bang out 15 @ 8.05 in training already

    Simon - nice LSR. No idea how you do them on an empty stomach. I can't function without food. Ever! That's half my problem...

    Chick - well done on your long run. That type of run will be well worth it when you cruise up the hill in Boston.

    I was very S&S today. Calves absolutely killing me from wading through treacle yesterday, so only managed 7 @ 8.45. Felt a real effort and was going to give in a 2, 3.5 & 5 before eventually caving at 7. Can barely get up the stairs at home, so think a rest day or two is in order. Pretty poor really considering I've only done 30M this week.


  • No long run for me. Just 12 miles this evening In the wind aon the trails with a head torch. Av pace 8:15. Felt OK.

    Simon - i need my porridge before doing anything!

  • Spoons - Me to before a lsr, but it's good to see how the body copes without and carbs to burn, so I thought I'd give a try. Always porridge and some extra raisins before a race thou.

     I how you don't mind Minni, but for all those cyclists out there, I found this cool video......

  • 2old We went to see American Hustle, it was better than I thought it would be. Yep Wokingham HM is getting closer but I'm keeping an open mind & have an idea what time I would like. Glad you had a good skiing trip - I skied many years ago in the Italian Alps & came home with a sprained shoulder after falling off a drag lift image

    Way to go Chick

    Red 30 miles banked for the week is really good

    Lunchtime running planned as it is mine & Barry's Wedding Anniversary today - 21 years & the time has flown by! The wedding was very quickly organised with a special licence, booked on Monday & married on Wednesday of the same week.

  • Pink - that's my kinda wedding! Happy Anniversary to you and Barry image

    Some great long runs, really getting the miles in - well done everyone. How fast Daren???!!!

    AA - I reckon quite a few minutes under 1.40 is on the cards.

    I ran a naked 20 yesterday - well naked after the first 5 or so miles when my Garmin decided it wasn't playing....seems OK now though after draining the battery down completely. Anyway I was running at around 8.30 pace so that was probably more or less the average for the 20. I did a new route and even found a hill on it - which is rare for round my way! Took me and my legs by surprise!

    Easy 5 planned for later, and then something quicker tomorrow morning if the hotel has a decent TM. Cheltenham tomorrow and then Peterborough Wednesday - not quite international jet setting! But then Thursday evening we're off on our hols - overnight near Oxford (the same place OH and I stayed on for a few days after the Team Minni weekend) and then on to the Cotswolds Friday - I just hope the place isn't flooded...
  • Pink/barry - happy anniversary. Shotgun wedding?!!

    freemers - well done on another 20. Hopefully the floods will subside. there was oy one road out of our village last night because of flooding. Looks a bit better this morning. 

    recovery trendy 5 for me this morning. My legs feel tired. Embarrassing or what!!!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Pink-those drag lifts are dangerous-one of our party fell off one on the first day and tore her cruciate ligament off and had it pinned back on -it cost her insurers 30k euros all in. That film is on my list. 21 years-nothing--wait til you get to 30! Enjoy your day

    Free-im wondering if I should do some of my LRs naked too-did it feel like you were running it harder or easier than normal?

    AA-my legs are like concrete so its a recovery run for me too...I hate them

    Simon-I did my LR fuelled by a piece of toast and half a glass of water to start, a gel at 11.5 miles plus a mouthfull of water ,so maybe there was a reason for me struggling at the end too. Definately going to carb load for the next few

    Red-nothing wrong with a 30 mile week.Anyone running in those conditions needs their head examining


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Feeling for you Southerners with the floods etc.  Crap running weather. 

    Mind you if it was up here you'd know nothing about it!

    Happy anniversary Pink & Barry.  It will be 24 (long image) years for me in a couple of months.

    Back to work today so up at 5.30 for 7 miles. 

    I've entered a 20m race in March.  20 x 1m laps..... image

  • Happy New Year to everyone!

    To Minni and Brolish - thanks for the positive replies image back on December 20th!

    The 3hr41mins marathon was at Amsterdam in October. I regularly run 35 miles a week, including a speedwork, hill session, and Sunday long run (10 miles +). However, there must be a time in life when all time PBs are not reachable anymore, and although my 3hr 30min PB was only in March 2011, it just seems so far away from what (I think) I can do now. Keep up the motivational work!!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    El Gato - there must be a time where PBs are no longer reachable but decide on that after trying, not before. image image


  • Minni- 20 laps... good luck!image

    Pink/ Barry- Happpy Anniversary!image

    Free- nice naked 20. Sometimes it's good to be forced not to obsess about the pace.

    Red- sounds like you should definitely take it easy for a couple of days.

    Chick- great hilly 20, enjoy the rest today it's well deserved!

    AA- great pace on the 15 miler... take care of those legs! I'm with you on the wagon... the first dry weekend out of the way!image

    Simon- carbs are good, carbs are good. Can't say I fancy doing my long runs unfuelled. Good LSR.

    O4S- well done for sticking it out in the rain yesterday.

    2Old- nice 18miler, not at all slow in my books.

    Daren- no comment on the pace of your long run... lol! image Smoking!

    Carrot- where is the race report???

    22m for me yesterday not in a pouring rain which was a nice change with the middle 10m  @ MP which averaged around 7:37. Happy with that although can't say I enjoyed the last couple of miles.image Was going to do a few easy miles today but my right knee is niggling a bit so will give it a rest instead. 7 weeks to go.image



  • Minni: I guess you're right. I'm doing London this year, and possibly Manchester next. Then we'll see where I am. I'm not exactly a cup half full person! Are you doing London? I had some great help from the Support Group on here a couple of years ago, and hope they'll be doing it this year.

  • Great MP run, Bro image

    El Gato: I always wonder in training how on earth did I ever achieve my marathon or half marathon PB. So don't give up just yet. Put the work in and reap the rewards

    Minni: 20 laps image - that's almost as bad as a track marathon ...

    Spoons: nice effort in the dark image

    It's 20 years for Mr. Chick & me this year image

    Glad I have a rest day, weather truly atrocious. On the downside it's going to be like this all week. So I can look forward to another bunch of wet and windy runs. Anyway, not complaining. It could be worse (see US East Coast image)

  • Chickadee: Thanks and well done on the 20 years!  33 for Mrs Gato and myself, and she still comes to most races with me, although she always complains at the early starts. I'm trying to persuade her to make a start on some Parkruns, but no success yet.

  • image like age graded results, the only thing I can guarantee to come first in is a length of marriage contest!  40 years looms large on the horizon............  I am impressed you are still celebrating Pink and Barry, we both tend to forget image, although I suppose that could be the galloping dementia........

    Freemers: just don't plan a visit to Tewkesbury without a life jacket!

    Gale force winds down our way and a tempo run planned for this evening image

    El Gato / Minni: sadly there does come a time when your PBs become unreachable - the secret is to set new targets


  • old4speed: Well done on the 40 years! Do you both run? Yes, I suppose being able to get a good for age place is a good target to aim for.

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