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  • El Gato: 2011 is still reasonably recent, my 3.30.52 PB was set in 1995!! However I have been third in my age group in London, 4th and 5th in other years since then and now tend to set targets based on age grading / position. I find it takes longer to recover from races and long runs, so tend to mix things up with cycling, more rest days, gentle off road stuff etc.  And yes, we both run and cycle - mainly as a way of avoiding cleaning, gardening etc.

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    Minni-20 x1 mile laps????Crazy.Is that what they call a Yasso session? Wise words about PBs

    Gato-Hi welcome to the drinking thread.Sadly most here are now on the wagon so I cant think why anyone stays apart from the support , excellent advice and inspiration. Re stopping improving-I started running when 45/6 did VLM 18months later in 3.27 followed by NY in 3.21 and I thought that was as far as I could go but at the tender age of 50 ,I got the time down to 3.10 and at 53 to 3.09.Dont be suprised to discover there's a lot of improvement in you but also remember running is fun for the sake of it so try to avoid injury which I seem unable to do.

    O4S-my target is to win as many prizes as you do which starting from zero todate is going to be a big(hopeless) ask

    Bro-cracking LR with a tough 10 mile section-are you still being coached and did he come up with that one? Good idea to recover

    Chick-enjoy the rest.fingers crossed the US West coast is calm next April except for the excitement after nailing sub 3.15image

    Horrible 10k RR done


  • The weather will be fine in April, 2Old -- Bro isn't doing Boston image

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    Chick-thats a reliefimage

  • Haha... funny!imageimage Not sure if you haven't noticed but 2013 was relatively quiet in terms of the Brol curse... Shouldn't probably be saying it so close to Seville...image

    2Old- yes, I'm still being coached but not by Frankenmoz for this campaign (although Frankenmoz doesn't seem so Franken in comparison...image).

  • Hi gang,

    Some nice long runs going on, especially Brolish with a big chunk of MP in there. Nice one.

    Happy anniversary Barry & Pink. Barry, no, not remotely tempted to do a spring marathon as a warm-up! Doing one marathon is plenty enough for me thanks. I get your point about making the most of it while I'm running well, but I'll just keep my fingers crossed I stay injury free until Yorkshire.

    Starting to think about training for Yorkshire - not sure whether to follow a plan or just do my own thing. Any recommendations?. Wouldn't want ultra-high mileage - maybe averaging 45-50, peaking at 55-60. I'm thinking I may well revert to a bit of Hadding for a few months after my HMs, before starting a marathon plan, to make sure the base is solid (would just use my Wednesday club run to keep the leg-speed up).

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    Glad the wagon is going so well for most.  I had my 'last' glass on wine at lunchtime on New Year's Eve..... then got smashed on wine and port on New Year's Day evening. image  But since then I have been very good. image

    Daren - I plan not to follow a plan for York, which will be the first time for years.  You know what you're doing and you have a sensible approach to training so you should be ok.  You need to make sure you build up properly, with the right mix, and peak at the right time.  If you have any doubts about this then follow a schedule.  P&D is very good.

    You also need to make sure you're fit enough to allow for instant recovery after the marathon (instant as in an hour or two) ready for post marathon celebrations.  image


  • Brol - Very strong long run by you.

    Simon -  Building your miles very nicely, all my long runs so far have been unfuelled, just a coffee, dog walk, usual visit and go.

    AA - Good pace for your 15 miler, the way you are running and the way my legs feel I think we'll both be closer to 1:35 at Wokingham.  Not exactly shotgun, but I was overseas and due back in April and even though we were engaged the only way to guarantee I came back to the same place as pink was to get married, best £75 ever spent.image

    Freemers/Chick - Good 20's

    2old - American Hustle is very good, I know it's wrong to talk about another woman on the anniversary but Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. Talking of winning races I came second in a 10k once, only 25 ran it though, thought I was a cert to win it until one of neighbours turned up(decent short distance runner) my excuse it was 2 weeks after a marathon and I was still recovering. Oh and I was age group winner at the last Parkrun I ran.image.  Go wash your mouth out "run for fun", today's slow 4 miler in the wind/rain was not fun.image

    Anyone else joining the runhub, looks good.  Nice backup for logging runs and some motivational challenges on there, think most of us have managed the run 25 miles in January though.image

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    Barry- quite a collection of podiums there  I did come second in a supersprint tri in 2012 but there was no bling. I did win an age group prize in a 10k but had to send it back when they discovered I wasn't over 70! Minni would have considered that run today fun image Jennifer Lawrence looked very fit  in the Hunger Games 2. Maybe she foes marathons. image

    Bro- can anyone be tougher than Frankenmoz?

    Minni- Wondering out loud ...I suppose the York marathon sold out whilst I was skiing?  I'm on day 2 on the wagon but I'm going to fall off this weekend when I go up to another age group image

    Daren-40-50 miles should be easily enough for you assuming you get a decent number of LSR In. The S means SLOW by the way .think you will be first to get to the bar so start saving now 

    when are these Santa things going to go? image

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    Ah 2old, general entries went on sale today and sold out with 10 mins.  However, they do transfers so I reckon there'll be a few going nearer the time. 

  • Thought for the day: El Gato got me thinking about PBs and targets so I did a little research. My marathon PB is 3.30.52, which at the time gave me an age grading of 70.8%. My PW at 4.10 last year gave me an age grading of 76.2%...... My unspectacular time of 3.52.00 the previous year was over 80%. I think you can guess how I will set my targets for this campaign!

    You loved that run really didn't you Barry?

  • Thanks for the Anniversary Wishes.

    Simon - I can't eat anything before a run. If it's a long run & early morning I may have a coffee & just go. Refuel with those gels as well now I can get them open.

    Minni - not long to a special anniversary for you & OH then.

    AA Not a shotgun wedding but it guaranteed Barry being posted to the same place as me after his overseas posting - we are ex military. I think your time will be fine at Wokingham & hoping that you both wait for me - I shouldn't be too long! image

    Bro Nice long run there

    2old Try & see American Hustle if you can - I think Barry quite likes Jennifer Lawrence & she shares his birthday!

    So it was very windy, heavy rain & hailstones here but managed to get out during a dry spell & run 4 miles. Swapped my training days around as due to be on a course tomorrow which has now been cancelled due to the bad weatherimage

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    Pink - yes! I'm doing Comrades to celebrate! 

    O4S - that's a great way to think. image 

  • Bro - that's a cracking long run, that's always going to be a tough session so well done for nailing it image

    Daren - you really need to put some kind of training plan together for York.  That's a very good 20M done, similar kind of pace to what Parsnip would run his long run at.  He did two sub-3 hour marathons last year.  Get a training plan!

    Congrats on the anniversary Barry and Pink!

    Impressive 2013 round up kfc, I've no doubt that you'll meet your goals this year.

    AA that's a decent 15M bagged, great pace. You'll be much quicker than 1:40 at Wokingham.

    Hope the rest day helps Red. Saturday sounded tough!

    Free you've probably done more 20 milers than me and my marathon is a month before yours!  Hope the hotel has a decent treadmill for your faster stuff tomorrow.


  • Central Lancashire Half Marathon

    Entered this a while ago as an alternative to the might Brass Monkey half marathon that we didn't manage to get a place in.  It's just over a two hour drive to Preston from home and we decided on Friday night to stay overnight on Saturday to save the hassle of getting down there early (and avoid the stiff legs!)

    We picked up our race numbers then went for a warm up along the first mile and back.  This was billed as a flat half marathon so it was a bit of a surprise to find a nice undulating road for the first half a mile! Dumped the layers at the car then headed for the start.

    It was not chip timed so we jumped in near the front of the pack.  Pre race briefing done then the race director told us all to "Run like hell!" and we were off.  I'd set the watch to autolap each mile. Glanced at it as I passed the first mile marker to see 6:17!! It must have been a little early as I'd not yet clocked a mile on the garmin. And there's no way I was running faster than 5K pace!  Settled into a steady stream of runners.  Felt a bit crappy for the first 2 or 3 miles.  Then gave myself a bit of a talking to and tried to reel in a few runners, including about 4-5 women.  Miles 3-7 went by like a dream.  I had a gel at 4M - early for me in a half but there was water at 4M and 8M and I didn't want to leave it until 8M.  I was striding along merrily, high on caffeinated energy gel with a slight tailwind. 

    By this time the field (about 400 runners) had really thinned out.  Miles 7-10 I noticed I was having to work harder but was not being passed by anyone.  The next runner ahead must have been 400m away.  It was a bit lonely, no support, nobody to pace myself against, not even a car passing by.  At a few points in the course marshals had told me I was the fifth woman.  Miles 10-12 I ended up passing one person but was passed by another two.  The wind wasn't really strong, but by this point in was in front of me. I was struggling but just kept trying to push and just kept thinking "5th, 5th, 5th!" (I knew I'd win nothing for 5th place but still, didn't want to lose a place!)  There was a sharp turn at some point around 11M where I used the opportunity to glance behind me, there was another woman only 10-15m behind with a blue vest on and a magnificent curly ponytail.  I pressed on.  I could hear someone behind me but didn't think it could be a woman from the breathing.  It wasn't - a man passed me. 

    Passed a few more struggling runners, passed the 12M marker.  I was working as hard as I could but the lady still got past me.  I encouraged her as she went past.  She looked really strong so I tried to hang onto her for a bit.  The last mile was one of those horrible miles where you look at your watch every minute to see if it's nearly over yet.  Eventually passed the 13M marker, then turned down the finishing straight.  I couldn't see the clock but could see people walking through the finish funnel.  The clock got into view just as it ticked over to 1:31:00, I finished in 1:31:09.

    Not the best performance but far from the worst.  Oddly I ended up 7th female even though only one passed me. I recognised the lady afterwards as the one who finished first at the Blackpool half a few years ago.

    Parsnip was absolutely brilliant, he was only 20s off a PB but ran another 79 minute half marathon and finished 7th overall image

    Have looked at the course profile and the crappy miles were slightly uphill, the happy miles were slightly downhill.  Parsnip's mile splits are similar with where the f

  • Parsnip's mile splits are similar with where the faster miles are and the slower miles which made me feel better!

    My legs have been pretty tired today but dragged myself out tonight for 6M recovery image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Well done carrot.  You did really well. What did your pacing come out at in the first few miles?  Reading your report has got me nervous for Brass Monkey.  

  • Mile splits: 6:47, 6:56, 6:55, 6:47, 6:44, 6:42, 7:03, 7:05, 7:14 (ouch), 7:11 (eeek), 7:03, 6:58, 7:10 (will it ever end?), 34s for the last bit (6:13)

    Too early for nerves!  You'll be great, have faith in yourself.  And pray for some decent weather. 

  • Hello all. Back from cycling in Morocco - total ascent of 8850 in the week - which is the same as Everest. Managed to twist my ankle though on some steps in a mountain gite (on the 2nd night!). Didn't stop me cycling, but still to test it running. Haven't had a chance to read back - but see that Carrot is still knocking out a decent half image

    chin chin

  • Carot - Well done on the HM at Preston, pretty fast, and just up the road from 2old and myself.image

    Chick - Here's an interesting article on historical Boston weather......    Don't look at the temp for 1905 image.....100degrees.

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Redwood - my legs have felt the same as yours all week, and I only clocked 17 miles for last week... Hoping this treacle time doesnt last!

    Happy anniversary Pink and Barry

    20 laps minni? Sounds 'mentally challenging'...

    El gato - someone not so long ago posted the wise words - 'you can always be faster than you were yesterday'. You're not so far off as you think.

    Great long runs people

    Daren - I know you said no, but how about doing a non flat out non raced spring marathon as a training run at a pace that you can recover quickly from? You are doing the training anyway, I think it would make a huge difference knowing you've got a solid marathon in the bag before York... (OK, thats it, I'll shut up for now about it)

    Very nice one there carrot, and to parsnip too.  Need to get me some halfs in the diary.


    Didn't get out Sunday for a lsr, so did a ssr back from work today - 6.5M and slow, but at least felt a little less sluggish than I have been recently.  

  • Carrot: great race and report, I hate that feeling when another woman passes you near the end but you have nothing left in the tank to try and take her back.

    Tempo run at the club, so couldn't be slow so had to settle for just being shit. Nothing at all in the legs and no motivation - going to take a couple of days off running and do some extra miles on the bike instead.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭



    kfc. wrote (see)


    Daren - I know you said no, but how about doing a non flat out non raced spring marathon as a training run at a pace that you can recover quickly from? You are doing the training anyway, I think it would make a huge difference knowing you've got a solid marathon in the bag before York...


    I say save it for the big day.  image 

    2old - there has been some talk about a team relay at York ....

    Ant - welcome back.  Your pics look amazing.





  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni- team relay for York? But I'm so unreliable. Maybe a transfer is a way forward though 

    Carrot- very impressive HM particularly at this stage in the season. I thought about it but didn't think a week on the pistes would be good preparation. I see that woman with a ponytail was there again. Doesn't she enter all team Minnis races?

    Simon- think you are trying to stress us out about Boston already. it was 47f when I did it in2009....perfect. 

    Ant- hope the ankle is ok but if you cycled it should be

    looking at my schedule there is a lot of slow stuff this month although tomorrow has some faster bits. 



  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I can't see curly ponytail on Brass Monkey start list Carrot. image

  • Carrot - Very well done on the HM, and that's quick from Parsnip.


  • Congratulations Carrot on the HM  & to Parsnip as well image

    Supposed to be a rest day today but I think I will get out there at lunchtime, another run to log on Jantastic - i'm ahead of Barry - whoooo although that may be brief!

  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    Happy anniversary Pinklady and Barry. 

    Carrot - that's a great half marathon. Very quick time.

    Brolish - very impressive long run. 10m at marathon pace is tough in a long run. That should be a good confidence builder. I hope your knee settles.

    Daren - smoking long run from you. 

    My first race of 2014 was a 10k XC on Saturday. Given all the rain it was ankle deep in mud for much of the race but nevertheless it was tremendous fun. I could have done with 12mm or 15mm spikes rather my 9mm spikes. On some of the hills I was running like mad to stop myself sliding down them! My legs have only just about recovered. Track session tonight, my first in 3 or 4 weeks.  

  • Carrot: Impressive performance image  I'd kill for a 1:31 HM!!

    Welcome back Ant and Col image  XC sounds really hardcore ...

    Simon: the trend seems to be for cooler weather (trying to see the positive side). The hills are bad enough, we really don't need 90F on top of everything! Especially as Boston starts really late image

    11.2 miles for me in the wind. Very surprised to manage an av. pace of 7:50 after my warmup as I felt a bit shit. So that was 10 miles at my 2013 MP in a steady run image Quite pleased with that.

  • Chick/2old - Yes I'm sure it will be perfect weather this year at Boston, even the hills will seem flat, and the -50degrees they're experiencing now, will have thawed out by thenimage.


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