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  • Great running Carrot. I love your race reports. Blonde ponytail chasing.... Overtook curly ponytail.... Must catch magnificent ponytail...... Trip up pigtails.....

  • Carrot- cracking race and loved the report. image And yes, I would also kill for 1.31!

    Ant- welcome back, hope the ankle cooperates.

    Col- your xc sounds harcore. I'm doing one this Saturday and it will be a mudfest...image

    Daren- I'm a slave to schedules so would recommend following one even if you end up tweaking it to suit. P&D is always a good start.

    Chick- nice steady pace on the 11 miler.image

    Minni- yes we will most certainly celebrate your wedding anniversary at the comrades.imageimage

    The kee was feeling better today although not 100% but a 30min plod at lunch didn't seem to make it worse so will keep on icing up and hoping it holds up. XC coming up on Saturday and 18m with 12 @ MP on Sunday so it'd better behave!image

  • Wet, wild and windy 7.25m this morning. Various paces, 8.32, 7.31, 7.42, 8.44, 8.15, 8.38, 8.19, 8.12. Ave 8.15 in 59:47, some tough miles into headwind, but all ok.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro-thats another tough LR coming up-especially with a XC so near-rather you than meimageGlad the knee held up

    Simon-think I may need to take my ski gear to Boston to run in if the current weather continues. Good run today -think I can work out when you ran into the wind. Have you signed up for Mad Dog yet? You know you want toimage

    Chick-the rest did wonders for you -cracking MLR. Booked my  Boston flights and hotel todayimage-better not get injured

    Col-nothing like mud to suck the energy out of the legs

    Debating intervals on the TM or hills tonight?The weather will decide it for me

  • First run in 2 weeks completed. Ankle held out fine, but still felt a struggle after my break! Can I remember how to do this lark?

    Bro - watch out for that knee. XC is no place to test a niggle!

  • Oh dear, Bro image   not sure XC is a good idea with a dodgy knee?

    Simon: some good pacey miles there image

    Ant: don't worry, your body will remember it for youimage

    2old: where will you be staying in Boston? Our travel agent got us into the Loews Back Bay which should be pretty close to the finish line. It's a tad expensive but hey, I'm only doing this once. We will by flying out on the 18th. I so didn't realise it was the Easter Weekend when I booked - d'oh!

  • XC only if the knee cooperates. I'm being optimistic!image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-Westin Copley,down town, I think. Im going the day before you. At my age I need longer to recover from the flightimage

    Bro-got to think positive

  • we are flying Premium Economy so can afford a day later image

    Maybe Simon can even bump us up into Business imageimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-its only fair that Simon treats us all the sameimage

    Ant-its not the body remembering ,its you relearning how to forget the pain

  • Chick - Always good when a run is quicker than you think.

    Brol - your coach is working you hard.

    Simon - good steady running is naff conditions.

    Just over 7 miles for me this afternoon, 1.5 WU then 12 x 400m with 1.30 rec 1WD, thought the recoveries were a bit  long but meant I could give each effort a good blast.

  • Chick - I presume you're flying BA, ( not O4S's BA)image.

    2old - Who are you flying with, if it's Ryanair, you've been done, you'll only get to Dublin image. I should be back to work before you both fly out, so I'll have a look on my computer. Still not signed up for Mad dog yet. Remember if you turn up on time this year, you might have a better chance of a Pbimage.

    Bro - Hope the knee isn't too bad.

    Barry - Nice intervals


  • Chick - nice run there!

    carrot - that's a fab time for a half after xmas and you've still got weeks of training to go!

    ant - good to see you back. Great photos. 

    Bro - fingers crossed for the knee. 

    9 miles for me today done on the tready. 

  • yep, si, BA via London
  • Chick - Which german airport are you flying from? You're ticket, was probably cheaper than just a Lon/Bos/Lon ticket, due to the competitive nature of the European market, ie we have to compete with carriers flying direct. So out of german that would be Luthansa.

  • Carrot – really well done on your HM, sounds like an incredibly tough one!

    Blimey Bro, that’s a sadistic weekend you’ve got planned… hope the knee holds out.

    Must be nice to have flights and accommodation sorted 2old & Chick, makes it all seem that bit closer I’m sure.

    So, I have a question to ask you all…

    My marathon pb is shocking. At least 45 mins slower than it should be, and I haven’t yet managed a proper one as the first one I ran injured and the second one I ran ill. So will it be third time lucky? I hope so, as I’m pretty sure I could get close to / beat the 3.30 mark if training goes to plan and I enter MK as it’s mainly flat.

    However… as I’ve said, my Dad is seriously ill (terminally) so I’m looking to get home more often than normal. At lunch I was looking at races in Gloucestershire that I can do on some of the weekends I’m back and noticed that they’ve launched a trail marathon in my home town (Stroud). It’s on May 11th and pretty much goes past my parents front door. It sounds ideal and a no-brainer right?

    The only problem is that it's proper hardcore. The route takes in all of the hills in the 5 valleys, and by my reckoning there will be at least 3,000ft of climbing, if not more. One climb in particular is a killer that I’ve struggled to do in mile 2, and it’s about mile 20. I imagine I’ll be lucky to do 4.15/4.30. But it’s a cracking route, really picturesque and, of course, the first one.

    Do I sacrifice the shot at a time for another year? Which one would you enter?

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- guess I'm on the same flight but the day before

    Simon- If only Ryan Air flew transatlantic .... I'm normally very punctual by the way 

    Red- as it turns out my hotel is fully booked so I'm now looking for another. For some reason most of the other ones are booked too.  You've plenty of time to get the time target make the most of your family and the hardcore marathon

    AA- I nearly did my run on the TM but fought the urge. well done getting that done 

    Barry - excellent intervals 

    didn't do intervals so did 10m of hills in the wind. 8mm average. 

  • Minni - that's a brilliant way to celebrate an anniversary - wow!

    4 miles at lunchtime for me today. The knee is holding up but I have reverted to wearing my old trainers Brooks GTS 12 but it was the newer ones that I haven't really settled with GTS 13's. Decided to have my gait redone & new trainers probably when i'm off work in a few weeks.

    Rest day for me tomorrow image

  • You should be pleased with that run Chick, it's a good feeling when you're getting faster image 

    Col - I can think of many more ways of having tremendous fun than running through ankle deep mud! The things we do. Hope your legs survived the track.

    That's a hard run planned after XC Bro. Hope the knee is just a passing niggle and is better tomorrow. If anything I'd ditch the XC and keep the long run but I'm not the biggest fan of XC.

    Those runs are getting faster Simon!  

    Red - given the circumstances I'd go for the proper hardcore, inaugural, past your parents front door marathon.  No pressure for times, picturesque, it'll still need some decent training but no worries about whether you've run 8M of your 16 miler at marathon pace or not, if you've been up all night with the little ones it doesn't matter so much, it's just running, a hobby, there's the rest of your life to chase a PB (or get an autumn marathon entered instead)

    What was the decision tonight 2old? Indoors or outdoors?

    Ant - that first run back is always a bit rough.

    It was the club handicap tonight and neither of us fancied caning it again so soon after Sunday so Parsnip, my ponytail and I headed out for some hill reps (because that's obviously a much easier option than a 5K time trial around the streets) If my legs weren't toast before they are now.  I spent a minute or so after the reps dry heaving, Parsnip was impressed.

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Didnt fancy caning it so did hill reps?  Those northern veggies are crazy!

    Redwood - if they weren't so close together I'd say race MK and jog the trail run with a friend and enjoy the day out.  The trail run sounds too awesome to miss.  Any flat marathons 3+ weeks before or after the trail run you fancy targeting so you can do both?


    Double for me today - 6.5M easy into work this morning, then 3M mob match against the nearest rival club tonight.  After going backwards at YKW at the weekend I needed a confidence boost so ran it steady so I could pick up the pace at the end.  Not fast by any means, but feel so much better about it having finished strong.  

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Carrot- outside of course image  Good to see you took it easy tonight. image

    KFC-  nice double. I prefer them with tonic. 

  • Red - How about Manchester mara 6apr for a Pb attempt, then over a month to recover before your fun run maraimage.

  • Carrot - another vomit inducing session?!!

    kfc - hope the confidence is coming back now. 

    Redders - I would take the pressure right off yourself while your dad is so ill and go for the local, scenic marathon and enjoy it. 

    Pink - good idea getting the hair done. 

  • Red- agree with the others. Doesn't sound like you need the additional pressure at the moment which will come with trying to get a pb. Enjoy the hard core mara, it sounds fab.

    Carrot- love it. Nothing like a nice easy vomit inducing session!imageimage

    Barry- good intervals from you.

    2Old- nice 10miler.

    KFC- sounds like a solid 3m session.

    I'm very happy to report that the knee has settled. For some strange reason yesterday's plod seemed to help.image Can't really feel anything being wrong with it today. Will try to get a few easy miles in during lunch and then have 1.5h on the way home as 30min @ 8:30s/ 30min @ 8:00s/ 30min @ 7.30.

  • Thanks for all of the advice team - I totally agree with what you've all said and as I was typing it did strike me as definitely the right option. Especially as if I went for MK and flunked it I don't think I would forgive myself.

    Interesting thoughts Simon/KFC. Will need to think about it as I haven't started a plan yet, so Manchester might be a bit too close now. I'll have a look the other side...

  • right decision, Red. Your head wouldn't be in the right place for a hard fast effort anyway. It's a tough time for you and your family image

    Bro: happy the knee has settled. That 90 min run sounds like a great workout, btw.

    carrot: sheesh!! Proper hardcore veggiesimage  No wonder the two of you are so fast!

    Good 10 miler, 2old. Hope you manage to find another hotel.

    simon62w wrote (see)

    Chick - Which german airport are you flying from? You're ticket, was probably cheaper than just a Lon/Bos/Lon ticket, due to the competitive nature of the European market, ie we have to compete with carriers flying direct. So out of german that would be Luthansa.

    Hamburg, Simon. BTW, we are flying back from LAX as we have a bit of driving to do after Bostonimage  and no Premium Economy on the return image  We could only afford the luxury on one leg but at least we are getting to test out the mega Airbus A380 image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon-did you read Chicks comment-'and no Premium Economy on the return image ' If thats not a hint to you for an upgrade I dont know what it isimage

    Bro-you have taken your sessions to another level altogether like a few others here. Looking forward to see what that produces when you peak

    Chick-I prefer to sit with both of my legs in premium economyimageWorking on the alternative hotel now

    Im starting to find getting back to this daily running thing a bit tiring but I suppose thats the point of it.

  • Red - good decision. Running has to come down your priority order at the moment and you definitely don't need the pressure of trying for a PB.

    I'm loving the idea of Simon becoming the official Team Minni flight upgraderimage

    Well my plans for a hotel TM run were scuppered as I ended up in one with no gym....and it was chucking it down yesterday morning. So I chose the option of a lie in and full english breakfast image. Definitely a cut back week now as I can't get out for a run today. Tomorrow is a possible and Friday we'll be in the car most of the day. At least on Saturday my legs will feel fresh and ready to tackle those Cotswold hills!
  • Red: For what its worth I disagree with what most of the others are saying.  When my Dad was terminally ill and I was working full-time, flying back to Ireland as often as possible, I also did the London Marathon in [for me] a very respectable time and also did one of my fastest ever 100 mile events - he died not long after that.  However in those months he loved to hear about the training and the events as it gave him something else to think about and he even said [you can tell from this that I am definitely his daughter] that I wasn't to miss either event to travel back for his funeral - it would make no difference to him and he would rather see me while he was still alive.  Although I had no small children I did have BA in hip to toe plaster for the 3 months leading up to Dad's death, he was actually in hospital waiting for an operation when I did London and I found running gave me some space to get away from it all.

    Just saying.....................


  • 2Old wrote (see)

    Simon-did you read Chicks comment-'and no Premium Economy on the return image ' If thats not a hint to you for an upgrade I dont know what it isimage



    there's no harm in tryingimage  

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