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  • Simon- last year it was Bilbao/ San Sebastian... This time I'm giving myself an extra day in case I end up in a different country!image

    Barry-promise I will taper! Next week is super easy.

    Chick- good call, rest up!

    Free- enjoy the hols.

    Good run for me last night. Started off slow but got going and nailed the last 30min @ 7:25-7:30.

    Easy 5m plod this morning and lunchtime tempo session with 25min tempor/ 5min easy/ 15min tempo. Averaged around 7.06 for the first installment and 7.10 for the 2nd one but it wasn't a walk in the park! Tempo sessions never seem to get any easier...

  • Red - I know what you mean about having to up the ante Re fundraising. I did a marathon for charity, then 3yrs later, thinking I needed to do something bigger to get sponsors imagination, I did that 250mile bike ride last year. Yes I did raise more money, thanks to many of you on here. BUT here's the thing. I trained for 6mnths, thru wind, rain, cold, snow, upto 9-10hrs rides somedays and then had to ride for 22hrs on the day and raised £1900. A guy at work for Red Nose Day, shaved his beard off, which he did at home in about 10mins, raised over £1000, and grew it back within a week FFS. If I'd known that I could of gone for a 'crack, sack and back' wax and saved all the botherimage.

    11m this morning in more wet,wild, windy weather. 2m easy @9mmp, 7m MP @7.57 ave, then 2m easy @9mmp, all done in 1:31:27

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I had a tempo- tantrum on Tuesday night Bro when it just felt too hard. image  But looks like you nailed it. 

    Freemers - enjoy the break.  Hopefully the weather will improve now.

    chicka - glad you chose a double rest.  Hope it helps.

    Looks like the thread will be well represented at Abingdon and Yorkshire. image

    I'm off overnight with Miss Minni for her first Uni interview tomorrow.  Good news is there's a nice big, flat park right next to the Uni so will do my intervals there. image

  • Minni - Hasn't the Uni got a track you can useimage.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Crickey, good thinking Simon.  I'll have to check that out. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Simon - nice run there.  As for the waxing v cycling.  I think you chose the less painful option!

  • Daren -  They are quick efforts.

    Brol - Well done on the tempo run.

    Abingdon is usually 3rd weekend in Oct so 19th is favourite, opens for entries 1 Feb normally and full by March.

    Simon -  Good run, you have still got the crap weather, it's eased off a bit down here.

    8 steady for me this afternoon, ended up with 7:13 avg, a bit quick for MP but got into a nice rhythm and tried to hold it for the duration.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- looks like you've got sub3.15 MP sorted

    Simon- bet Minnin has forgotten you are a cyclist and waxing is standard for you

    Minni- that reminds me that I maybe should use our local uni running track now and again 

  • 2old - As for waxing, it's a bit like childbirth, a lot of fuss about nothingimage.

    The local Uni running track, would that be Edge Hill?

    Barry - Someone's knocked you off the top spot on the Runhub challenge, you need to start doing doublesimage. Nice fast 8m btw.

  • I need some help and advice on the best thing to do. I am feeling pretty low at the moment as I seem to of hurt my ankle I have pains in both ankles although more in he left that feels a bit like it could be shin splints. I have not ran since last Friday to hopefully make a difference it is gone but I haven't ran. Except for after my daughter and I felt a dull pain in the same place. I'm sure this isn't uncommon but what should I do? I have spent a lot of time reading about injury and shin splints. I also have a pain in the back of my knee (right leg) that has been niggling away for a while I wonder if this is connected.
  • I need some help and advice on the best thing to do. I am feeling pretty low at the moment as I seem to of hurt my ankle I have pains in both ankles although more in he left that feels a bit like it could be shin splints. I have not ran since last Friday to hopefully make a difference it is gone but I haven't ran. Except for after my daughter and I felt a dull pain in the same place. I'm sure this isn't uncommon but what should I do? I have spent a lot of time reading about injury and shin splints. I also have a pain in the back of my knee (right leg) that has been niggling away for a while I wonder if this is connected.
  • Evening all; thanks for the welcome backs - wasn't sure that anyone would remember me after all this time!

    This year I'm going for the North Dorset Village Marathon on 4 May, so a bit more time to train than many and possibly more heat than I need!

    Long run up to 15 miles this coming Saturday, nothing planned tomorrow.


  • 2old -  Hopefullyimage, but you know me still got 9 weeks for things to go wrong. Sad face - emoticons not working.

    Simon - Yeah for some reason the Jan Challenge does n't include 1 Jan so I'm 10 miles down. Confused face. But I'm still leading the 1000 mile challenge.image

    SiUK -  Your post reads a little confused, but the body will generally ache a bit more when you increase the training/mileage.  Couple of questions:

    Have you suddenly increased your quantity/quality of runs, I think you're doing the RW plan so are you running 6 days a week. What were you running before the plan started?

    Have you had these pains before?

    New/different shoes?

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- 9weeks isn't long---get the miles in if you can...though if you're leading the 1000mile challenge you must be've got the pace. Can't you sleep?

    40Mins - that extra training time will soon go- good idea to build up your LR. 

    Simon- yes EH. I did quite a lot of runs there before VLM 2010 and suffered patella tendonitis for 18mths after and think that maybe this contributed a bit .I've had 4 kids and never had any pain so agree that its a lot of fuss over nothingimage


    I qualify for the 55and over age group from today. Why is it that I'm reluctant to celebrate? 

  • 2old - happy birthday to you!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Happy Birthday 2old! image 

  • Happy Birthday 2old image 

    Simon good run there. Are you back at work yet?

    Minni enjoy the uni trip & using the track image

    I'm listening to my coach's advice for a change & resting today as I have been running everyday this week so far. Struggled with a 6 mile run after work last night, didn't help having to pop home for a loo stop so luckily I wasn't too far away. I don't enjoy running after work & it showed as it was a rubbish run.

    I'm up for Abingdon but as a spectator as I haven't been to that one to cheer Barry on yet. As it looks like there will be a few of you running I'm guessing a pub will be involved afterwards. image It usually take place after Swindon HM so mid Oct.

  • Hope you made it to Oxford Freemers?

    Bro - running evening, morning and lunch? That's essentially a triple even if split by a night's sleep. How do your legs cope with that, I know mine wouldn't co-operate?

    Simon - you never fail to crease me up, very amusing! A grand for a beard? Either we're in the wrong line of work or he must have a beautiful face that everyone wanted uncovered!

    Minni - hope you enjoy the track. If it's decent, will you pressure her into going to that uni so you can run each time you visit!?

    Barry - very quick 8 there, well done. And SiUK, I can't add anything to Barry's questions.

    Happy birthday 'another-year-2Old'!

    Definitely listen to your body Pink, it's telling you to rest for a reason. I'm in the same boat unfortunately - after my trail run my calves were battered. I went out and ran anyway and have only made it worse. So pretty much taking this week off as my 16 weeks starts next week.

    As for the plan of 2 in 6. Think I'm going to start training for a month and see where I am before entering/announcing it.





  • 2Old- happy birthday to you!!!image

    Barry- nice MP pace!

    Minni- good luck today, hope it's not too stressful and that the 800s go to plan.

    SiUK- have you seen a physio? Might be a good idea to get a professional opinion.

    Red- I never considered running evening/ morning and evening a triple... lol. But I see your point. The legs are cooperating at the moment.

    50min easy planned for lunch today. XC tomorrow. 

  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    2old - happy birthday

    Brolish - great pace on both the tempo and the last 30 minutes of the 90 minute run.

    Barry - that's a great 8m run.

    Simon - yet another good run from you.

    Redwood - that sounds like a plan

    Rest day today, and then parkrun tomorrow followed by by a 12m run to start buiding the miles back up.  

  • 2old: Happy Birthday junior! You probably aren't celebrating because not many races have 5 year age categories........... 

  • 2Old: Happy birthday, youngster.

    Red / Barry: I tried triples many years ago in an attempt to run the magic 100 mile week, I made the mileage but was absolutely shattered. Triples IMO are not worth it.

    Minni: hope your trip to uni with miss Minni is going well.

    Pink; you seem more sensible than most of us.

    SIUK: if you have upped the mileage quickly you will ache, rest will cure everything. Perhaps see a physio to see if there is an underlying problem.

    last nights club session was 2 x 15 mins at about 10K pace off 3 min recovery, then my old favourite the Pyramid, 300 / 600 / 900 / 1200 and back down, sore today so either a 5 mile recovery or nowt. 

  • 2old - Happy B'day, being a v55 now, will that increase your chances in any races?image.

    Pink - No still off work at moment, probably end of Jan, so trying to make the most of the time. 

    Red - No he's an ugly b'tard, but I obviously work with a load of 'mugs'image.

    Barry - Yes it was the 1000 challenge I noticed your infamy. 

    I presume the probs with the emoji's is whilst RW gets rid of the Santa theme!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Thanks all for the good wishes

    Simon-increased chances? In a word -no. More likely to make me even later getting to the start. If you type ;  -  )  you get thisimage

    Red-a triple-ha ha, only Chick would consider that

    DD-thought you were younger for some reason .Hope you put some youngsters to shame in that tough club session

    O4S-I am going to deliberately seek out races with a 55-60 age group prize as I feel its time I deserve a prize.Trouble is there are still proper runners in that group who run 36min 10ks etc

    Col-did you ever reduce your mileage?

    Bro-looks like you have fully recovered for that XC

    Pink-you never know , after the HM,you may be tempted to run Abbington too..its the obvious next step

    Minni-hope you're not still running round that track.

    Thinking of a LR for later today...we will see



  • 2Old: It must be my good looks which make me seem younger. I haven't found any races around here with a M55 age group, Tri's are better for 5 year age groups. My 56 year old club mate runs 34 mins for 10K! But then he is in the top 10 nationally.

  • Red - How about killing 2 birds with 1 stone, shaving/waxing a body part whilst running the 2 maras, then all bases are coveredimage.

    5m on the TM for me, with 30secs @9.5mph every 1/2m, which I think is about 6.20mmp pace.

    2old - Outdoor or TM lsr?

  • a 34 min 10k, insane! 

    Happy Birthday, 2old  image

    SiUK: Spoons is our resident expert on shin splints… I can only help with back pain, I’m afraidimage

    Barry: amazing MP. Wow.

    Hope you made it to Oxford Freemers. Enjoy your break!

    Pink: I find it hard to run after work too. I think it's because there's food sloshing around in the stomach. Whatever it is but I never feel good running in the evening.

    Having said that I managed a teensy recovery run last night. Just 3 miles. But I just felt so stiff and awful that I thought it wouldn't hurt. The wind was crayyy-zeee though!

    Triple?? Thanks but no thanks image  I think Bro is the uncontested mileage queen of this threadimage

    12 miles for me in the wind and rain (yawn). To alleviate boredom I did alternating miles of 8:35 and 7:35 (somewhere around my Boston MP I hope). Didn't quite succeed but hey, it was mega windy. Splits were 8:38 (2 miles warm up)/7:31/8:40/7:34/8:32/7:35/8:32/7:37/8:43/7:34/8:39.

    Oh man but MP feels hard. And this was on the flat. I don't want to know how it feels in hills image


  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Happy new bling boundary birthday 2old!

    Redwood - sounds sensible to see how it goes before committing.  Unfortunately cos you've been in this position for a while you'll have a good idea of how well you'll manage to find the time and energy to get out and train.  I'm sure some like O4S will find running helps - but I found the opposite for me, in the 6 months after my dad died I was just so tired, needed to sleep more and didnt have the energy to do more than short runs.  I did my first London in that period, and just struggled to train.  I got round, but it wasnt pretty and couldnt walk for a week after, much less do another marathon!  Anyway, I'm sure you'll come up with the right plan.


    First long run for me today since my autumn marathon.  15M, kept it at a nice easy pace, ended with with 8.07 avg, happy with that.  Hoping the last few weeks of being shit are on their way out!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD- 34mins??..might as well quit now. I will let others here comment on your 'good looks'

    Simon-that's fast TMing! Outdoors LR

    Chick- that was a tough12. Good going .I just did my LR 55secs slower than MP and I cannot see where those seconds are going to be found 

    KFC- it's bling year for me. It's my one chance. Fast pace for a first LR

    did my LR in a nice cool drizzle. 20.4 miles. First 11 in around 8.15 then the rest near 8mm so average 8.05mm. Exhausted 

  • Happy Birthday 2old! Nothing like a 20M run to celebrate.

    Looks like a pretty successful set of MP miles to me Chick? But yes, it does feel so hard in training.  Plenty of time for the training to click into place before Boston, have faith.  If it feels easy this early there's always the risk that you've peaked too soon.

    That's a decent 'easy' pace kfc, there was a time when that would have been close to race pace.

    Barry - 9 weeks! Must not panic....

    Enjoy XC tomorrow Bro, no more knee pain?

    2 x 15 mins then a pyramid, no wonder your legs are sore today DD.

    Long run completed today, 20M with the last 6 @ MP. Hard going and not quite quick enough for those marathon pace miles. Ah well, they can't all go right. 8M easy tomorrow and a relay race on Sunday to look forward to.

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