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  • 2old - Happy birthday,  very good long run. I love running in the drizzle. Joys of shift work, nights for me next week.

    Carrot -  Well done on the long one, that's a tough run.

    kfc -  That's a very good easy pace, are you doing VLM?

    Chick - MP should feel tough at the mo, running on tired legs.

    Simon - nice quick efforts from you.

    Rest day for me, really wanted to go out for a run but stopped myself and had an afternoon nap instead.


  • Barry - Afternoon nap is one of the joys of runningimage.

    2old/Carot- Is Friday the new day for lsr's ?

    kfc - welcome back and a nice paced run.

    Chick - still plenty of time for the MP to click, was that your mlr run?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Carrot - now long after your HM to be doing  with MP in there.  I wouldn't worry about the pace.

    Celebrating tonight 2Old?

    Nice kipping Barry.

    Gawd Simon I would have fallen off the back!

    Chick good to see you out again.

    KFC doesn't sounds like you've lost your pace.

    Anyone flooeded?  AA?

    Brol - hope the XC goes well tomorrow and that knee behaves.

    So while Miss Minni was having her 4.5 hour interview today (thanks DD - it seemed to go well) I hit Albert Park for 8 miles including 8 x 600m, all around 6:25 pace.  It was so nice to run in the daylight with no time restrictions.


  • sounds like a perfect mum and daughter trip Minni image

    Simon: it was MLR number 2 this week. I need all the miles I can get :-/

    carrot: Echo what Minni said - it's pretty soon after your half so legs are still grumpyimage
  • Minni- nice pace on your intervals. Glad to hear the interview went well.

    Barry- napping is my favourite recovery method, especially on Sunday afternoons. imageGood call.

    Carrot- good 20 miler. Next time those pesky mp miles will feel easier. The knee is behaving. Slightly stiff but not sore. Next week is super easy in a run up to the BM so hoping it will have a chance to settle completely.

    2Old- that's a good average on your LSR.

    KFC- she's back!

    Chick- I like your alternating 12m. Must try it out. No triples for me but a lot of doubles and 70-75m weeks in this campaign.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- I had a rest day yesterday. 

    Carrot- nearly MP is great at this stage in a LR . I was thinking of better things when plodding along 

    Simon- Friday is the new Sunday 

    minni - glad interview went well and run even better. No alcohol tonight- first time since my teens on a birthday which is a very long time 

    Bro- lots of miles in the bag

    still tired 

  • 2Old - Happy Birthday & welcome to the V55 club.  I've been a member for a couple of years now, and some really are a bit quick.  Fortunately 1 has just turned 60...


    DD - Are you still in Devon (when in England)?  Quite a few 5 year age category races, including our 1st Chance last weekend.  Most of the Bideford & Exmouth races are also 5 year categories I think.


  • crikey Bro, that's mega mileage !! It was my original plan too but I think it needs revision. Not sure my back can absorb such killer mileage. Time will tell.

    I got the idea for that alternating mile workout from Malcs' sub 3:30 thread and thought it a nice way of breaking up a boring MLR into manageable chunks.

    2old: no alcohol on your birthday?? Pretty determined to stay on the wagon it seems.
  • Minni - Nice pacy repeats.

    Brol - Monster mileage.

    Up early this morning first 20 of the campaign, one of the "bonuses" of being a shift worker, I normally wake up early.  20 miles done in 7:59 avg,  first 10 8:08 avg then 7:50 avg for the second 10. Unfuelled just coffee and glass of squash before I ran.  If I ever get sub 3:15 I may be tempted to try a marathon without gels.

  • Carrot nice long run there

    That's big mileage Brol

    Nice run there KFC

    Simon Hope daytime tv is driving you crazy!

    I was also out early this morning after having a coffee. 10 miles banked & passed Barry at my 5 mile point. Enjoyed the run much better than Thursday evening's.

    Off to Sailsbury later for a meal with friends but need to check if there is any flooding on my route. I'm the driver & despite my military training my navigation skills are rubbish so hoping I don't end up in Bournemouth!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- very good LR many more are you aiming for?At least 5? Won't be on the wagon tonight 

    Pink- like the way you passed B- you must be confident about your HM with all these runs your putting together 

    40m- good to see there are more old timers here. Dont you hate those super fast vets.....oops sorry O4S


    legs feel hammered today.  May but probably won't do a RR. Celebrating birthday tonight 

  • Beautiful day here for the xc. Off in an hour or so.image God woken up at 3am by Mr Brol rocking up from a stag night and stinking of booze... feeling very smug positioned firmly on the wagon!

    2Old- enjoy the celebrations tonight and rest those legs.

    Pinklady- nice early 10miler from you.

    Barry- good pace on the first 20 of the campaign.


  • 2old Barry was on his last mile heading home when I passed him at my 5 mile point. He was still running quick like a man on a mission. image

    Brol good luck in the xc today

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    3 miles in the crisp sunshine for me this morning and now off to a speed awareness course.  Best not be late - don't want to get caught speeding.... 

  • Minni - Who's been a naughty girl? I only say that cus it's the first time in about 20yrs, when I've actually got zero points on my licence. Time to put my foot down againimage.

  • I got fined yesterday :-/ again. image

    speed limits suck.

    on the upside: ran in the sunshine for once. 7.5 easy miles.

    best of luck Bro image
  • afternoon all. 

    Bro - good luck today. 

    Barry - well done on your first 20. Great pace. Looks like a mega mileage week for you. 

    Pink - nice 10 miler on the bank. 4 weeks tomorrow image

    minni - enjoy your course!

    2old - enjoy tonight. 

    lovely crisp morning here. Managed 16 miles and avoiding flooded lanes. Still bad round here. Thames went last night in Reading! Found my run tough today. Got a stitch @8 miles which took 2 miles to go (angry face!) ran with a friend who, at 51, did a 2:54 marathon in September. 

    Got woken at 3am with The Boy coming in from a nightclub in town. Couldn't get back off to sleep again. (Angry face again!)

    rest tomorrow. 45 miles for the week. I am absolutely shattered at the moment. Day 11 off the booze. Might fall off the wagon tonight...

  • AA - Good lsr, is 45m a low, ave or high mileage for you.

    Chick - Its nice to see a bit of sunshine.

    Cool, sunny 18.4m lsr in 2:47:18 @9.05 ave. Ok for 14m, then paced slowed a bit and shoulder started to hurt. But 42m for the week (highest ever), and in fact cus I did my lsr on Sunday last week, that's 59m in 7days. I almost sound like a marathon runnerimage.

  • Barry: nice long run

    Minni: i actually found the speed awareness course OK, if too long.

    Bro: Mile Monster

    40mins: now in deepest Dorset, might have to come to Devon to find a M55 race. I too will be at NDVM though its two weeks after Boston so will be a trott, cant not do it though as its so local and the organising club are my second string club. 

    2old: enjoy your night out.

    AA: dont uou just hate these pld genetic freaks? (Sorry O4S, i just called you a freak!).

    Today was three hours and 50 miles on the bike, afraid my competative streak got the better of me, set off with the alledged slow group though looking around I couldnt see anyone who was slow. When half the group went off the front I went with them, which given they were on road bikes and i was riding a cyclo cross bike with knobbly 35mm tyres wasnt my brightest idea. Hung on for grim death but the hills were kilers, my CX bike weighs 4kg more than my road bike.  Tired now. Mrs DD has just gone for a run, chances are that lightening will strike at any moment.

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    2old - you're on the comeback, those seconds are there, you'll find them!

    Carrot - yep, you're right.  I remember trying to hit that pace just before London last year and struggling, so I'm not as shit as I think!  Not surprised you found the MP hard after the fast half and hills this week.

    Barry - yep, I'll be at VLM.  5th one for me this year.  Nice 20.

    Minni - yep, so nice to run when you know everyone else is at work and its all just time for you.  I'm loving having fridays off for running now.

    Hope you enjoyed the XC bro - probably the same one I was going to go to but CBA'd it.

    Nice week AA.

    Whats going on - too many dry people on this thread for me!


    YKW this morning - huge number of people, about twice the largest field ever.  20.52, so still a way off my best, but a solid even paced run so happy with that.  I can forget last weeks now.

    OH has just gone out for his first VLM training run, and his first run in a few months.  Predict he'll be grumpy when he gets back!

  • KFC- you've missed a good one!

    Total mud fest on the Common, I was covered in it from head to toe. Mr B didn't want to let me back into the house... Had a cracking run and really enjoyed it today. Took it steady on the first lap and felt strong so started pushing on the second and overtaking people including one of my main rivals who I'd never beat before and even managed to score which is not a given with all the speedsters we have.image Beautiful day for it as well crisp and sunny for a change.

    One of my club coaches decided to join me on my 18miler tomorrow, will be nice to do it with someone (as long as he can keep up!image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Nice long runs, cycles, ykw and XC folks! 

    I now know if I drive a tiny bit slower you might survive if I hit you.  Off to the flicks now. 

  • trying to catch up on a week's worth of posts, couldn't cope this week, damn 6am starts are a mare after the hols!

    Carrot - cracking half from you last weekend + for so early on in the mara training, well done!

    great to see those who have been injured returning nicely, good milage A.A, Simon + Barry. good to see 2old back out too image


  • DD - Nothing wrong with Dorset, see you at the NDVM, you can jog round with me!

    Lovely flat 15 miles in the sunshine today, along the Estuary from Exmouth to Exeter, came in at around 8:15 pace which was a bit brisker than expected at this stage.

    Rest tomorrow, track Monday.



  • k.f.c i would kill for that y.k.w time!

    Bro must have been ultra muddy, well done.

    pink, nice 10 miler image

    4runs done this week, an hour on the treadmill today, slowly getting some fitness back image

  • See, this is why I love this thread - thanks for the support for the long run folks, I didn't consider the half less than a week ago!

    Bro - nice work at the cross country today, well done beating your rival! Scorer too, happy days. Impressive mileage this week and your quicker runs are getting faster too!  All going well for your marathon. 

    Nice pace for those 600s Minni, just need to do those without the recovery. 

    Barry you'll be 3:15ign in Barcelona.  Well done on the unfuelled run.

    Well done getting 16M in AA. Do you not find runs are harder when you just have to make the route up as you can?  Or maybe it was running with someone whose MP is 6:40!! You've done great getting back into the mileage, enjoy the rest day tomorrow.

    Good result at parkrun this morning kfc! I'm not having a dry January, stuff that image

    Nap time is the best, I had 45 minutes this afternoon before my run. 

  • Carot - Nap time before a run! I save them til after, as part of recoveryimage.

    40m - Nice pacey 15m.

    Bro - Well done on scoring at your xc, enjoy your 18m tomorrow .

    Minni - So you've still just got the 9points on the licence then.image

    Kiwi - Glad you're back to marathon training.

    DD - I like your competitive spirit, CX tyres and extra 4kgs. You've got to show these youngsters who's bossimage.


  • 2old - Yes 5 runs of 20 or more in total, longest one 22.  I would have liked to get some more in but coming back from injury have been ramping up slowly. Next Sunday should be interesting plan says race HM or brisk(HM pace) 13 miler, so a solo effort round Swindon.

    AA - You are building the long runs and weekly mileage very well.  56 miles for me this week, which it the biggest for a v long time.

    Brol - Well done on the XC.

    kfc -  Well done on the YKW, step in the right direction.

    kiwi - Good news, building well.

    Minni - I have a feeling you are going to take my top spot today.

    5 miles slow this morning, lovely frosty morning.  Legs starting feeling OK in the last mile.

  • Bro: XC sounds fun

    Carrot: love nap time but rarely happens.

    just the 13 for me today, first half slow, second half above MP.  Would have liked more but tired from yesterday and time constraints. 44 for the week, plus 90 on the bike.

  • well raced Bro. Always great to feel strong on the second lap image

    Great weekly mileage Barry and AA. Hope injury woes are firmly behind you.

    kfc: I'd like to be you on an off day ... awesome ykw time!

    Simon: putting in the miles I see. Another solid run banked.

    22 for me today. Cold and sunny and very windy again :-/ Still happy with 8:40 pace at a very low HR despite the pesky wind. That's my base phase done. Now on to some more specific stuff.
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