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  • sorry - no time for forums recently!

    SIUK - shin splints - foam roll the calves (outer, back and inner) the quads, hams and IT band twice a day. Get a proper massage. Loads of stretching (especially the calves). Do the yoga child pose to stretch the front of the ankle and shin area. Do big circles with your feet to keep the ankles flexible. Buy new shoes if your's are old. Run off road more than on the road. Get calf compression sleeves. 

    Today was 17 miles with the last 5 @ MP followed by 25 miles on the MTB. Cold out there today!

  • Chick - Was your 22m at the crack of dawn, or do you have a lie in til 5am at w/endsimage?

    Spoons - Nice x-training. I are you training for a xterra triathlon?

    DD - I bet you wish for those sandblasted biking rides at the moment image?

    Pink - As my training is going ok now, and not long too before back at work, daytime tv is history.....nearlyimage.

  • 31 miles in the man eating mud of Surrey. Day started gin clear at minus 2 degrees, making running easy. Great first 10 miles, but by then it was thawing and the route took us along some river valleys across hideous fields and bridle ways. Everyone lost a lot of time on the section, but as the weather deteriorated the terrain became hillier with some better tracks.  Picked up quite a bit in the fog and drizzle - but finished covered in mud with a two and a half hour drive home. I nobly stayed with BA (or at least waited for me at intervals) so we both had a good day out.

    KFC: I'm with you firmly off the wagon! 

    Brol: a few more laps would have made that XC perfect - good run.

    Well done all on the long runs.

  • AA Nice weekly mileage there. Yep 4 weeks & counting & getting nervous.

    Minni hope the course went ok. What did you see at the flicks?

    Simon nice 18 there. I was briefly ahead of Barry on Jantastic but he's ahead now.

    Well done Kiwi

    Carrot Barcelona will soon be here but i'm sure you will do really well. The start & finish are at the same place, I shouldn't have any trouble finding Barry. That's if I haven't got lost in the 9 floor department store.

    DD Good weekly mileage

    Chick Impressive mileage, your doing brilliantly

    Simon daytime tv does get boring. You must be looking forward to getting back to work.

    No running for me today as spent last night in Sailsbury although it was a tricky drive there & got into another car to travel to a village pub. It ended up being a very late night for me which I'm not used to, Once the champers was opened how could I refuse? Bit of a hairy drive back to Swindon today as I encountered fog plus a bit of flooding. Glad to be home.

    Total mileage for me this week is 27 which is brilliant considering this time last year I was preparing to have a major foot operation & didn't think I could run a mile!

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Slow 5M with OH today, giving me 44M for the week. Nice running this weekend everyone!  Liking the enthusiasm for the training plans right now image

  • Evening All,

    Quick check in to see how Spring Mara training is going, and it's looking goooood!image

    Dead jealous... Keep up the good work.

  • when is your op, Oomps?
  • hi all - managed 3 runs this week as planned 2x5miles then a 7 miler today at 8:30mm pace which was all over the place on the splits from 8mm pace to 9:15 mm pace so not great but im just glad to be turning the legs over after all this time off.


    plan to step up to 4 runs next week and get 25miles in with a minimum 8mile LSR which I will try and keep at a more consistant pace this time !


    Legs are feeling fine now but I want to just build nice and safely , if I can get up to a 13mile LSR by end of Feb and a regular 4-5 runs per wk then I will be happy.


    Cant believe the miles and times of everyone on here ....pretty awesome stuff

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Pink - The Railway man.  Eric Lomax lived in my home town so some of the filming was done there.  For anyone who sees it I run on that sea front and along those river paths when I run from work.

    You'll be back in the game soon Oompa.

    Nice long run today chick and good to see spoons back with a cracking effort.

    You'll soon get there Glyn.

    Only 17.5 for me today and it felt very leisurely.  Did the bulk of it with two others so the time passed really quick.  


  • Chick - Last Thursday.

    Removed bone spurs, re shaped back of the knee cap as apparently it was pretty horrid, also has a cartilage tear, so they shaved and repaired that, removed a ganglion that appeared on my ankle after the last op, oh, and I may have some nerve damage as apparently there was "bone on bone" somewhere, but I was too whacked up on Morphine to know what exactly when my surgeon spoke with me afterwards!

  • ha ha only 17.5  miles !!!!

  • Oomps - sounds like they've almost given you a perfect knee now!

    kfc - good to see you back on form. 

    Spoons - great run. 

    Minni - only 17 indeed!!

    carrot, bro, - the XC looked fun!

    O4S - putting everyone to shame! I'm surprised you didn't need a boat!

    simon - I normally max out @50 mpw in marathon training. Haven't got the time or the inclination to do any more. And this year I'm really just taking one week at a time to see how my foot and body cope with the running after injury. 

  • AA - Fingers crossed. I already have more flexibility in it than the other knee had after 4 weeks? Hows your PF? 

  • OMG, Oomps - that sounds rather horrid  image  (oh man, Santa hats still there ...) Hope they fixed everything. How long will have to recover?

    Pink: you've come a long way in that year. Excellent!!

  • Been away from the boards again for a bit - need to get back on it. Just having my typical poor start to marathon training so I'm sulking a little.

    Ankle is just about perfectly ok now, but in a 2old moment i tripped over some wonky paving slabs on my thursday evening run and went flying. I ended up with a major graze on my knee, but also manage to tweak a muscle in my leg which has actually been worse than I first thought and I had to scrap my long run on Sunday - did some cross trainer at the gym instead. Feels marginally better today - so will try a run again tomorrow.

    Don't know why I am moaning about a niggle though when we have people coming back from serious injuries like 2oldOompa, Simon and AA! Go team!

  • O4S - was that Winter Tanners? A few from my club did it....

  •  Spoons: it was indeed, one of my all-time favourites - although the navigation was a lot trickier this year than previously. 

    Just heard that I have got a free entry to the Bath half marathon, usual price £40!! They do free entries for 'Best for age' which is a lot tighter than VLM - sub 1.45 for LV60, but the half in November was fast enough to swing it. Wasn't really planning a HM as part of this campaign, but it would seem rude not to image

  • Well done on some great long runs Chick, Spoons and Minni (does that even count as a long run for you?).

    Oomps, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery from the op.

    Ant, hope the niggle sorts itself out soon.

    Nice ykw, kfc.

    O4S, just a casual 31 miles in the mud then. Remarkable stuff as ever.

    Bro, well done on scoring in the cross country. It's always nice to be passing people in the second half of a race.

    A couple of good sessions for me this weekend. Short tempo on Sat am - 7 including 3 @ 6:25. Then last night did 15 including a nice progressive HM. Ran with my HR monitor on - 3 x a lap of about 4.35 miles and aimed to do first lap at 160bpm, then 170, then 180. Paces were 7.30mm, 7:03 and 6:42. Looking back through my training from when I was doing the HR stuff before I was only running about 8mm at 160 and 7.30 at 170 on a much flatter course, so very happy with the shape I'm in at the moment. Total time for the HM was sub-1:33 and the first 2/3rds felt pretty comfortable image


  • Chick - I expect it to be at least 12 weeks before I can run again, but hopefully sooner?

    Ant - Don't push a niggle so that it becomes something major... "Said the pot to the kettle"

    O4S - A well deserved freebie half. Definitely rude not to!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    O4S - it would definitely be rude not to!  Well done!  You'll be writing your book before long.



  • KFC- great YKW.image

    Chick- well done on 22 yesterday.

    O4S- another epic mud fest! Welldone on the Bath half, definitely should do it.

    Oompa- let's hope it's onwards and upwards from here.

    Minni- only 17??? Slacker!

    Ant- ouch, hope it's ok to run tomorrow.

    Daren- you're flying at the moment.image

    My 18 yesterday went very much to plan. One of my club coaches joined me but unfortunately couldn't keep up so had to be ditched 4m into the run. I felt guilty but I had warned him I had to hit specific paces. This is precisely why I prefer to run alone.

    Ended up doing 2m warm up and then 18 @ average 7.47 with the 1st and last 6m @ around 7:35. Very happy with that especially after the xc on Saturday. The last 6m @ mp felt tough but surprisingly I ran each mile faster than the last one.

    Rest day today and a very easy week ahead in a run up to the Brass Monkey.


  • That's a cracking long run Bro!

    O4S, great news on the half. The rest of us can only dream of ever being good enough to get free entry into a race!

  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    Brolish - well done in the XC. It's always great to finish feeling strong. Unfortunately in XC I always slow down towards the end. Fantastic long run at a fast pace.

    Carrot -  that's a good long run.

    Minni - speedy 600s. I always find 600s very difficult to pace.

    Barry - it's always good to get the first 20 miler in. I will be trying my long runs unfuelled too but will carry a gel just in case. 

    Pinklady - nice 10m run.

    AA - well done on 16m

    kfc - well done on parkrun. That's a good time.

    Spoons - that's a good 17m run

    Glyn - nice progress

    O4S - fantastic news on the half marathon. Well done on 31m run.

    Daren - very fast tempo, and a fantastic progressive half marathon run.




  • Excellent run, Bro!! You really deserve some good race times this season. I bet you smash all those old PBs to smithereens.

    Daren: another fast training half! You make it sound so easy. Nice to have some HR data to back up those numbers.

    Rest day today - gotta love P&D. Monday is always a rest day image

  • O4S: impressive stuff as always

    Darren:,your turning into a speedy chap

    Oompa: the bionic man returns.

    Trip to the North Sea cancelled, cant say im sorry as i hate chopper transfers. 

    Had a eureka day today, 7 miles at a bit below MP felt easy despite a pretty hard week, fitness is returning at last. Today as per P & D should have been a rest day but thought i was going away so ran, trouble is i shall probably not bother with a rest day now!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Just about recovered from my weekend-I hate falling off the wagon after the even though it seemed great at the time.

    Everyone has been busy

    Simon-cant tell you how impressive your progress is building up a big meleage and LR. Take care you dont over do it especially with your injury recovery nearly complete.

    DD-dont think you can complain about your mileage either especially with those bike miles thrown in

    Bro-you are a mileage monster.To do such a disciplined LR after that tough XC took some doing

    Minni-bet you talked and tweeted all the way on your LR-is it a mini taper this week-you dont want to leave that sub 90min HM to chance do you

    Kiwi-good to see you on the road to recovery

    Chick-epic22 miler.My base building ends at the end the month if I get there. Bet your looking forward to adding some tempo and intervals. Enjoy your rest day

    04S-31 miles of mud in a day?Crazy as ever.When iread your post I thougt youd started the day with a gin amnd tonic too. Congrat son your free entry -bit like a pensioners bus passimage Likely youll win more bling there too

    Barry-good to see you are targeting those LRs. The more the merrier

    Pink-great mileage.Bet your coach is impressed

    Oomp-good to see you around

    Glyn-keep with the schedule and build those miles and it will all come together .Take no notice of the speedy long runners here.You will get there if you stick at it

    Ant-some injured in your circs would take a photo of the defect and claim for the injury rather than confess embarrassed. Hope all is ok

    Darren-another quailty high speed session. Impressed again

    Didnt run on Sat or Sunday as I had a bit of soreness in my left calf.That made my total for the week 44.Like others less than I'd planned but its still early days and any way,its 71 since last Saturday. 21 K done  today on the TM at 7.48mm. Had intended to go a bit faster but again the left calf started to tighten painfully which is a bit worrying.

  • DD - You're confusing bionic with chronic!

    Some good running going on and some big miles being recorded already. 

    Too early for time predictions????

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Too early surely?image 

    Please take it easy with that calf 2old and slow those miles down!   What's caused it? Mine's sometimes brought on after dancing in high heels and you did say you'd fallen off the wagon! 

    DD - the North Sea is no place to hang out. 

  • 2old - Good TM sesh again, but be careful of that calf, you don't always have to stay in the fast laneimage.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    2old - meant to say that yes, I'm having a cutback this week ahead of Sunday.  2 days rest I tell you!!

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