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  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Ant- and I live in a cardboard box in the middle of the road with my 10 kids...the cloggs are a bit noisy to run in though.image

    KFC-if thats a recovery day maybe stick to the quality sessionsimage .

    are our 3 Brass Monkeys all planning pony tails? ...just to confuse the competition?

  • Nice run Simon and good deed for the day done image I thought the same re: learning to plod until I tried Hadding and think there's definitely some truth in it.

    Sounds like a great week's training Carrot.

    kfc, my max is 194 (well, that's the most I've ever seen on my Garmin!), so my HR figures are probably 8-10bpm higher than yours, which seems to tally as lower than 170 feels comfortable to me. My HM pace is usually around 180. Recovery I try to keep below 145.

  • Morning all. 

    Simon - nice run. Great to see you well an truly on your way back. 

    Kfc - you do some excellent quality sessions.

    I'm getting excited about the brass monkeys running. And nervous!

    first long one for me today. 18 miles and I had to do laps on higher ground. foot a bit sore and still taking it one week at a time. It was a better run that last week thank goodness. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Good news AA.

    Ant - yes missed the boat.  I think the last date for registration is today.  I'm not too bothered to be honest.

    I'll be doing plaits rather than ponytail.  The weather is predicting frizz.  image

  • Minni - Good plan. The weather made a complete mess of my "do"!

    Good luck for this weekend racers. 

    As always, dead jealous. image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-its always good to get the first LR done. Easy from now  on

    Minni- wear a hair net!

    Oomp- keep the faith you'll be back.....speaking as one whose had to do it several times

    3rd LR of the month- 20.4 - first 14 around 8.15-8.20 and the last 6 under 8mm. Average 8.08mm. 58m in 5 days .Rest tomorrow .


  • 2old - jesus you're banging them out

    Oompa - you must share your hair mousse secrets

    Minni - and the champs start would mean you couldn't hobnob with all your celeb mates anyway

    Another run done this lunchtime, feeling that finally the Xmas niggles may be behind me. But it is looking like my lowest mileage January in all marathon campaigns. Have to hope that my base endurance will compensate.

  • don't you ever go on about my mileage again, 2oldimage crayzeee stuff.

    I had to put on the sensible head today. Plan was to do a hilly 11 today but I am coming down wiv something image so taking it easy instead. Maybe an easy 3, maybe rest ...
  • 2old/AA - Good long runs from both of you.

    2old - No Brass Monkey for me but I think 40M is racing.   I have my own HM around Swindon sunday morning look forward to. 

    Simon -  I think I've had my time at the top of the table, just waiting for Brol/Chick  to join so I move further down.

    Still can't get emoticons.

  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    AA / 2old - nice long runs there

    Barry -  good luck at Swindon

    Minni / Brolish / Carrot - best of luck at Brass Monkey.

    30 minutes of tempo last night with 2.5m warm up and cool down. Plan for tomorrow is parkrun tomorrow followed by 1 hour 45 minutes of easy running.

    Good luck everyone racing or running this weekend.

  • the weekend has arrived, yay!

    excited about the races this weekend, good luck Minni, Brolish, Carrot, Barry + Darren!! Darren - you might need a snorkle for your cross country, surface flooding was a mare out there today!

    nice long runs A.A + 2old.

    interesting discussion, re the recovery runs/plodding. I've found recently that starting very slowly + keeping the pace slow has helped get back into it. still feeling really unfit, but it was never going to happen overnight! Done 3 runs so far this week, will be on the treadmill tmrw.

  • Sorry, just to clarify not officially racing sunday just attempting a HMP training run HM.

  • Good long running AA, you're doing great staying patient with your foot. 

    Hope it's nothing too bad Chick, maybe just an easier few days will help.

    Enjoy parkrun Col!

    So a HM time trial Barry? Run well!

    It'll come back Kiwi, you can't be that unfit with three runs done already this week.

    Tempo run done today, mission accomplished (albeit on the treadmill as I couldn't be chewed battling traffic and pedestrians while trying to maintain tempo pace, and was not running at 5:30am on a day off work) Trademark ponytail for me on Sunday. 

  • 2Old/AA Nice long runs

    Good luck to all those racing in the BM

     emoticons not working.

    Ran at lunchtime today - hills which I strangely enjoyed.

    Had to give swimming a miss tonight as I turned up, got changed then realised I had left the important things at home - hat, goggles & pull buoy!

    Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- that's not going to be an easy HM. 

    Pink- hate it when that happens. I've got changed in the gym only to discover my shoes were left At home. 

    felt a bit odd during my run today -approx 14 miles in  about 20 mins after taking a gel a dizzy feeling started and got quite intense . It passed after drinking some water.  I have a feeling it was the caffeine in the gel but don't want to go through that again 

    Off to the Tyrol tomorrow so not sure if I'll run next week nor how much access to here I will have ,so better wish the racers on Sunday all the best. DBS !!  times starting with 8 please. 

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    So practically everyone who was benched is now running longer than me.  Hmm, guess I'd better get off my ass and do some 20's.  Love/hate relationship with them.  image 

    AA - fab 18.  Look after that foot.  Thanks for saying that - its easy to forget your own training when theres so much good stuff being done here!

    Oompa - you'll be back.

    Col - my legs would hate running that much right after a parkrun - enjoy!

    Sounds like a race to me Barry - and odds are you'll probably place too...  image

    Hoping to chase down a few people with my ponytail at a YKW and a XC tomorrow.  I'm more excited about the HM's though - cant wait to see how you guys go!

  • 2old - Have a great ski trip in the Tyrol, where are you off to, Soll, the Benidorm of skingimage?

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon- actually St Anton..not sure if it's in the Tyrol...ta . Keep building those runs And sign up for MadDog. I've got one of my partners and my tri mate in So I will have company. 

    Kfc- you know you love 20s. Good luck at YKW and the XC 


  • Enjoy the skiing, 2old. Do you think it's a good idea what with your recent string off accidentsimage?

    AA: great to see you getting those long ones in.

    Good job I listened to my body and rested because I hammered out the dreaded MP sesh this morning image. Woke up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep so made myself some porridge and waited for it to settle. I started with 7 miles at MP +20% which felt mega slow and hard to do. Ended with some strides because after all this slow shuffling legs weren't ready go fast. Downed a gel too (yuck) but as Gobi said on doppys thread: you fuel the sessions.

    Planned MP for sub 3:20 is 7:37. First few miles were 7:29s. Whoops!! Better slow down!! I tried but never quite succeeded and ended up with 8.5 miles at 7:32 average. Have never before felt so good on an MP run this weakly in training. Well pleased now.

    16.5 in total. I won't be able to do that on a hilly route just now but it's only my first week on the schedule.

    Forecast for tomorrow is mega winds again so really happy I got it out of the way.

    Good luck to our brass monkeysimage
  • Chick - that's a bloody brilliant run and you should rightly be dead pleased image

    After all that recovery run chat I forced myself out in more rain this morning to do 4.5 hilly recovery run miles. It hurt. And it's boring. But it's doneimage


  • Fantastic MP run Chick. Great long runs AA and 2Old too. Have a great time skiing 2Old - four weeks till I go and I'm counting down the days!

    Kiwi, yeah, I imagine the course tomorrow is going to be horrendous, considering the flooding yesterday. At least it's dry today and the forecast looks good for the morning. Tempo last night - 8.5 with 6.2 @ 6:40 (I can never resist doing the 10k - 41:27 btw image) and the legs are feeling pretty tired after a hard week's training. Rest day today, so hopefully they'll feel a bit better in the morning.

    Good luck to the Brass Monkeys!

  • Chick - Great run.

    Carrot - Thanks, that's a better way to say it.  Good luck to you and the rest of the Brass Monkeys. 

    Daren - Good pace from you, don't let the mud slow you down too much tomorrow.

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Brilliant stuff chick!  And AA - well done getting out.  Sweet tempo Daren.

    Race 1: YKW 20.52 - exactly the same as last week! 

    Race 2: XC - hahaha.  Bambi on ice.  I found out after that there are special shoes for doing these things.  Explains a lot.  5.5M of skiting through mud.  Quite a lot of fun, but not fast.

    All in all including running to and from the races, I've clocked up 17M today.  I'm knackered.  Dont think I'll be running long tomorrow.

    Bumped into Kev at the XC - his first one too - think he had a similar experience!

  • 2Old - jealous, enjoy the skiing image

    Chick fab run from you, worth delaying from yesterday, good you are feeling better!

    Daren - nice tempo run! Yeah, at least today and tomorrow are meant to be dry. The support round the course was pretty good the year I did, one of those races where it is really satisfying to cross the finish line and know you survived!

    K.F.C - you did what?! A y.k.w and a cross country race as well as loads of miles inbetween. You nutterimage Nah, it's great your fitness is up to doing so much, I've done many a muddy cross country in the past - very frustrating not being able to stay upright in places but great fun!

    Managed 70 minutes on the treadmill today, nice and easy, knees both behaving. May do run number 5 of the week, gentle recovery tomorrow. Mr Kiwi is up to 35 minutes on the treadmill, 35 mins on x-cycle and 4 lots of jogs a week. Not sure he is having the best prep for the half marathon... I didn't want him overdoing it too soon, but we've only got 9 weeks to go, oops! Worst case scenario he could walk/jog it and still feel successful in the end.......

    Good luck to you racers tomorrow, looking forward to the sub 90 half mara reports and Daren's mudtastic x-terrain news. Don't be shitimage

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Brilliant hardcore runs chick and KFC. 

    AA - it's done. That's what matters. 

    kiwi - is Mr K ok now? Did the tests show anything? Good to see you both building. I did 4 miles with Mr M this mornIng.

    Daren - have fun tomorrow.  You and your 10ks!!!

    Looking forward to catching up with Brol and carrot (and parsnip) tomorrow. 


  • Great runs KFC/Chick/Kwi and speedy Daren.

    Right ankle a bit stiff still, so took it easy and cut my lsr to 14.5m. 11m @8.57, but last 3.5m the ankle was sore so paced slowed, but 2:14:06 total. Will rest the ankle tomorrow. 

    I saw the surgeon yesterday and he's given me the all clear to return to work, so probably 27Janimage.  The good news is he recommends a phased return over 6wks, plus I've got some leave at the end of Feb, and a couple of weeks leave still to use before the end of Mar. So hopefully won't impact my mara training too muchimage.

    Have a great time BMers, don't forget the blingimage.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Simon- back to work? Not good news. Have you gold the specialist how many miles you've been running;-) ? Work gets in the way of running . Good LR

    Chick- awesome. You've given me hope I can do it too. Great it felt so easy. Next time try harder

    Kiwi- good to see it coming together for you. Soon be accumulating the miles outside

    Daren- I'd be made up to do that 10k time in my race next month

    KFC- character building stuff yesterday . Very impressed. No need to run long today

    AA - recovery runs do work

    Managed to get 2.5 hours skiing in yesterday and too much beer to remember so not much of a rest day after a 7am flight. Going to look after myself today !

    Ok racers get out there and have a great one. Lots if pbs please
  • kfc - Impressive double racing.

    Kiwi - Building the miles/runs well.

    Simon - Got to go back some time. sad face. Take care of the ankle.

    So HM time trial for me this morning, perfect conditions cold and no wind. Hope the Brass Monkeys have the same.  Thought I'd need some fuel so  some porridge, then dog walk and out.  First mile WU with Pink.  Very happy with run, ended up with 1.28.58 at 6:47 avg, splits ; 6:38,6:46,6:42,6:39,6:40,6:46,6:51,6:53,6:50,6:56,6:56,6:53,6:46.  Pace tailed off a little during second half but no gel taken so maybe something to think about for Wokingham.

  • KFC - that's a great all round effort yesterday. Well done. 

    Kiwi - 75 mins on treadmill goes to show how well you're coming back. 

    2old - enjoy the skiing!

    barry - wow! You've got to be happy with that. you will fly round Wokingham in 3 weeks!

    11 miles slow for me today. It was supposed to be a recovery week this week but as im in Paris next weekend I'm taking my 3 rest days then so lost one this week and pulled a run in from next weeks schedule. Making 53.5 miles for the week and my highest mileage ever! Next week will be a lot less!

    waiting for the monkeys to report in. So nervous and excited...

  • Hi all,

    A.A ditto - I'm feeling nervous and excited for the brass monkey reports!

    Minni - thanks for asking. Mr Kiwi never got his m.r.i scan through from the London hospital, he has been to see our doctor and is just easing back into things, making sure he gets enough sleep and doesn't overdo things. We're just hoping it was a freaky one off incident, if it was anything more serious the hospital would have processed his scan by now.

    Simon - it's great how much progress you're making, what a nuisance that you'll be back to work soon!

    2Old - sounds like you're having fun!

    Barry - cracking time! So impressive to be able to push yourself like that when you aren't in a race, you will absolutely smash Wokingham image

    A.A - mammoth mileage from you, good to see you back at it, Paris will be a well deserved rest next week.

    Am fighting with a giant pile of marking today (just been slightly sidetracked by the internet, oops!)  Have allocated myself a midday break to do a 3 mile recovery jog as a treat. Will be run number 5 and take me to 20 miles for the week, pathetic in comparison to you marathon trainers, but finally feeling like I've turned a corner and am back to some sort of running normality image


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