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  • Simon are you looking forward to going back to work? I had a phased return for two weeks which was brilliant. I finished work & headed straight for the swimming pool.

    KFC Well done for the double

    AA Impressive mileage - yes 3 weeks & countingimage Barry will be flying i'm sure

    Kiwi well done on your mileage. Enjoy marking

    12 miles banked for me this morning. Ran part of the first mile with Barry before he headed off. Feeling a bit more confident about Wokingham now, there will be a group from my old running club racing as well and Barry has said he will be coming to support me for the last couple of miles or so after he finishes the race. I was feeling really nervous about the whole thing. Knee is much better so I have put it down to not getting on with my newish trainers.

  • Pink/Barry - Nice running.

    AA - Well done in getting a 50+ week in.

    Kiwi - On the come back trail.

    Pink - No not really looking forward to it, I work to live, not live to work. If I won the lottery and didn't have to work again, I'd be quite happy. I've got plenty of hobbies to keep me occupied, and more time for mara training.image

  • awesome AA - that's more miles than I did this week (52.75)image

    wow kfc, proper hardcore day there. I really want some of your speed!!

    nice HM, Barry. I wish I could do 1:28 in a race, nevermind in training!!

    Good long run for you, pink

    Glad Mr Kiwi is alright

    Hope our monkeys had better weather than I had. Just 1 measly degree plus and 40mph easterly winds. Shudder... I ran up and down the big mean hill again for 11 and a bit. Legs hated me but I was about 15secs per mile quicker than 4 weeks ago and had a lower average HR. Think that's progress image
  • Absolutely storming HM run Barry. Great mileage AA and a cracking day for kfc. Good long run Pink. Well done all.

    Kiwi, glad Mr Kiwi is ok.

    Well, that was the least fun I've had for a long time! Benfleet 15-miler - I was told it was half on-road, half off. Was actually about 90% at least off-road and to say the course was wet and muddy doesn't even come close. I'd decided to run it totally untapered after a hard week's training. A stupid idea in hindsight.

    The first five miles were a quagmire with a few steep climbs thrown in. I only fell over once, which felt like quite an achievement. A couple of other guys from the club were about 30m in front and I started to reel them in along a long flat stretch on what was once a gravel track, but was now a mixture of huge puddles and muddy patches.

    At about 10 miles we turned off the track and onto what can only be described as a marsh. Mentally, I gave up at this point. I felt hungry, my legs had nothing left and I just wanted to get to the end for tea and cake. I started swearing at the course!

    There was a short section on road at about mile 12 where I had a little second wind before turning a corner and seeing what must be the steepest hill in south Essex. I'd given up on chasing the pair from my club and another clubmate went past me at this point. The last mile was horrendous. There was one short section that was so steep and muddy I slipped down it twice even though I was trying to walk up it! (I may need some better trail shoes I think).

    I'd long since given up caring who overtook me by this stage and although I wasn't breathing hard at all, my legs just weren't interested. Finally reached the end in 1:55:40ish, which wasn't awful considering the conditions.

    Hope the brass monkeys had a more enjoyable morning... 

  • Bloody hell KFC - was that the Hackney XC? I was going to do that but figured a muddy XC was not the best way to test my sprained ankle. It could have been a mini thread meet up.

    Daren 15 miles of muddy XC - that is extremely tough by any measure. If you enjoyed that there is a similar on in Epping Forest in March.

    Barry - that's showing some decent speed!

    I managed 13 miles today! 36 miles for the week - so I will like I am officially back on track. Weather was gorgeous here and I was actually happy to be marathon training! image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry - storming time trial HM. It's coming together nicely

    Daren- that Xc sounds tough. It'll pay back dividends in your next

    Pb race

    Ant- good call not risking the ankle and focusing on marathon building

    Any news from the Monkeys?

    Another good day on the snow for me. Might do a few miles running before breakfast tomorrow
  • That's the way to nail a long run Chick, brilliant image

    Go Barry! Is that far off your PB? That's amazing running for a training run, so much harder on your own than in a race.  That must have given you a massive confidence boost at this stage of your training.

    Well done on the double racing yesterday kfc.

    Good to hear you're getting back into the swing of things Ant.  Hope those niggles are indeed behind you now.

    The 10K has got to be done Daren! Can't just do 6M! Great tempo run, well done.  15M race today sounds grim.  Hope you managed to find tea and cake at the end!

    AA that's some decent mileage there! Enjoy the break next week.  

    Kiwi you should only be comparing your mileage to where you were not so long ago, 20M is good going! If it's pain free and enjoyable that's all you need.

    You've put plenty of work into your training for Wokingham Pink - great that you're feeling more confident now.  Trust the training!

    Was at a wedding all day yesterday so was up early for a very easy 6M, nothing like it to shake the legs out after a harder run.  Then up early again to travel down to York for the half marathon.  Plan was a few miles warm up, do the HM at marathon pace, then a mile or two warm down. It was raining but not windy, pretty good conditions for a race. Got pulled along a bit in the first couple of miles but soon settled into a fairly even pace, picked it up a bit again in the last few miles to catch a few runners. End result was just under 1:33 - faster overall than I was aiming for but felt good afterwards. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Carrot- very measured racing today and an impressive outcome. You must be feeling pretty confident

    AA - excellent mileage this week. Great to see you continue on the road back to where you were
  • Chick - Great long run

    Daren - That sounded tough, and not much fun - but probably great training in its own way.

    Saturday long run turned out to be 14.5 miles at MP, largely because someone turned up at our group wanting to run that pace and there was nobody else who wanted to run with her.  Pleased to have done that, quads complained at the uphill bits towards the end, so I've found a weakness to address.

    Rest today, track session in the morning.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Bad day at the office for me resulted in a DNF.  First 4-5 miles spot on around 6:55 pace but then got a tight hip flexor and cramp.  Couple of stops to stretch didn't help and neither did a mile with Brol.  Ended up jogging back towards the start, meeting up with Brol again at around 10 miles and running a couple of miles with her before heading to the finish area.  Chatted with Carrot a couple of times en route and after - good to see you going well.

    Pretty pleased with my decision as I'm sure I've prevented an injury.  It was too early in the race to be trying to run through cramp.

    Where's Brol?  I think she finished but maybe she's still running.image

    Onwards and upwards.

  • well done Daren on toughing it out, i remember those hills, painful!

    Ant good you're building the miles.

    Carrot - nice one,  fantastic to feel good afterwards image

  • x-post Minni, right decision, best to prevent injury. hope you're feeling better soon.

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Kiwi - sounds like you are really managing to step up the training well.  And encouraging for Mr K too.

    Simon - good news that you've recovered well enough to go back, but bad news you have got to go back - I feel your pain!

    Barry - very nice HM time trial.  

    AA - big mileage for a recovery week.  

    Kiwi - definitely not pathetic - brilliant to see you positive about it.

    Great distance today Pink lady - will it be your first half?

    Daren - laughed out loud thinking about you swearing at the course

    Ant - yes it was.  Prob a good decision for the ankle, it was pretty slippy out there.

    Nice run carrot - so we are looking at a 3.06 off that MP then?!  Did parsnip have a good run?

    Minni - tough decision, but sounds sensible.  Time for the trout?


    Very slow 5M today, or as OH calls it, MP... image.  He is finally getting into his marathon training and had a great week this week clocking up 19M over 4 runs.  We're going for a big long run of 6M next week...  45M total for me this week.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Minni- don't worry these things happen. Better to avoid injury and I'm a good example of someone who doesn't!

    A little less beer tonight so I might be out running at 7 tomorrow
  • AA -  very good weekly mileage.

    Chick - Good effort on your hillwork and impressive improvement.

    Daren -  That's a good time for 15 miles in those conditions.

    Carrot - That's a strong steady run, think I might be following you at Barcelona. Yesterdays time was 90 seconds slower than my PB but that was set in 2010, more recent times have been in the 1:28.xx.

    Minni - unlucky but a wise decision to back off, was getting a bit concerned when I could n't see you on the results, have you had similar concerns before?

  • Hello everyone and sorry for a late check it. Was knackered last night after travelling back from York.

    Minni- so sorry it went to shit yesterday but you know you did the right thing. You have loads of time before the VLM so take care of the hip- that's the priority now.

    Carrot- great to see you yesterday and well done on you steady runimage I wish I were you when you're not even trying!

    Daren - well done on the tough 15miler.

    So the BM.

    Good result for me yesterday and much needed at this stage. It really was my last chance to get it right before Seville so put quite a bit of pressure on myself.

    Met up with Minni for a short warm up and set off near the front. The first mile was too fast at 6.59 but it did feel like it was slightly downhill. After that settled into 7.08-7.10. Seemed to keep missing mile markers and the ones I clocked up manually didn’t seem to make sense (they were other not in the right place or I was losing my mind) so gave up and just decided to go by what the average pace on the garmin was saying.

    Found the course very flat and fast and it was great to have so many runners around me. It made me realise that I’d ran practically on my own in the last few races and forgot how much easier it is with others around to try to keep up with/ pick out.

    Saw Minni after the first few miles and she told me about the hip- booooooooooooo!

    It was all going rather well until around mile 8 when it started to hurt but that’s when Minni stepped in again and ran with me for a couple of miles which helped enormously. It was the toughest bit but looking at my splits they were the fastest... so thank you (((Minni)))!

    The last three miles was just trying to hang on but I could see I wasn’t slowing down so knew it should be close if not under my pb. Crossed the finish line still not sure and changed the screen to time to see 1:33:50 so nicely under my current best of 1:34:07 (which is actually not even mine as run it as Weeble). Official time was 1:33:51.

    Very happy with that. It’s not a massive improvement but after such a long spell of crappy races last year I feel like I’ve finally turned a corner and it gives me enough confidence to go for it in Seville.

    So now onto the last two weeks of training before the taper. Rest day today.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Brol - I'm so pleased for you.  You work harder than anyone I know and its just been a matter of time before it started to pay off.  You looked very comfortable when I joined you and when I peeled off and checked the watch time I thought you were going to do it.  You must be very confident for Seville now.  Well done!

    Thanks all for comments about yesterday.  I'm not worried.  I did the right thing but definitely going to start of more core and strengthening stuff from today - Insanity awaits tonight. image

  • Excellent result, Bro imageimage  if anyone is due a proper PB it's you what with all the hard work you put in and the recent tough luck at your races. Great confidence boost for Seville!

    Minni: shocker! Really sad to hear that but like others said, you pulled out at the right time to prevent serious injury. Still, I think we all wanted you to bag that longed-for 8x:xx time!

    carrot: wow, your easy time in a half would be a PB for meimage nice job.

    Bloody hell, 40! 14.5 at MP is mighty impressive.

    Daren: ouch! Sounds like a very painful race. 15 miles in the mud is definitely too much.

    Rest day for me today - legs need it after the weekend. Very lucky with a mild winter so far but this is coming to an end - snow is forecast for every day of the week, starting tonight apparently. Coupled with strong winds it'll make for some interesting running! Reckon it will be a lot of running to effort in the coming few days and just forgetting about pace. Just glad I bagged that decent MP run. That'll make a few days running to effort bearable.

  • Brol - Congrats, well done on the PB. Smiley face.

    Chick -  rest day for me aswell, plan was rest but was tempted to run but legs feel a little mashed after yesterday so rolling/stretching.  Hope the snow does n't hit you too hard.

  • Congratulations on the PB Bro! image A great run from you and well deserved after all the miles you've been putting in. Glad to hear the course was fast and flat - hoping the York marathon will be the same...

    Carrot, a great time for a non-raced HM. And yes, I did find the tea and cake - raspberry sponge - delicious and almost made up for the 15 miles of hell.

    Minni - a shame it didn't happen for you yesterday, but sensible decision to pull out before you did any damage. That sub-1:30 will be yours soon.

    Great long MP-run 40.

    Please excuse the self indulgence, but been wondering recently why some people seem to be able to run so much better in a race than in training and others (like mysefl) can't - yesterday, once again, I was beaten by several clubmates who I usually finish well ahead of in club sessions. A bloke at running club asked me my half PB when we were chatting the other week and seemed surprised when I said 1:27. He said the way I run on club nights he'd have expected it to be quite a bit faster. Similarly, I've read comments on this forum from people saying they'd struggle to run more than 2-3 miles at HM pace in training, which seems crazy to me. I can bang out a speedy HM in training no problem (although maybe not quite as quick as Barry's amazing effort!), but not go that much faster in a race. So am I a good trainer or a crap racer, or a bit of both? Hmmmm...

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Daren - I'm definitely in the camp of being able to run much faster with people around me.  It just seems more normal and not so much effort.    I really don't know how you bang those sessions out on your own. 

    As for your predicament perhaps you're doing too much in training and leaving your race times there?  image 


  • I don't think I do generally Minni, although that was definitely a factor yesterday as I've had a really tough few weeks of training and my legs felt tired before I even started. I usually taper a lot though - too much if anything!

  • Daren - Well done of your 15m xc, I can tell you love xcimage. Did the stitch appear? 

    Bro - A Pb is a Pb, and perfect timing 2wks before Sevilleimage.

    Carot/40 - Nice lsr's.

    KFC - Enjoy your training with Mr KFC, he'll stop you from going too fast.

    2old - If you can get up for a 7am run, you should be first on the ski lifts to hit the fresh powder. You can run any time of yearimage.

    Minni - How's the 'trout'?image.

  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    kfc - fantastic parkrun and XC.

    Chickadee - good hillwork

    Barry - that's some going for a solo half marathon. Most i can do is 5m at half marathon pace. Looks like your pb is in need of some revision

    Pinklady - nice 12m. You are progressing very nicely. Roll on the half marathon

    Daren - tough race. You did well.

    Carrot - very well executed race

    40 minutes - 14.5m at marathon pace is some going.

    Minni - right decision. Hope you recover quickly. Good luck with the strength and conditioning stuff.

    Brolish - very well deserved. A great confidence booster for Seville.

    It was a bit of a mixed bag for me this weekend. Ran the 4m to parkrun and then ran the parkrun hard but the legs didn't want to know. After parkrun I then did 13.08m in 1 hour 45 minutes so managed to get 20m in for the day.


  • Hi everyone....I'm back from hols, but very poor as not had a chance to read back apart from the last page. Looks like great BM results for Bro and Carrot and a wise decision by Minni - hope you can get your hip sorted soon.

    I managed some nice runs on holiday - lots of hills mainly - and 18 yesterday. But I seem to have picked up an injury - sore comes and goes and doesn't actually feel too painful while running, but I'm aware of it so need to monitor it and hope it doesn't worsen.

    Anyway, I'll read back a bit more later...image
  • Freemers - welcome back. Hope you had a nice holiday. Watch that heel. Does it feel like PF?

    bro - super well deserves Pb. So happy for you. 

    Carrot - always making it look easy. How much of a confidence builder is that?! What date is Barcelona?

    ((minni)) gutted for you as I'm sure without that it would have been yours but the right decision and a very brave one too. 

    Col - that sounds like a hard day!

    Fabulous 4 miles recovery run for me today

  • Carrot brilliant run for you congratulations

    well done Darren

    Minni that must have been a hard decision for you. How are you doing now? Give my regards to Sean T

    Brol well done on the PB

    KFC Yes never ran one in my life. I thought I would celebrate my birthday month with a HM image

    Great mileage Col

    Freemers Hope you enjoyed your break. Look after that foot.

    AA OMG that HM is getting closer. I go from being excited to being really nervous to disbelief!

    Rest day for me today, legs feel ok from yesterday's long run & nice that I have lost another couple of pounds.image

  • Bro you had a brilliant run yesterday, so happy that you got a good result out of it.  Makes all the hard work worth it image Roll on Seville!

    Enjoy Insanity Minni! Definitely the right decision yesterday. 

    Parsnip didn't run yesterday kfc he just came along for the day out. And yes, I'll breeze round Barcelona in 3:06image  Sounds like you're doing a good job of coaching Mr KFC towards his debut marathon!

    Barry we'll be a little team at Barcelona image

    Cake always tastes so much better after a hard run Daren. Maybe you need to take it a bit easier in the run up to a race? Or do you put too much pressure on yourself to run a fast time and end up mentally tired before you've even started running?  If I was you I wouldn't have expected a fast result yesterday after the tempo you did on Friday.  Tempo runs take a lot out of you.  I wouldn't tempo the week of a target race, the race is the tempo effort.

    That's a decent enough 20M Col.

    Hope that's not PF Free, can you feel the tendon down the middle of your foot too?  Get it rolled out on a golf ball, they work wonders.

    Well done on another couple of pounds lost Pink.  Never easy losing weight. 

    16th March AA, 8 weeks yesterday. 

    Lovely rest day today image

  • Carrot I think both you & Barry will do great in Barcelona image Myself & Barry will be flying out on the Friday. Thinking about doing the breakfast run on the Saturday. Can't believe it is only 8 weeks away. I will be rooted to the spot during the marathon in case I get lost again!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Brief check in

    Didn't get up to run - too much beer again . Will try tomorrow

    No off piste sadly so just fast - very fast piste skiing

    Bro - great HM pb. Very happy to see it.

    Daren- I'm like minni-I run faster than training solo . Sometimes I surprise myself

    Simon- sadly off piste too risky. Don't want to injure myself . Never seen so little snow for this time of the year.

    3 days not running is starting to worry me
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