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  • Ant - Good luck with that session, I found it very tough when I did P&D.

    Minni - Good news on the hip, lets hope your physio can pinpoint the issue.

    Brol - Good tempo run, have you a target mileage for your v long one sunday?

    Daren - Very speedy mile reps.

    Carrot - Not sure but my 6/30 medals has become 4/28 today - confused face. Maybe my extra one is for local honours.

    Meant to be 9 miles steady today but other commitments meant swapping to 5 miles slow which were very wet.

  • brrrrr, winter is here. Been very lucky so far but now the frost is there. -4 today, it's forecast to drop to -10 by tomorrow image And I'm due a tempo run image. I may bin it or at least move it to Saturday when I can run in the afternoon. It shouldn't so cold then, especially in the sun.

    That was a great tempo run, Bro image

    glad you could run pain-free. It seems to be something that's brought on by speed it seems. Curious to hear what the fizz thinks.

    Simon: hope it's only a niggle. You put some really good runs in lately.


  • Minni- just about survived it, I'm beginning to creak around the edges...image. Good news on the hip front, hope the physio can come up with something constructive.

    Chick- Brrrrrrr indeed.

    Barry- not sure what mileage I'll end up with. Have been told to run it steady (green face) but not too close to MP (as if!). I think I'll try to stick to around 8mm (or slower if it feels too much).

    Daren- very speedy mile reps.

  • Bro - 8mm for a 3.10 duration run sounds quite fast to me - you'll be nearing 24 miles. I think I tend towards 22-23 over 3.10-3.15. But as long as you have time to recover then see how you feel. How many weeks before your marathon now?

    Chick - that's blimmin' cold!

    Minni - hope the physio can work his magic, and good you've been able to run too.

    A better effort from me - well it was only 6 @ average 8.15, but the last two were sub 8 and I felt I could go a lot quicker. My heel paid is still just noticeable, but also still not getting worse. So hopefuly the tennis ball is at least keeping it under control. I hope so anyway!
  • Free- 4 weeks to go after Sunday. Glad to hear the heel is behaving!image

  • Bro - good luck with that duration run. Does pace matter? Can't you just do it slow and easy?

    daren - bloody fast reps!

    minni - good luck with the physio tonight. Does it occur on faster running mainly?

    chick - that sounds cold. Don't blame you for waiting until Saturday! 

     Cut my run a bit short. Did 17 miles ave pace 8:27 with the last 3 miles @7:50  but it was hard. 71 miles in 7 days with no rest days and a bit cheaty as it incorporates last weeks long run but I'm off to Paris tomorrow and intend on 3 solid days resting. And eating. And drinking image

  • needs must AA image. Enjoy Paris

    Good news Freemers
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Hi agin . another short stop. No time to read back. Back ok and Achilles not too bad . Unfortunately gone down with flu so no more runs at least until Saturday/ Sunday . Last ski day tomorrow .Averaging about 25 miles (downhill) a day max speed 55mph Approx   Clever things these iPhone apps. 

  • 2old - Shame about your cold, but at least it's at the end of your hols. 55mph is good speed. What did it register when you put it back in your pocketimage?

    AA- Good to get your 17m lsr in before your Paris shin-dig.

    Minni - Hope your hips ok, and everyone else with niggles.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Free/MinniI- hope the niggles soon go

    bro- not long to go 

    AA- enjoy France and the deserved rest after the big week

    Simon- my phone was on the floor of the bar but fortunately someone handed it in!

    heavy snow means my last day is a powder day ,,,can't wait 


  • Freemers - Better news on your heel.

    10 miles for me this morning 1 WU then 9 steady,  felt hard and avg came out at 7:12 so little bit under PMP.


  • plenty of speed there, Barry image

    2old: sorry to hear about flu. Proper flu or man fluimage

    Unfortunately it's a powder day here as well image   pain the arse to run on. Managed 7 miles before I lost the will to live (minus 6 and a strong wind). Bah. I hate winter image

  • AA- enjoy Paris after the monster week!image

    2Old- bad luck with flu, hope you're not feeling too rough. Enjoy the rest of your hols!

    Chick- hope the snow buggers off soon. Well done for toughing it out.

    Rest day for me today before the YKW tomorrow.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    AA - its usually better when I'm running fast.  You've done well to get all those runs in.  Enjoy Paris.

    The physio doesn't appear to be as worried as I am and given me another appointment in two weeks.  In the meantime I've made a committment to stretch and roll after every run. image

    Freemers - glad the heel is under control and nice running.

    Barry - Fast!  What was that session called?  image

    2old - sounds fantastic but boo about the flu.

    Chick - I hate your winters. image  It was frosty here early this morning but nice to run in.


  • Alrighty marathon crew

    AA - yep following the up to 55mile P&D plan. I did have a grand ambition to do an adapted 55-70 plan, but my twisted ankle meant my pre-plan buildup was a little lacking. You are really banging out the miles yourself

    Simon - take care of that achilles. Is contrast therapy best for that? I kinda thought that it had been a little debunked and that ice only is the way to go. 

    Minni - fingers crossed for the hip

    Daren - smokingly fast reps! Here's a link for that 15 mile XC race in Epping Forest I promised youimage only the hardcore need apply!

    Anyway 9 miles GA this lunchtime for me D&D, I have my first speedy running in the shape of the club handicap tomorrow, gulp. Fingers crossed everything stays fixed.


  • 2old - hope you can shake the pesky man flu off soon.

    Barry - that is quick!

    Minni - physio sounds sensible...get that roller out!

    Chick - that is might cold!

    AA - hope Paris is magnifique!

    Well after the disaster of Tuesday's run, today was the oppostite - probably one of my best sessions in a long time. Intervals - last minute decision to do mile reps rather than KMs - the gym near home has a mix of TMs in miles and KMs, but the KM one was broken and I like nice round numbers, so mile reps it was. 4 x 1 mile, with 0.25 mile recoveries. Paces were 6.49, 6.40. 6.31, 6.22 - felt really controlled and breathing all fine. No worries with my heel either - result image

    Tomorrow should be 7 steady, and then 20 Sunday.
  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    Barry -not surprised that 10m run felt hard at that pace.

    Daren - fast reps

    Minni - better news on the hip

    Freemers - good running. Hope the heel niggle clears

    2old - holiday sounds good. Hope the cold doesn't stay too long

    AA - enjoy your break

    Chickadee - its tough running in those conditions

    Brolish -  good luck at parkrun tomorrow and the long run on Sunday

    8k XC race for me tomorrow. With all this rain I would imagine it will be a muddy one.


  • 71 miles in a short time is great AA enjoy Paris

    Cheers for explaining P&D Bro - Barry has the book! good luck with YKW tomorrow

    Free sounds like the foot is improving

    Chick sounds tough to run in those conditions

    2old enjoy the last day

    Minni sounds like a plan

    Col good luck with the xc tomorrow

    4 miles for me after a very busy day at work yesterday. Day off today & was woken up by the sound of what we thought was scaffolding only to discover it was a transporter delivering my new car at 6.30am! Managed to get out for a 5 mile run this afternoon. Long trip up north tomorrow.

    Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- proper could it be anything else. Think you should get some skis and make the most of that snow

    free- good to see you back on track

    daren- your still fast as hell

    Minni- good your running even if it's freezing

    Ant- your base will cover the few days missed through that injury

    Col- still raining? Suppose it makes the legs stronger 

    Barry - your flying 

    Strange but I enjoy skiing in white outs like today and now a bit of après ski to come then time to become a runner again. 


  • if you still feel like doing après ski it's so not flu 2old image   Make the most of the rest of your hols.

    Freemers: smokin' reps, well done!

    pink: new car, how exciting!!

    Hope the physio is right not to be worried, Minni. Which reminds me, I must foam roller more...  

  • Carrot - Good sounding track session.

    More conservative track session for me yesterday - 5x800m off 400m jog recoveries.  Couldn't quite hit the 3min target on the 800s which was disappointing.  I need my training partner back on form to push me a bit.

    Rest day today, 15.5 mile long run tomorrow.

  • You've run well this week after Sunday Bro, sounds like you had a good tempo session yesterday.  Hope the YKW goes to plan tomorrow.  A steady pace duration run sounds tough! I'd be going for the slower end of the pace range, even 8mm will be hard for that long.

    I love how your 'easing off' on mile reps still ends up being 6:1X Daren!  Finishing faster is always a better way of doing them. 

    Nice work on the mile reps Free!

    Enjoy Paris AA.

    No wonder the steady run felt hard Barry! Nice and quick.

    Good news from the physio Minni.

    Run well at the handicap tomorrow Ant! Chase those suckers down!

    Hope you survive the XC Col, I don't envy the men having to do further than us women.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday 2old - no calamities to report?

    800m in 3 mins doesn't sound very conservative to me 40 minutes....

    10M steady yesterday.  Tempo today was 9M with 6 @ HMP - did a Daren and made it 6.2M so I had a 10K time.  8M easy tomorrow, 20M with some marathon pace on the end planned for Sunday. 

  • Where's O4S and Spoons at? 

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Quick check in - managed to get out for a 20 today image.  Hard getting out of the door, but legs were fresh after 2 rest days and had to slow myself for the first few miles.  Ended up avg 8.14 and felt comfortable.  Encouraging.

    Veering off running, my morning plans were scuppered when Fed beat Andy a couple of days ago - so I had to watch Nadal-Federer instead.  At least rafa gave fed a sound beating, always a pleasure to see that.

  • Carrot - I was wondering that as well.

  • Ant - thanks for the heads up Re icing the Achilles.

    2old - You need yellow lenses when it's a white out, to pick up any definition, and undulations. Enjoy the gluwein, and dancing in your ski bootsimage.

    Pink - The fact you didn't mention what your new car was, I presume it's a company car?

    kfc - Well done on the 20miler.

    Hit the gym, some intervals on the bike, and rowing to test the shoulder out (felt ok). Then some swimming, again to test the shoulder. Unfortunately it didn't quite add up to my planned 10m mlr, but better to play safe.


  • Mum is hospital with suspected heart failure

    I have a chest infection  image

    People have been in every day for the last 2 weeks to view the house, keeping it clean and tidy is a nightmare

    Ploughing through paperwork on the house purchase we are in the middle of

    Have taken on job of Treasurer of running club when current incumbent said she couldn't cope

    Work is manic, marking and writing exams

    BUT: won race 5 of the Weston Prom Series, a one second PB even with kennel cough

    20 miles last Sunday, 30 tomorrow.

    Will read back when things get quiet in the snug...............

  • (((O4S))) take care of yourself, sorry to hear about your Mum image xx

  • Old4S sorry to hear about your mum. Take good care & hope your chest infection clears up soon. 

    Simon I wish it was a company car. Its my own, a Citroen C1 & the racket of the transporter probably woke the neighbours up! 

    Hard swimming session this evening. Yes I remembered my gear! Good fun racing with kickboards. 

  • O4S - Sorry to hear about your mum. I was going to say take things easy, but obviously that's not you. Enjoy your 30miler tomorrow, I'd take your swim suitimage.

    Pink - Good fun waking the neighbours up, and making them jealous, what more could you wantimage.

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