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  • ((O4S)) sorry to hear that. I couldn't run a mile with a chest infection nevermind winning a race or running 30 miles!! You are a dann tough cookie . Hope your mum recovers and the house sale goes through ok.

    kfc: brilliant 20

    Nice tempo effort, carrot.

    I moved my tempo to today in the hope for better weather just to wake up to minus 12 degrees ( shocked smiley). It's supposed to stay like that till Monday when we are forecast 0 and a blizzard. Just as well I started my programme 2 weeks early... Will venture out later and try tempo but I reckon the old asthma will get in the way and scupper everything
  • Hi guys,

    O4S sorry to hear about your Mum. Please take care with your chest infection - it was a chest infection that lead to my antibiotics and consequent 5 days in hospital in October, you look after yourself!

    kfc - awesome 20 image

    Chick - brrrr!! You don't have a gym near you that you could venture on a treadmill? I don't think I'd even want to leave the house in -12, let alone contemplate going for a run!

    Minni - hope the hip is behaving and the rollering/stretching is helping.

    Freemers - hope your heal is ok. Are you doing Grent Bentley? Think it is quite a popular course.

    AA - 71 miles in 7 days, you mileage monster! Hope you have a fab time in Paris image

    2old - hope that cold shifts soon.

    Barry - I can only dream of a 'steady' pace like that.

    Hope everyone else's marathon training is coming along nicely, trying to keep up with the thread during the week but finding it difficult at the moment due to stupid marking and reports image on a brighter note had my follow up appointment at the hospital on Thursday and the bowel biopsies all came back clear, so phew for that! Celebrated with a 6 mile run, knee was a bit floaty, so continuing to strap it.

    Good luck to anyone racing this weekend!

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    O4S - good to hear from you, sounds like everythings happening at once.  Hope the running is keeping you sane through it all.

    Chick - at least the weather so far has been way better than last year - hope this cold spell you've got doesnt last long.

    Kiwi - great news.


    YKW this morning, legs tired after the long run yesterday so decided to take it easy.  I managed to do that for the first mile, then spotted there were 2 ladies ahead of me.  Well, I've been 1st lady for the last 3 weeks, so of course I HAD to chase them down image.   So I did.  Big negative split, 20.46, a little faster than the last 3 weeks and 4 wins in a row.  Of course, its not a race...  Legs now really hate me.

  • Nice win kfc image. Is it a PB?

    kiwi: there are gyms around here but it would mean a year's membership which is not going to be worth it really. And I always feel like a cheat on the treadie ....

    LT sesh done (4 miles of it). Temp was minus 10. Effing cold :-/ Dressed like the Michelin man to keep warm. Ran by heart rate and was pleasantly surprised to see an average pace of 6:57 there image That is my LT pace according to McMillan. Nearly keeled over at the end though when the lungs were refusing to take in any more cold air .... luckily had my inhaler with me. walked for a bit and then jogged home. Asthma sucks image Feeling very hardcore and smug now sitting on the sofaimage
  • Kiwi - Glad to hear the good news. Only a 6m to celebrateimage?

    Kfc - Well done on another winimage, and after your lsr.

    Chick - Enjoy playing in the snow?

  • Great running this morning kfc, after a strong long run yesterday too. Treat your legs to a rest tomorrow (or a least a session with the foam roller)

    Go Chick, that's the way to tempo! Damn asthma, although it doesn't look to have slowed you down on the effort.

    That's good news from the hospital Kiwi. Nothing like a run to celebrate!

    Weather looks grim for tomorrow's long run. Oh joy.


  • Glad we did our 30 miles today and not tomorrow!  Very muddy in places and 5,500 ft of ascent, so not fast but great fun. Just three of us, BA and our friend who won the M60 at VLM in sub 3..........

    Luckily he is racing tomorrow so let us set the pace.  Rest day tomorrow for me and try to shake off the cough.

  • kfc - Impressive 20

    old4 - You won the Weston Prom 5?!!  Usually a quality field there, shouldn't you be on the sub-2:45 thread?

    15.5 miles for me today, pace about 8:20, OK for 15 miles but then fairly lifeless.  Need more endurance!


  • 40 mins: my age group!!  Sorry, all the others know to assume this. The day a v60 wins the Weston Prom the rest of you can take up knitting!!

  • Freemers -  Nice pacy mile reps.

    Carrot - Good weeks running by you, and you were right the weather was crap this morning.

    O4S - Sorry to hear about your mum. Congrats on the PB and win.

    kiwi - Good news.

    Chick - Well done on the  session, "enjoy" the snow.

    kfc - Nice  20 and impressive racing on the YKW.

    Day trip to Blackpool to see Dad yesterday.  Myself, youngest and the dog got soaked and sandblasted on the dunes,  but it was fun.  20 slow this morning 8:05 avg, cold and wet for the second 10 when the rain came.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Good - great LRs Barry ,KFC

    kfc- excellent yknw

    40mins- patience. Stick to it and the endurance will come ,stiil plenty of time 

    O4S- so sorry about your mum. Awesome running as ever. The cold wont stop you

    Chick- if anyone can handle the freezing gold you can - to run at that HR in such temperatures is very impressive. 

    Simon- hope your run today went ok . The weather here stinks! 

    Rest day yesterday. First run for a while today. Was meant to be 20 but feet soaked and a blister resulted so stopped at 16 feeling otherwise happy to do the outstanding 4 . That's my 4th LR for the month-18,20,20,16 So that will do .

  • Great news Kiwi

    Well done with YKW KFC

    Congrats Old4S

    Flying visit to Blackpool yesterday & I missed out on the trip the sand dunes with Barry & our younger daughter as I opted for the warmth of a care home to visit my dad. I was reunited with him last year after 25 years & it's ironic that he also lives in Blackpool!

    Yes the weather is rubbish today Carrot but went out for 13 LSR & really enjoyed running in the rain - Sang Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' in my head which saw me through to the end of the run! image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Pink- great way to get through a tough 13 miler 

  • bah rubbish run alert .... plan was 20, only managed 15 as I fell flat on my face 10 miles in. Ouch Right hip and shoulder badly bruised and somehow I lost a lot of skin from my left hand without any holes in my running glove. How does that work ?? Shuffled home in a slow death march . Now really pissed off as the OCD kicks in ... oh well onwards and upwards. Glad I did a 20, 22 and 17.5 with MP in previous weeks.

    Nice 13, pink image
  • Old4 - Still pretty impressive; more than 2 minutes quicker than my PW equalling time in Round 1!

    2Old - Yes, plenty of time indeed, my marathon is not until early May so I've a couple more weeks than many.

    Rest day today, track session in the morning.


  • 40 minutes:  Round 1 was my disaster, the only race I came second in and a minute slower than 3,4 and 5 [Race 2 was in the middle]  Do you run them regularly?

    Cough and general crap has caught up with me today, feeling lousy and have to go out and be sociable tonight - at a Burns Night gathering of all unlikely events.  If anyone reads from 'Rabbie Burns' I may have to kill myself.........................

    Chick: tell me how you do the trick with the gloves Chick.  I have two pairs of running gloves with holes in the palm of the left hand from falls - but never lost any skni???????

  • Hi Folks

    Sorry I haven't been around so no idea what your all up too. Have  been a bit busy the  past 9 days, 7 flights, 6 beds, 5 countries, One more flight to go and I get home tomorrow, write up all the stuff Ive been doing and then go skiing, somehow managed to get 40 miles in this week including a 17 mile effort around and around a 600M loop at a Cairo hotel! Presently back in Cairo, home tomorrow.


  • Decent 20M Barry, 7 weeks and counting! image

    You make these 30M events sound so enjoyable O4S. Your friend racing today too!

    Nothing wrong with a step back week 2old, you've done some miles over the last few weeks.

    I was singing to myself (out loud!) this morning too Pinklady, seemed to help cheer the morning up a bit (and there was nobody about thankfully)  Well done getting 13M banked! Are you scaling it back now for your half marathon?

    Hope you're OK after your fall Chick, I wouldn't worry about missing a few extra miles for one week. 

    'A bit busy' eh DD? Sounds like you've been flying by the seat of your pants, well done still getting some  miles racked up.

    Biblical weather for this morning's 20M long run.  Ankle deep water, driving rain, strong winds, oh it was lovely weather to be out in.  There was no marathon pace running.  I sang like a loon in places and swore out loud at one point when it was getting a bit beyond a joke.  Then, of course, the sun came out this afternoon and the winds disappeared.  Typical.  I was busy eating my bodyweight at Toby Carvery with a friend, ah well.

  • Old4 - Well I had intended to run them regularly this time round, but a bit of work and then a poorly travelling/training partner rather put a stop to all that.  Got a local 5 miler a week today and I may give February's a go.  They are quite a way from Exeter, but OK if you car share.

    Carrot - Sound like my LSR last Saturday - well persevered!


  • no idea o4s ... I managed to scrape some skin off my shoulder as well and my jacket shows no sign if anything resembling a fall. Very odd. I prefer it like this though. Skin heals but new gear costs money!! At least my Garmin still works. I killed it's predecessor by falling on it .....

    tough 20, carrot, deffo character-buildingimage
  • DD - 17M around a 600m loop. That is dedication for you!

    chick - hope you didn't sustain any run-preventing injuries. I always worry about them with a fall.

    I did my handicap race on Saturday, and ended up around 30 seconds slower that the end of November, which I guess is not surprise. A good marker for at the beginning of training is the best i can say. With sheeting rain today - I did my LR on the treadmill. Mmm - always feels harder for some reason.

  • Chick - It's all to do with friction. When I came off my bike, skinned my arm, but hardly a mark on jacket. Materials move very fast when you hit the deck causing friction with your body. So clothing can be ok, but body gets skinned.

    Carot/Barry/Pink/2old - Well done on toughing it out for your lsr's.

    I wimped out and went for the comfort of the gym TM, and easier to bale out if my Achilles played up. 14.6m in 2hrs ave 8.13pace. Mixed up the paces, with a total 4.6m easy, 7m @MP, and 3m @HM. Went thru HM in 1:48:06, only 3.5mins off my (admittedly) old Pb. Achilles only slightly sore in last couple of miles, now icing

  • evening all ...been a bit slack last 10 days I was unwell last week and in up to my neck with business, ive quit smoking for 10 days now so itching to get running back in place to feel the benefit  !!! anyway been out last 2days a 5 mile run yesterday at 8:05mm pace  and felt very comfortable which i can only assume is due to quiiting the fags as I have no running fitness at all yet.

    gentle 7 miler today again nice and easy ....wheels are starting to turn now and looking forward to cracking some pbs second half of this year



  • Heelo thread. Daren is doing a marathon? Some cracking 20s and training going by nearly everyone.

    Bro, fab half, if anyone deserved a PB, was you. Sure you are going to smash Seville with the sessions you've done.

    Minni, are you recovered after the DNF?

    O4S hope your mum ok and house sorts out. Look after yourself.

    Chic, sure you will be fine. You've got miles in the bank.

    Daren, Interesting you think you struggle in races. How is your breathing now, do you ever wear a hrm ? Like others I struggle to do big chunks of hmp or 10k pace in training but race day fine, 20-30 seconds, 5-10% faster. Race day do you go even faster than training at the start or same speed?

    Barry a 1:28 half in training run? Respect. See above, doubt I could do 1:38 even though I've done sub 1:30. Your marathon prospects also looking very good. Pink lady running well too.

    Oompa after op, hope you're recovering well, enjoy daytime tv.

    Simon ankle, 2old back and Freemers maybe PF.. Hmmm.

    Work still bonkers, can't check thread at all but have managed training carefully with Achilles still a little sore but improved tons since Dec when I had the virus.

    Have managed 16, 16.5 and 22.5 miles last 3 weekends last one Hebden 22 with Mrs FRC (ok, we got lostimage ), she knocked 26 mins off last years time, would've been 60 mins plus if not for both legs/ quads fully cramping with 4500ft hills - she hardly drank anything the day before, silly. Cue scenes like Vietnam war movie at 13m and 18m.., but she was a trooper, recovered with packet of crisps, zero tab and painkillers, with last mile at her HMP.

    Not sure I'm fully clear of virus yet, some hill sessions run out of power on the long ones but then a few days later have a great tempo run. Taking it session by session, but getting lots of varied training with the elite athlete, so refreshing. He actually ended 2013 ahead of Mo in rankings. Doing 5k as test next Saturday.
  • Carrot  I won't be scaling back that much. I have been following the RW HM training plan & also advice from Barry. The plan peaked at 30 miles for last week & looks like by the time I have completed the HM it will be 28 for that particular week. There's 2 rest days in between runs. Oddly enough I'm enjoying the long Sunday morning runs & am planning to continue with these after Wokingham. image I will be taking one Sunday off when I'm cheering you & Barry on at Barcelona image

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Nice tempo chick - hope your cold snap doesnt last long.  And hope you recover from your tumble quickly.  Still a good long run in the bag.

    40mins - nice run - not a bad start to getting more endurance

    O4S - hope you survived the annual misogyny-fest that is burns night...

    Very nice long runs barry, 2old, pink lady, ant, simon.  Character building stuff carrot.

    Well done for ditching the fags glyn - hang in there!

    Good to hear from you FRC


    'Long run' with OH yesterday - 8M at 10min/miles.  48 for the week, rest day today.

  • Pink - careful...Barry will have you signed up for a marathon if you carry on with those long runsimage

    Good running Carrot, Barry, Ant, KFC and pretty much everyone it looks like - really getting some miles in.

    O4S - congrats on the win. Sorry to hear about your Mum though.

    My heel is still niggling - not really bothered by it when running, but after yesterday's LSR it was pretty painful. The tennis ball is helping so I'm doing that a lot, plus decided to book in to see my podiatrist next weekend and see what she thinks. I decided to ditch today's recovery run as well and give it a day's extra rest. I should be good for running the rest of the week with any luck.

    I managed to escape the worst of the weather yesterday - got out early and although it was windy I only got rained on right at the end. Lots of flooded roads to run through though, so my feet got a real soaking. 20 miles, average 8.20, with the second half a lot quicker than the first.
  • Nice 20 in the bag, Freemers image

    Simon/Ant: hardcore treadmill sessions! Dunno, I think I still prefer to run in minus 12 with a biting wind ...

    Today I feel like I wrestled a steam train and lost ... my whole right side is achy. I think it's just the bruises though. It doesn't feel like anything serious. Rest day today and tomorrow should be OK for running I hope.

  • Back from 3 days rest in Paris. Walked miles. Ate and drank way too much!!

    Freemers & carrot - well done on the 20s yesterday. 

    Chick - I hope you're ok. Sound like you're pretty bruised. 

    pink - taper time! Well done on the dedicated training for the half. 

    DD - did I read that right?! Mental strength big time.

    simon - don't blame you for hitting the treadmill!

    2old - great long runs even with a week skiing!

    7 miles for me on the tready and managed 8x800s @15kph. Fresh legs helped!

  • Chick - A hot soak in some Radox should help with the stiffness, and/or sauna, steam room if your a gym member.

    AA - Good sesh on the TM, do you find them easier or harder than 'real' running? I find it easier, so maybe I should incl 1% incline! Ant says harder!

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