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  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    AA you love your 800s!  Glad you had a good time.

    O4S - you've really got a lot going on at the moment.  Stay strong but don't forget to look after yourself.

    Chick - great LT pace there but not so good on the fall.  By the sounds of the weather it might be good to take a couple of days off to recover?

    Barry - great pace on your LSR.  How does that compare to your paces on other campaigns?  Will you do any durations runs where you go by time and not worry about pace?

    Glyn - well done on cutting out the fags.  Personally I'm thinking about starting again because I think it would couple nicely with sitting on the foam roller...image

    I've had a very odd few days.  Saturday I did the parkrun and put out the crappiest of crap runs ever.  Finished a minute slower than 5 weeks ago and a minute slower than KFC.  Again I just didn't feel like I had any speed in my legs. 

    Sunday was 16 which I did possibly a bit too fast @ 8:13 but I set my garmin to show distance only and just looked at the pace when I got back.  I took a gamble of waiting till the afternoon and it paid off as the rain had stopped.  Got back feeling better after the run and Mr Minni had cooked a roast.  Halfway through eating it I felt odd and ended up passing out on the floor and vomiting violently into a bucket!  I can only think it was food poisoning because after a short sleep I felt ok again.  Very odd!

    So basically, I'm pleased that week is over!


  • Minni - eek. Surely the old man's cooking is not that bad!


  • Holy shit, Min! That sounds horrendous! Food poisoning usually takes a while to develop though ... very odd indeed.

    Brilliant 800s, AA image  When in Paris you must eat! It's rude not toimage

  • Minni - So you're trying to blame Mr Minni'is cooking, rather than your 'too fast' lsr. After he cooked the Sunday roast for you to, tut, tutimage


  • Home at last

    AA: You read it right, man it was boring. Various groups of Egyptians came to stare at ethos strange Englishman trotting around their hotel.

    Minni: Always blame the cooking when you  haven't cooked it yourself.

    Chick: Well at least the Garmin is good.

    Monday is my rest day thank god cos I'm knackered, at least the kids were pleased to see me.

  • Cold track session early this morning, 12x300m off 100m jog recoveries.  Consistently in the 64-67 sec range, last two 59 & 61, pleasing enough start to the week.

    Does anyone else do shorter track intervals as part of their marathon training?


  • Carrot - Well done for toughing out the 20 and nice recovery in the pub.  Barcelona is filling up, over 14000 so far.

    Ant/Simon - Good effort on the treadmill long runs.

    Freemers - Well done on the 20.  I've got a similar issue with my calf, not really a major problem just a constant niggle that won't go away.

    FRC - You're still getting some decent runs in, are you doing a spring mara?

    AA -   Nice quick reps, have you a target for Wokingham?

    Minni - Good long run from you.  Not sure passing out is a sign of food poisoning, low blood pressure? Pace for my long runs is a little slower than previous campaigns.  Three long ones left a 22 which will be around the 3 hour mark and 2 20's with some MP miles.

    4 slow recovery this afternoon managed to dodge the downpours.





  • Simon - I always have my tready at 1%

    Barry - no, no target yet. Think I will see how I survive this week and plan next week depending on weather and tiredness! My plan says 12@mp so might even do that if I don't feel like I can go for it!

    Minni - hope you're feeling ok today.

  • The day after a fall is always going to be sore and stiff Chick, ibuprofen and a hot bath can work wonders!  At least the garmin, jacket and gloves came away unscathed...

    That's a good strong long run Simon, but yes you are a wimpimage Hope the Achilles is OK today.

    I enjoy the long runs Pink, I guess you have to if you're racing long! Definitely keep them up after Wokingham, it always pays off to have endurance.

    Nice 20M banked Free. It can't be anything too bad if you can still run on it but booking in with the podiatrist is a good plan.  I'm still using my golf ball every few days for 5 minutes or so, it's just foam rolling for the feet!

    Speedy 800s AA, that's my session for tomorrow.  See how things go before now and Wokingham, it'll be nice to have a no pressure race and 'just' run it at marathon pace!

    Yikes Minni, that sounds a bit grim! His dinner can't have been that bad?! Seriously though, did you have anything to eat or drink when you got back from your run? Well done on the YKW.You'd be happy with it if it was just a training run out on your own, don't be so hard on yourself.  You'll have to let me know next time you're heading down for it and I'll meet up with you?

    40 minutes I just do whatever track session the rest of the club are doing on a Tuesday. The last few months have been anything from 16 x 300m to 3 x 2000m.  We have a club handicap (usually around 5K) once a month too. 

    Rest day today, just a massage after work.  No knots or niggles, I think that's a first! 

  • Tempo run at the club tonight, but it was led by a coach from a faster group and I was hanging on for grim death - my legs were more tired from the 30 miler than I thought. 

    Don't know how you all do those long runs on the TM, I need changing scenery to keep me interested.

    40 mins: I did shorter intervals in the VLM training last year - got a PW image    This year I am doing no speed work as such, just some short 'fast' races

    AA: glad you enjoyed Paris, have you decided whether to do Bramley. How about a nice LSR with gossip thrown in for good measure.......


  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Minni - I'll happily swap 1min over a parkrun for 8mins over a marathon!  Weird that you felt OK on the long run - sounds like you need to keep an eye on how you are feeling for a few days

    40mins - like carrot I do my club Tuesday speed session, although I've not yet made it this year so I've been doing speed through parkruns instead.  Think most on here generally tend not to do less than 800s when marathon training.  Dont know enough about the science behind it to know why...


    Work/running crossover today - I thought I recognised someone new in a client meeting - turns out she's from parkrun.  It was much more fun talking to her about running than work!

  • o4s - I'm in Bramley. sounds good to me. Can't see me wanting to do too many mp miles this time roundimage

  • Nice runs there FRC

    Good mileage there for the week KFC

    Free It's my birthday next month so fingers crossed Barry hasn't entered me in a marathon as a gift! image

    That fall sounds not nice Chick - look after yourself.

    Minni good 16 miles there - passing out not so good but hope that you are feeling better.

    Carrot will definitely keep the long runs going but now looking for another challenge after Wokingham. I fancy the Castle to Castle 10k in my home town but that's not till June so will look for something to run after the Barcelona trip.

    AA Glad Paris trip went well. There is not much tapering on my HM plan. I will probably miss the Friday run just before Wokingham though but I will still go to my usual swim training session.

    3 miles hills to do at lunchtime today. A work colleague who is also one of our run leaders is taking me on the hill routes that she uses as I keep using the same hillimage

  • It is BA's birthday on Saturday.  Apart from the 16 mile run we are doing on the day, you will not believe the entry I have bought him for his present...............image

    AA:  I am assuming that my marathon pace is your LSR pace!!

    Minni:  BA says to congratulate Mr Minni, a good strategy for not being asked to cook again...........................he was thinking of copying him except that he never cooks anyway image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Morning all-busy day catching up with everything yesterday

    Simon-look after that achilles-I find squats helps loosen up the muscles and tendons down the leg to the achilles taking the strain off it. Im not bothering with the 1% on the TM especially as a lot of Boston is downhill.I cant do consistent reps except on a TM.How tough they are depends on how I sei the machine. Did you say if you are doing the Mad Dog next week?

    FRC-good to see you back-looks like you are getting in good shape despite the niggles and virus. Interesting survival pack contents.

    KFC-good weekly total-better than my 20! Looking at my schedule it was quite an easy week so my 2 runs plus 4 days skiing should suffice.Not sure about the copious amounts of alcohol though.

    Free-great 20-very tough .Looks like it froze out your niggle

    Chick-enjoy the rest-you are training very hard

    AA-France put speed in your legs-was it good to be back to 15kmph on the TM? I did 1500m at that speed the end of my session last night and it hurt....a lot

    Minni-excellent 16 .Worrying about he sickness-keep an eye on yourself, maybe something is telling you something

    DD-bet you are still running those loops in your head

    40mins-I dont bother with very short fast stuff except maybe the last hundred meteres of a run-Im too injury prone

    Barry-only 3 LRs to go? I wish- 8 maybe 9 for me I guess

    Carrot-one of the few who is niggle free-what is your secret?

    Pink-hills are fun

    O4S-no wonder you found the tempo tough-30 miles is not he best warm up. Looking at the training/racing you have done ver the last year do you think you have got faster...thats the impression Im getting.

    13k on the TM last night increasing speed from 12kmph to 15kmph with most in the middle about MP. On the basis of that I reckon I will struggle to do a10k racein much under 45 mins


  • Blimey Minni. Doesn't sound good passIng out and vomiting. Nothing since? Are you still going tee total?

    40 minutes. Nice fast track session. Shortest I do is 400s/ quarters usually, but GB athlete has had us doing some mile or 2k cutdowns ending in 200s. It's a nice session with high puke factor. image

    2old, I'm sure you are a lot faster than 45 minute 10k. How come you found the treadmill so hard? Like o4s, I hate treadmills. I also find them hard on legs impact wise, Achilles too.

    O4S tempo after a 30 miler. Ouch. How is your mum?

    Chic any bruises after the fall? Hand, hip and shoulder report please.

    Dubai Dave 17m on 600m track!. think I'd need headphones.

    Did they at least serve you drinks? What's Cairo like at moment?

    Forgot to say I'm doing marathon Malta in 3-4 weeks, as a training run, Mrs FRC doing the half, some sun for us of course. if I could get under 3:40 that would move me forward a pen for Comrades but that might have to wait till later. At moment 2 hilly marathons in March, another or ultra something April, ultra May, then Comrades June 1st.

    Session with JM last night, 2k tempo with hills in 8:10 then 8 decent hills, 7 miles in total. Still feeling energy going before the top of the long ones but all hills at sub 6:30 and a few 5s. Less than normal but better.

    Circuit 7am this morning with a well earned bacon and egg on toast after on train. Derby match tonight.
  • O4S - I don't have any paces at the moment.image

    2old - it's been a while since I hit 15!

    FRC - you're still quick!

    12 miles for me early this morning before work. Only half way through the day and I want to fall asleep!!

  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    Minni - hope you are feeling better.

    Chickadee - sounds like a nasty fall. Hopefully no damage done.

    FRC - nice hill session

    Carrot - good luck with the 800s tonight. I have the same track session.

    40 mins - like some of the others I just do my club track session on Tuesday. Last week was the same as yours 12 x 300m with 100m jog recovery.

    AA - nice 12m

    Freemers - nice 20 and I hope your heel settles

    O4S - sorry to hear about your mum

    DD - great mental toughness

    Barry - good 20m

    Pinklady- nice long run

    10m last night and track session tonight of 800m reps.




  • AA - I only managed 5 this morning so you did better than me....up early too (before 5) to catch the early train in, and then ran before work. My schedule this week is awful and lunchtimes are out, so having to set the alarm early all week - nightmare! I am proper knackered and it's only Tuesday image

    FRC - that's a full on few months leading to Comrades, but what an experience that will be!

    Minni - hope you're feeling OK after the food poisoning? Nasty.

    DD - yeah, doing loops like that would really do my head in!

    O4S - I am intrigued now about what you've bought BA!

    40mins - I did 16 x 200m a few weeks back, which were the shortest I've ever done. I really enjoyed them, but typically would do longer reps. Can't do any harm once in a while.

    Chick - hope your bruises are feeling better.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    FRC-doing Comrades eh-impressive target. Some fast paces too. Im feeling sluggish after a week skiing-not sure if its the lack of running or the heavy week or both. It will pass. You are right about TMs being hard on the achilles so I will try to limit their use-shame I used one for this lunchtimes session though. Malta will be hilly wont it-must be a multi lap race too? Derby match for me too.

    AA-well done getting 12 done.That was my plan today but I failed

    Free-its a nightmare when life gets in the way of running-it makes me very short tempered

    Col-see you are keeping the 10s going

    DD-where are you going skiing.Typical in the two days after leaving St Anton it has 40cm of fresh snow.

    Lunchtime 10miles on the TM , av 7.56 mm. Pace felt harder than last night despite being 30secs a mile slower


  • 2old: don't think I am getting faster, but I think I always assumed I was OK at longer distances and rubbish at shorter ones.  Now I am doing more short races I have discovered that perhaps I'm not so bad at them [relatively speaking].  My HM times haven't really improved and I don't think my marathon time will either - though hopefully better than last year!!

    Col:  thanks, the Ulster Hospital is not on the top of my 'must visit' places at the moment.  She has just been discharged to a nursing home and we don't know if she will ever be able to return to her care home - just a case of wait and see.

    Freemers:  BA is going to so hate his present image

    AA:  I suspect your 'no pace' is still faster than my race pace image

    FRC: which ultras???

  • hello! just passing through! image

    I still pop my head in on a regular basis to make sure everyone is still ok!
    It's great to see the usual spring rigor in the thread!   

  • FRC - busy few months racing ahead.

    o4s - Have you bought him a weekend away at luxury spa.image

    Just over 8 miles for me this afternoon.  1 WU  3 x 2 miles  with 2 min rec 1WD.  Pace 6:25,6:36,6:45 Happy with pace, got soaked on the second rep and started to struggle on the 3rd

  • Barry: somehow I think not.....image

    We sold our house an hour ago - all the trainers can come back out of the garage and our two 'best' bikes can be returned to their rightful place in the middle of our lounge!!

  • Good 10 there Col

    Comrades sounds like an amazing experience FRC

    AA Nice early run there - I am looking forward to Half Term when I am not on the school run & I will be able toget out there early morning running.

    Old4S Congrats on the house sale

    My 3 mile lunchtime hills turned into 4 miles today which I thoroughly enjoyed & yes i'm being serious image Managed to get back to work just before the downpour turned heavy & I had plenty of time to use the hairdryer before going back to my desk. image

  • yay for selling the house o4s!

    sorry, i haven't read back, bit of a self indulgent whinge from me. am back on the injury bench, left knee ballooned up after my 3 miles recovery last night, had felt the patella pulling Thurs + Sunday. been to a running fizz tonight + no running, lots of icing for a week, then going back. Feeling really frustrated, have eased so gently back into running + now this happens image

  • Kiwi: ((( ))) rubbish news

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry- you are on fire

    O4S- think you'll surprise yourself next 26.2. Happy move

    Kiwi - hope it's just a short term blip

    Pink - told you hills are fun

    Speaking of fun, there was lots of it at Anfield tonight. Glad I ran at lunchtime so I could go
  • Kiwi - Sorry to hear your back on the sick bench.

    O4S - Well done on the house sale. Have you got him an entry into Spartathon, or Dragon's Back race? or kill him off at Badwaterimage.

    2old - No still not entered Mad dog. I was delaying it cus of my Achilles injury, and now this head cold. I'll come down and support you anyway, as I'm off, and watch you set off 5mins after everybody elseimage.

    I've picked up a head cold last night. Which is a bit ironic, as I've been off for nearly 5months without a cold, and now due back in work tomorrow for the first time. Dosed up on lemsip and night nurse. Maybe my head doesn't want to go back lol.

  • O4S: Race across America? Mind you have prrobably done that.

    kiwi; that sucks

    40mins: Ive always done setsof 200's when marathon training, i dont believe that any particular distance is better than another for speedwork, just reduce the recoveries.

    FRC: You will love Comrades, Cairo was quiet where i was.

    2old: there is never fun at Anfield, proper teams play in Blue.

    MrZ; hi

    Club run with the grotty second string club tonight, it was what i needed a reasonably brisk paced 11K, groin niggle giving grief but hasnt got any worse over past two weeks and now that i can substitute cycling for some runs again i can probably manage it.


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