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  • O4S- great news. 

    kiwi - that's just not fair at all. You've been so careful. 

    Simon - enjoy your first day back. Hope cold isn't too bad. 

    2old - we are red in my large family. But my lot are brought up as Royals now having season tickets at Reading!

    pink - variation is fun! Well done. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Simon-shame about the Achilles but will look out for you next week. I've got a head cold too and can't shake it off resulting in me being deaf which is useful at home. Get a night nurse

    DD-blue? Even my second team Cardiff turned red . Are you going skiing?

    AA- got to support your local team

    MrZ- hello again
  • Kiwi - that's such a shame for you. As you say, you've done everything exactly right, and now this. Hopefully it is just a blip and will settle down quickly. Keeping all fingers and toes fully crossed for you - we want to see you back racing again!

    O4S - great news!

    Mr Z - hello! What have you been up to lately on the running front?

    Pink - see, you've gone and turned into a real running nut if you love hillsimage

    Got my tempo run done before work - the Minni special of alternate 5 mins MP, 5 mins HMP for 45 minutes. Paces were 13.0kph (I think that's c.7.25 min/mile) for MP and 13.6kph (c.7.00) for HMP. I've said it before but this is such a good session for making MP feel relatively easy!
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    Free-tough tempo session-was there no rest between the 5 min intervals? I think I need to try harder

    Cant get used to this thread not being top of the 'Spring Marathon' thread page

  • 2old - no, it's straight through. But you really do feel the change in pace and after the HMP the MP almost feels like a recovery interval. Almost.....mind you, I wouldn't do this session every week - just a couple of times in the programme.
  • That's a great session, Freemers image  I must try it again some time

    good to see you pop in Mr. Z

    Brilliant news on the house sale, O4S. Now crack some bubbly open and celebrate image

    Simon: shame about the cold image  maybe you can get some more time off workimage

    Tried to run last night but I'm shit at the moment image  not helped that it's grim, cold and very windy out there and I've started to cough and sniffle.
    The bruises are better, but the right hip is giving me grief. I think this week will be a write off. It's alright coz I started 2 weeks early so can afford to be lazy for a few daysimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- better to recover now. You are ahead of most of us. Enjoy a bit of lazy time for a change

    free- yes very tough. I will try it in a week or two. 

  • o4s -  Good news on the house sale, now tell BA to cover his ears while you tell us what his gift is.

    kiwi - Rubbish news, it's crap when the same injury keeps coming back, I'm sure you're in good hands with the physio, but if it's the same injury most probably be the way you are running or your shoes, had your gait checked recently?

    2old -  ta for the comment, just wish I could get rid of my niggly calf. Good result for the reds.

    Freemers - Good session, how's the heel.

    8 miles slow for me this afternoon, only a bit of drizzle compared to yesterdays downpour


  • Barry - Very impressed by your 2 mile reps, wish I was in that sort of form!

    Club night soon, so 8 miles close to MP coming up, then Saturday's long run rescheduled to tomorrow morning.  Don't think I'll be much use for anything tomorrow afternoon...


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- odd your calf still troubles you .Mine seems ok again. Good8 ,my run is soon 

    chick- 81 days to go. 

    40- don't envy you doing a LR the day after 8 at MP . Enjoy 

  • Aw Kiwi sorry to hear that image You've been so good with coming back gradually too.

    Come on then O4S, spill the beans! What's his birthday present?

    Give over 2old, 45 minutes!

    Barry you are going to be leaving me for dust at Barcelona, great paces for your 3 x 2M.

    Great tempo running Free, you're doing well keeping it up when you're busy with work.

    Chick don't be so hard on yourself, you've had a bad fall only a few days ago.  You put in some hard work and good strong running before that.  Just treat it as a step back week.

    Tough couple of sessions 40 minutes. Similar to what Hal Higdon does on his plans so it must do some good image

    Track was saturated last night so it was a session on the streets - 1M fast followed by two long hill reps.  Something a bit different anyway but I was looking forward to those 800s!  Easy run done early this morning, 13M steady tomorrow (or 13.1 because it has to be done)

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Carrot-not sure your alernative to the 800s was a let off or a tougher option. Ok 45 mins was a bit pessimistic but I was worrying about my week off. Maybe  around43mins?

    Wasnt looking forward to getting out tonight but really enjoyed it. Just under 10.5 miles . First 5 was a hilly circuit then the last 5 was downhill or flat so did that 2xHM pace and 3 x MP. Great way of clearing the lungs of the product of a weeks worth of cold and flu. Averaged 7.30 mm 

    oh yes O4S - what's the pressie? 

  • Free: thats a tough session

    Carrot; i like hill reps

    Chick; give it a couple of days

    2old; Blues didnt exactly excel tonight. Skiing 09/02 Saas Fe, never skied in Switzerland.

    Did 6.5 tonight on unlit lanes without a head torch as kids have "lost" it, there was just enough light to avoid the puddles, when I was at the furthest point from the village I started to think there was someone behind me, slowly but surely the patter of feet got closer, i started to consider the likelyhood of a mad axeman actually being fit enough to chase me down whilst i pottled along at 8 min miles. Eventually one of my club mates came steaming by with a cheery "evening", no guesses for which was my quickest mile.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD- red is the colour! Went to Saas Fee 2012 ,bit limited ,you'll ski it all in a day (or two- if there's lots of powder )  so make sure you get a trip ( or more)to Zermatt nearby which is a different ball game altogether. No way can you run to a prescribed pace with a head torch.

  • image So first day back at work after nearly 5 months. Only 1249 emails to move into trashimage. Plenty of well wishes, but some didn't even realise I'd been off lol. 

  • Afternoon all. Pleased to report first 20 of the campaign done. 20.6 miles in 2h56 @8:33 pace. My foot was sore for the last 4 miles so will rest tomorrow but other than going ankle deep once I felt ok all the way. image

  • AA - well done, good to get the first 20 in the bag. You must be pleased with that, given the training you missed at the back end of last year

    Simon - how's day 2 back at work?

    Chick - a bit of a cut back this week will do you good, you'll come back refreshed next week.

    Nice sessions 2old, carrot, DD

    40 minutes - how was the long run this morning?

    Just a very easy paced but very trendy 5 for me this morning. Thank goodness I am working at home tomorrow so I can turn the alarm off. I have intervals scheduled for later in the day tomorrow - might do AA's 8 x 800s but don't think they will all be at 15kph!
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA- well done getting that first 20 out of the way. . Only another 6/7 to go ! Don't over do it with that sore foot 

    Free- don't like the sound of those intrvals

    just completed 8 miles -  2 easy to warm up the rest a bit faster. 7.36mm av

    Simon- hope you didn't trash the email asking you if you agreed the pay rise?

  • Hi guys, new to this forum. I just wanted to ask a question regarding your 20 mile runs. I hope to get 5 x 20mile runs in before the Edinburgh marathon. My question is, does any one run a percentage of these 20m runs at marathon pace? If so how many of the 20 miles would you run at marathon pace. Or, would I be better just running them all at the slower LSR pace. My background, last year I ran the EM in 3:47. I missed my target of 3:30, I think partly because I was new to distance running and had no experience at my goal pace above 10miles.

    Thanks in advance,

  • (((kiwi)))  somehow I missed your post yesterday image   really sorry to hear that. Just when things had started to fall into place. Here's to a speedy recovery!

    Simon: commiserations. Must be a shock to the system!

    AA: excellent run! Well done. Good confidence booster.

    Freemers: enjoy the day tomorrow. Nice to be stuck in bed when the 5:01 train just leaves the station and you don't have to be on itimage

    Scary experience, DD  as a girl this would have completely freaked me out ...

    Did some stretching last night but no running. Maybe this evening. Still very cold and I'm not tempted ... seeing that this is a write-off week anyway I should make the most of it and be lazy without feeling guilty image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-hope you mend soon-doing any X training?

  • Free - Don't worry, day off today, day 2 tomorrow, a full 10hrs 12-22.00. Next week 2 full days but split again Tue, and Thurs, then 4 half days the week after, so not too badimage.

    2old - We've got the pay rise already, 2% wow, I suppose better than a kick in the Balearicsimage.

    AA - Well done on your first 20image.

    Went out for a 9.1m mlr in the dunes and beach, a bit muddy,to try and shift this cold, and seems to have worked so farimage, but ankle sore again. I can't be arsed editing the text today, just to change the smiley faces, so it's smiley faces all roundimage.

  • Haven't got time for a proper read-back, but some great training going on.

    Commiserations to Kiwi and Chick on the injury front - hope you're on the mend soon.

    Good 10 x hill session with the club last night for me.

    A bit of a dilemma has arisen about my autumn marathon as they've just announced there's going to be a new Chelmsford marathon on October 19th (a week after Yorkshire). No precise route details yet, but Chelmsford is pretty flat and if it's all on-road, I'd be very tempted to run it instead, as friends and family could come and cheer me on and it'd take me about 15 minutes to get there, rather than 4 hours. I imagine you'll be tempted by this too, Kiwi?

  • Carrot -   I don't think so, I'm one of those blokes who are OK at the speedy stuff and struggle with the endurance. No comments Pink. wink face.

    2old - Good pace on your 10 and 8 milers

    AA - well done on your first 20.

    Daren - Handy having a local marathon, but be careful with it being a first one with the numbers running and organisation.

    10 steady for me this afternoon, lovely running conditions for a change, avg came out at 7:11.  Had one of those rare moments in running when miles 7,8,9,10  everything felt right and had to slow myself down.image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Daren- lm sure Minni will forgive you if you miss the Yorkshire one ...others here  may not

    Barry- you've definitely got a great pace imbedded ready for the marathon. Hopefully mine will pick up a bit more before mine. 

    Simon- they broke the bank for the rise I see. I read somewhere that running on sand can aggravate the Achilles which ties in with mine going pear shaped in the Summer after a spell of beach running 


  • hi all,

    great to get that first 20 done A.A!

    Chick hope you are feeling better after your fall.

    Simon, that's a truck load of emails to wade through!

    D.D - nice run, i'd have shat myself if i thought someone was tailing me in the dark!


  • Free - lucky you having a day working from home tmrw!

    2old + Barry - pacey running!

    Daren - yeah, heard on the radio about the Chelmsford marathon, am very tempted, same day as Abingdon. online registration for Abingdon opens on Saturday.... like Barry says, my only worry would be if it was cancelled/crap as it was the first one ever....

    swelling going down on knee, iceing seems to be working...

  • Free I actually look forward to hill work now image

    DD Kid's are great at losing things. I wouldn't have done that run.

    AA Well done on the first 20

    Chick enjoy

    Simon nice ease back into work there - it will take a lot of time just getting through those emails. Your lucky being able to run along a beach as well.

    O45 the birthday gift sounds intriguing

    3 mile lunchtime run yesterday & ran 4 this evening which was supposed to be 7 but I just didn't feel the love plus I've had a banging headache most of the day so wrote it off & came home (sad face).

    Tempted to enter another HM although haven't survived Wokingham yet - but this one is the Warwick one - my home town so it would be great to take part. Mulling over it at the mo image


  • Barry/Kiwi - yeah, that was my concern too about Chelmsford with it being the first ever one. I'll wait till more details are up.

  • AA: good on you.

    Kiwi: sounds better

    Chick: enjoy the rest

    Simon: thats a lot of emails, were any of any interest?

    Club session   with my 1st string club, 2 x 15 mins at 10k pace on the usual hilly  route off 3 mins, then 600 / 900/ 600 pyramid at warp speed. Niggles no worse no better!

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