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  • 7 miles tempo today to try and counteract a night of alcoholic overindulgence with an old friend up in Birmingham 

    BAs present is his entry to 3x20 mile races - one of which has a 2 mile hill before tThe 6 mile point - entry to 2x30 mile mud-fests and a flight to Washington DC.  I have to decide whether or not to mention the 2 weeks of hard core cycling I have arranged in the Blue Ridge mountains after the flight.......  As my generosity knows no bounds I have also got him a box of maltesers and a couple of bottles of real ale.  His birthday card says 'in my house I'm the Boss - my wife is just the decision maker' image

    I'll let you know his reaction after Saturday, if I live to tell the tale..........

  • O4S - BA should be pleased, otherwise I'm sure you would go on your own anywayimage.

    2old - Now you tell me, no wonder it hurtsimage.

    Kiwi/DD/Pink - There was over 150 lunchtime menu emailsimage. But don't worry, it's going to take me another 2-3 days to read all the others, at least. Luckily so far work are being very amenable.

  • haha, O4S - excellent image

    2Old wrote (see)

    Chick-hope you mend soon-doing any X training?

    my x-training is normally the bike, although I'm a lousy cyclist. I enjoy it though. However not in ice and snow and in double-digit minus temps. In fact, I'm a fair weather cyclist ...   not a gym member (not worth it for those few weeks when the weather is really shite).

    DD: vomit inducing sesh, that ... especially on the hills. But if it doesn't kill you ...

    no pay rise here image although they promised us some inflation offsetting thing. Guess they conveniently forgot ...

    OK, since I can't cross-train I bit the bullet and ran. 5 miles last night, 10 miles this morning. Felt ok. Cold, but pain-free. The hip only started niggling after and it does while I walk. Don't care. As long as it's fine when I run my world is alright image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon- sadly memory isn't what it used to be . Hope there are no unexplodead bombs in those unopened emails

    Chick- good your back running. Any idea why the hip is playing up? Muscle imbalance?

    DD- that was a fast session 

    horrible here so might end up on the TM later 

    help please. Miss2O wants to invest in a running watch. As she is of limited means which Garmin is best? I guess she will want to be able to down load the data.  Which one should she go for? 

  • because I fell on it, 2old and it didn't much like it ...

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- definitely muscle imbalanceimage

    O4S- hell of a present......with an emphasis on "hell" . 

  • O4S: i suspect BA is well used to your presents by now.

    Chick: good that your running again

    2old: I think there is a Garmin 200 forerunner 10 which is reasonably basic, though there is also a Tom Tom one.

    10K run very slowly just before the rain started.  

  • Chick - glad you managed some running image

    Intervals D&D, and I surprised myself with the pace. 8 x 800m, first set done at 9.0 mph (about 6.40 m/m) and it felt a bit easy (relatively speaking!) so took it up to 9.5 or 9.6 for the rest (about 6.15 m/mile). Felt really good - tempted to put it up to the magic 10.0 mph for the last one, but then my hamstring started to get tight so decided against that. Feels tight now, but I've had this before and it shouldn't be an issue. Normally I just have to have a few days of east running, no speed and lots of stretching. Plus I'm seeing the pod tomorrow and she does massage too, so I can get her to give it a go.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Free- you were really flying on the 800s. Wonder what 10k time you could do now? Looks like you've got a bit more work for the pod. 

    DD- well timed 10k. Yes suggested that Garmin to her. Guess I'm going  to have to chip in

    couldnt face the storm so watched American Psycho and did a steady 23k on the TM at just under 8mm pace. That's this months' base building 'over -200 miles completed plus 10days skiing. Have to start doing some faster stuff in February 


  • Freemers -  Nice speedy reps

    2old -  Good miles/k's logged on the tready and a big monthly total given the days off running. Pink has got a 110 which is basic and can be fiddly connecting as its not wireless.

    5 mile slow, wet and windy as normal this afternoon.  223 miles for me this month, which is my largest total for a long time.image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- solid month for you too. About 6 weeks left for you isn't it? That's four plus taper. 

  • 2old I wish I waited & bought another type of Garmin as the 110 is a bit of a pain to upload at times but still cost me over £100. It comes with a heart monitor which is still in the box!

    O4s nice presents there for BA hope he has a good day tomorrow

     3 Miles lunchtime run for me today in the pouring rain which was lovely & refreshing - my work colleagues thought I was completely mad going out in it.

    Nice to see i'm joint first on Jantastic & have 6 badges!

    Swimming training tonight image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Pink-thanks for the advice. Congrats on leading jantastic. Which team are you in? 

  • Great work on the 800s Free, flying!

    Thanks for the Jantastic reminder Pink - I'd forgot to log runs! I'll be having Minni hunting me down....  Congrats on the first place.

    Careful with that ankle Simon, the sand probably didn't help. 

    That sounds like a decent (hard!) club session DD.

    You really do know how to spoil him O4Simage And no present is complete without a box of maltesers.

    Glad I got out this morning for an easy 9M as it was pretty grim when I got home from work.  Baked some cookies and had a nice hot bath while poor Parsnip headed out into the wind and rain.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Carrot- at least Parsnip had cookies to look forward to. Good 9 in carp weather. 

    Rest day for me- 68miles in the last 6 days- and the start of the Six Nations to look forward to. 

    Good weekend running all 

  • Nice 800s Free.

    Good mileage 2Old and Barry.

    Chick, glad you're back running.

    Got up early to drive to Ilford for a YKW this morning. Wished I hadn't bothered. Very disappointed with 19:44. I know you'll all say it's still a good time, but I ran 19:22 there back in September and I've done a lot of hard training since, so would have expected better. Thought I was in close to PB form to be honest, but obviously I'm not!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Daren- yes it is a good time. Maybe the lost 22 ? seconds is a result of all those extra miles 

  • 2old the Forerunner 10 was brought out just after I bought my 110 & I think I would have preferred that one as it doesn't look to complicated. Fantastic team is Swindon Park run. I will be watching the rugby today & tomorrows matches.

    Daren well done on YKW. Its still a good time image

    Carrot/2old I am sharing the top spot with 5 others inc Barry. Nice to be there though.


  • the rewards for the early bird, carrot image

    Nice Jantasticating pink & Barry

    Wow, Freemers, excellent reps image

    Daren: a good ykw. They can't all be PB s. Move on and have faith. At least you guys have park runs so plenty of opportunity to practise without breaking the bank.

    2old: brilliant mileage image. I'm lucky to scrape 50 together this week but only if I run 22 tomorrow ....

    248 for the month image
  • daren - don't be hard on yourself, that is a brilliant time.

    speedy reps Freemers!

    lol, O4S, loving your prsents for B.A!

    Go Pink, fab jantastic placing image

    nice mileage 2old + Barry.


  • we got up early so Mr Kiwi could do the Hornchurch parkrun, it was very boggy + he was very slow. but he loved it and wants to go back next week. i did an hr on the xercyle, knee ok,  back to fizz Tues, hopefuuly will be allowed to ease back into jogging next week!

    good luck to any racers + all the long runners image

  • Nowt rest day.

    Chick thats a lot of miles, must total mine up but am guessing  180 ish

  • Chick - Big mileage especially with your days off.

    Daren -  Yeah come on that's slower than my last effort. wink face.  Seriously what where your splits? Set off too fast?

    Rest day for me today, enjoyed the start of the 6 nations, England unlucky. Sad face. Forgot to mention I received a magazine from Germany last week regarding last years Berlin marathon, including certificate including my position and splits - nice touch.  Mo was in todays Daily Mail, training hard at altitude in Africa for VLM and Nike have allegedly got some special shoes prepped for his first marathon. He's staying there apart from running a HM in the near future, maybe see him at Wokingham next weekend.image

    Abingdon entry has been delayed, waiting for race license.


  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Congrats on the sale O4S.  Sweet present - how did he take it?

    Thats rotten kiwi - hope its a temporary bench

    Nice first 20 AA, and plenty of other good runs going on.

    Thanks for the info on Chelmsford Daren - thats quite tempting.  I often find with parkruns I run well when I'm not expecting it, and not so well when I'm feeling good - more so than over longer distances.  If you can run one next week you may get closer to the result you are looking for.

    2old - OH has the Garmin 210 and is happy with it, cost him about £100, think the 110 is a bit cheaper as it doesn't do speed in mph for biking.


    parkrun this morning, first time I've run at Haywards Heath - 4 laps and hilly and with a few water features!  21.47 and nowhere close to being 1st lady this week.

    Out again in the afternoon for an incredibly windy run up on the south downs with OH - 10k in 69mins image

    Ooh - HM time next week for quite a few of us - getting excited!

  • kfc - Nice double, your OH enjoying the running? I was glad yesterday was a rest day for me as the wind was bad.

    kiwi - Good news on the knee, hopefully a short term problem

    22 miles for me this morning, bit of sunshine which made a change, unfuelled, second 10 quicker than the first and completed in 2:55 at a 7:58 avg. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- comfortable 22 there ,yes running in sun was a pleasant change even if it was windy 

    KFC- doing doubles makes me think I'm not trying ..good going 

    20mile LR. Completed 8.04mm  70 for the week.   And 88 in the last 8 days but still a long way off your impressive run rate Chick 

  • KFC next Sunday's HM's will soon be here. Which one are you running? It will be my first ever HM & my last in my age group for me. I'm more nervous than excited at the moment. 

    2old impressive mileage there. 

    11 miles LSR banked this morning in lovely conditions. Unfuelled again as the gels were upsetting my stomach. Will rely on the odd water station next week - safer bet for me.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Some great runs being logged especially from the speedsters Barry and 2Old. image

    Yes carrot make sure you keep those runs logged - for jantastic sake! 

    Yesterday was a duration run of 3:15 - 22 miles banked but within an hour of returning I was throwing up and spent the rest of the day in bed.  image  Not quite sure what is going on.  I managed all my runs last week but my tummy was dodgy on all of them.  I'm hoping this has cleared it once and for all.

    Not sure about the HM next weekend - I'll have to play it by ear and see how I am closer to the time.

    About 220 miles logged for Jan including 1 prize, 1 DNF, 1 shite performance and a week of illness.  Lets hope Feb is better.


  • Daren - maybe not the time you were hoping for but still a decent training run banked at the YKW yesterday.  Do you have a few to choose from nearby?  We have loads in the North East! 

    That sounds like a tough parkrun course kfc. You'll be well on for a PB next week at the half marathon, how much time are you wanting to chop off?

    Chick have you recovered OK from the fall?

    Well done on the unfuelled 22 Barry.

    You too 2old, nice mileage!

    Minni there's something bad going on there, do you feel better today? We're currently 2nd place large team on Jantastic! If that doesn't make you feel better nothing will image

    Another 20M ticked off this morning, this one with 10 @ MP.  254 miles for January image I didn't think it would be that many. 100% for the first four weeks of Jantastic - I'm apparently joint first locally (although can't see where it says where I actually live?)  Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow as my legs are trashed.

  • Great to see you, Minni. Not so great to hear about your dodgy tummy image.

    Do you think you may have developed a food allergy? It took me more than a year to figure out I was allergic to mushrooms... I wouldn't feel bad immediately. It would take a few hours usually before I had to throw up and then feel completely fine again.

    Excellent long runs being knocked out by Barry, 2old, carrot and Minni (parrty smiley)

    Fantastic weekly mileage, 2old and impressive monthly total, carrot image

    kfc: that park run course sounds mean.

    Well, I had to run 22 today to make sure this week wasn't a complete waste image

    Did a progressive run a la P&D. 7miles each at MP + 20, 15 and 10%, 1 cool down. The slow lot felt awful, I felt almost sick but as I got quicker I started to feel loads better. The final bit was more MP plus 5%. Legs pretty trashed though, nearly contemplated an ice bath but settled for a cold shower instead.

    Beautiful day for running. Sunshine, only a light wind and plus 5 degrees. Perfect.

    So the last couple of days kind of rescued an otherwise disappointing week image
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