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  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni-good news you're running is back to its strong old self. You might need a passport to do some of that run in a year or so if a referendum goes a certain way

    Simon-I make it up as I go along guided by P&D /RW so that means trusting myself...very risky

    KFC-a cut back week this week is it?image

    Easy for me today


  • Sounds like Abingdon will be well represented by team Minni!image

    2Old- nice 12 miler.

    KFC- taking it easy then?image

    Minni- yay she's back!

    45 min steady for me this morning which ended up @ 7.20 average (7.47, 7.41, 7.21, 7.11, 6.56, 7.10). Might've got a bit carried away.image

    Rest tomorrow, the last xc of the season on Saturday and 80min steady on Sunday. Just over 2 weeks to go and someone is getting stupidly excited...

  • Oh wow, Bro now that has come round pretty darn quick!! Awesome steady run there. You are entering 2old territory in terms of paceimage

    2old: brilliant 12 miler. I could never do such a pace on a hilly windy route!!

    Lots of autumn marathons being planned, it seems. I will resist temptation because I never train well over the summer.

    KFC: the infamous inverse taper method, a classic image

    Minni: so glad you are feeling better. You had us all worried!

    Barry: rest up. You don't want to end up with overtraining. Night shifts and marathon training must be gruelling. Just make sure you get enough zzzz

    Pink: how annoying image  I hate it when I forget stuff. I'm known to forget crucial items of clothing for AFTER running (bras and knickers being the favourite). Ouch.
    Thanks for asking - hip is much better. I can still feel it when I walk but only after a longer session. Did an easy 5 yesterday and felt fine. 
    12 hilly miles today and I feel it. But it's more an inconvenience than real pain.

  • Bro - I'm massively excited for you. You could be the first thread lady to crack the 3;15 barrier!

    chick - you are churning out those hilly miles each week image

    7 miles easy for me this morning. I'm sick of this bloody wind and rain now and we are due another storm tonight. (Angry face)

  • AA- lol, thanks but no, I am not in sub 3.15 shape! Sub 3.20 would make me very happy.image 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Its exciting having Brol starting off the marathon season so soon. image

    It was lighter this morning when I ran early doors.  Spring could be just around the corner.

    2old - The HM on Sunday is very hilly and exposed and the weather forecast is for rain and gales so I won't be pushing it too much.  To be honest I'm looking forward to just having fun on the trip with others (its with my second claim club) and not worrying too much about times.  Its 6 hours of travelling for me!!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni-very wise approach and thats a long way so lots of fun on that trip.Cant wait for Brol to kick it all off for us

    AA-mine was supposed to be easy too ,it wasnt and it was on a TM.

    Chick-dont forget that there is usually a downhill after an uphill...but anyway it has got to be done for Boston. Is the hip niggle in a specific spot? Any idea what is causing it? Great 5 and hilly 12.

    Whats the trick for running efficiently in strong wind?

    Bro-speedy session-taper madness has started and looks like the signs are good for your marathon. No pressure being first to race

    7.5 today around 8mm and it was horrible. My mind kept saying to me -why areyou doing this when you could be going skiing!!!! Guess I have to do my LR tomorrow with a race on Sunday and it seems the weather should be ok (fingers crossed)


  • My long run this week is my HM on Sunday - is that bad? 

  • AA - same as me, and not bad at all image

    An easy 6.5 for me today - I was going to say a steady 6.5 but then I saw Bro's definition of "steady" and thought better of itimage

    Minni - glad you're feeling better image
  • Hi guys, just popping in. Some nice sessions going on in this horrible weather. Don't blame your mind for saying that 2Old - just over a week till I head off to Tignes now and can't wait! As for running in strong wind, I always have to consciously tell myself to relax my upper body and not fight it too much. That and run behind a tall bloke!

    Bro, can't believe it's taper time already! How exciting!

    Before that, of course, is Sunday's HM, which is looking like it will be a windy one (looking at the forecast and a map, miles 9-11 will be straight into a headwind, which should be fun at that stage of a HM). At least it looks like it should stay dry. Looking forward to it and feeling better about last weekend's YKW now - strangely enough, according to runbritainrankings, it was my second best run ever on adjusted times! Obviously, I'm taking that with a pinch of salt but it still suggests that other people struggled in the wind too (it also measured quite long on my Garmin and they did mention something at the start about moving the finish to avoid a puddle, so maybe it was a bit long too - at least that's what I'm telling myself!)

     Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend!

  • Hi all,

    First time poster here... I'm training for my first marathon (london) and bit concerned about some things I have read.

    I'm aiming for a 3:30 time and at the moment I am running my sunday LR's @7:50 per mile (14 miles Sunday just gone, HM in 1:41:30 the week before). I still do the speed work during the week but just thought as it has been doable I may as well push the long runs.

    Is this a bad idea?

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA/Free-I expect you will both do a 4/6 mile warm up before the HM so how can that be bad but the idea of a 12/14m warm up before a 10k for me is not an option.

    Daren-I know where I would rather be Tignes or Lancashire? Most of the runners round here are little whippets so not much to shelter behind. Like the positive approach to the yknw and Sunday-what are you aiming for 84/5 mins?

  • 2old: just imagine you are shaped like a wedge or run sideways ;-)  

    Hi Fazza: let me get this right: you are running everything FASTER than planned marathon pace? That's not only a bad idea, it's suicidal and a surefire way you crash and burn before this training plan is over ... the marathon is an aerobic event and as such you need to train your aerobic engine as much as you possibly can. And you do that by running ever so slowly. General consensus is planned MP +60-120 secs. Of course there are some speedier sessions too, but they are short. Your LSR should just be that: long and slow. Most training plans will have you run sections of some of the LSRs at target pace. That may vary between 8 and 12 miles but shouldn't be much more than that.
    Also, aiming for a sub 3:30 is ambitious for a first timer. You would be looking at a 1:36ish half before you should think about breaking 3:30.
    Why not just forget about a set time and just go out there, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the whole thing? Hey, it's your first marathon, so you are guaranteed a PB image

  • Confession time - I have entered Abingdon....yes, I know I have also entered York, and won't be doing them both (well, probably not!). But my OH saw me looking at the Abingdon website the other day and commented that if I was going to do an autumn marathon then he'd be keen for me to do that, and we could go and stay just outside Oxford where we had our long weekend last year - it's only 20 minutes from Abingdon so perfect really. I was a bit gobsmacked as he HATES coming to races, so for him to actually suggest it is a BIG DEAL.

    Anyway, Abingdon allows transfers of places so I don't need to decide totally now, I can always sell the place on nearer the time. I still really fancy York as well though....decisions, decisions.... (confused face)
  • I would love to do Abingdon, but it is the Round Rotherham 50 and if I want to stay married I have to do that.  In any event I want to make sure Minni doesn't get lost!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    The enthusiasm for Abbingdon is deafening.  Looks like it's going to be a north south battle. I need to persuade my OH its a good idea too. Anywhere luxurious nearby we could stay? 

    Fazza- Chick is spot on though i have to confess I ran most of my LRs for my first London marathon at your pace and as you'd expect injured myself so hardly ran in the last few weeks but did manage 3.27. Find a 3. 30 schedule  eg RW and follow it and you should get there uninjured and have an enjoyable and successful first marathon 

  • Into the taper Bro! Exciting! Nice 'steady' running this morning image

    AA that Abingdon decision didn't take long! Don't give yourself any pressure on Sunday, the weather sounds like it'll be grim for racing.  You can get a really good training run out of it. Of course it's a long run, a mile or two warm up plus a mile warm down.

    Barry, Freemers and Kiwi into Abingdon too, I'm half tempted to ditch the 'no autumn marathon' plan...

    Good to hear you're getting back to full fitness Minni, hope that bug is now gone.  Yes, it was almost light when I finished my run this morning, roll on those spring mornings.

    Yes, kfc, that is an ideal taper for a HM! ;) Seriously though I'd still do the parkrun, just run it steady.

    2old the trick to running efficiently in the wind is to run the entire session in one direction, with the wind behind you, then get the bus home.

    Windy forecast = no pressure for a fast result Daren.  Just treat it as one of those training runs that you always nail image

    Welcome Fazza. As per previous advise, slow those long runs down.  Keep the 7:50s for the last few miles of the run, you don't need to do the whole lot at that pace.

    This week has consisted of the club handicap on Tuesday, recovery run yesterday, 12M steady this morning.  10M with 7 @ HMP on the cards tomorrow.  I'm considering long running on Saturday as it's our club awards do on the Saturday night and the club nights out usually end around 3am.

  • Carrot - Get in quick if you fancy Abo, over 550 places gone already.

    Fazza - Welcome, which plan are you following?

    Nightshift and the weather is certainly taking it out of me, getting about 5/6 hours a day kip, which is n't enough for me. And I've been guilty of cramming in too many runs at start of the week to give me a couple of days rest before Wokingham. Ankle still sore, will make decision when I wake up Sunday morning.



  • Nice 13 there KFC

    Well done with the 12 miles 2old

    Chick some of the items you mentioned are what I forgot!

    Welcome Fazza

    Well Abingdon is looking busy - I was going to offer to get the drinks in while waiting for you all to come back but it's now looking like an expensive round! image

    5 miles this evening after work which was my best after work run for a long time. 3 @ HMP.

    Weather is looking shocking for Sunday, including sleet! Will see what happens. May be going to Wokingham on my own if Barry decides not to run - to be honest he is better to rest the ankle, give Wokingham a miss & concentrate on Barcelona - the decision is entirely his though.

  • Hi all, new poster to the thread.

    I have just (Monday) started training for my first Marathon(Liverpool), I dont belong to any club and I run alone so just looking for somewhere to share my runs and pick up tips to help keep myself motivated.

    I have ran around 7/8 HMs before with my PB 1:35 but I have always had a lax attitude to training for them relying on my general fitness from playing football with a run thrown in once a week. However, I feel I am tackling a totally different beast with a full and if I am being honest I am a little apprehensive with regards to the distance.

    I have downloaded the RW sub 3:30 garmin 16 week plan and will be looking to follow that. As mentioned I do play football for Sat league team and wondered if I should look to run on the Saturday as planned after the game or should I maybe give it a miss with playing that day. The plan is in the main a easy 5m of a Sat.

    Just a quick thanks for a few tips I have picked up reading a few previous pages, specifically with regards to running at a slower pace as I have felt the urge to run at a more natural faster pace than suggested for the slow and steady runs.

    Sorry to ramble on

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Carrot- great wind running advice ..... what if the course is a loop? Looks like you've been busy this week. Think your plan for Saturday is good

    Pink- start saving now and the round will be easily affordable.image.  Those HM pace miles will help

    Barry- still a few days to ice ibuprofen should do the trick. 

    Doug84- welcome. I planned to do that race had I not been going to Edinburgh as it is local. Should be a fun race. The RW plan is pretty good and the key is to stick at it. The benefits come from consistency and getting the LRs done


  • freemers - yes yes !!!! Flat and fast! image

    carrot - do what you need to do to enjoy Saturday night! 

    Barry - keeping it all crossed still. 

    Fazza - chick said it. And welcome. 

    Doug - welcome. 

  • Thanks all for the warm welcome. And thanks Chik et al for the advice I will slow those LR's down then to do only some of the miles at MP. It just didnt feel too bad so got a bit carried away, I guess also I worry that if I havent practised that pace over alot of miles I have no chance doing it on the day.

    Barry - I have been following this plan but as I had already been building up my training before Xmas I am ahead of schedule and thought to just carry on..


  • Feck - I'm beginning to think about an autumn marathon too ... bad idea, bad idea, bad idea ......

    On the other hand - I went sub 3:30 in an autumn marathon even though I really hated the training at the time :-/

    9 miles with strides in the wind and rain but I really like it. First the legs weren't having any of it and I thought oh bugger, this will turn into a very long 9 miler but then it suddenly clicked and the strides really brought some life back into those dead legs.

    Oh dear, Barry image   hope it settles over the next couple of days. 5-6 hours is not enough sleep if you are trying to recover  :-/

    tee hee Pink  glad it happens to others tooimage

  • 2Old, no target for Sunday and certainly not 1:24/25. Don't think I'm quite there yet, even on an ideal day. Course is meant to be fast, but conditions sound like they won't be, so I'm not putting any pressure on myself.

  • Doug and Fazza- welcome.

    Chick- nice 9 miler against the elements. Autumn mara... come on, you know you want to!image

    Barry- hope you're ok by Sunday but if not, I agree with the others- ditch the half. Not worth the risk at this stage.

    Carrot- sounds like a monster week. Good luck with the MP run today, hope the weather cooperates.

    Rest day for me today. My new garmin 220 (a gift from me to me) has been delivered today and it's a thing of beauty. Can't wait to take it for a spin.imageimageimage

    Had to get a couple of jabs done this morning in preparation for my hols in Thailand in March and can now hardly move my arm... grrr. Apparently I'm also likely to feel crap tomrrow which wouldn't be ideal for the xc. I guess better to get it out of the way now than in two weeks.


  • Chick - You know you want to - just do it.image

    Fazza - Plans looks OK for first marathon. Just to add another benefit of long runs slow is to get your body used to running for a length of time obviously if you run these too quick you won't spend as long on your feet.

    Doug - Welcome,  I would n't do the run on Saturday aswell as the football, and if the football is full on be wary of being too tired for the Sunday long run.  Another option would be to juggle the runs and do the long run Friday, just don't do two hard days back to back That's a good HM time on very little running.  

    Went to get shoes checked out today and my 2 pairs of Ghost 6's are worn, only just over 300 miles each, but this is contributing to my calf issue, ankle felt OK during gait analysis.   New pair bought which I will try tomorrow on a short run and this will give me a better idea for Sunday.


  • Hope the new shoes do the trick Barry.

    Welcome Doug and Fazza image

    Tempo run today, making sure my hamstring feels OK - no problems so all set for Sunday. Like daren, no real time goal, given the likely conditions. Plan is first mile around marathon pace and then pick it up a little. Just really want to feel strong throughout.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    2 marathons a week Freemers?! image

    I think I've just read that Wokingham might be cancelled for flooding?


  • Minni - er, who's doing Round Rotherham the week after York? I will reserve judgement on whether I do 2 in 2. Depends how quickly the DOMs disappear!

    Oh I hope that's not the case for Wokingham!! Is it definite?
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