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  • Well that's my decision made, Wokingham cancelled, water 8 inch deep in places and rising.

  • Oh shit - I'm off to check. I know it's really bad round here at the moment and it runs through Hurst which is the village next to my mum and dads and I know that's pretty cut off today...

  • Yep it's off. Poor Pink. I really feel for you. 

  • Gutted for all of you, but especially Pink after all your hard work for your first HM image Hope you can find another one in the not-too-distant future to make the most of your training.
  • Oh no, sorry to hear that guys.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    That's a pain for you HM racers but its probably for the best. 

    Barry--think the gods are looking after you

    very windy 20 mile LR today .Garmin battery flat so had torun semi naked. Bit faster than I should have - 7.47mm average 

  • I was sooo ready for Wokingham HM. I'm gutted it's cancelled (Sad Face)

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear it's cancelled.  

    Pink is there another you can do soon? Reading? 

  • We have a 30 mile off road run in Surrey on Sunday - best take a snorkel and practice my bog snorkelling image

    Just back from a slowish 7 mile run with BA, should have got my long run in today!

  • Minni  I don't want my training to go to waste so definitely need to book a HM & soon. AA suggested Reading, I've had a look but there are only charity places available. I think I will book Warwick HM now as that is on 21st March.


  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Oh no - bit further away, but entries on the day available for deal HM on Sunday...


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Pink- don't worry the training is in the bank and now means your HM pb will be even better 

    O4S-sadly living in a bog is  a reality for many. Tragic. It's always good to have the LR d&d

    kfc- to the rescue !

    looking forward to a rest day tomorrow -78 miles in the last 6 days. Will take it a bit easier next week too. 

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Chick - inverse taper? Not heard that one before, but I guess 2 rest days, 10M tempo, 5k race, HM goal race prob fits the bill.  If its got a name, it must be legit...

    Carrot - yep, the plan is to try and run parkrun steady, but cant be responsible for my actions if I see a ponytail that needs chasing down...

    2old - draft shamelessly behind your fellow competitors.  I've done plenty of windy seafront halfs - I pick someone bigger than me, tuck in behind and take a rest before jumping to the next one! image

    Fazza - welcome!  What the others said, either that or your target is soft!  Agree with you about practicing MP - but just not in a long run. I like 10M runs with 8 at MP.

    Doug - welcome!  3.30 looks like a sensible target based on a 1.35 half as long as you get in a decent block of consistent training and long runs.  What kind of base fitness are you starting from and how many runs/weekly mileage have you been recently doing?  I ask because often training schedules (especially for 3.30 and faster) assume you've already been regularly running quite a bit and if you've not its usually better to build up the mileage more gradually.  Some runs are more important than others and you can easily bin some for other aerobic sports.  I agree with Barry on switching a run for footy.


    10M today with 8M at 7.20 avg.  Nice to clear out a few cobwebs.  Ran past a dishevelled bloke who stared at me, grinned and said "good on ya - thats not jogging, thats running"  image

    Right, time for productivity to take a big dip for the next 2 weeks.  First Olympics I've not been to in a while, feeling a bit sad.  I'm sure I'll get over it.  Bring on the sport.

  • Sorry to hear Wokingham has been cancelled, gutted for you guys image

    Pink definitely get another HM entered, are there any 10Ks local in the meantime that you can do?

    That's not many miles out of a pair of trainers Barry! Will you still long run on Sunday? Can you both get a parkrun in tomorrow as a decent session on fresh legs? Or look into the half kfc has suggested?

    Welcome Doug, you'll have a good base fitness from football.  You can clearly knock out a decent half marathon from the training you do! I wouldn't worry about missing the easy 5M on the Saturday and playing football instead.  You might find that as the weeks progress your legs might be a bit tired from the harder runs which could affect your playing on the Saturday, but just see how it goes.  As 2old says, the key is consistency and making sure those long runs get done.

    The 220 looks great Bro, when is the test run planned? Good luck tomorrow in the XC.

    Best of luck for the 30M on Sunday O4S, hope the forecast is wrong...

    Good luck to both Freemers and Daren for your half on Sunday.  Free run like you're chasing Daren and catching him up!  Daren run like it's a training run.... with Freemers chasing you!

    The weather gods were looking down upon me this morning for my tempo run, only a light breeze and no rain! It felt so good to see some sunshine image

  • 2old -  I agree, think I would have raced on Sunday unless my ankle was giving me a lot of grief, so in some ways glad the decision had been taken out of my hands.  Shame it's been called off but if the course is n't fit for racing they had no other option and at least they've given some notice and entry is carried over to next year.  That's a v pacy long run and big mileage.

    kfc - Speaking of quick runs that's a good avg pace PMP?

    Carrot - Yeah used to get 400-500 miles out of my Asics, current mileage means 2 pairs of shoes every 3 months. Who said running was n't expensive. The Brooks I have aren't great for wear, was offered some Mizunos but will try after Barcelona. If ankle better, will attempt 13 on Sunday but not at HMP.

    Have managed to find Pink a HM sooner than Warwick and not too far, I'll let her tell you about it.


  • Pink/Barry - I was going to suggest Blackpool half on 23Feb, and then you could both visit family as well, but it sounds like you've got something already.image

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Barry - I wish!  I'm aiming for an MP of 7.30, but still feel a way off that being sustainable.  Was nice to have a bit of a blast yesterday after a couple of days off.

    Probably unsurprisingly, didn't make it to parkrun today - legs said no!

  • KFC - that's a cracking run.

    pink - hope you've found something good. 

    Good luck to all the HMers tomorrow 

    i decided to follow my recovery week plan and do the 14 mile long run and as everywhere is flooded and the wind is horrific today I hit the treadmill. 7 miles @7:40 pace, 3.5 miles @7:33 pace then 3.5 miles @7:26 pace. That put my taper/recovery week into use. Felt really good. And helped get rid of my frustration over tomorrow. 

  • boo, sorry to hear Wokingham is cancelled! Pink hope you've found a suitable replacement.

    good luck O4S with your 30, and Daren, Freemers at Great  Bentley, meant to be a fast course.

    welcome Doug + Fazza, you'lk get brilliant advice from this lot.

    mr kiwi did hisparkrun again this morn, he's been using my garmin more than me in the last 2 weeks! 1 hour on the exercyle for me + another hr of exercises, knee not too swollen, may ve allowed to run again next week, yippee!


    good luck to Minni too, sorry if i've left anyone out, on the phone. hope everyone else gas good long runs image

  • x-post, fab run A.A! Great to have got id of that frustration. are you going to do a different half as a replacement?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Great run KFC!  I'm loving the Winter Olympics too.

    Fingers crossed Kiwi. Well done Mr Kiwi.

    Cracking TM run AA.

    Big mileage 2old.  Is everything holding together?

    Hope the 30 goes well tomorrow O4S.

    Its not as wet here as down south but the hills were still pretty muddy this morning.  7 easy miles with the dog.


  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    minni - did you see the awesome womens xc skiing?  That would so be my masochism sport of choice if I was norwegian.

    sounds encouraging kiwi

    and you too AA - doesnt it just feel damn good to blast it sometimes

  • aww sorry to hear about Wokingham being cancelled image really disappointing.

    Glad you found a replacement for pink, Barry.

    Cracking run AA. Wow, I wish I had some of that speed ....

    My MP run was a bit hit and miss really. 24 hours of rain and a temps around 0 this morning made for tough conditions underfoot. My warm-up lap was fine, the ground was still frozen but 150 pairs of feet soon turned it into a quagmire :-/ I was covered from head to toe in mud at the end... MP felt hard. And as luck would have it the longest stretch was run straight into the wind. Anyway, pace ranged from 7:35 to 7:43 so.not too far off. But the effort to hold MP was way too high. Nice to have company and people to chat to though. The course was pretty undulating with the first k being all downhill and the second pretty much all up. Kilometres 3 and 4 had a bit of both. Glad it's done. 18 miles in total and 80 in the last 7 days.

    Superbly organised event by the German 100 marathon club. Hot tea, cake, fruit and meatballs (?? why) at the end image oh, and a 22 year old ran his 250th marathon today !! He probably started when he was 4 .... or he didn't have much of a life and needs to get out more. :-S
  • Chick - well done on touching that out. 

    Kiwi - positive news on the knee. Got Reading on 2 march lined up already. 

    Kfc - I watched the skiathlon when I was on the treadmill. Looked tough! 

  • Simon we are in Blackpool for part of that weekend but leaving on the Saturday evening. Thank you though.

    AA Cheers for your help image

    I'm sorted - Eton Dorney race your pace next Saturday & a place in Warwick HM 23rd March - I can go to my mum's after for a roast dinner image

    Hard swim session last night lots of kickboard work. Nice early birthday present from Barry who took me to have my gait redone & new trainer's this morning. I now have a lovely pair of Brooks Trance.

    Haven't had a chance to watch the Winter Olympics yet, the rugby is on Ireland vs Wales which should be a good match.

    Good luck to all those racing this weekend

  • Pink - Glad your sorted Re HM, and nice b'day prezzie.

    AA - Nice pacey TM sesh, good to get your frustration outimage.

    Yes watched W Olympics, women's x-country 15k this morning, brilliant . Watching England beat Scotland in the Rugby, and Liverpool stuffed Arsenal in the footie. The only downside was my wet & windy run. Ankle had 5 days rest, and was aiming for 16m. Within a few miles the ankle was stopping me from running normally on my mid-foot, but pace was ok at 9mmp. After 10m took a couple of paracetamol, and still doing 9mmp, but after 12m, pace slowed and I started to look for an exit plan. Headed to my mates house, and luckily he was in, and finished with 13.8m @ 9.01 in 2:05:26. Didn't want to make the ankle even worse, now icing, but disappointed even with only 2 runs a week the ankle is still a problem.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni- body is a bit battered but holding up....very tired too

    AA -excellent  and fast TM session 

    Chick- that must have been a tough one for you today. 

    Pink- glad you've got another HM sorted. Are you trainIngrid for a TRI?

    Carrot/KFC- good running 

    Simon- that ankle is turning into more than a niggle. Is it achilles or something else ? Enjoyed Liverpool's demolition of Arsenal. Pity about Wales ,Scotland and Cardiff though. Will you be bringing cake tomorrow?


  • 40 years ago today BA found himself having to go out with me to the pictures ( long story, he didn't ask me and it wasn't a date). 24 hours later our fate was sealed!  Can't decide if that is romantic or monumentally stupid, you can guess which opinion he veers towards............

    XC today in Brecon was epic, never mind dredging the rivers - I need to dredge the shower!

  • O4S - I'm sure he thinks it was the luckiest day of his lifeimage.

    2old - No cake, but some choccie bars, and some lucozade sport. Oh and plenty of waterproofs for me. With a 10.40 start, I expect you'll be there at 10.39image.

  • Thanks for the warm welcome

    2old – I am running the Liverpool as its also local for me, missed it a couple of years ago due to injury and fear I wouldn’t get round. Just a bit of a shame it isn’t being held by BTR this year.

    Barry – Football can be full on so I think I will give the Saturday runs a miss especially with the pitches this time of year the mud zaps the energy straight from your legs.

    KFC – My fitness is quite good with football I also started to get 3-4 runs a week in at the start of December about 25 miles a week just so the training didn’t come as a big body shock, so glad I did as this week has been tough given the weather. Had I not I think doubts could have started creeping into my mind running head on into a gale along the Mersey.

    Training has gone well the last couple of nights I had a 10 mile on Friday, the hardest part of that was knowing my mates where all in a warm dry pub. Managed to stay within the desired pace running a 7:53min/mi average in some strong winds. It was an easy 5 today at 8:57 pace.  Off to bed now up again tomorrow morning for a slow 10m. Wishing everyone a safe and pleasant run tomorrow, I know pleasant is stretching it with the current wind and rain across the country.

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