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  • I'm not normally a morning person, but went out this morning for my lsr. Sunny , cool to start, but then wet, and windy. 15.03m in 2:15 @ 8.59 pace. Achilles only slightly tight towards the end, but even better, felt pretty fresh at the endimage. Feeling a bit more optimistic now. Still 6wks to go, so still a chance to get a 20miler in.

    2old - Glad you're taking your lsr's nice an easyimage (not).

    Ant/Free - Good runs

    Good luck to the racers, rather you than me looking at the forecast.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    2old - I'm going to have to come over there and sort you out!!!

    Nice LSR Simon.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni- you probably should 

    Simon-great run , I have every confidence you'll get that 20 done. Don't forget your cycling gives you tremendous aerobic fitness so it's just a case of carefully building up the miles In your legs. Think you missed the worse of the wind. 


  • haha, Min;-). Where IS spoons these days?? He's been missing for ages now :-/
  • Spoons is a man?

    Tasty 20 milers by everyone, AA in race, Minni, Chic. Everyone.

    O4S wise to drop out though to fight another day.

    Kiwi I could only run once a week for nearly 2 years, take it slow, you'll come back.

    Simon great news on Achilles.

    Chic & Mini fast intervals and tempos.

    Barry, hope all sorts out for you. just finding that mileage you don't get injured. 2old too, fast intervals if not 100%, and a 20 miler at 7:45mm?! Second what Minni says, you race your training.

    Interesting program about the placebo effect, and people talking about gels. There was the study where they cramped cyclists and got them to take pickle juice. Most were okay within 1-2 minutes far quicker than it takes for the liquid to get to the muscles... So it's brain/ taste bud related, sweetness or sourness changing your behaviour.

    Good luck Brol. Nice target!

    Malta looks lovely, 15-16 degrees, Target is moving forward a pen at Comrades so sub 3:40 but hmmm.. There is a LOT of downhill. Tempting me.

    Also quite fun since mrs FRC starts 1h20 after me and aiming for 2:10 half, so we could finish together in last mile, maybe help her sprint for a joint photo finish.
  • Malta sounds brilliant, FRC. Good luck to you and the missus image

    Simon: nice one

    2old: I only know John Hancock as the main sponsor and that they do something with financial services ....
  • Simon Good news there on the achillies. Enjoy your trip to Leicestershire

    Banked 6 miles this morning along a very blustery Blackpool seafront. Felt very refreshing.

    England vs Ireland rugby this afternoon. May have to catch train home if Ireland win

    Good luck to anyone racing this weekend
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    FRC- Spoons male? I was wondering tooimage   Think you will be going up a few more pens after the race ..good luck ...and to Mrs FRC too. By the way I don't race every training run...most ..but not everyone 

    Pink- bet that was a bracing run ..we can see the Blackpool tower from the hill across the road from here . Hoping England will do Wales a favour today 

    Chick- he was the first signatory of the American Declaration of Independence. When asked to sign something in the states they sometimes say ' put your John Hancock there'. Useless bit of information done .

    rest day today if you can call the 5 hour drive I've done a rest. 

    Good running this weekend all 


  • Good luck to tomorrow's racers, Carrot and Freemers - hope the weather is nice like today and the wind isn't too bad! FRC - enjoy Malta, sounds like good conditions. And go Bro, eek exciting to have some race reports to look forward to tomorrow!

    Simon - good that your achilles is behaving.

    Thanks for all your kind words re the knee. I do feel like a bit of a fraud still posting on here, but love reading how well you are all training and especially seeing people make excellent come backs post injury - gives me hope! I haven't been put forward for a mri, the doctor felt there was no need as I don't have any pain, clicking and I have full movement when he did the circular/pull in all directions things with my leg. Today was great - went for a brisk 2 hour walk by the seaside while Mr Kiwi did a parkrun and some extra miles, knee was fine. Back to the physio Tuesday and expecting to get the green light to run again image

  • Just popping in quickly to wish Bro all the very best for tomorrow. Trust in the training and believe you can do it. It's all mental strength now. image

    another 20 bagged for me yesterday and a recovery run today which hurt!! Will read back later when I have more time. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA- 20again so soon after that fast one.? Brilliant ! You are right about mental strength. Wonder how much of what we do involves this once weve got the running in our legs . Maybe that's the trick to getting a PB 

    Go Bro. Enjoy your's going to be a good one.   You too FRC. 

    Celebrating Englands win... Can't believe I'm saying this image 

  • Brol - Good luck, race hard and enjoy.

    FRC - Good luck to you and your OH.

    Simon - Good confidence boosting run. Time for a couple of 20's.

    AA - Well done on the 20.

    2old -  Nice pacy long run, I think you enjoy being told off.

    I enjoyed watching the rugby, Pink not happy.image 

  • Barry: Me and Pink both!

  • Not good news from me, 10 slow this morning, left calf felt a  bit tight but OK, decided to try some MP miles, but within a mile left calf went "pop" and stopped me dead, could n't walk on it yet alone run, so hobbled home. Not trying to be too down about it but I think Barcelona will be a get around effort with no target.

  • Barry - oh no seriously image not again. 

    I off to track Bro....

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Oh no Barry that's not good!!!. Don't write it off yet. ice etc and see how it is over the next few days. Fingers crossed. 

    when do Bro and FRC get going?

  • Barry - your calf sounds exactly like mine in 2009, went pop when I did anything other than slow/easy running. I think it happened this time of year too - I ended up ditching all the speed and tempo sessions and just got round. Did a 3.47 on the day which wasn't too far from what I thought I was aiming for in those days (around 3.40). So could have been a lot worse. Not ideal though and gutting for you as you've been so close to 3.15 before.

    Minni - you got in first with your ticking off of 2old, but he needs to take heed image

    I did 16 x 200m yesterday - hadn't had a chance for intervals in the week and because of the race today didn't want to push hard on longer reps. I could get to like 200m reps though - all at 16kph, which is a speed I never ever thought I could run at, felt controlled and they are over so quick so you don't have a chance to feel that tired.

    I'm now sitting in race HQ - the wind is picking up a bit but it's not cold and I'm looking forward to the run. Hopefully it won't be a repeat of last year when I had stomach issues and threw up at 14 miles! Report back later...
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Free- ok I'm taking your heed . I avoided that session last week ...are they to teach us leg speed and get us used to aspeed we rarely run. Great going and good luck today 

  • Old4s gutted for Ireland yesterday I really thought they would win. 

    Free Good Luck

    Kiwi fingers crossed for you

    Went out for a 5 miler this morning & just as I finished met Barry & walked the short way home with him. Peed off for him, bloody calf! (Sad face)

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Oh no Barry.  image

    It was a good win for Scotland yesterday.  image

    Freemers/Carrot - hope the races are going ok.  That is a strong wind.  Looking forward to the reports.

    20 miles for me this morning in 7:56.  The last 5 were supposed to be at MP but they were straight into the wind.  Managed 7:14 for the last miles though (out of the wind) image

    GO GO GO Brolish!  Its all looking good for her!  

  • 2old - That was a very strong 20!

    Did 20 myself yesterday, despite taking the first couple easy, the wheels came off from 16 miles on!  I really haven't broken into long endurance mode this time round, good thing my marathon isn't until May...  Half Marathon next weekend, then back to some serious work.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Well done Bro!! Massive pb in Seville this morning. You've set the standard for the rest of us now!
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni- nice 20 and very strong last mile. What were the splits bearing in mind you planned a progressive run and finished under 8mm.  Glad Scotland won. 

    40 mins - well done with that 20 - nothing worse when the wheels come off but better now than May. Plenty of time yo rack up more 20s. Which race are you doing?

    Bro- congrats on your PB ..I didnt track you so I'm looking forward your report. 


  • eek, proper excited, go Bro! Looking forward to the race report, not been up long so haven't tracked it.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    2old - here are my splits.  I did a small loop then a big one and I knew I couldn't avoid the wind in the last few miles.  Miles 6 - 15 were run with the either a side wind or from behind, which was very nice!



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni- think I can see where the wind was for or against you ...very strong running there. I found the wind very energy draining but am ok today ,how about you after that ?

  • Minni - Very good 20.

    Freemers - Just spoke to my physio and he said the same thing, lots of icing and when I start running again just slow stuff.

    Brol - Congrats, I was tracking you, very well done.image

  • fantastic PB, Bro image

    You really really deserved a brilliant race. Over the moon for youimage

    Barry: oh no. That sounds terrible image healing wishes for your calf.

    A great weekend for 20s . Well done AA, 40 and Minni image Love those splits, Min, especially the final oneimage

    Hope carrot and Freemers had good ones too.

    I entered another low-key race today for my MP run. Didn't fancy it along the river where I usually run coz it's pretty windy. Otherwise a beautiful day with blue skies. Morning started chilly but now it's 6 or 7 degrees plus. Perfect running conditions really.

    Got there early and did 7 easy miles to warm up. Then 12@MP and 1 cool down. Felt really strong and had to reign my race head in. First mile was 7:22. Whoops. Pulled the brakes and slowed down from there. Splits ranged from 7:31 to 7:35(plan was 7:37), average 7:32. Mighty happy with that image. Thought about Bro all the time thinking hey, we are probably running at the exact same pace. Nice.

    The course is 4 laps, half on pavement, half on a dirt track. No rain recently meant it was very firm and good to run on. Did a little Happy Dance at the end image
  • oh, just dawned on me that 7:32 was my HMP in 2010...
  • Minni Scotland played really well & had a great finish. Well done on the 20 miles

    Meant to say earlier Happy Birthday Simon

    We were tracking Brol - excellent. Congratulationsimage

    Nice one Chick

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