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  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    Pinklady - you do love doing those hill sessions!

    AA - bad news on the hip flexpr. Hope it settles for Sunday's race.

    Chickadee - 11m with speedwork seems a lot. I generally warm up with a 2.5m run to track and cool down with the same run home. Both at 9 minute miling.

    Last night's track session was good. My 400's were consistently 84 to 85 seconds with the last one at 81. An easy 4m run tonight before kettlebells.


  • Brol - Enjoy the break, you deserve it.

    AA - Take it easy until the weekend, speedy recovery.

    Minni -  Quick 400's from you, and x post, you too Col

    After 2 days of icing/compression calf is pain free when walking and flexibility has come back but still tender to touch and if I overstretch(accidently) can feel it.  In a bit of a quandary what to do, last time it went I rested for a week, it seemed fully recovered, I ramped the runs up slowly but it went again after the fourth run(increase of pace to MP). As Freemers mentioned, backed up by physio, maybe only do slow stuff when I start running, as can't risk it going again and having a DNS for Barcelona.  And come race day  not sure what the plan will be.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-nightmare for you after having done the hard work.Just hope it sorts itself out soon

    AA-are you considering missing the HM if the hip is still playing up? Only a few days to go so hoping you fully recover and can line up at Reading

    Ant-nothing wrong with listening to your body and rearranging the plan.I do it all the time though its usually listening to Mrs2O thats to blame

    Minni-good early running and afst too.I should have done my run then as I woke up early and am now tired from lack of sleep

    Chick-looks like you are going to have to do the 11 with intervals having run this am already unless you turn your double into a treble. I did some of those last year and am convinced they contrbuted to my AT-fast long sessions on top of high mileage

    Bro-good to hear the legs are returning to normal

    Col-another fast 400 set

    Pink-not long until the HM then!

    Simon-cant beat a good bit of Heavy Metal. Hows your running gone this week?

    Im supoosed to do an easy 9 today..we will see

  • Chick/ant - that does seem hard. I was supposed to do 11m with 7 thresh last week and managed 7 with 5! Fail!!

    Barry- up got to play the cautious game over the next few weeks now. It would be far worse to DNS. 

    Minni/col - fast intervals d&d!

    hip feels weak at the moment rather than sore so another rest day tomorrow I reckon. 

    I bought RW this week for first time in ages and it had a write up about the Reading half last year, how greatly supported it is and what a great course -  and I'm sure Bro would agree - the crap conditions. But it called it "the runt of the Berkshire litter" !! Have they not seen slough or Bracknell!!? 

  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    Barry- keeping the pace easy seems a sensible approach.

    2old - yes I do indeed do a weekly 10m run with MP rather than a 12 to 14m MLR. I have built this up to 10m with 8 @ MP. Slow first mile and slow last mile with the 8 in between at MP effort. I go by effort and don't look at the watch until the end. I find it a good way to guage progress.  

  • AA Yes I think I am slightly mad for hills! Look after the hip

    Minni Warwick HM is 23rd March - it is only the 2nd year it has been held. Nice intervals there.

    Col Yes I actually look forward to hills.image 

    2old no not long to go & I have gone back to using the training plan. Just got to work out my long run while i'm in Barcelona. Fingers crossed Barry will be ok.

    Supposed to run 3 miles today according to the plan but ran 4 instead. I think early morning running might be back on shortly as the mornings are getting lighter.

  • Pink it will be lovely getting to do your long run in Barcelona!

    Hope your hip flexor eases off AA. You know what to do! No real madness to report as yet, so far training hasn't been much different... it'll probably kick in next week.

    Great work on the early 400s Minni! Isn't it nice when it's getting lighter early. 

    It's sometimes better to swap a session on the fly Ant rather than slogging out a mediocre run and feeling worse for it.  Just don't bail out on Fridayimage

    Barry it's taper time anyway - I would rest for a week then see how it feels at the start of next week with a short, easy run.  Don't let all that hard work over the winter end in a DNS!

    Simon the session last night was four sets of: 1000m at 5K pace, 200m recovery, 400m fast, 400m recovery.  We've done this one before, it's hard but good image

  • Carot - That sounds a toughie sesh!

    Barry - It's a tricky one, this close to your marathon, but I hope you get fit come race day.

    2old - I'm keeping the running to a minimum this week, and did the hiking on Monday, and achilles ok. How did the easy 9 go? I expect it will be like all your training, 'The fast and the furious'image.

    AA - Hope the hip is just a niggle.

  • Ouch, carrot! That sounds mega-hard.

    Barry: glad the calf feels better. Crossing my fingers it holds up.

    Survived the intervals last night - 5 x 1200m - times were 4:47, 4:47, 4:48, 4:48, 4:49 (that's 6:23-6:26 pace). Did 7.5 miles in total with warm up an cool-down and was mighty glad I didn't have to do more image   I did similar paces last year but my HR this year was down quite significantly. Hooray.

    This morning I had another 15 miler on the schedule. Would have expected to feel tired after speedwork but I actually felt pretty good and nailed the session at an av. pace of 7:56 image   I broke it up into 2.5 mile chunks with warm-up and cool-down and inbetween alternated 8mm with PMP. Legs were tired on the final 2.5 mile bit but all in all a pleasing run.

  • Chick - you're flying. Brilliant stuff!

    another rest day for me today. Hip feeling slightly better. Will test it over a trendy 5 tomorrow. Nothing like tapering for a half marathon big time!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon-decided to have a rest day...achilles a bit tight and sore so did what I thought best.

    Chick-what AA said! To be in this form with 50 odd days to go must be making you very confident. I see we cant take bags to the start of the race. Im thinking of going in a onesy I can throw away.I know Bro nearly had that at NY but its going to happen for us.

    AA-you will be well rested for Reading-I believe there are some top class racers doing it including you of course image

    Bro-did you hear about the runner at Seville who fell at the start and was trampled but still got up and I think came about second female in the race or age group...with a cracked rib and broken nose! Tough or what?

  • Blimey! Tough indeed. Goes to show what adrenaline can do for you ...

    Yeah, I read about the no-bags policy. TBH, I'm not surprised. It's for our own safety. I have some old tracksuit bottoms and a fleece which may take with me so I don't freeze to death on the start line. Will there be food at the start? Coz we'll be bussed out in the middle of the night ... and brekkie will have been eaten 5 hours before race start ...

    I'm feeling alright but not counting my chickens just yet. There's still a lot of miles to be covered before race day ...  and whilst MP feels doable I still need to focus to hit it. It doesn't come naturally and it needs to feel a great deal easier to be sustainable over 26.2!!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-I agree re bags and yes there will be food(see the email) .When I did it it was very cold and we waited under an open sided tent in a school field..some people even  had sleeping bags. I took a few big black bin liners which did the job nicely-a couple to wear  and one to sit on and had a few spare to share. There was food-bagels tea coffee and I think some danish pastry or similar and bananas which I cant eat. Re sustained MP - I think thats where my doing LRs at somewhat higher intensity than recommended helps . I am also a believer in a weekly 8-10 miler which is at or around MP.Col seems to agree with this. I remember someone also saying (on a RW thread)for sub 3.15  aim  to nail a 16 miler every so often in just under 2 hours so I will try to do just that in March some time.If I fail at least I will have an idea where Im at.

  • I read about food but wasn't sure what they meant - could have been gels (green face) ... bagels are brill.

    Understand what you mean about faster long runs. Too bad that such an approach doesn't seem to work for me - I'm definitely one of those slow-twitch types that have to train slow to race fast. I think it's a bloke thing anyway - guys are better at speed and girls better at enduranceimage

    Right now I take consolation from the fact that I'm about 4 weeks ahead of where I was in my plan last year image   The rest will hopefully fall into place on April 21

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Chick - you really are flying!  Its good to see.



  • Minni- smoking earkt 400s yesterday!

    Ant- nothing wrong with swapping sessions. No point forcing yourself to do a tempo when you're not on it and get frustrated in the process.

    Col- that's impressive speed on your 400s.

    Barry- hope the calf is improving.

    AA- fingers crossed you're ok by Sunday. Yes,,, I remember conditions at the start line last year...eek!

    Chick- great intervals. You seem to be picking up some serious speed with a long time to go!image

    2Old- yes, I read about that girl. Joasia Zakrzewski. Polish roots so I wouldn't expect anything less!image She ran 2:49 I think and came 4th lady.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro-lol ...Polish roots...shouldnt have expected anything else

    Chick-did read somewhere that girls are better made for marathons. You're 4 weeks ahead and Im about 8weeks behind....maybe I should have done Edinburgh instead

    Tried a pyramid session today ranging from 8mm to 10k pace for an hour- 7.06mm average. Need a recovery run now

  • 2old - What you need is a racing onesie, but I think that's called a Mankini lol. Fingers crossed for our achilles.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon-what you say re our achilles. A racing mankini? Sounds like what triathletes wear.

  • Some great sessions from Team Minni - Chick, that's a great couple of runs, you are bang on form right now.

    Minni - nice 400s, not sure I could do them that early!

    Carrot - your club sessions always sound daunting to you feel great afterwards though.

    2old - good to rest the achilles.

    AA - hope your hip is OK tomorrow.

    I was away again this week, and had to put up with a hotel TM yesterday in a gym that was boiling hot and smelt badly of stale sweat (sickly face). Needless to say I cut my run short - just a (not so) trendy 4 miles.

    So today I was determined to nail my intervals - 4 x 2k, which I did in a progressive pace (first one was 8min 32 for the 2k, last was 8.12). Felt nice and controlled all the way, so job done.

    Tomorrow will be a gentle plod, around 7-8 miles early doors. Rest Saturday and then the Wymondham 20 on Sunday. My plan is 20 @ 7.25-ish (MP). Last year I did this at 7.30s which turned out to be my MP for VLM, so if I can just cut a few seconds off that pace I will be happy. But I am just going to set out at what feels like the right pace and see what happens. The main aim really is consistency, and if it is a little slower than ideal I would rather that than to fade badly in the latter stages..
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Free - that was a tough interval session ,you deserve a gentle plod after that. Good plan for Sunday. What is it like? Flat hilly etc? 

  • 2old - it's pretty flat, although the last mile is uphill so i need to keep something in reserve for that. The weather forecast looks pretty good for once image
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Freemers I admire your confidence doing 20 @ MP but it's worked really well for you in the past. I'm just not brave enough to try it. I'm going to opt for 10 easy and 10 MP next weekend.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni- I was impressed by Frees bravery too. Anyway it looks like it's going to be a great day to do it 

    decided to do my second double today ,so did a bit over 12 at 7.51mm av. Hilly first 7 miles. Only a trendy one tomorrow to finish the month. 

  • Chick - Very quick repeats. I thought you did n't enjoy the quick stuff. Wink face.

    Freemers - Good pace on the 2k's.  I like your plan of racing 20 at MP.

    2old -  That's a good avg pace over the hour.

    Carrot -  Have you received your number , got mine by email  on Wednesday.

  • Listening to Marathon Talk on my run this morning....guess who came top of the ladies podium with a 3.21 at Seville? Go Bro !!! image
  • Bro - well done on the podium...awesome!

    freemers - 20@mp worked so well for you last year. 

    Trendy 5 done on the tready this morning as shock horror it's pouring down again! the lanes will be flooded again by tomorrow. Picked it up for 1 mile. hip was fine, hammy a bit tight but that's normal. Rest now til Sunday and just hope, for once, the weather is kind....

  • Hi gang,

    Well done on the podium Bro!

    Good luck to AA, Freemers and anyone else who's racing this weekend.

    Hope you're on the mend, Barry.

    Well, I've now entered two autumn marathons...I don't intend to do them both though! Entered Chelmsford, which is the week after York, and am currently weighing up the pros and cons. Pros for Chelmsford are obviously that it's 8 miles away, which will make for a more relaxing build-up, plus will mean friends and family can come and support. Looks like it will be a fairly flat course too, although there's no course map up on the website yet. Cons are that it's its first year so may be teething problems and it's a two-lap course (bad for me, but good for people watching!). I emailed the organisers and they did at least confirm it's all on road or hard paths, it's being officially measured in two weeks' time and the application is in with UKA. Still, no need to decide yet.

    39 miles so far for me this week, with 12 or so planned for tonight and maybe a recovery on Saturday, which will make quite a big week for me. Heart rates have been as low as they've ever been on easy runs, and had a good 5 x mile club interval session on Wednesday with 3 mins recovery. Managed a nice consistent 6:13/6:06/6:05/6:04/6:03.

  • Excellent reps, Daren. I'm no good with multi-lap courses either ... the concept of having to do it all over again can be soul-destroying.

    Excellent podium place, Bro image

    what Minni said - I wouldn't be brave enough for 20 @ MP but it's been tried and tested by you so I'm sure you'll do well.

    2old: nice double. I don't really like doing doubles but they seem to work rather well which is why I force myself to do some.

    Glad the hip is better, AA.

    Right, that's February done - 294 miles racked up image

  • I've done a couple of multi-lap marathons - Bungay (2 laps) and Town Moor (5 laps). Strangely the 5 laps was better psychologically because it forced me to break the race down into 5-ish mile chunks, so each one felt manageable even though the last couple were really painful. Bungay was tough going through half way, you just have to try and pretend it's not the finish line you've just run through with 13 miles still to go!

    294 miles chick!! That is mega mileage....I've managed over 100 fewer than that!

    Mind you, just realised I've done a 9 day streak, so will definitely be resting up tomorrow.
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