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  • Quiet running week for me to let my legs recover from the 50+ miles last weekend. 6 miles tempo Monday, 2 rest days, 5 mile race last night (6th out of 9), rest today, XC tomorrow and Bath HM Sunday.

    Congrats on the podium Brol - no idea what it means but must be good (what on earth is marathon talk???? and surely we do enough of that on here!)

    Daren: I would settle for a marathon 8 miles from home if there was one. I find the logistics / eating hassle of having to travel a real mental barrier.

    I'm with Freemers on the 20 at MP provided it is a decent time out from the race - sadly my 20 mile race next week involves way too much ascent in the first 6 miles to allow for even pace running.

    Good Luck racers one and all.............

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Daren- I reckon a multilap would suit your speed. Treat it as a an interval session 

    chick - wow...mega miles...nice going

    O4S- challenging way to follow up that huge weekend. Nothing less expected 

    AA- looking good for the HM

    Free- good idea to rest pre 20 mile race

    258 miles done this month...biggest February ever for me


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    My 20 miler next week is 20 x 1 mile laps!!

  • Minni: why???????????????????????

    In the race last night our team captain told us not to race, but  to save our legs for the XC on Saturday [last of the season and we are in a close second place] so I went out steady and did more or less even splits.  Didn't wear the garmin but there is a clock at the end of the first out and back.  It felt really easy but I equalled my best time on that course so I must be getting more used to the faster pace, at least for short distances.  Won the obligatory bottle of gut-rot wine, so you are best advised not to come to our house-warming when we move image  Only three more races in the series and  our Ladies team is in the lead, while I think I have clinched the F55 overall prize having won 5 of the first 6 races and had one second place - best 6 to count.

    The runners village for the Bath HM is currently a mud bath, which could be interesting.............................



  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    O4S - well done on equalling your best time. The long running last weekend hasn't affected your speed.

    AA - good luck with the half marathon

    Freemers - good luck with 20m @ MP. It clearly works well for you.

    Daren - those are fast mile reps

    Minni - that's a good set of 400s. The good thing about 400s is that they are over quickly.

    Chickadee- good 1200s. Your mileage is over 100m more than mine for the month.

    2old - some good running from you, and another high monthly total.

    Good luck to all racing or running this weekend.

  • O4S -  well done on the non raced race and prize. Good luck and enjoy Bath, have you done the Neolithic Mara?

    2old/Chick - Well done on the big/massive mileage. Only 76 miles for me. image

    Daren - Nice quick repeats.

    AA - Good news, target for Sunday?


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S- congrats on that win Series win. Very consistent the others in the age group groan when they see you arrive. Mud is good for the skin. 

    Minni- 1m x wu pace,1m x mp, 1m easy, 1m hmp, 1m easy , 1m 10k pace , 1m easy ,1m 5k pace , 1m easy ,1 m mp. and repeat. 

    Barry- at least your tapering  now and all the work is banked. 

  • I hit the red .... now I'm pished. Lightweight :-/ First time since New Year's Day though image

    20 miles in 1 mile laps???? Insane ...
  • Great running over the last few days from you Chick! Have you any more races planned between now and Boston?  There's surely a PB there for the taking.  Stonking February mileage!

    Great to hear your hip is feeling better today AA! Forecast looks pretty good for the weekend, fingers crossed things go well for you.

    Nice pace for the hour 2old.

    Hotel treadmill sounds grim Freemers! Well done on the 2K reps.  You know what works for you on Sunday, good luck.

    Daren I've done a 2-lap marathon before and enjoyed getting to see what the second half of the course would be like!  The local one is always going to be a bonus logistics wise, get to sleep in your own bed the night before, make your own dinner etc.

    Minni that 20M race sure has come around fast.  Such a shame it's the week before Barcelona or I'd have done itimage

    Yes Barry I have a number!! Exciting stuff!  1252.

    O4S well done equalling your time running garmin-less! Enjoy the XC tomorrow.

    Did my 15M with 10 @ MP yesterday.  Finished feeling really good which was a nice boost after Sunday's slightly disappointing race.  6M easy early doors today on a very frosty morning.  The sun started to rise as I was out, really lovely after seemingly endless months of running in darkness! 

  • Minni - I suppose with 20x1m race, handy for your hydration/gel needs, and saves on logistics. They only have to get 1m of road closed, was it really cheapimage?

    Chick - Great mileage for Febulous. Mine's 353, no, 253, no, 153, no, it's a lovely 53miles. Mind you, my shoes will last monthsimage.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick- I've been wine tasting ... Hic...,no ...hydrating for a 22 m LR tomorrow... Hic
  • Chic.. 294 miles wow. You're 160 miles up on me image. You must get a big discount from your sports shop?

    Brol, great report, Nailed it 100%. You did a negative split?

    Simon and O4S nice to see you both running okay, AA glad the hip flexor okay.

    2old Wonder what pace LSR you do todayimage . For the record, Feb I did 2 x 20 milers, one a hilly 9:15mm with too much chat and 8:30-45mm. Lots of speed work and progression runs though so agrees with you and col about the weekly 8-10 miles at MP or faster.

    For an "A" race I like one fast 20m if time to recover so with Freemers & O4S.

    40 minutes, col & minni, Fast track and 400s.

    Back Tuesday but work already sh**. Not finished report yet. Ran at 7:15-30 for first 6-7 miles, 1st 10k in 46:15. sub 3:20 would've been up 2 Comrades pens but no need.

    Weird thing, after doing 3:24, I feel fine.. very fresh. Normal S&C Wednesday, heavy deadlifts, 20kg planks & press ups. Thursday, no Garmin so ran "naked" with fast mad club ultra runner chatting and did 10k in sub 43 minutes?

    12-18 months ago I couldn't do that unless it was a race, or be recovered 4 days after what would have been a PB marathon. Very strange, endurance better maybe?
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭


    Happy St Davids Day. lovely sunny day. Can't wait to do my LSR

    FRC- I really should do some gym work if I want to take it to the next level. Mat be after Boston. Fast early miles at Malta- did you feel you could have gone all the way 7.15 pace. Knocking out 10ks so fast suggests A cracking marathon time when run flat out. What's your A race this year?

    Simon- won't you be tapering soon ?

    carrot- good 15miler Which should make you very confident for your 26.2

    wonder when this hangover will pass ?Think I will spend most of this month on the wagon. 



  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    ouch, my head I'm back on the wagon too, 2old ... Hard training and drinking don't mix. Our maybe I'm just getting old ... Glad I've only got a 6 miler today.

    FRC:.amazing progress. You'll be flying at Comrades.

    How's the calf now, Barry?

    O4S: excellent progress. I find that I do better at faster paces if I ignore the Garmin and just go by feel.

    Carrot: Excellent confidence boosting run. I'm planning a half on March 23 but it's not a very fast course. Also thinking of doing a 15k race next weekend to cover the dreaded 7 mile tempo run. And I may do a 10k on April 6 (green face)
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- hope the head is ok now. I'm sure the 6 miler will have fixed it

    LR done. Perfect conditions- Sunny cool slight breeze. 22.5 miles ,first half about MP plus 60secs ,second half about MP plus 30 ish secs , quite hilly too. Av 7.58mm. if only every LR was like this. 

  • 2old - that sounds like a great run. 

    Chick - hope the 6 miler helps the head!

    my first race since London tomorrow - not counting triathlons obviously. the weather looks ok but windy by 12 noon... Agghh. Currently icing my hammy. This cut down in running this week has brought out so many aches and pains. Bloody nightmare. At least running regularly keeps it all at bay!!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA- I agree. When asked why I like to run everyday I say it hurts too much on the days I don't .Are you feeling a bit nervous about tomorrow? The hammy should be ok. Today during my run  I felt niggles in my ankles soles of my feet right calf Achilles knees hammys glutes and I just feel tired mind was tougher than the niggles. 

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    AA: was Bramley not a race???

    Back from the XC and sadly sliding round in the mud has irritated my back and left hamstring, so may give the Bath HM a miss (free entry so nothing lost). Waiting to see how our Ladies team has done this season in the XC league

  • O4S - no bramley wasn't a race as such!!! Please be careful of your back. Do the right thing tomorrow! Good luck with the league!!

    2old - I am hoping that it's a bit of mini taper madness!! Mental strength by the bucket load for tomorrow. I'm think I am gonna run it without the garmin. Run on feel. As hard as I can for as long as I can. I may well end up in hospital tomorrow!

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    holy shit AA, don't say that (shocked face). Good luck!!

    Great 22 miler 2old. Taking to the hills myself tomorrow image

    O4S: rest up. Hope the back sorts itself ...
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    forgot to say: 6 slow miles jogged and the head feels fine image
  • The red will have tasted great last night Chick after so long off it!  Get the 10K in April done! Even if the races are to replace a hard training run on the schedule, you end up running better than you would if it was just a run on your own.

    How much wine did you taste 2old? Not enough going off that long run, well done.

    Have a good race tomorrow AA and Freemers, hope they go to plan.

    Maybe best idea regardless O4S to ditch the HM, a race the day after a race isn't going to be much fun.  Hope your back and hammy feels better tomorrow.

  • Stanley Park 10K

    The schedule called for 10M with 6M @ 10K pace, which is a cruel session on my own - can anyone actually hit 10K pace in training? For six miles?! So I hunted for a 10K race.  Ended up heading across to Blackpool this morning ready for the 11am start.  The route was a two lapper, so I ran a lap as a warm up following the race route arrows to figure out where I was going.  Seemed flat enough, a few twists and turns along the route.  Definitely shorts and vest weather, with barely a whisper of a breeze.  Such a nice break after the winds we've been battling in recent weeks! The start was on a running track which we did two laps of first, which was a little odd as it meant catching up to the back of the pack before finishing the second lap!  We then headed out around part of the perimeter of the park, then into the park to weave around the paths, round a boating lake, past some bemused looking geese, over a little bridge, around another bit of the park perimeter, back to the boating lake, and finally back to the running track for another 300m.  Then repeat all of the above.  A 10K is never going to be easy (especially after that 15M with 10M at race pace on Thursday) but it was a good course and I do like finishing a race on a running track!  Crossed the line in 41:22 - a PB by a whole second (go me!)  A bottle of water, a medal and a Wagon Wheel at the finish, followed by a mile warm down to finish the day's training.  Job done.

  • Carrot - shit thats bloody quick after this week. Well done. Imagine what time you will do a few weeks after the marathon?!

    freemers - good luck tomorrow. 

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Nice one Carrot - congratulations

    AA & Freemers Good Luck tomorrow image

  • Carot - Nice race report and a Pb, well doneimage.

    2old - How was the 22miler?

    Still too early for taper for me. After today's run, I'll do 3 more lsr's 8+15+23Mar, then 2wk taper. Went out this afternoon for lsr after very little running this week. 16.24m in 2:25:47 @9.03 pace. Felt good for 14, but paced slowed for last 2. But the good news is the Achilles behaved, and new K-Swiss Max Blades felt good. These are heavier more cushioned shoes, so that's probably why Achilles is ok.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Good running and racing all today

    O4S - you are suffering from the efforts of last week. Take a rest - I'm sure all will fix

    Simon- great news. Get those LRs done. 22 went very well. 7.58 av mm

    Day in lakes today

    Carrot-amazing 10k. Looks good for Barcelona

    Chick - enjoy the hills
  • 2old - Impressive long run.

    Carrot - Strong MP run,  well done on the 10k and congrats on the PB. Spent many an afternoon of my youth in Stanley park.

    Simon - Good news on your achilles.

    Good luck to all racers.  My calf still not right so can't risk running on it so tried to ease my frustration with a 2 hour bike ride around the rolling countryside. Managed to cycle through 3 counties(Wiltshire/Oxfordshire/Berkshire) sounds impressive but was n't.



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry- feeling your frustration ! I know the cycling won't be a substitute just as swimming wasn't for me last year. Have you googled to check cycling uses the right muscle groups so as not to aggravate the calf. I recall suffering with calf issues before Liverpool which stopped when I stopped cycling for the tris I was doing at the time
  • Barry - Sorry to hear the calf is still an issue. But like 2old says, be careful on the bike, esp. out of the saddle efforts, as the calfs are used quite a lot. 

    2old - Enjoy The Lakes, a bit wetter today, and well done on another speedy 22m for you.

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