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  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Excellent 10k carrot. You must be pretty close to sub 40 on fresh legs image. Love the Wagon Wheel as post race fuelimage

    Really sorry for you, Barry image

    Simon: looking good there. Now that you've found the right shoes you should be able to get a few 20 milers in image

    22 and a bit done. Same hilly route as last time but I was 2 mins faster. My legs really hated me though :-/

    I think it's 3 more mega mileage weeks to go (tired smiley) ...

    Hope Freemers and AA had good races today image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Simon- very wet here!

    Hope race conditions elsewhere perfect . Looking forward to the results coming in
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick- another good one done there. I'm not looking forward to the next three/ four weeks but they'll soon be over. I'm going to have to do some hill intervals too if I'm going to get anywhere near sustaining MP up them... Not my favourite session ! Enjoy your recovery today .

    Where's DD? Can't still be skiing ?
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    gosh, now you remind me 2old ... haven't done any hill intervals for ages, lazy git that I amimage. Think I will swap some of the P&D interval sessions for hill reps. I'm a million miles away from MP on that route :-/ I'm simply hoping it'll all come together on the day. Today I averaged 8:24 and I really worked on those hills to avoid any slowing down but that wrun as a full 50 secs per mile slower than PMP-/
  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Hard swimming session for me Friday evening as I had missed two so nice to get back into it. Training was mainly using paddles which wasn't easy.

    Nice long run 2old. Barry definately is getting very frustrated with the pesky calf & Barcelona is getting closer!

    I'm continuing on with the HM training plan. 10 miles for me this morning image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick- you lazy???!!! You weren't slouching on your LR.... Less than 60 secs on MP at this stage is spot on

    Pink-good 10. Not long to your HM us it.? Nice swim too. I'm almost starting to miss pootling up and down the pool

    Anyone finished their race yet?
  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Job done - 2:27:47. Very tough in last few miles, but 2 minutes quicker than last year so very happy image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Free- very well done... That says you'll smash 3.15 in April. Great confidence builder
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    That's such a brilliant time, Freemers!! Well deserved image

    Pink: your running is coming together nicely. Well done.

    Looking forward to hearing from AA.

    Yeah DD went missing and so did spoons and oompa although oompa is probably still recovering from his knee op
  • Free - excellent

    quick check in. 1:32. Felt like a real fail though. Just found it so bloody hard! 

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    1:32 is brilliant AA!! I'd kill for a time like that which would be a 2 min PB for me...

    Did the hip hold up?
  • Hi guys,

    Freemers - well done, an awesome time!

    A.A - well done to you too, I can but dream of a 1:32 half mara, that is a fantastic time!

    Chick - I really  admire your monster miles, how do you fit it all in? Another great long run from you!

    Barry - sorry to hear your calf is still giving you grief, really hope it comes right before your marathon!

    Pink - training going well for you.

    Bro - fab race report, you have trained really hard and it is great to see you smash your p.b, well done!

    Carrot - HOW did you bang out such a fast 10km on the mileage you are doing? Awesome stuff, looking really good for your spring marathon too!

    Darren - still enjoying those faster intervals! I would definitely consider doing the Chelmsford marathon next year if it gets good reviews from this year. I guess mentally with doing 2 laps you will already know what to expect in the second half of the race.

    2Old - fantastic 22 miles from you.

    Simon - good to see your achilles likes the new shoes image

    Minni - are you really doing 20x1 miles?! Gosh, I get bored on a treadmill after anything longer than 1hr!

    o4S - well done on equaling your time, fantastic too that your ladies team is in the lead!

    Sorry if I missed anyone out, you guys don't half yarn during the week! So the fizz has given me the green light to run again image image Plan of attack is to keep up the cycling, get back into spin and build up to 3 jogs a week. Leaving the garmin at home (mainly because Mr Kiwi thinks it is his now!) but slow and easy will hopefully keep the knee injury free. Today did 1 1/2 hours on the mountain bike, through country lanes and bridal paths, completely mud splattered, was great image

  • Kiwi - Glad to hear you've been given the all clear to run again, and that you're going to take it easyimage.

    Free - Great time, and 2min improvement from last yearimage.

    AA - Brilliant time for your half, esp after your hip probsimage.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Carrot - wow that's a brilliant 10k pb.  Very well done!  How are you feeling today?

    Freemers - you sound thrilled with today's 20 (and rightly so) so I'm thinking it all went well and you finished feeling strong?  Sounds like you're in great shape.

    AA - that's a brilliant HM time.  Just a few months ago you couldn't run and you've not raced since.  That indicates you're in fine form and you should be very pleased.  I've read that the weather wasn't favourable?

    Kiwi - thrilled for you. Just out of interest -  have you considered that the spinning might be aggravating your knee?  Just a thought.

    Yesterday was XC for me.  Really enjoyed it and felt like I had a very strong run.  Today was a plodtastic 20.

    EDIT: Freemers - sorry, just read your post on here - I'd read it elsewhere before.   The last few miles is always tough but you were so much faster than last year.  Do you have another 20m race coming up?


  • Hi guys,

    Brilliant run Freemer- a great confidence booster for the marathon.

    AA, that's still a very good HM time and shows you're in good shape.

    Carrot, congrats on the PB!

    Kiwi, glad you're back with us!

    Chick, I don't know how you manage that mileage. I've just completed my first ever 60-mile week and I'm knackered! Time-on-feet 22 today, about 7 of which was off-road and some it quite muddy, in just over 3 hours at an ave. 8:18mm. Was meant to be a 20 but the off-road detour was longer than expected and there was no quicker way home!

  • Daren - Nice 22m, just think only another half hour, and you would of finished a marathon, easy-peasyimage.

  • AA - that's far from a fail!  You know when you're at full fitness with an injury free build up, you can go much quicker.  I heard it was windy down there today which can't have helped.  You're doing great, you really are.

    Wow, well done today Free that's a very quick 20M!

    Good news about the Achilles Simon, sounds like a bit of extra cushioning has helped. Well done on the long run. Do you get any bother from the shoulder when you're running?

    Kiwi that's great that you can run again, it's probably for the best if Mr Kiwi has 'borrowed' the garmin for a little while, just ease back into it without worrying about how fast you're going.  Fingers crossed this time round you'll not have any set backs image

    Parsnip said he saw you yesterday Minni, well done on the great running. 

    Go Daren! 60M weeks already.  Are you sure you're not planning a secret spring marathon before your autumn comeback?

    8M steady done this morning, legs felt better once running than they did when I got out of bed! As much as I love running, it's a lovely feeling getting up on a Sunday with only 8M to do image


    Stanley Park was lovely Barry, it would be ideal for a parkrun.  Two hours on a bike is always impressive! Hope the calf feels OK after that.

    Chick I like to hide behind the 'marathon training' veil with these shorter races, I would probably crack under the pressure if I ever tapered for a 10K.  Well done on the hilly 22M! I think that's a good plan to swap some of the P&D interval sessions for some hill reps.  I have every faith in you that it will all come together on the day image




  • This thread is really smoking at the moment. Should be some more stonking times coming up in the marathons.

    I managed to do my LT session eventually on Saturday morning - but only had time to do 6M rather than 7M @ 7:08 - close enough I reckon. And then my first 20M of the campaign on Sunday , did that at 8:35. So I suppose it is a coming together slowly and a rather unspectacularly. 

    And as for total mileage - I did a mere 176 in Feb - which may be low compared to you all here, but is my highest Feb marathon mileage (by only a couple of miles)

  • Ant - Well done on your 1st pacey 20.

    Carot -Sometimes it aches after a couple of hours of running, so I have to rest it by my side. Still trying to rebuild the muscle strength, but getting there.

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Well done Freemers

    AA I wouldn't call that a fail. You shouldn't be disheartened. The time is still good. Well done image

    Kiwi good to see you training again

    Carrot Brilliant PB. Stanley park is lovely, we used to go there a lot.

    Rest day for me today

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Wymondham 20 report

    This is a good race, coming 6 weeks before London. As last year my plan was MP all the way, aiming to finish around 2.28. The course is a lollipop route - 2 miles out, an 8 mile loop which you do twice and then back on the 2 miles again. There is a steep downhill early on which you run up in the last mile, but apart from that it is pretty flat. But it was a lot windier than expected and very exposed in places, so I knew my pacing wouldn't be totally even.

    First few miles were around 7.20, then a couple of 7.40s into the wind. At that point I got into a big group, including one other lady and the marshals told us we were 2nd and 3rd lady. Pretty much everyone in the group said they were targeting sub 2.30 and we were going along at a really good pace - miles 8-13 were all sub 7.20, so a little quick but it felt good.

    After that the group started to break up - a few went ahead but I stayed back as I thought picking up the pace would be suicidal. So the last 6 miles or so were on my own more or less and it was starting to hurt! But my pace was still ok - a mix of 7.20-7.30s and a couple slower in the wind. I had also dropped the other lady by this stage so was pretty sure I'd be ok for 2nd place.

    Into the last mile and that hill - it's not too steep but goes on for almost half a mile and my legs were really screaming at me now! Over the top, up a short track and a bit of a semi-sprint finish to the end. Watch stopped at 2.27.47 - the official time probably a few seconds slower as it was gun to chip, so will have lost a few seconds at the start. 2nd lady confirmed - no bling but ??40 cash winnings image

    So, overall I'm really pleased - the last few miles hurt a lot but it was like that last year and I have to be confident in my pacing, and given a few more weeks of good training and a good taper I'll be ready for that 3.14.59 image

    I met up with Spoons and his OH as well - he had a good run too and is in good shape for Brighton I reckon.
  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Carrot - wow, brilliant 10k there, especially in the middle of hard training. You are on for a storming marathon!

    AA - 1.32 is a great time, don't be down about it. Considering the time you had out it's no wonder it felt hard, but the time proves you have the speed in your legs.

    Sorry - need to read back more but I hope everyone else had some good runs over the weekend image
  • Freemers- you should feel really confident now. That's such a good confidence booster for sub 3:15

    Reading Half - 1:32.42

    i decided to run it with my garmin set to average pace only. Probably suicidal but I just wanted to run on feel. And god did I! I knew at 2 miles it just wasn't gonna be my day. It all just felt so hard. I think my total lack of racing experience in the last year hasn't helped. My time out didn't help. And the effing wind was a nightmare! it felt like I was going backwards from @5 miles!

    6:41 6:43 7:02 6:45 6:34 6:46 7:10 7:23 7:14 7:05 7:23 7:30 7:19 (6:34) ave 7:02 pace. The last 3 miles we're into such a strong headwind. couple of hills in mile 3&8

    disappointed as it's another knock to my confidence. felt like jacking the whole lot in yesterday. image hey ho! 6 weeks today I hope I feel a lot better! 

  • Kiwi - Good news.

    AA -  Try not to be too down about it, you've come back well from injury and there are some quick miles in those splits.

    Freemers - Very strong 20 miler.

    Carrot - Yeah keep looking out for a Blackpool Parkrun when we go up but not one yet.  I know it can change but weather for Barcelona is looking a bit warm.

    Chick/Ant/Minni/Daren - Well done on the long runs.

    Simon/2old -  Thanks for the advice but no reaction from calf during or after. It's a problem when leg is fully extended at end of stride just on toe off. Don't think I get it in that position during cycling, my bike has normal pedals so not sure if that makes any difference.

  • Barry - Glad to hear the calf is ok when your cycling. Yes no Parkrun in Blacpool. I think your nearest is Preston, about 17m away. 

    Free/AA - Nice race reports from you girlsimage.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Freemers - great report.  You'd expect the last few miles to feel quite hard at this stage?  You're sounding very strong and focused with just (less than!) six weeks to go.  Bring it on!

    AA - I read that the wind was bad at Reading.  I think you need to get yourself a 10k booked!  Very well done yesterday - from bust to that is a matter of months is amazing. 

    Carrot - how long to go?  You're on for a great marathon too.  Did Parsnip enjoy the XC?  I didn't think he looked like he was feeling the love when I saw him running but he was on lap three.  image

    Sounds like you're ok Ant. Nice to get the first 20 under your belt.

  • ((AA))- Considering everything you've been through with your injury and with tough conditions on the day I really don't think you should be disappointed. You also have a few more weeks of solid training ahead of you. It will come together.

    Free- very speedy 20m. Impressive stuff!image

    Carrot- smoking 10k PB, many congrats. I am not looking forward to going back to 10k racing... sigh.

    Kiwi- great news. Look forward to the come back!

    I spent the weekend in Poland getting some admin sorted which was probably for the best as this way avoided temptation to run. 20min easy planned for after work and I must say I'm looking forward to it.

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Minni - I stalked the 3rd lady from my race yesterday on PO10 - she ran 3.09.xx in Paris last year, off a 1.32 HM, and her parkrun PB (from Norwich, so my home course) is slower than mine. She must be another endurance monster!

    Oh, and yes, I have a 21 mile race the weekend after next. It's another one I've done before and will be doing some sort of progressive pacing (to be determined nearer the day bu hopefully last 6 miles at MP).

    AA - think about it - if you felt bad from mile 2 onwards you really held your pace together really well. It would have been easy to slow right down, but you pushed on and came away with an excellent time. Yes, you've run quicker before, and you will again, but it really is good considering the build up you have had.
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Excellent race report, Freemers. The last miles will always feel hard, especially on your own. Cash prizes are the best image

    Good to hear Spoons is still aliveimage

    AA: what the others said - 1:32 is a strong performance off a less than ideal build up and you shouldn't let it knock your confidence.

    Ant: excellent training there. I have the dreaded 7 miler @ LT scheduled for this week image. Plan was to do a 15k race on Sunday but that would mean I'd have to do my 22 miler during the week and I'm a bit apprehensive of 2 22 milers within 5 days. It's also a 2 hour+ drive one-way to the race and it doesn't seem worth it. I would probably run a faster time in a race environment but it seems a little too much hassle.

    DarenF wrote (see)

    Hi guys,

    Chick, I don't know how you manage that mileage. I've just completed my first ever 60-mile week and I'm knackered! Time-on-feet 22 today, about 7 of which was off-road and some it quite muddy, in just over 3 hours at an ave. 8:18mm. Was meant to be a 20 but the off-road detour was longer than expected and there was no quicker way home!

    Excellent running, Daren. You'll get used to the mileageimage  I was knackered during my first year of P&D but then slowly got used to 60+ mile weeks

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    AA / Free / Carrot: times to die for in my book!  The wind was a nightmare down here as well yesterday, although I was running so badly it made little difference. At least you should be sheltered in London, failing that there should be plenty of tall runners image

    Having run my heart out at the last XC with a respectable time and position, I finished with a niggly back and excruciatingly sore hamstring ( which I think stems from the back). Decided to bin the HM on Sunday and just do a slow 16 mile run. Slow doesn't even begin to describe it image


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