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  • Chic you'll be fine. Missing a session now is just plain sensible, even more so on 80 mile weeks.. The F* plan?

    2old another 20. Great stuff. And at mp+60?

    Freemers hope the calf gets better after the massage.. Rolling calf tennis ball has really helped mine and the Achilles. Another 22 miles and then Cranleigh? Ulp.

    Ha. And Yes was happier as Malta went on. Long runs had been really slow so honestly feared a blowout over 3:45. Just lack of confidence post chest infection.

    World athletics tonight. Just looked up the heats, JM has Bernard Lagat in his heat, his training pal has Galen Rupp! Like we all understand that problem.

    He is just going to try run a Pb though so maybe we do.

    7.35 pm on Eurosport I think.
  • FRC - Great race report. The Bolton hill mara, I presume it is up and over Rivi. Is this a practice for 'Hell of a hill' mara in Nov. 5 maras in 5 days, running up Rivi 8 times per mara.

    Chick - With your higher mileage, the odds are you'll have more good days, bad days than most of us, so don't worry. 

    2old - Was that you doing a lsr, actually as a lsr, you must of been tired? image

  • Chick - well done on doing the right thing. Body talking, head listening!

    2old - that's still quick for an lsr in my book!

    20 miles for me done today too. Ave pace 8:40. Started around 8:50s and did the last 5 @8:05s. My legs officially hate me tonight! 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Nice run 2Old!image

    AA - another strong run. Great to run the last 5 miles at a swift pace too.

    I'm building up for my 20 on Sunday with 6 today and 7 tomorrow.
  • Enjoy Thailand Bro!

    Chick there's always a crummy run or two in a build up, write it off. You did the right thing listening to your legs. Look back at the tempos that you've already done, you nailed those. 

    Sounds like a good place to do your reps Ant.  Can't not do them just because you can't get to the track!  Good luck for Finchley on Sunday.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you Barry that your calf is going to hold out.

    Enjoy the massage tomorrow Free, hope it gets the knots out of the calf. 

    Great finish for your long run AA!

    Are you looking forward to the 20 lapper Minni?

    Easy 5M done last night, 6M steady this morning.  Planning a parkrun in the morning as part of an 8M run instead of the scheduled 8M with 4 @ 10K pace.  That will be my last hard session before next Sunday.  My target for next week is sub-3:15:14 image

  • Going to smash that time Carrrot.

    AA another strong 20, fast finish.

    Simon yes winter hill & rivi, 5 in 5 days no chance, and not the one you just go over the hill x 8 EVER.

    Just eating breakie then out in 20 minutes to get to Bolton for marathon. My pal sadly blew up in the 3000m, 18-20 seconds off his aim, slowed midway hope he is not injured. His other pal did qualify though so did great.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Carrot - yes strangely looking forward to running round and round and round (x20) Redcar Parkrun tomorrow!! Any of the crook posse going?
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    FRC- have fun on the Bolton hills today

    AA- a fine 20 there. Keep mashing the legs

    Minni-how are you going to stay sane doing those laps? Enjoy your rest day

    Carrot- 3.14.59???

    Simon- it was a LSR and I aimed to keep every mile between 8 and 8.15 mm.

    Missed the target 4 times- 3 faster ,1slower but not by much . I'm feeling pretty good today

    Getting nervous about Wales challenge tomorrow
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    2old - master Minni was down at the falcons ground last night watching the u30 England v Wales, final score something like 65-11. I watched it on TV and it was painful for Wales - not a good game to watch. Nice to see the players of the future though.
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Wow 2old, hardcore mileage and a brilliant 20

    AA: great long run. I find speeding up after a long spell at an easy pace nigh on impossible. No wonder it felt hard.

    FRC: Furman plan. Run less, run faster. They basically have you run 3 quality runs per week and you cross train for the rest of the week. The paces are suicidal though which is why we banned it on here. Daren got on quite well on it though.

    Wow, carrot, exciting times!!

    12 easy miles in the sunshine. I have a hilly 22 planned for tomorrow so no tempo run today. I'll give it another bash next week
  • Minni - U30s?!!

    2old - excellent discipline!

    6 miles @9:46 pace todayimage

  • Chick - 12 today and 22 tomorrow? That's insane!!!

  • Is it the Redcar parkrun course that you're doing laps of Minni? I don't think anyone is going from Crook. 

    OK maybe a little quicker than that 2old, I've not spent the last 15 weeks training to knock 15s off...

    Plan for today was 8M with 4M at 10K pace.  It was the first birthday for our local parkrun so went along to that, did 3M warm up, ran the fairly twisty 3 lap course with the nasty hill in 20:48 (watch time), warmed down for half a mile.  That'll do image I've never actually raced this one - I ran it steady the day before GNR last year and again a few months ago pacing a friend to sub-25.  It's a nice one to run hard - while there's a cruel hill there's also a nice long steady downhill section.  It's about 3-4 miles from home so would make a perfect training run over the summer, run there and back.  Off out with running club friends this afternoon but I've offered to drive so I'll keep off the alcohol image

  • X-post:

    Some canny weekend mileage planned for you Chick!

    Nice easy miles AA after a decent long run yesterday.  Rest tomorrow?

  • FRC -  Good report from Malta. Your varied training is working very well

    Chick - Tried Furman couple of years ago for Abingdon(2012), ditched it after 7 weeks when I ran a PW HM changed to 6 runs a week and PB'd at Abingdon. Good decision ditching the run you are going to more than make up for it over the weekend.

    Minni - Could be an option to get coached but I think I've got to stop getting obsessed with 3:15 and vary the training, race more and enjoy it.

    2old - Another good long run from you, your training is going very well.

    AA - Well done on the 20.

    Carrot - Nice Parkrun, I'm looking forward to seeing the blonde ponytail disappear into the distance next Sunday.

    Tried a run this afternoon,  slow 3 miles and all good with the calf, not a great test but at least nothing negative.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    you know what, 12 miles doesn't even strike me aslong anymore .... that's P&D for ya

    Ok, so Furman is no option then, Barry image So it's about finding out what makes you break down and avoid it going forward. The answer may be in your training log.... Hope you get to the bottom of it because you have excellent speed and potential for a quick Mara.

    Excellent park run, carrot image 15 weeks to knock 15 secs off would be a rubbish effort to outcome ratioimage

    2hrs on the bike in beautiful sunshine. Veeery slow (12mph) .... but that was the plan. Enjoy how spring has sprung and not get knackered for tomorrow image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick- what AA said !

    Carrot- very fast today ...Looking good for Barcelona

    Barry- good that the calf is behaving. Not long to go. Yes forget about 3.15 and it will no longer be an obstacle

    AA- impressed you got out today after that LR

    Minni- hoping the senior match goes the other way
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick- a bike ride after a 12mile run with 22 tomorrow..

    You need to try harder
  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Nice runs all round

    Good luck tomorrow 2old

    Brilliant Park run there Carrot. If your on FB the Barcelona Marathon route map is now on there.

    Swimming training for me last night was hard as it consisted of using paddles. The coach also gave advice as many of the people I swim with are preparing for their triathlons as the season is starting soon. I didn't head to the chippy afterwards like I did last week image

    Went out for a short run early this morning & looking forward to 13 miles tomorrow as part of the training plan.

  • Chick - Glad you managed to find your bike from the back of the garageimage.

    Frc seems to be having a good time up Rivi, one mara down one to goimage.

  • Shush Simon, was just about to post that! I might actually do more miles than Chic this weekend - if cycling not included.image

    Minni good luck tomorrow, I like laps so reckon it will be good. Enjoy.

    Chic, 12m run, 12m biking AND 22m tomorrow. Respect!

    Ps. I knew what Furman was, remember I run 3 times a week often, occasional 4 + cross training.

    Barry, if 3 runs didn't work, and 6 seems too much, 4-5 as starting point?I'm sure as Minni suggested a coach would spot the odd time you're over tired and pull you back. Gotta be worth a try doing a little less though.. Mr Mellor is ??30 a month by the way image

    Bolton Hill marathon finished in 4h 33.

    Good day's running, tough course, really had to concentrate.

    Very muddy XC in parts, long hard technical rocky sections (I managed to trip and cut knees), and then some big hills really worked hams & quads really hard. Energy levels dipped a bit at 13-14m quads sore with hills, but then felt fine after 16 ish. Maybe Kanadia tread a little heavy but grip needed for the muddy bits.

    At 18 miles started to catching up vests I'd seen go past earlier and even power walking up hills caught loads then really got going at 22-23 miles whizzed past 20-30 people, really runnable trails doing 8-9mm. Nice sprint finish.

    Legs feel good now (thanks to strength work at gym and sessions with JM), iced legs, compression gear on in car, then spa jets when got back - eating reheated pasta in the bath, v bad/ good image . Anyway as part of Comrades training, going to see what legs do when pushed past their limits.

    This was Bolton day 1. Doing Day 2 tomorrow.
  • FRC - Sorry mate, I got carried away with your post on FB. Enjoy part 2 tomorrowimage.

  • Carrot - nice YKW there! All is looking good. Is it a week today?

    barry - keeping everything crossed for you. 

    Chick - hope the legs behave for your 22 today!

    Minni - good luck - hope you don't get too dizzy!! 

    Pink - enjoy your 13. 

    2old - enjoy the rugby!

    Frc - lots of miles this weekend. Have fun today too. Well done. 

    6 miles with 5x1200m today for me @6:48 pace. Wanted to do more but my body just wasn't having it. 49 for the week - and no I couldn't even eke out that extra mile image


  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Nice 1200s, AA image totally understand you didn't do the extra mile. Enough is enough.

    Minni: hope you survived the 20 miler. Can't quite contemplate 20 mile laps...

    FRC: sounds like a toughie!! Well done image

    22.06 miles done in 3:03:03image. Tom and Martin at Marathon Talk would love it. I felt great today. 2 mins quicker than last week and HR a few beats lower. What a beautiful spring morning!! More of this please image
  • FRC - Good effort on a tough course for the first one, your training is going to the next level.

    AA - Nice quick repeats, 49 miles is enough.

    Chick - That's an impressive long run and nice numbers.   Yeah I've certainly got the speed at the shorter distances  indicating about a 3:10 to 3:15 that's why I'm getting so frustrated at the marathon, but nothing is easy or a given at marathon running.

    Just under 2 hours out on the bike again this morning, great out there, spring has definitely arrived


  • Gah - typed a message which appears to have vanished. Damn computers.

    Did the Finchley 20 today. And it was hot hot hot. Might be a warning for London. I measured 18 degrees by the end and we still have 5 weeks to go!

    Anyway the plan was to do the first 8M @ 8-8:30 pace and the final 12M at 7:35 (MP). Ended up doing the slow bits too quick and the fast bits to slow. Bloody typicalimage Around 8:05 pace for the first 8M and 7:40 for the back 12M. Came in at 2:38, I stopped to drink from cups and had a toilet break so lost a couple of minutes there. Happy with that overall, am looking at 7:40 as a MP now, esp if it is hot.


  • Intervals on a Sunday AA, nice pace on those 1200s.  No need to do an extra mile just for the sake of it. 

    Well done at Bolton FRC, hope today went to plan!

    That's some decent running for the hilly 22 Chick!

    Nice result at Finchley 20 Ant - plenty of time to get acclimatised to the warmer weather before London.

    8M done today with 3 at marathon pace.  This time next week I hope I'm in a happy mood! 


  • Only a week to go Carrot, exciting stuff!!

    Ant nice 20 mile race there, it was very  warm out 19 in Essex lovely for a stroll but not a long race! Plenty of time to acclimatise before VLM.

    Wow, FRC great effort on a difficult course, how did today go?

    Very nice hilly 22 Chick!

    Minni - how did the 20 x 1 mile laps go?

    AA - great intervals, doesn't matter to do an extra mile when you are banging out that pace!

    Barry - hope the calf is behaving, twas lovely out there today.

    How did your 13 miles go Pink?

    Did you enjoy the rugby 2Old?

    Free - hope the massage sorted your calf.

    Simon  - good to see all your injuries were ok on your run.

    O4S - how are you?

    Made the most of the 19 degrees here and spent several hours wandering around a bird sanctuary today, spring is here image


  • Ant - Well done on the 20miler.

    Chick - Nice 22miler in the heat.

    AA - Good intervals.

    Barry - I hope calf behaved itself on the bike ride?

    41m on the bike today up in 'The Trough of Bowland' with a friend. Easy pace, but cool and overcast for most of the day, but great ride.

    Minni - Have you stopped going round in circles yet?

  • Chic excellent 22 miler. Looking very good for Boston.

    AA speedy 1200s. No point doing extra mile, might be the one you get injured in so sensible.

    Ant, still a great 20 miler. and yes worryingly warm/ hot today for upcoming races, 18-19 degree here.

    Carrot exciting, 7 days.

    Bolton Day 2 Hoped for sub 5 hours but unsure how legs would be, perfect would be 10-15 minutes slower than 4:33 day 1. Finished in 4h 44 so nailed it. More later.. feeling peckish for some reason. image
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